26 August 2014

Headmasters ReflectionsHeadmaster's Reflections

Over the last few weeks many of our Year 11 boys have been involved in the application and interview process for the PC Anderson and WR Dickinson scholarships. While involving only Senior School students, the process and the ensuing one on one interviews with shortlisted applicants provided me further affirmation as to the personal qualities of our boys and the aspirations they hold for the future.

The Year 11s are not far away from completing their journey at Scotch and I think that parents and students from all of our sub-schools can benefit from some of the shared learnings that came out of the scholarship application process. Some of these learnings are well worth discussing with your son (s) as they give a sense of personal growth and while the scholarships were not about leadership alone there are elements of aspirational leadership that have come through in the boys' applications.

Having read approximately 60 letters and the respective applications, I am even more convinced that we are very fortunate to be surrounded by such talented and committed young men. It is hard to condense such an in-depth and lengthy application process, however many of the insights emanated from the boys' covering letters.

I am sure that many of the observations made by the boys are the result of their upbringing and their interaction with staff, friends and community groups. What is also interesting is the fact that many of the boys made reference to our previous school leaders and the themes that have been central to the leadership portfolios over the last few years. This shows that they take note of their peers in leadership positions. The boys' letters also included statements and reflections that show just how open and honest our boys are when it comes to sharing their thoughts, hopes and dreams.

Some of the reflections, statements and comments were:

Values are visible in every Scotch boy

Reach out and go further

Make your mark

Exceed expectations

Role modelling


Pursuit of excellence

Aspirational leadership

Motivation, creativity, dedication, passion, ethical commitment, accountability, endeavour, inspiration

Lead by example

Real leadership often goes unnoticed

Action, belonging, commitment

Personal best, striving for excellence, driven

Making the most of failure or difficulties

Determined work ethic

Advancing the human race for common good

Well rounded

Growing personally

Leadership is about integration

More than just wearing a badge or carrying a title

Pushing oneself out of your comfort zone

Lead by example and being active not passive

Giving back

Dealing with difference

Knowing who you are

A culture of having a go

Unlocking ones true potential

Further to the above there were a couple of direct quotes worth sharing that provide great insight into both the challenges and the benefits of leading.

"I believe good leaders give a sense of direction to others through ideas, words and actions. Being a leader requires speaking out about what is right and committing yourself to the cause, rather than just doing what may be popular."

Referring to Roger Bannister's record breaking run in 1954 that lasted only 46 days one student said, "His excellence broke new ground and showed others what could be achieved. He opened a new realm of possibility."

While we all know that we must ensure that our boys are prepared academically, socially and spiritually to enter the wider world, in essence we simply want to graduate fine young men who have the passion, courage and know how to make a difference in the world of today and tomorrow. The recent scholarship process, coupled with what our boys do day in day out, provides me with great solace that our boys are on the right track; this is not to say that occasionally we need to reorientate some onto the tracks. This is part of our role as educational leaders in a modern school. My congratulations go to every boy who had the courage to go through the scholarship process.

It is also very important that we acknowledge our two successful applications. The winner of the PC Anderson Scholarship is Mac Hanlin (Year 11, Stuart House) and the WR Dickinson Scholarship is Joshua Bennett (Year 11, Brisbane House). Thanks must also go to all of the staff that supported the boys through helping them with letters, references or interviews. I know how much this was appreciated by all of the applicants. In closing, I would like to particularly acknowledge Dr McEwan, Mr Burt, Mrs Quinn and Mr Hindle who conducted first round interviews and Mr Michael Silbert, President of the Old Scotch Collegians (OSC) and Mrs Julie Dickinson, wife of former Headmaster Mr Bill Dickinson who did the final shortlist interviews with me.

We are now entering our Athletics season and already our boys from each sub school have been preparing for their House, JPSSA and PSA interschool carnivals. If you can find the time I strongly encourage you to get to the House carnivals and if you have an older boy the interschool carnivals are also a great spectacle.

This week marks a significant change of staffing. Mr Tibbet, who has been a loyal and committed member of Executive and a respected economics teacher at Scotch, has retired to Victoria and finished at Scotch last Friday. This week Mr Peter Allen (OSC) commences his role as our new Director of Teaching and Learning. On behalf of everyone I wish both of these staff all the very best as they enter different stages of their career path.

Boarding at Scotch is an integral part of who we are and this week I will be travelling to the Dowerin field day to meet past, current and prospective families. If you know of anyone in the area please encourage them to call in to the field day and visit us at our stand. I will be there from about 10.30 on Wednesday and will be accompanied by our recently appointed Director of Residential Life, Mr Marcus Wilkinson who commences officially in January 2015. Mrs Frietag will be there on Wednesday and Thursday.

I have been asked to speak at two universities over the coming fortnight. One session will be to address graduate students and the expectations that I have of future employees. The second address involves a guest lecture at UWA on the challenges of leadership in the modern school environment. Speaking of UWA, this week our high achievers breakfast for Year 12s is being held at the University Club. The Dean of the UWA Business School, Professor Phil Dolan, will address the students. These breakfasts reward students who have continued to maintain a high academic standing in year 12 both within the WACE and Diploma programmes.

I would like to finish by thanking everyone who put in so much effort last week to celebrate book week. I am sure the staff enjoyed the opportunity to promote the crucial role of reading in the educational journey of our boys no matter what their level of schooling.

I look forward to what will no doubt be another busy fortnight at the College.

Dr Alec O'Connell



All School Matters


NAIDOC Week celebrations commenced for staff on Monday, 21 July, with a Professional Development day. Staff attended Cultural Infusion sessions including Bush Tucker Tasting, Art, Noongar Culture and Stolen Generation Stories.

The NAIDOC events for the whole school began on Monday, 28 July. The Senior and Middle School hosted Brenton McKenna, an Indigenous Graphic Novelist from Broome for the week. Brenton presented both cartooning and writing sessions to several classes.

The Junior and Middle School decorated Boomerangs and learned about the different symbols and meanings used in Indigenous art. The Middle School boys learned how to throw Boomerangs and hopefully make them come back again.

Several Senior School Indigenous boys spent time in the Junior School sharing their Culture. The boys told Dreamtime stories, sang traditional songs, showed traditional weapons and painted the Junior School boys' faces as warriors.

On Wednesday, 30 July, a handful of Middle School boys cooked damper for the rest of the students with help from some of the Senior School Indigenous boys. The Middle School boys enjoyed eating their damper with a selection of Kangaroo, Emu and Crocodile sausages.

Bush Tucker was served in the Senior School on Thursday. Both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous boys made 36kgs of flour into damper, which was served with Kangaroo Stew, Kimberly Fish Soup and fish.

