9th March 2015

Headmasters ReflectionsHeadmaster's Reflections

If ever we wanted confirmation that this term is rapidly disappearing then the recent mid term break should act as a salient reminder. It is also swimming season and our boys have been up and about in both the Junior PSA that was held last week and the PSA carnival that will take place on Thursday night. Congratulations to every boy and staff involved in the JPSSA where our boys came a very credible third against some very strong opposition.

As the year continues to gain momentum it is a reminder for all of us of just how busy and committed our boys are to their chosen sporting or co-curricular activity. This busy period also serves as a reminder for the boys that it is important to develop reliable and consistent study habits no matter whether this includes 10 minutes of reading in Year 1 or significantly more study in upper school.

Thursday 8 March was International Women's Day and I would like to thank and acknowledge the seminal role played by our female staff at Scotch. Historically boys' schools have provided somewhat of an unrealistic vignette into the real world in terms of gender balance. The need to experience significant female role models in a single gender boy's school is something we should always keep in sharp focus. I am pleased to say that one of the great things about Scotch College is that as a modern and thriving college our boys are fortunate to have outstanding female role models including both teachers and non-teachers.

Furthermore, the role of mums in the education of their boys must never be underestimated. I say this as a son; father and husband who understands just how important females have been in the growth and development of my own children and me.

Our role as educators, in partnership with families and the wider community, is to ensure that our boys experience meaningful and realistic social and professional interactions that will prepare them for transitioning into the wider community and workforce.

I would like to close by sharing two quotes that I feel sum up the contribution of women both at Scotch and beyond.

I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved. --B. R. Ambedkar

You can tell the strength of a nation by the women behind its men."--Benjamin Disraeli

Thank you to the women who have and will continue to shape us all.

Have a great fortnight.

Dr Alec O'Connell



Head of Junior SchoolTeaching and Learning

Setting the Pace of Learning: Libraries at Scotch College

In recent years the development of the resource centres across the College has manifested in the introduction of new facilities, yet also a new approach in the College's culture of libraries as a resource to support learning. Under the leadership and hard work of Mr Brad Tyrrell and his team of dedicated staff, a major transition has occurred within these spaces.

The new Junior and Middle School resource centre is now operational and is providing a fantastic teaching and learning space for our youngest minds to explore both the non-digital and digital resources in innovative learning environments. With desks that double as white boards and seating to encourage boys to lose themselves in the world of fiction, the space is adaptable to suit the needs of our boys.

The Senior School Library opening hours now operate from 7.30am to 7.00pm allowing our students to use the facility to study before school until the early evening, should they choose to. In the lead up to our first examination period of the year, from 16 March, dedicated tutors will be available to support students in the preparation for exams. Snacks will be provided to ensure the boys have the sustenance needed to work through this challenging period.

A new quiet study space has now opened to provide for students who wish to work in a silent area of the library, whilst still catering for collaborative learning in the remaining areas of the Senior Library.

library study area

Additionally, this week will see the launch of our new online space for the Senior School Library. This can be accessed via the library icon on home.scotch as well as the following direct link: https://my.scotch.wa.edu.au/seniorlibrary/home

library tool

With a commitment to foster the love of reading with our boys, combined with our desire to provide a resource centre suited to the needs of the modern learner, the libraries at Scotch are indeed setting the pace of learning.

Mr Peter Allen

Director of Teaching and Learning


All School Matters

Scotch College Open Day, Friday 13 March

The Headmaster, staff and students invite you to the Scotch College Open Day from 8.15 am, finishing at 11.00 am.

More details can be found on the Scotch website www.scotch.wa.edu.au.


Community and Service


From time to time articles emerge lambasting the short-term visits made by young people from wealthy countries to facilities and communities in less developed regions of the world. Certainly there have been exposés of unscrupulous operators who exploit children in bogus 'orphanages' in countries like Cambodia. The claim most often made is that the visits in general do more harm than good. Scotch offers three service trips - to India, Cambodia and Tanzania. All are short-term in nature and visits to orphanages do occur.

