26 November 2018

From the Head of Middle School

I saw our Drama production, 'Danny Champion of the World' on Saturday and was once again blown away by the talent, creativity and exuberance of our youngest Drama students. What a great story "Danny" is. The cast and crew have been working away after school and on weekends to perform the show. Remembering lines, actions, and timing takes a great level of commitment. On top of this, I noted that everyone in the cast affected a new accent for their character, sometimes multiple accents for the same character! It was a funny, well-produced story with a great message. My congratulations to Mrs Emma Cooper, the backstage technicians and the FOPAS for their behind the scenes work that allowed so many boys to get on to the stage and star.

Behind the scenes activity has been a theme here for the past months with the Scotch Parents organising the Biannual Scotch Parents' Ball that was held on Saturday. What a night it was too. The setting was sensational and the evening followed suit. My congratulations to the organising committee who have put months into planning this event. It was a great Scotch community evening with families from the ELC right through to Year 12 all on the dance floor together. We often refer to school as a community, this weekend was a great illustration of the depth and abilities of our community.

Interim Reports for Year 8 will be sent home electronically this week. They offer families a window on how the year has commenced from an academic perspective for their son. On Friday 28 April, Week 1 of next term we will be running a Supporting Your Son in the MYP information session for parents new to the MYP. We offer detail and clarification around some of the big features of the MYP: Inquiry learning, Concept based approach, Criterion based assessment and the importance of the Approaches to Learning.

Middle School Staff Update

Mrs Sian Angel, Homeroom Teacher for 8.5A will leave us to begin Maternity Leave early next term and will be replaced by Mrs Mia Sullivan. Mrs Sullivan is from Wesley College, however was a former member of the Middle School staff 6 years ago. In other exciting baby news, Mr Scott Bycroft and his wife Junko celebrated the arrival of their new baby daughter Rinka last week.

In Chapel today we had our foot washing ceremony that heralds Easter is close by and so is the end of term. The foot washing is a humbling service that we hope is recognised by our students. No task should be below us, no person does not deserve our help. I hope the coming school holiday with Easter in the middle is a happy one for you. Thank you for your support this term, I look forward seeing you all in two weeks' time.

Mr Richard Ledger
Head of Middle School