Friday's Assembly started with the raising of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, accompanied by Yarlalu Thomas (Year 11, Stuart) playing the Didgeridoo and a Smoking Ceremony. Following the marching, guest speaker, David Bell, told us of his experience in the Navy, which linked to this year's NAIDOC theme of 'Serving Country - Centenary and Beyond.' Yarlalu Thomas and Troy Cook presented a short history on the Inaugural Indigenous Football Match and gave the new Indigenous jumper to the Coach and Captain of the First XVIII Football team. Vincent Carter (Year 12, Keys) and Tarquinn Brownley (Year 12, Keys) provided an overview of the Indigenous Programme for the past year. Following the assembly, the guests and Indigenous students attended a morning tea hosted by The Headmaster and the Indigenous Programme Co-ordinator.

Saturday, August 1, saw the Inaugural Indigenous Round for football. The game was played at Scotch College against Trinity. A traditional Smoking Ceremony kicked off the game and Scotch came out convincing winners.

Felicity Byres

Indigenous Student Programme Coordinator


Allergy Aware School

The number of children with food allergies in Australia is increasing and it is estimated that 1 in 20 have a food allergy and 1 in 50 a peanut allergy. The symptoms of food allergies range from mild to life threatening and anaphylaxis is the most severe form of allergic reaction. Scotch College is an Allergy Aware School and we therefore ask parents not to send high risk foods particularly nut and nut products to school.


Community and Service

UnitingCare West Conference

The theme of the recent UnitingCare West Social Justice Conference was 'Civil Society'. Presenters included Sue Ash AO, CEO of Uniting Care West, and Western Australian Commissioner for Equal Opportunity, Allanah Lucas. Representatives from Scotch and other Uniting Church schools in WA provided insights into their roles in the realm of civil society through service-learning programmes.

All schools represented believe that their students need to experience service as a way of better understanding the inequalities in world, the need for social justice and the positive role played by individuals and agencies. UnitingCare West is the largest non-government service provider in Australia and many of its local agencies presented at the conference. This provided a great opportunity for the schools to understand the extent of need within our community and the great urgency to support the most venerable - increasingly whole families with young children.

Sue Ash spoke of Civil Society as the 'glue' that held together commercial entities (The Market), the State and Individuals. Without non-government agencies (NGO's) operating in the space, a lot more people locally, nationally and globally would 'fall through the cracks' of society. Schools like Scotch play an important role within civil society. Aside from sending out students to 'make a difference' locally nationally or globally and fundraising in support of established NGO's, the message of need can be spread throughout the Scotch community network.

The core values of Integrity, Service and Stewardship inform the Scotch Model of Service. Building upon this framework, Scotch College influences the actions of our community. The stories of our boys in service action, when acknowledged through a shared responsibility to 'make a difference' can stimulate positive change in a much broader realm.

Romily House Encounter

The encounters boys have in the service programme can leave a lasting impression and deliver a strong lifestyle message. Boys going to Romily House on Shenton Road recently met Daniel, a young man who progressively developed a drug habit and behaviours that ultimately led to jail for a violent assault. Time spent in jail and then Graylands Hospital with paranoid schizophrenia have had a profound impact on Daniel. As a resident of Romily House, he is hopeful of regaining a productive life in the community, although, with a criminal record, finding employment is difficult.

When our boys hear directly from the likes of Daniel, the message hits home. They come to understand that life choices can have unexpected and sometimes tragic consequences. Daniel was very clear and strong in his message and it was a powerful example of the benefits of direct, supervised interaction with diverse members of our community.


Music Department

"Ah, music," he said, wiping his eyes. "A magic beyond all we do here!"- J.K. Rowling, 'Dumbledore' in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

As mentioned in the previous edition of The Thistle, the boys of the Music Department have been busy preparing for, and performing in the Senior Recital and Upson Award, Jazz Night, the Performance Festivals and Con Brio. The feedback provided by the festival adjudicators has been extremely valuable with additional recognition given to Big Band One through the presentation of a "Groove Award" which includes a $450 voucher to purchase musical equipment. The Combined Scotch College and PLC Symphony Orchestra received an "Excellent" Award for their performance at Churchlands Senior High School.

Jazz night 1

jazz night 2

jazz night 3

Following the beautiful string performances presented at Con Brio last Wednesday, which included several senior string and guitar ensembles together with solo performances by Stuart McCowan (Year 11, Ferguson), Lewis Weeda (Year 9, Shearer), Mac Hanlin (Year 11, Stuart), Hamish de la Hunty (Year 11, Shearer), Matthia Au (Year 8, Alexander) and Benjamin Anderson (Year 9, Cameron), the focus turned to a Schools' Concert Presentation by the WA Youth Jazz Orchestra on Thursday. Through the partnership established between the Music Department and WAYJO, we were able to obtain more than 40 tickets for boys free of charge and also enjoy a workshop provided to Big Band One on Monday evening by one of the guest performers, Mr John Morrison (James Morrison's brother).

Upcoming events include:

Monday 1 September, Combined Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal and supper, 7.00pm - 9.00pm Dickinson Centre

Friday 5 September, Senior Spring Concert, 6.00pm, Dickinson Centre. This is a free, non ticketed event for all to enjoy.

Saturday 6 September, PLC Showcase Concert, 5.30pm, Dickinson Centre. Tickets via PLC Music Department.

Tuesday 9 September, Middle School Concert Band Presentation to Parents, MacKellar Hall

Thursday 11 September, Junior String Celebration Concert, 5.00pm MacKellar Hall

Thursday 18 September, Senior Music Department Dinner, 6.30pm

Many of the events listed above are supported by FOSM. If you would like to join the Friends of Scotch Music (FOSM) - a group of parents who enthusiastically support the work of boys and staff in the Music Department, the process is very straight forward via the FOSM email below. FOSM meets once or twice each term with all meetings beginning at 7.00pm. Meetings go for approximately one hour, and are held in the Senior School Music Room with everyone welcome. Please consider becoming involved in the FOSM Parent Support group as an excellent way to support your son and the Music Programme at Scotch College. The next FOSM Meeting is to be held Monday, 20 October and will include the Annual General Meeting.

Contact Details

The Instrumental Programme is administered by the Senior School Music Department and all queries should be directed to the Music Administrator, Julia Robinson (9383 6841) music@scotch.wa.edu.au

Alternately, please contact Mr David Coughlan, Head of Music, via email DGCoughlan@scotch.wa.edu.au or phone 9383 6842.

If you wish to become more involved in supporting the Music Department by receiving information about the work of FOSM, please contact FOSM@scotch.wa.edu.au.


Sport Choices Spring and Summer Terms 2014/2015

All students at Scotch College in Years 7 to 12 have been sent the below information via email and are encouraged to read it thoroughly. In the email there is a link for boys to select their Summer Sport choice for the upcoming Spring Term 2014 / Summer Term 2015 sporting period.

Please be aware that a change of sport choice option will be provided to students towards the end of Spring Term 2014, should boys wish to change sport for Summer Term 2015.