The authors of articles on 'Voluntourism' describe how individuals and groups leave in their wake distraught, confused or angry individuals whose trust has been betrayed. This may be the case for the Contiki-style of trip where the operator offers brief 'exotic' local experiences to well-meaning but gullible and mainly young travellers. The Scotch trips are very different.

All three overseas service trips have been carefully built on genuine partnerships developed over a long period of time - and often through personal contacts of the members of staff who initially proposed the trip. The emphasis is on forging a means to improve over a long-term the quality of life for the members of the communities served. At the same time, the trips provide an insight for our students into what inequality of opportunity really means. Education is the focus of all three trips and over time, our partner communities have benefited greatly from the direct action involved. Each group travelling raises considerable sums of money - all of which goes into the community being assisted.

Aside from the direct - grass roots - assistance provided, the young people who venture on these trips to India, Cambodia and Tanzania return with an altered perception of their place in the world. They feel empowered and less inclined to squander the opportunities they have in Australia. They understand that privilege and service are intrinsically linked. Further they are more likely to spend of their adult professional life in the service of others less fortunate.

I sometimes wonder if authors of articles critical of school service trips or Gap years by young people spent in less developed countries around the world really understand the depth of need in the world. For many less fortunate ANY support - no matter how transient - is better than none. Even if the support does not involve money - just friendship - it is a comfort. Despite the criticism, it is surely better to jump in and do SOMETHING than to debate the issue from afar. Young people can work it out if given a chance and we need more 'service action' in the world from this generation - despite the risk of failure involved.

Mr Bill Cordner

Director of Community and Service


Music Department

As the term progresses, boys are working diligently with their Instrumental Music Tutors and Ensemble Directors in preparation for a range of events including:

Upcoming Dates

13 March, Open Day

15 March, Jazz Combo performance at Mosman Park for 'Men's Shed'

20 March, Combined Symphony Orchestra performs at Scotch College Senior Assembly

21 March, Saturday, Quarry Performance for Combined Ensembles as guests of PLC

30 March, Selected vocalists from Years 3 - 12 rehearse with guest conductor in massed vocal ensemble

11 April, Scotch Youth Voices and selected instrumentalists perform in CBD at opening of Youth Week

12 April, Scotch Youth Voices and selected instrumentalists perform with Andrew Winton at Fairbridge Folk Festival

Music Scholarships are available for those boys entering Year 7 next year. Students wishing to apply for a Music Scholarship for Year 7 2016 are required to register to the Head of Music via Music Administration. Applicants will not be considered unless they have participated in the Music Audition process to be held on Saturday, 9 May 2015. Students wishing to apply for a Music Scholarship are not required to sit the Academic testing. Enquires for Music Scholarships can be emailed to music@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Supporting the musical activities is Friends of Scotch Music (FOSM) a group of parents who enthusiastically support the work of boys and staff in the Music Department. FOSM meets once or twice each term with all meetings beginning at 7.00pm. Meetings go for approximately one hour, and are held in the Senior School Music Room with everyone welcome. Please consider becoming involved in the FOSM Parent Support group as an excellent way to support your son and the Music Programme at Scotch College.

Contact Details

The Instrumental Programme is administered by the Senior School Music Department and all queries should be directed to the Music Administrator, Julia Robinson (9383 6841) music@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Alternately, please contact Mr David Coughlan, Head of Music, via email DGCoughlan@scotch.wa.edu.au or phone 9383 6842.

If you wish to become more involved in supporting the Music Department by receiving information about the work of FOSM, please contact FOSM@scotch.wa.edu.au.

pink panther

Mr David Coughlan

Head of Music


Uniform Shop

Opening Hours for Winter Uniform Changeover

No appointments are necessary. The Uniform Shop will be open extra hours over and above the normal opening times, as follows.

