4 February 2019

NAPLAN 2017 - Supporting Your Son

NAPLAN testing will be held from 9-11 May for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. Parents are reminded that students at Scotch College will still be sitting the tests in a paper based format. Teachers have impressed upon the students to do their best and to remember that this is only one way to demonstrate their learning. Their future studies will provide many opportunities and in a variety of formats, for them to express their unique approach to educational progress.

Here are some common, 'frequently asked questions', that may assist you in supporting your son:

What will be tested?
The content of each test is informed by the Australian Curriculum. (English and Mathematics)

Language Conventions: students identify and correct spelling errors and answer questions on aspects of grammar and punctuation.

Writing: students write a text in response to a given stimulus. They are assessed on the quality and organisation of ideas, structuring of sentences and use of correct spelling and punctuation.

Reading: students read a number of short texts and answer questions to show understanding of the texts.

Numeracy: students solve problems across Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.

What if my son is absent from school on the test day?
Wherever possible we will organise another time for individual boys who are absent at the time of testing to complete missed tests.

When is NAPLAN going to be sat online?
From 2018 boys at Scotch College will sit NAPLAN online. Students in Year 3 will use an iPad while students in Years 5, 7 and 9 will use a laptop.

What does the School do to prepare my son for NAPLAN?
NAPLAN assesses literacy and numeracy skills that students are already learning through the school curriculum. Teachers will ensure that students are familiar with the test formats and will provide appropriate support and guidance. Excessive preparation is not useful and can lead to unnecessary anxiety. If you have any questions about your son's preparation for NAPLAN, you are encouraged to make a time to speak with their teacher.

Can I help my son prepare for the tests?
The provision of comprehensive teaching and learning programmes is the best preparation we can provide for your son. We will ensure your son is familiar with the format, language, response types and time constraints of the test.

What additional support can the School provide to my son if he has a disability?
All students are encouraged to participate in NAPLAN. Students with a disability or who have a temporary injury will be provided with assistance during the test. Please speak to the relevant Head of Academic Support in each sub-school for more information.

Will I receive a report on my son's performance?
Yes. This will be issued through the school in mid-August.

What are the bands on the NAPLAN report?
For NAPLAN results, a national minimum standard is defined and located on the assessment scale for each year level. Band 2 is the minimum standard for Year 3, band 4 is the minimum standard for Year 5, band 5 is the minimum standard for Year 7 and band 6 is the minimum standard for Year 9. These standards represent increasingly challenging skills and require increasingly higher scores on the NAPLAN scale.

Mr Peter Allen
Dean of Teaching and Learning