Sport Choices:

With increasing student numbers in 2014 and 2015 in Years 7 to 12, PSA sport numbers will increase to a point whereby Scotch College will be the largest PSA school in terms of student numbers across these year groups. Every attempt will be made to ensure boys choosing PSA sports will be provided with meaningful competition but this may not be achievable in some instances. Consequently, to cater for this increase in numbers, Scotch College will be offering the following non-PSA sport choices as options to students in Years 7 to 12.


This will be organised and run by Mr Lawrence Felgate. Mr Felgate has had extensive experience competing in Iron Man events and triathlons over a long period of time in many parts of the world. To attain competition, it is envisaged that boys will be entered into community based Junior State Series triathlon events throughout the PSA summer season. Cycling training will be conducted on wind-trainers with no road cycling. Running and swimming training will also be conducted on school grounds with a view to managing risk associated with training off site.


This will be organised and run by Mr Mark Gale. Mr Gale has an extensive golfing connection and playing experience at both state and national level. The aim is to arrange weekend golfing competition for the boys who choose this sport. Boys can only choose Golf if they regularly play and play off a handicap.


This will be organised and run by Mr Justin Creighton. Mr Creighton is currently the Australian under 20's and Open Mixed Touch Coach and has extensive experience playing and coaching in both New Zealand and Australia. It is envisaged that boys in this sport will compete in a weekly community Touch competition (most likely at Rosalie Park), with a view to entering teams into the state title competition in the future.

With all three sports, boys will be expected to attend two weekly training sessions and it is envisaged a weekend or weeknight competition event, to mirror the sporting commitment of boys participating in PSA sport at Scotch College.

The likelihood of these sports being run as summer sporting options is dependent on the number of boys that choose them. In the event that a large number of boys choose these sports, preference will be given to senior boys and some boys may be asked to choose another sport. In the event that there are not enough students that choose these sports students will also be asked to choose another sport.

Please note that along with Strength and Conditioning, if a boy chooses a non-PSA sporting option in the summer season they will be required to choose a PSA Sport in the Winter Season. Similarly, there will be non-PSA sport options made available during the 2015 Winter Season. These sport options are yet to be confirmed but may include some of the above as well as Surfing as an option.

Year 12 students choosing Strength and Conditioning are permitted to attend two sessions a week as opposed to three, however they can only choose Strength and Conditioning for one sporting season in their final year at Scotch College.

Strength and Conditioning is only available to current Year 11 and 12 students.

Sailing is available for students from Year 7 to Year 12. Students who choose sailing will need to be competent and not beginners. They will only train twice per week but the sessions could be scheduled from Monday to Thursday eg Monday/Thursday may be an appropriate combination. Also there may be regattas against other schools on a weekend whenever it can be organised. In the event that numbers are too great, preference will be given to senior boys and junior boys will be asked to choose another sport.

The following sport choices are available: Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Rowing, Sailing, Strength and Conditioning (Year 11 and 12 only), Swimming, Tennis, Touch, Triathlon, Volleyball and Water Polo.

Richard Foster

Head of Sport


Uniform Shop Opening Hours

Normal term opening hours apply until the shop closes at 11.30 am on Thursday, 25 September.

The Uniform Shop will be open during the holidays on Monday, 13 October only, from 9.00am - 12 noon and 1.00pm - 4.00pm.

Normal term opening hours will resume on Tuesday, 14 October:

Tuesdays: 8.00am - 5.00pm

Thursdays: 7.30am - 11.30am

Fridays: 7.30am - 11.30am


Pipe Band

Scotch Athletics Day - Family Fun Day
The Scotch College Pipe Band Parent Support Group would like to invite all Scotch families and friends to come along to the Senior School Athletics Day on Saturday 30th August. The Scotch College Pipe Band will be performing around lunchtime. There will be food available so bring the family for breakfast or lunch or both!

There will be...

  • Freshly made Hotdogs and Hamburgers at the Hot Food Stall
  • Drinks & Ice-creams
  • Coffee, tea and slices from the 'Gooch Café'
  • Delicious home made cakes, slices and other gourmet treats for sale from the Cake Stall
  • Scotch Memorabilia for sale

This is a fun day for the whole family. All stalls open at 8:30am at The Gooch Pavillion.
(Gooch Café, Ice-creams & drinks will also be available on Friday 29th)

Scotch College Pipe Band Concert "Past and Present"
Tickets are now on sale for the Scotch College Pipe Band Concert, "Past and Present".
Book your tickets at www.scotch.wa.edu.au Book a Scotch College Event.
The concert is on Saturday 13th September at 6:30pm at The Dickinson Centre.
This is a family concert and we encourage all Scotch families and friends to come along.


Year 12 Parents Luncheon after March Out

All year 12 parents are invited to lunch following March Out on Friday 17th October 1pm - 5pm.

Tickets will be available soon on the Scotch College website.


Head of Junior SchoolJunior School

Head of Junior School

Teaching and learning is our core business. For teachers, the learning journey never ends. We engage in professional development regularly and are always looking to improve out practice by learning from experts in our profession. Over the course of this year our teachers have attended professional development sessions in relation to our newly introduced VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation) writing programme, Mental Mathematics, Numero, Making the PYP Happen, Exhibition in the PYP, Assessment in Writing - the list goes on!

Last weekend, our Junior School Teachers attended a two-day workshop on The Role of Mathematics in the PYP. Their workshop was led by an International Baccalaureate Mathematics specialist and was aimed at further enhancing our teachers' expertise in the delivery of Mathematics through guided inquiry.

Teachers explored research and engaged in critical discussion to improve their understanding of how students learn Mathematics. They paid close attention to the use of hands on activities and how manipulative materials benefits boys' development of conceptual understanding. Teachers explored how boys sequentially develop mental computation strategies and discussed how we can better support boys in developing and promoting the efficient use of these essential skills.

We considered the rich detail of the IB Mathematics Scope and Sequence document in terms of how it can support and enhance the content of the Australian Curriculum. The review of these documents assisted us in planning concept-driven mathematical units of inquiry. A key aspect to these unit plans is the provision of a challenging, engaging and differentiated Mathematics programme for all boys.

The workshop concluded with teachers further developing our school approach, which views assessment in terms of 'for learning', 'of learning' and 'as learning'. We explored formative assessment techniques and how we can employ these to track boys' level of understanding as they progress through stages of conceptual development. Providing effective student feedback was discussed in relation to how we can ensure that boys are clear about what they know, and as importantly, how they can improve. We reviewed how we could most effectively use summative assessments (or end of unit assessments), to track student progress and plan for future intervention.

The two days were invaluable to the College as we continue develop the quality of our teaching and learning of mathematical concepts and skills as part of our transdisciplinary programme. I thank the teachers of the Junior School for their commitment to personal and professional improvement and for the desire to ensure we offer the best practice to the boys of Scotch College.