Summer Term Extra Opening Hours

Wednesday 25 March 7.30am to 9.00am

Wednesday 1 April 7.30am to 9.00am

Holiday Opening Days

9.00am to 4.00pm (closed lunch: noon - 1.00pm)

16 April, Thursday

17 April, Friday

20 April, Monday


Head of Junior SchoolJunior School

Acknowledging Success

We have always been very good at recognising the sporting success and achievements of our heroes. We can read and view daily what has happened in a range of sporting endeavors for our favorite team, player or sport. Young children, and some adults, may try to emulate the sporting actions of their heroes with varying levels of success (especially as we get older).

As young people, our heroes would have inspired us to pursue a given sport. That hero may have been a superstar or a parent or a close relative. But the fact is, we saw what they could do and wanted to do that ourselves. For me it was Julius 'Dr J" Erving. He made me passionate about basketball and, while I wasn't blessed with the required height, I filled the hours of my free time with training and practice to do my best.

With success of any kind, what can go unnoticed is the immense effort that is required for any achievement. For some the efforts may have gone on for years. Jonas Edward Salk was an American medical researcher and virologist. He discovered and developed the first successful inactivated polio vaccine. He began his work in 1947. It would be eight years before the world would learn he had been successful in developing the vaccine.

We find it simple to recognise the success of our boys in sport whether that be inter-house, JPSSA or success outside of school. By default we acknowledge the effort it has taken to achieve this success. In the academic arena, our boys have worked very hard to learn and develop their skills. In only a few years they have made a series of small steps that have amounted to significant successes and achievement.

Our Year 2 boys have been in school for only three and a bit years. They have tried so very hard to learn and improve. They have been working in the writing skills through our VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation) programme. Their development, so far, is outstanding and each boy has made progress they should be very proud of. This represents the success they have enjoyed in their learning journey so far. Below are a few examples of their work.

As a Junior School we are reviewing how we can better recognise the success our boys enjoy in their academic development. I will be canvasing the opinions of parents and staff. What has always been important to me is to reward the effort perhaps more than the outcome. After all, in many cases, especially in education, it is the journey that matters most.

Sam Holmes

Vincent Zhu

Alexander Fine

Mr John Stewart

Head of Junior School


Primary Years Programme: Inquiry learning

The questions young people ask remind us that the search for meaning is fundamental to what it is to be human. The urge to inquire activates thinking on many levels and in many forms. When we seek to make sense of the world around us, we wonder, we plan, we analyse, we create, we reflect. At its very heart, inquiry is all about thinking -thinking in order to make meaning. Kath Murdoch

As an IB PYP school we use a guided inquiry approach to learning and teaching. Inquiry-based units of work, referred to as units of inquiry, are the focus for learning. The boys experience what it is like to think and act like scientists, historians, mathematicians etc.

In our inquiry-based classrooms there is increased emphasis on real life situations, decision-making, problem solving, research and action.

Teachers across the Junior School collaboratively plan to ensure the boys are actively:

  • exploring, wondering and questioning
  • experimenting and playing with possibilities
  • researching and seeking information
  • collecting data and reporting findings
  • clarifying existing ideas and reappraising events
  • deepening understanding through the application of a concept or rule
  • making and testing theories
  • making predictions and acting purposefully to see what happens
  • elaborating on solutions to problems.

We appreciate the input that comes from our parent community in enhancing our units of inquiry and we thank you for helping make the boys learning authentic and engaging. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you can offer your expertise in any of our units.

Ms Kathy Derrick

Deputy Head of Junior School - Curriculum


What is bullying?

Bullying is when one or more of the following things happen AGAIN and AGAIN to someone who finds it hard to stop it from happening again.

Bullying is when a person or a group of people offline or online (mobile phone or Internet):

• Make fun of/tease someone in a mean and hurtful way.

