26 November 2018

From the Head of Senior School

Opportunities abound at Scotch College and it was with great interest that I shared part of the Year 9 Rottnest Camp with boys to see just what opportunities it did provide.

What I witnessed was over 200 boys and 20 staff working together in a series of well-constructed activities meant to educate and build relationships. The activities allowed students to learn about Rottnest's history and ecology, complete a series of team-building and survival exercises while enjoying the physical activity of riding and swimming around the beautiful island. The opportunity for the boys to come together at this early stage of the year and work together while developing a rapport with their House Head is undoubtedly a valuable exercise giving all who participated a shared experience from which to grow.

Thank you to our House Heads, Mr David Jones, Mr Mark Gale, Mr James Hindle, Mr Sean Mecham, Mr Matthew Jahn and Mr Howard Loosemore and the Outdoor education team for their wonderful work.

Another fantastic experience over the past week has been the Year 12 Reward Breakfast. The Breakfast brings together the top performing students in Year 12, based on their Semester 2 Year 11 results, and was held in the Dining Room on Thursday 9 March. The boys, staff and members of Council who attended were treated to a presentation by Dr Karl O'Callaghan, Commissioner of the Western Australian Police. Dr O'Callaghan gave us all some very salient advice on being true to yourself and your goals; acting with integrity, and being open to new experiences and making the most of opportunities which present themselves. He shared his accidental journey into the Police Service and his journey and challenges in changing the culture. He also shared his personal journey; his ongoing improvement through further education, learning a musical instrument at 44 years of age and most recently becoming a foster parent to two young boys.

Overall, a wonderful message to all those present.

Finally, congratulations to all those boys who represented the College at the PSA Inter-School Swimming last Thursday evening. One message I have heard clearly in my short time at Scotch College is the importance of personal excellence. Measuring ourselves against the improvement we make is the truest measure of success or growth. It was terrific to see the team post 90 personal bests at the final swim meet of the season. A great reward for the boys' hard work and the wonderful support of the coaching staff.

Congratulations to you all.

Mr Dean Shadgett
Head of Senior School