John Stewart

Head of Junior School


Important Dates to Remember





27 August

Inter-House Athletics Carnival

Scotch College Playing Fields

9:00am - 3:00pm

29 August

Community Assembly hosted by 2W

MacKellar Hall

2:30 -3:00pm

4 September

Mother's Auxiliary Junior School Fathers' Day Breakfast

Dining Hall

7:30 - 8:20am

5 September

Free Dress Day

10 September

Parent Engagement Workshop: Numero Advanced

Dining Hall Annexe

8:45 - 10:15am


Primary Years Programme (PYP)

An overview of the three IB programmes

With the approaching PYP Exhibition and the MYP Personal Projects I thought it was timely to share an overview of the three IB programmes: similarities and differences.




IB Mission Statement

IB Learner Profile






Prescribed curriculum

Aimed at preparing students for higher education


Transdisciplinary units of inquiry

Organised around subject disciplines. Subject groups connected through global contexts and concepts. Interdisciplinary focus

Organised around disciplines with theory of knowledge connecting the disciplines

How the programme is assessed

Internal assessment of all aspects of a student's learning

Internal assessment based on subject specific criteria: schools can opt for external moderation of teachers' internal assessment

External moderation of internally assessed work and external examinations

Learning to learn

Transdisciplinary concepts and Approaches to learning

Approaches to learning

Theory of knowledge

Approaches to learning

Learning through experience


Service as action

Creativity, action, service

Language learning

Support for mother tongue development

School's additional language from age 7

(at Scotch we start from Y1)

Support for mother tongue/best language development

Student's additional language (Language Acquisition)

Support for mother tongue development: school supported., self taught language A1 courses

Student's additional language (language B)

Culminating experience that synthesizes learning


Personal project

Extended essay

Kathy Derrick

Deputy Head of Junior School - Curriculum


2T News

2T have been inquiring into how public spaces are used and how they bring communities together. We explored communities in a range of forms using maps and Google earth to get a sense of where we belong in our local, state, country and world. The boys developed their mapping skills by using grid references on maps that were familiar to them. They explored their own local community when they visited Kings Park, Claremont Quarter and Lake Claremont. The excursions to these public spaces gave the boys the opportunity to observe and experience how communities use these spaces and the effect it has on individual and group behaviour. The boys have completed their summative assessment to show their knowledge of the central idea. They followed an assessment rubric to ensure they included the appropriate information. The boys cooperated in groups to complete the presentation of their choice. Their knowledge was demonstrated in a range of ways; Popplet, 3D model, iMovie and Pic Collage. The boys have done an amazing job presenting what they know about public spaces and the responsibility they have when using these spaces.

Rebecca Tapscott

Year 2 Teacher


2W News

Term 3 has flown past with the boys enjoying a vast array of opportunities. We have had a visit from Constable Care, some fabulous Senior School boys teaching us about Aboriginal Culture during NAIDOC week, Student Led Conferences, as well as a wonderful walk around Lake Claremont. High on their list of favourites, however, has undoubtedly been the current unit of inquiry that we have shared with the Year 2 girls of PLC. Excitement reigned as we set off to meet the girls at the Claremont Quarter. Soon the groups were enjoying a getting to know you session that was quickly christened 'Speed Dating". The children investigated a variety of public spaces and their features whilst also enjoying a Boost juice and cookies generously donated by Coles. The following week we spent a fabulous day with the girls at Kings Park where we researched public spaces and their uses. This was rounded off with a traditional game of "girls chase the boys" all around the Synergetic Parkland where our brave boys were to be found seeking refuge on the rocks as a safe den! We are looking forward to our final session together where each group will present their research findings in a format of their choice; iMovie, PowerPoint, Popplet or iBook. There is already talk of another collaboration during our unit related to Celebrations, where the potential for a concert, festival or party seems too good to refuse. I suspect that there will be a surge in hairbrushing and general grooming on that occasion.

Alison Webster

Year 2 Teacher


Friendly Schools and Families

Helping your children respond to bullying

It is natural for families to feel upset and want to protect their children if they are being bullied. However, children can be distressed when families react with anger. These same strategies apply if your child is being cyber bullied.

Family responses found to be helpful include:

  • Encouraging your children to discuss the situation
  • Being aware of your own responses and reacting in a calm, helpful and supportive manner
  • Believing your children - it is important that your children feel confident talking to you about problems
  • Telling your children that bullying is wrong and reminding them that they have the right to feel safe and happy
  • Making sure your children know how to get help and support at school
  • Helping your children to make friends (having at least one good friend has been shown to reduce the likelihood and impact of bullying)
  • Talking to your children's teacher

  • Asking your children what they would like you to do

Warwick Norman

Friendly Schools and Families Coordinator


French News

Bonjour! The Year 3 students recently had the opportunity to participate in a French based excursion. We travelled to a lovely French café serving delicious treats likes crêpes, gaufres and macarons. A special French only menu was prepared for the occasion, which the boys got to study before the outing. A French only rule applied when it came to ordering their food; this required some risk-taking skills in order to use the language outside of the classroom and in a real context. The boys learned and practiced the necessary language beforehand in class. Each boy was responsible for ordering and paying for his own food, which also utilised his mathematical skills.

Bon appétit!

Madame Edwards

French Specialist


Physical Education News

The Junior School Athletics Carnival will be held on Wednesday 27 August and is an all day event with a scheduled finish time of approximately 2.30pm.

The programme of events is available for parents in the JS wiki and programmes will be available in hard copy on the day of the carnival.

In keeping with the house spirit, we encourage all boys to stay in their bays and support their fellow house members through the sprint and relay events. Parents may visit their son/s in the bays, however, we encourage the boys to stay with their house.

Parents may take their son/s home at the completion of the carnival, after informing their son's class teacher.

Jason Caniglia

Head of Junior School Physical Education


Junior School Resource Centre

Hello from the Library. Last week was Book Week and hopefully we have ALL had the opportunity to connect with reading. The legendary (well….) Mr Ramsay came down to read to 2T, and both of the Year 2 classes joined in the challenge to adopt a Rule of Summer according to Sean Tan's latest picture book.

Three boys from the Junior School (Gus Byars, Jasper Mirmikidis and Matthew Kerfoot) joined three Middle School boys in the annual Readers' Challenge competition held at MLC. Six schools competed with two teams of three representing each college. Although it was not a year for highlight reels, the boys should certainly feel proud of both their efforts and their conduct on the excursion.

Below I have written the winners of each category for Book Week and in the next Thistle edition you can look forward to viewing one or two of our classic Book Week Presentation photos and a run-down of the big event.