• Tell lies or spread nasty rumours about someone to try to make others not like him/her.

• Leave someone out on purpose or not allow him/her to join in.

• Hit, kick or push someone around.

• Deliberately damage, destroy or steal someone's things.

• Threaten or make someone feel afraid of getting hurt.

It is NOT bullying when:

• Teasing is done in a friendly, playful way.

• Two people who are as strong as each other argue or fight.

Mr Warwick Norman

Friendly Schools and Families Coordinator


Cyber Smart

Cybersmart is a national cyber safety and cyber security education program that is specifically designed to meet the needs of its target audiences of children, young people, parents, teachers and library staff.

The Cybersafety website is designed to support and encourage participation in the digital world by providing information and education which empowers children to be safe online.

The website provides information, games and activities for 'Young Kids' (0- 7), 'Kids' (8 - 12) and 'Teens' (13 - 18) to explore how to be safe online, and has excellent information for parents.

All Junior School boys will be working with the site, with our Year 5 boys starting by taking the "How cybersmart are you?" quiz as part of their immersion for their "Who We Are" unit of inquiry.

Interested parents can visit the site with their son. Click here: http://www.cybersmart.gov.au

Ms Amanda Ritchie

ILT Coach


French News

Bonjour! The year 3 boys have begun their journey in learning new French vocabulary. This term, vocabulary relating to family will be studied in order to create links to the Qui Nous Sommes (Who We Are), their current unit of inquiry. They will also be singing La Famille as well as conducting a French survey in class to find out about their classmates siblings. The boys also drew a portrait of their family and wrote short descriptive sentences to accompany their work.

Here is the lovely work of Christian Melsom in 3S.

Madame Edwards

French Specialist


Physical Education News

The sport programme at the Junior School is in full swing as the Year 3, 4 and 5 boys have finished their swimming units and now move onto their gymnastics programme. The little wonders in Year 1 and 2 will now be moving into their swimming unit after rocking the gymnastics programme over the past 5 weeks. Next Thursday 12 March sees the return of our very popular JPSSA Family Member Day where parents, grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunties, brothers and sisters get to follow in the footsteps of their sons, nephews and siblings on the sports field. All the boys in the JPSSA programme will be taking part in this popular day. The Thursday afternoon JPSSA days have been a real hit with our Year 5 boys as they enjoy the opportunity to compete and participate against the other JPSSA boys schools.

Mr Scott Whiston

Head of Junior School Physical Education


Junior School Resource Centre

We are looking forward to a very exciting time ahead for both the combined Junior/Middle School Library. Please drop in to get yourself acquainted with the stock and peruse the shelves. If you would like to make a recommendation for books that should be added to our collection then please do so by speaking to us directly or by sending us an email.

Thank you VERY much to the parents who have come into the library to help cover books this term (Alison, Jenny, Sue, and the absolute favourite new recruit; Marianna). Although the talent pool is rich in this area, there is still an opportunity for anyone else who would like to attend and learn from the best - however, if I am unavailable then I'm sure Kendra will help you out. The covering day is on every Thursday morning between 8.30am and 10am.

Recommended reading picks for this fortnight are as follows:

Year 1: Mr Majeika - Humphrey Carpenter

Year 2: Tashi series - Anna Fienberg

Year 3: Toad Rage - Morris Gleitzman

Year 4: Frindle - Andrew Clements

Year 5: Blueback - Tim Winton

Year 6: Boy Overboard - Morris Gleitzman

Year 7: Tyger, Tyger - Michael Hyde

Mr Warwick Norman: Junior School Teacher Librarian

Ms Jennifer Lightfoot: Middle School Teacher Librarian


News 4C

The 4C boys have hit the grounding running this term. They were lucky enough to be selected to sing a song at the Commissioning Mass in Week One. Just two weeks later, they were on the stage again presenting their assembly item about health and wellbeing. The boys put together a delightful show about the benefits of running, yoga, meditation and soccer. They enjoyed our science experiments immensely. The boys explored the components of blood through making a delicious jelly and lolly concoction, and learned about the effects of acid on teeth using eggs and vinegar. Most recently, Kyle Godwin from Western Force visited us to talk about his journey as a sportsman and the benefits of team sports. The boys have had a fabulous start to the year and they are very much looking forward to our next unit of inquiry, 'How we organize ourselves.'

