4 February 2019

Scotch Libraries; leading learning

Historically some libraries have had a certain stereotype, re-enforced by rules, silence and a lack of food! However, under the direction of Mr Brad Tyrrell, Dean of Information and Learning Technology, the Scotch College Libraries continue to offer far more than the traditional services.

The College has two libraries, the Junior Middle Library and the Bunning Resource Centre in the Senior School. Both serve a unique purpose for the ages of the boys whom they are provided.

The notion of a library is changing to a place not just of books or resources, at Scotch the place is a space that the boys can come to seek answers to any problems, from something as simple as a resource, to proof reading, to website creation, video manipulation to the updating graphic calculators.

The library is the centre of resourcing at Scotch, the libraries' role is to promote to students the view that we are in a global community and with that encourage international open-mindedness.

At the College we understand that with information being so vast the importance of library to curate information for students to get started has been key in the creation of research guides, our community can access these guides here.

The library space is not a classroom, it's not tied to a curriculum, so the role of the opportunity for library to expose students to new ideas and ways of thinking is always being considered.

Our libraries, and the fantastic staff within them are enablers of innovation, working with students and teachers to incorporate modern technology alongside traditional approaches such as encouraging reading for pleasure in a variety of formats.

Our libraries are a place where Information Technology and Research and Approaches to Learning come together.

Whilst we still operate areas for those in need of a quiet space we now also focus on a productive open plan for group collaboration.

I invite you as parents to explore our libraries online here and come in and see for yourself the way our libraries are leading learning at the College.

Mr Peter Allen
Director of Teaching and Learning