Older Readers - Wild Life by Fiona Wood

Younger Readers - A Very Unusual Pursuit by Catherine Jinks

Early Childhood - The Swap by Jan Omerod

Picture Book - Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan

Eve Pownall - Jeremy by Christopher Faille

Warwick Norman

Junior School Teacher Librarian


Excellence Awards

The following awards will be announced at Assembly on Friday 29 August:

Year 1

Lachlan Kirkham

James Vaughan

Tristan Ilse

Euan Byars

Year 2

Austin Prendiville

Willem Campbell

Nathan Liu

Calum Cameron

Thomas Lambo

Noah Lisle

Isaak Ventouras

Jordan Bailey

Austin Hollier

Luke Megson

Angus King

Thomas Harris

Antonio Ramirez

Ethan Kerr

Year 3

Hugh Chapman

Tom Gray

Nic Langsford

Hayden Henschel

Jack Cook

Hugo Poll

Year 4

Henry De Keulenaer

Thomas Le Page

James Mahaffy

Paras Patel

Henry Vaughan

Seamus Walton


Sub-school Exit Surveys

As part of the Colleges strategy of continual improvement, each year we survey the parents and boys of Years 5, 7 and 12. These surveys will be distributed via an email link on Friday, 5 September. As Headmaster I strongly encourage you to take the time to complete a survey as they have proved to be valuable in ascertaining how we can continue to develop and improve what we offer at Scotch.

Dr Alec O'Connell



From the Head of Middle SchoolMiddle School

Head of Middle School

Book Week is a timely reminder to us about the joy of reading, of discovering new worlds, immersing yourself into the lives of aspirational characters and the excitement of living in a different place. Reading is a lot like exercising: the benefits go well beyond the moment. I've never yet met anyone who put a book down and said "I wish I hadn't read that". If you talk with teachers, one of the hardest things they have to do upon seeing a boy so engrossed in a book, so rapt in reading, so immersed into the plot and the unfolding story, is to ask him to stop reading and join their lesson.

For many boys reading is a delight and a library full of books is a fantastic place to explore. However in an increasingly competitive world, where competition for a boy's attention and participation is constant and down time is narrowly scheduled between practice sessions, training and competing, the opportunities of stopping the rush and immersing into the silent but exciting world of a book is being squeezed out of the day. One of the best gifts we can give to our boys is to provide a regular time in each day when they can stop, drop and read. We are hoping that guest authors Steve Coulter and Tim Baker who visited us last week will help inspire a love of reading and encourage our boys to journey into a new world.

Middle School Athletics Carnival

This Thursday 28 August is the Middle School Inter-House Athletics carnival. The Junior School carnival is on Wednesday 27 August and the Senior School carnival will be on the Friday and Saturday following ours. Our carnival commences at 8:40am when boys assemble into their Houses and are piped down to the oval for a day of events. The programme for most of the day will run according to year group, with the Year 6s running their track events first whilst the Year 7s complete their field events, then they swap. We all come together at approximately 2:45pm for relays and presentations. Andrew House are the current holders of the Middle School Athletics Shield.

We would be excited to have parents come down to encourage and cheer on the boys particularly in the track events, where on a fine day the effort, the colour and the excitement make it a spectacular day. Boys will need to be prepared with sufficient food and drink and sun protection for the day as they manage themselves against their schedule.

Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School


Sensational Science in 6B

6B's term began with planning and rehearsing our assembly item about the Year 6 Science Fair and the steps of the scientific method. The boys relished the chance to write parts for themselves and represented the class beautifully in the finished product.

This provided a valuable revision of the scientific method and segued smoothly into our new iLearn unit investigating Electricity. In recent weeks the boys have had many opportunities to conduct hands-on activities building circuits, including the use of switches to set up parallel circuits with fans and light bulbs as the load. Needless to say this was a very popular activity and many boys were keen to pursue it into recess and lunch.

Most recently our attention has turned to that of clean energy sources and the boys have been working on an investigation of how wind and water can be used to generate electricity. Currently the boys are using the Scientific Method to conduct an experiment investigating why hydroelectric power plants are built at the base of dams and not at the top.

Mrs Sophie Berry

Teacher 6B


Visual Art in Middle School

This term in the Visual Art department the boys are working on several interesting and exciting projects.

The Year 6 students are continuing to broaden their understanding of literature and illustration. Miss Walden has developed a cross-curriculum project to work alongside the English programme studying the highly acclaimed picture book by multi award winning author and illustrator, Shaun Tan. During this term the students will continue to develop designs for their own lost thing creature, and build them out of clay.

The Year 7 students have been looking at the natural world and how artists have used this as inspiration to create work in various media. We have studied the Australian artist Russell Drysdale and how he has captured the harsh Australian landscape. The students have been experimenting with two techniques. The first technique is using collected leaves to roll into the clay, which leave the most amazing imprint behind after the firing process. The second technique is using a versatile synthetic fabric called Tyvek. This material is virtually impossible to tear and can only be cut with scissors. When heat is applied, the tyvek starts to shrink and distort, making beautiful flower creations.

The artwork created by our Middle School boys can be viewed at the Inspirations Exhibition in the Dickinson Center on Wednesday 10 September.

Miss Joanna Walden

Art Teacher


Excellence Awards


Tom Bennett

For an excellent oral presentation on Ports and Harbours.


Kristian Stonier

For an outstanding Science Investigation.


Ben Howie

For an excellent job on his oral presentation on Airports.


George Evans

For putting a bigger effort into his assignments.


Max Belcastro

For showing great maturity in his writing.


Max Belcastro

For always putting 100% into his work.


Oscar Harold

For the incredible amount of time and effort he puts into everything he does.


Marcello Torre

For showing independence and initiative in his learning.


Liam Newport

For his determination to succeed.


Jack Baker

For your liveability presentation. Your power point presentation was very effective - well done.


Oscar Moss

For persisting with your poetry - I am impressed with the improvement! Keep on rhyming Oscar!


Henry Howard

For improved work ethic and for asking questions in class.


Matthew Dean

For his thirst for knowledge and sense of humour.


Thomas Earnshaw

For his performance on stage and on the dance floor at the Scotch College Jazz Night.


Timothy Douglas

For being a reflective learner in class. Tim is asking thoughtful questions that support his learning.


Alex Winmar

For exploring the ideas and issues of Ancient Greece with so much enthusiasm. It's great to see you so inspired. Keep it up!


Thomas Patterson

For improving the quality of his classroom participation with caring and respectful manners. Thank you.


Lewis Orr

For a very passionate and informative oral presentation in iLearn.


Jack Taylor

For his performance on stage as a part of Big Band 3 at Jazz Night.


Jack Taylor

For a well prepared and informative oral presentation in iLearn.


Hamish Watson

For a well prepared and informative oral presentation in iLearn.


Blake Costello

For an excellent oral presentation in iLearn.


Harry Gilchrist

For a well prepared and informative oral presentation in iLearn.


Jock Mactier

For an excellent oral presentation in iLearn.


