4 February 2019

Medieval Times in 8.3O

Currently in Individuals and Societies, the 8.3O Homeroom has been learning about many different aspects of life in medieval Europe. Students have explored topics such as the feudal system, the role of knights, the impact of religion, the Crusades and the Black Death, to name a few. The unit's culminating task required groups to select one aspect of medieval life that interested them and design a project to answer an overarching research question. This style of project-based learning created opportunities for groups of students to investigate meaningful questions together, gather information and think critically. Research on this approach suggests that project-based learning helps prepare students for the problem-solving and collaboration skills required in the real world.

As a celebration of the unit, student work will be on display at the Year 8 Medieval Festival, early in Winter Term. Work will include presentations on medieval heraldry, 3D models of authentic architecture, weaponry, battle tactics, medieval medicine, and much, much more. We look forward to seeing parents, staff and students at the event to celebrate this rich learning experience for our Year 8 boys.

Miss Lisa O'Toole
8.3O Homeroom Teacher