26 November 2018

From the Head of Middle School

Dear Parents,

Last Assembly two Year 7 boys, Eli Blackburn and Harry Clark, spoke about their lives and living with Leukaemia. It is fair to say you could have heard a pin drop as the boys spoke about the pain and some of the side effects of their treatment. In an interview style conversation, the boys responded to a range of questions about Leukaemia, however the one question they were not able to answer was how do you get Leukaemia? Medical science is still not clear on this either and research into causes continues. Eli and Harry announced a Free Dress Day for Wednesday 29th March with all gold coin donations going to Leukaemia research via our World's Greatest Shave fundraiser. As a part of Free Dress boys are encouraged to wear a beanie or a hat all day, even in class.

On the topic of this focus on understanding others, the ABC is running a series of feature programs on Bullying this month with documentaries from Australia, USA and the UK. Whilst bullying can take many forms, outcomes fall into two main effect categories: physical hurt and emotional hurt. The latter is usually a more prolonged experience with the recipient often isolated, excluded and anxious second guessing at what type of torment or put down might come next. This type of bullying, exacerbated by the use of social media, is heart breaking for everyone with the most tragic of results more than possible. In the last decade in particular schools have been rethinking pastoral care approaches in light of how we communicate, you may have noted the rise in the use of the terms Wellbeing and Mindfulness in schools. This renewed focus recognizes the need for communities, and this includes schools, on how to remain or become healthier and more resilient both physically and mentally. Fundamental to mental health is the quality and the quantity of the relationships your son has, particularly with his peers. My request, my plea to you, is that if your son tells you he is lonely, fearful or anxious, finds it hard to make friends, please let us know. First and foremost we want your son to feel safe and happy at school. This state of mind underpins all future success.

Harmony Day
Tomorrow Australia celebrates Harmony Day. It is a day when we remind ourselves about the importance of inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. It is a day when we are mindful of everyone's wellbeing.

Boys Achievements
Congratulations to the following boys on some outstanding achievements recently:

  • Charlie Duplock (Year 7) won gold in the WA Karate League Senshinkan Open Teams Event.
  • Xavier Dry (Year 8) won bronze, silver and gold medals at the State Junior Surf Life Saving Championships in March Past, Beach Sprint, Beach Flags respectively.
  • Bradley Avery (Year 8) won bronze in the State Junior Life Saving Championships for March Past.

Mr Richard Ledger
Head of Middle School