Lachlan Duffy

For a well prepared and informative oral presentation in iLearn.


Mitchell Anstiss

For a well prepared and informative oral presentation in iLearn.


Henry Hallam

For responsible completion of House Senior duties.


Will Hellewell

For responsible completion of House Senior duties.


Liam Kerr

For responsible completion of House Senior duties.


James Jenour

For responsible completion of House Senior duties.


Oscar Grant

For responsible completion of House Senior duties.


Tom Earnshaw

For responsible completion of House Senior duties.


Jaye Marzec

For responsible completion of House Senior duties.


Tim Carter

For responsible completion of House Senior duties.


Alex Buckland

For his dedicated approach to all tasks - he is such a hard worker!


David Winton

For his beautiful manners, generous heart and commitment to achieving his very best in all that he does; a wonderful role model to his peers.


Anthony Samaha

For his enthusiasm towards our Electricity Unit and willingness to share his knowledge with others and offer help where needed.


James Crawford

For achieving 30 Award Cards.


Fraser Webb

For making an improved effort to present his written work neatly.


Baden Ralls

For displaying an enthusiastic approach towards all iLearn tasks.


John Simpson

For demonstrating an outstanding commitment towards his learning.


Lachlan Norcott

For working well on all guided literacy tasks.


Benjamin Clarke

For being a respectful and hard-working student.


Jesse Coughlan

For participating enthusiastically in all Physical Education activities.


Samuel Tan

For receiving 15 Award Cards.


Max Steens

For receiving 15 Award Cards.


Patrick Latchem

For receiving 15 Award Cards.


Nikolas Gajdatsy

For his improved focus and effort in class. Keep up the good work!


Max Jones

For his application in class and working efficiently on his tasks.


Andrew Truscott

For his enthusiastic attitude towards his learning.


Archie Frazer

For his impressive and consistent efforts across a range of disciplines. Archie strives to achieve his Personal Best at all times.


Orson Ambrose

For the positive and respectful attitude he displays towards his studies and those around him.


Headmaster's Commendations


William Hellewell

Will has demonstrated a strong improvement in the quality and application of his work. He consistently meets deadlines and gives his very best effort to all his classroom tasks. It has been pleasing to watch Will develop and mature throughout the year so far.


George Evans

For the outstanding oral presentation on Roads and Railways he delivered as part of the Liveability Inquiry Task.


Benjamin Parker

Ben works so hard. He asks questions, he challenges himself, and he is willing to take on criticism in order to improve his work. He has a fantastic attitude towards his school work.


Joshua O'Dea

Josh is a naturally inquisitive student who loves the pursuit of knowledge. He comes to class in a positive frame of mind and asks intelligent questions to deepen his understanding. Josh displays excellent manners at all times and is a very valuable member of our class.


Nicholas Ryding

Nick is a student who exemplifies the qualities of a principled IB learner. Nick is consistently behaving with integrity and honesty, demonstrating a strong sense of fairness, justice and respect for others. Every morning Nick contributes to the organisation of the classroom without being asked, he is a steady influence on his classmates and is a quiet, reliable and friendly class member. Nick can be relied upon to behave respectfully and fairly toward his teachers and his classmates. Nick is a humble gentleman and a principled member of 7W.


Hamish Watson

For his dedication and commitment to achieving his personal best at all times across all areas of the curriculum.


Lachlan Stephenson

Lachlan has consistently impressed us with his committed approach to school life. He applies himself wholeheartedly to every activity and his enthusiastic attitude inspires others. Lachlan is an asset to our school community. The care that he demonstrates for others is highly valued. He should feel so proud of his efforts and achievements.


Benjamin Clarke

For being a responsible, respectful and reliable class member.


James Watson

For consistently working to the best of his ability and producing fantastic work.


Damian Haynes

For his mature approach to his learning. Damian works well both independently and with others and demonstrates enthusiasm for his learning. He shows respect for others and for himself to make a positive impact in our class.


Student Achievements

2014 UNSW Science Competition Results

Year 6

George Lewin


Lachlan Norcott


William Steinberg


Adam Darley


Ronald Fellows-Smith


Julian Kyriakou


David Stulpner


Samuel Tan


Year 7

Jack Adams


Matthew Dean


Thomas Hodge


Joshua O'Dea


Lewis Orr


Lucas Triglavcanin


Max Vaughan


Sean Pentony


Kobey Rafferty


Shayan Saebi


Jack Taylor


James Thorpe



Important Dates in Winter Term

Thu 28 Aug

MS Inter House Athletics Carnival

Fri 29 Aug

MS Assembly - including Item from 7M

Wed 3 Sep

Year 6 Scotch/PLC Quiz Night, MacKellar Hall

Thu 4 Sep

Year 7 Scotch/PLC Quiz Night, MacKellar Hall

Fri 5 Sep

*Save the Date* Year 7 Mothers' Auxiliary Parent Function - Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

Tue 9 Sep

Year 7 Singapore Tour - Parent Information Meeting 6pm - 7pm

Thu 11 Sep

JPSSA Inter School Athletics Carnival, WA Athletics Stadium

Year 6 Mothers' Auxiliary Paella Night, Gooch Pavilion 7pm

Fri 12 Sep

MS Assembly - including Item from 7PG

PSA Inter School Athletics Carnival, WA Athletics Stadium

Mon 22 Sep

Year 7 International Immersion Week commences

Year 7 Singapore Tour departs

Fri 26 Sep

Winter Term Concludes

Year 7 Singapore Tour returns


Sub-school Exit Surveys

As part of the Colleges strategy of continual improvement, each year we survey the parents and boys of Years 5, 7 and 12. These surveys will be distributed via an email link on Friday, 5 September. As Headmaster I strongly encourage you to take the time to complete a survey as they have proved to be valuable in ascertaining how we can continue to develop and improve what we offer at Scotch.

Dr Alec O'Connell



From the Head of Senior SchoolSenior School

When we do something that is fun it is very often in the moment. When the activity is over, the fun is over. There are few, if any, positive effects afterwards. When we do something for someone else, the effect is different, the rest of our day feels better - we feel better. Just ask one of the boys involved in disabled surfing, Tranby Day Centre, or travelled to Tanzania in the July break this year, to name just three examples. Despite the widely known positive effects of giving time, encouragement or skill, we continue to observe a broader culture that is focussed on self - "What's in it for me?"

While Senior School boys continue to give generously to local, national and international causes, we occasionally hear stories of boys commenting on others on social media, consciously choosing to leave their rubbish scattered over a table or not inviting a boy standing on his own to join their group. Service is not just an event we attend where we support people that are not in our immediate school community. Service needs to be part of who we are.

Service is something we can do daily. We don't need to be invited. We can give daily through simple acts of kindness. We can give of our time, encouragement, support, knowledge, attention, or perhaps a gift or money if we wish, but importantly to give without expecting a reward. The paradox is when we give not expecting anything in return that we often find the reward is the greatest.

Dr Rob McEwan

Head of Senior School


Year 11 Scholarship Winners

This year a strong field of candidates applied for the Year 11 Scholarships and the committee would like to acknowledge the considerable effort that was evident in all the written applications received. Scotch College would like to congratulate the following winners for 2014:

McCarthy Hanlin (Year 11, Stuart) winner of the PC Anderson Memorial Scholarship. Presented this year by OSC Committee member, Mr Mike Silbert, the PC Anderson Memorial Scholarship is awarded to sons or grandsons of Old Scotch Collegians for academic merit, leadership qualities, co-curricular involvement and achievement in PSA sport.

Joshua Bennett (Year 11, Brisbane) was awarded the WR Dickinson Scholarship. This award was presented by the Headmaster, Dr Alec O'Connell and Mrs Julie Dickinson. The WR Dickinson Scholarship is open to all current Year 11 Scotch College students and is also awarded for academic merit, leadership qualities, co-curricular involvement and achievement in PSA sport.


Boys' Achievements

Upson Award for Music

A music performance award is made each year to a Year 12 musician who displays outstanding performance skills. The candidates who applied for this award were required to perform two contrasting pieces of a high standard to two adjudicators that included the Head of Music, Mr Coughlan, and guest Musician and educator Mr Bell. The performances were presented during the 2014 Senior Music Recital, a concert that was enjoyed by many parents, family and friends. The standard was very high, as expected, and all who participated should be congratulated.

After much deliberation by the adjudicators it was decided to award the Upson Award for 2014 to Nicolas Olivares (Year 12, St Andrews).

Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians

Our highest achieving Year 8, 9 and 10 Mathematics students were invited to participate in the Challenge Stage of the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians run by the Australian Mathematics Trust. Boys were invited to complete six incredibly challenging questions over a three week period, pitting their wits against the best young Mathematics students from around Australia. Congratulations to all 22 students from Scotch College who completed the competition. This year we achieved some outstanding results with four students awarded a High Distinction, ranking them amongst the strongest students in Australia.

Congratulations to Prentice Shepherd (Year 8, Ross), Luke Henderson (Year 9, Ferguson), Kartik Khanna (Year 9, Shearer), Raghav Khanna (Year 9, Shearer) for their outstanding achievement.

Economics Awards from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Student Economic Challenge

James Simpson (Year 12, Anderson)

Mitchell McTavish (Year 12, Ross)

Harrison Langsford (Year 12, Alexander)

James Locke (Year 12, Ferguson)

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Jared Ethelston (Year 10, Anderson) - Bronze Award

Harrison Gardiner (Year 11, Keys) - Bronze Award

Oliver Pope (Year 12, Keys) - Bronze Award

Harry Sinclair (Year 11, Keys) - Silver Award

Work Place Learning Awards

Tre Toigo (Year 11, Keys)

Michael Jovanovich (Year 11, Stuart)

Lewis Schulz (Year 12, Keys)


Personal Project Showcase and Exhibition

Congratulations to Year 10 students who have all completed their Personal Projects. To celebrate this event, the students' achievements will be showcased on Friday 19 September in the Dickinson Centre from 5.30 - 7.30pm. All families and staff of the Year 10's are warmly invited to attend this event and the boys are certainly looking forward to the River Cruise after the showcase as a just reward for all their hard work throughout the year.

For members of the wider Scotch community who would like to view the products on display, the exhibition will also be open in the Dickinson Centre during school hours on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 September. Year 9 students are particularly encouraged to walk through the exhibition as they begin exploring ideas for their own Personal Projects.

A reminder that all large products and display materials need to be delivered to the Dickinson Centre on Monday 15 September. Products can then be collected from the Dickinson Centre on Saturday 20 September between 10.00am - 12.00pm. Due to other events scheduled, we do not have the capacity to store such a large volume of items. For any queries regarding the delivery and collection of products, please contact Ms Loreen Kerrigan.

Boys who wish to use their laptops to display their product need to organize for a family member to take it home at the end of the showcase. Laptops are not permitted on the River Cruise for security purposes.

We look forward to seeing you at the Personal Project Exhibition as we celebrate the diverse goals and interests of the Year 10 students.

Loreen Kerrigan

Personal Project Co-ordinator

The Year 10 River Cruise

Thank you to those who have returned their permission slips. A friendly reminder to everyone who wishes to attend, that permission slips must be received by Wednesday, 10 September.

Please find the flyer attached.


Scotch College Tours 2015

Attached is the updated list of Tours for 2015. These exciting opportunities depend on the enthusiasm of staff prepared to give up their time to give boys the best possible life experiences. If you have any interest in these tours or any queries please contact Denyse Houston on 93836956 /via email DRHouston@scotch.wa.edu.au, or the tour leader. As always, more detailed information about each tour will be become available nearer to the time.

*The School reserves the right to cancel the tour if minimum numbers are not reached.


Careers Information

University Information

TISC Applications

All Year 12 students who are applying for university entrance in 2015 have been given the 2015 TISC Guide. This book contains important information about applying to university, enrolments and deferrals, applying to interstate universities and course codes and descriptions and much more for all courses at West Australian universities (except Notre Dame). Mr Frusher has 'walked' students through this book but if there are any queries then please contact him on 9383 6830 or by email pfrusher@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Please ensure that this book is kept in a safe place until your student is enrolled at a university for 2015. Note that all applications for university entry in 2015 (except Notre Dame) must be made on-line by accessing the TISC website at www.tisc.edu.au and that applications are now open until Tuesday September 30, 2014, after such time a late fee of $130 will apply.

Notre Dame University applications are also now open but will require a written application. All Year 12 students will be given the 2015 Admissions Guide for Notre Dame.

Mr Frusher is available for discussion with students and parents about options for 2015. All Year 12 students will also be given an appointment time with Mr Frusher commencing in Week 6 to discuss tertiary options prior to making their application. At this stage Year 12 students should have received a Prospectus from each of the WA Universities and instructions to access the Year 12 WACE Information Handbook 2014 (on-line at Schools Curriculum & Standards Authority - www.scsa.wa.edu.au).

Interstate University Applications

Applications to public interstate universities is done through the respective admission centres in each State as detailed below.

Victorian University Applications (VTAC)

The VTAC Guide 2015 is now available for download on the VTAC website - http://www.vtac.edu.au . The VTAC Guide will be on sale in newsagencies from Friday, 25 July.

Applications for 2015 courses open at 9am on Monday, 4 August.

New South Wales University Applications (UAC)

South Australian University Applications (SATAC)

Queensland Universities (QTAC)

Tasmania University (including Australian Maritime College) (UTAS)

Please note that applications to Bond University are made direct to the university.

Overseas Applications

Applications to overseas universities are completed in a variety of ways with applications for the commencement of university in July/August 2015 needing to be completed by January 2015. For further information please see Mr Frusher at Scotch College.

University of NSW

Each year, two talented Australian students are selected for the unique opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree at one of the leading academic institutions in the United States, Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The scholarship provides for:

  • A four year scholarship, including tuition, fees, room and board
  • Unique access to the academic and extra-curricular offerings at both Duke and UNC
  • Three summers of domestic and international experiences
  • Extensive community Robertson Scholars, alumni and staff

Australian selections are organised through UNSW. For more information about the selection process and to access application forms, visit www.scholarships.unsw.edu.au. Applications close 5 December 2014.

Muresk Open Day

Saturday 13 September from 10 am till 3 pm at Muresk.

Discover the facilities on site, talk to staff and students and get more information on Charles Sturt University's Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management degree delivered by C.Y. O'Connor Institute.

This is an opportunity for parents, students and anyone else with an interest in the agriculture and food industries to learn more about the exciting new agribusiness degree being run at Muresk.

For more information email agribusiness@cyoc.wa.edu.au or call Daisy Bulloch on 9622 6789.

2014 WACE Examination Timetables

These timetables are available on the School Curriculum & Standards Authority website. http://www.scsa.wa.edu.au

All Year 12 students will be issued with personal timetables later this term.


August is the month that many companies advertise their apprenticeship opportunities for the following year. Students who are seeking apprenticeships in 2014 are advised to scrutinise the Saturday The West Australian each week and to also seek advice from Mr Frusher.

Revision Courses

Final WACE Exam Boost and Revision Programme- 6 hour programme available 6 and 7 September, 13 and 14 September, 10 hour programme available week 1 of the school holidays. High quality teaching in small group classes with specialist WACE teachers. Various subjects and times. Enrol online to attend Rossmoyne SHS, Churchlands SHS and Perth Modern School at www.academictaskforce.com.au. Enrol online to attend UWA at www.academicassociates.com.au. Call 9314 9500 or email learn@academictaskforce.com for further information.

Peter Frusher

Careers Advisor


Sub-school Exit Surveys

As part of the Colleges strategy of continual improvement, each year we survey the parents and boys of Years 5, 7 and 12. These surveys will be distributed via an email link on Friday, 5 September. As Headmaster I strongly encourage you to take the time to complete a survey as they have proved to be valuable in ascertaining how we can continue to develop and improve what we offer at Scotch.

Dr Alec O'Connell



Support Groups


The Junior School Fathers' Day Breakfast is being held Thursday 4 September. Please go to Book a Scotch Event to secure your tickets. Many thanks to Jan and Jodee for organising, its going to be a lovely morning for all the boys.

The Year 7 Parent Drinks at Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, 5 September at 6.30pm till 9.30pm. Tickets are $45 per head and include food. There will be a cash bar at the club for drinks.

The Year 12 Mothers' Sleepover at Moray is on Sunday 14 September. These tickets are also available now on the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu,au 'Book A Scotch Event'. The sleepover will be followed by the Mothers' Auxiliary Meeting on Monday 15 Sept at Moray. No ticket required for that, but the car pool will leave the Gooch car park at 8.00am. We will be taking morning tea with us, so please all come along and enjoy moray.

Other upcoming events:

Middle School Paella Night, 11 September at 7pm in Mackellar Hall

Year 8 60/70's Disco Night, Sat 20 Sept. 2014 (Cancelled)

Year 8 morning coffee at the Naked Fig on Wednesday 3 September 8.30am

Year 9 coffee morning on Wednesday 3 September at Deli Chi Chi at 8.30am

Save the date - the last day of term for a lunchtime catch up

Year 11 coffee morning at Naked Fig is on 18 September at 9.00am

Year 12 coffee morning Friday 29 August at Bookcaffe at 8.30am

Clair Stanley


Mothers' Auxiliary


Parents' Association

Year 10 Parents' Chinese Banquet - 19 September

The Year 10 Parents' event is a Chinese Banquet at the Shun Fung restaurant at the Barrack Street jetty on September 19. This date and location has been chosen to align with the opening of the Year 10 Personal Project exhibition and the rivercruise that follows it. An invitation will be sent out shortly.

Fathers' Forum Event - 30 October 2014

The Parents' Association is pleased to invite parents and boys to attend this special presentation by Mr Bill Beament, Managing Director of Northern Star Resources Limited. The presentation is a unique opportunity to hear directly from Bill, as he talks about his life in the WA gold mining industry, and the growth of Northern Star, from small beginnings to its current market value of over A$1 billion. This will be of great interest to boys (and girls) considering a career in the mining industry, and to parents with an interest in mining, investment and corporate growth stories.

The event will be held in the Dickinson Centre at 6.15pm on 30 October 2014. Tickets will be available soon on TryBooking via the school website, and are $10 for adults (no charge for children and students). Mums are welcome too!

Save the Date

Saturday 14 March 2015 is the Scotch College Parents' Association Ball

This event only occurs once every two years so mark it in your diaries now.

It will be a night to remember

More details to come.........

Michelle Barrow


Parents' Association


Rugby Dinner

Reminder, last chance to book your tickets today to avoid dissapointment. Rugby Dinner Saturday 30 August, 2014 in the Scotch College Dining Room.

Book on the School website www.scotch.wa.edu.au


Community Notices

VACSWIM October Programmes

Enrolments for October programmes opened on 1 August, 2014. Swimming pools and beaches are a vital part of our Western Australian lifestyle. It is important for every child to learn to swim and develop essential water safety skills. VacSwim's school holiday swimming programmes are conducted by qualified instructors who teach children the skills to be confident swimmers and safe in the water. For further information and online enrolment please visit www.education.wa.edu.au/swimming.


Rosalie Touch Association - Junior and Youth Touch for Term 4 2014

Registration is now open till September 24 for Junior Touch (school years 1 - 6) and Youth Touch League (school years 7 - 12) at Rosalie Park in Term 4. It will be held Thursday afternoons 4.50 - 6.05 pm in school Term 4 and part way into school Term1 2015. The Youth Touch League is for the older students, boys and girls. Individuals or teams can register for this competition. The Junior Touch is for the younger students, Year 6 and under and they will have coaching and modified games. Go to www.rosalietouch.com.au to register and for more information or email junior.touch@rosalietouch.com.au.


SDERA Information Seminar for Parents

An information seminar "Keeping Young People Safe" aimed at leavers celebrations and featuring Paul Dillon, is being held at the Mount Lawley Golf Club on Wednesday, September 17. Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/leavers-forum-tickets-12507597561?aff=efbevent.


Behaviour Tonics

September courses and workshops now available. Register online at www.behaviourtonics.com.au.

We are offering courses in the following -

  • 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching Parent Course
  • Bullying - Don't Just Stand There
  • Protective Behaviours and
  • Engaging Adolescents.