Ms Olivia Creagh

Year 4 Teacher


Important Dates to Remember

9 March

Year 3 Coffee Meeting

Dining Annexe


10 March

Year 3 - 5 Chapel

Chapel (SS)


11 March

Year 2 Coffee Meeting

Dining Hall Annexe


11 March

Year 5 "Sculpture by the Sea"

Cottesloe Beach


12 March

Year 5 & 6 JPSSA Summer Family Member Day

Scotch College

& Jungle Gym



12 March

Year 4 Cricket Carnival

Hale School


13 March

Open Day

Scotch College


13 March

JS Assembly (3T)

MacKellar Hall


14 March

Parents' Association Biennial Parents Ball

Marquee on the playing fields


16 March

Year 5C Workshop

The Clayhouse, Fremantle


16 March

Year 1 - 2 Chapel

Chapel (SS)


19 March

Parent Engagement Workshop

Dining Hall Annexe


19 March

JPSSA - Scotch College vs Guildford Grammar

Scotch College


20 March

Parents Rep Coffee Meeting

Dining Hall Annexe



News 3T

Year 3 boys have bounced into the school year with enthusiasm for new friends and new learning. Friendships have been quickly re-established and strong routines adopted. Vibrant personalities with strong leadership potential fill our classroom and the dynamic is exciting and rigorous!

Reading Club has been a roaring success; boasting big numbers in attendance. Parents and boys have adopted the challenge of arriving at school early and dedicate time each day to reading aloud. The skills of fluency and expression are being developed with some clever little story-tellers emerging in our midst.

Our first Unit of Inquiry, Where We Are In Place and Time, allowed us to get to know each other and explore the influence of our family histories. We have integrated iPad skills using 'Explain Everything' as we combined technology and public speaking to showcase our Family Heirlooms.

Additionally, a goose-bump inducing visit to the Scotch Archives saw us connect with past experiences of Scotch students long gone. We saw old uniforms and sporting paraphernalia, we heard of student involvement in the war and discovered amazing contributions passed on to Scotch College that continue to inspire current students. Our 'wow moment' was in realising that our own actions may one day influence students of the future.

Of note, we have been luxuriating in our love of language with a number of literary initiatives. We have been building a wall of Wizz-bang Words, which is a study of interesting vocabulary and words we should say more often. These are celebrated through our oral discussions and our writing. Furthermore, we are reading a wonderful class novel whose main character is The Keeper of the Words and promotes this revelling in literary finery!

Oh, how I could go on sharing the wonders of our year's beginning, however, most important is that each and every boy in 3T is to be congratulated for the effort and energy they have brought to our classroom and our school. I look forward to celebrating and harnessing this enthusiasm as we go forth!

Ms Rebecca Turkich

Year 3T Teacher


From the Head of Middle SchoolMiddle School

Head of Middle School

As I write this article, the first of the Year 7 Moray campers are walking back in the door from their 4 day adventure in the Dwellingup bush. They are dirty and tired but each boy has a smile on his face and those I have spoken to say they have had a great time. Moray is a watershed week for new boys. They are away from home, they are with new friends, immersed in a range of exciting, challenging activities that brings them together in shared or common experiences including sleeping under the stars and cooking their own meals. We find on their return the cohesiveness of the Year 7 classes are tighter and their friendships stronger. The bush and our Moray expeditions in particular have a lot to offer the students, not the least being seeing their own classroom teachers struggling on the ropes courses, capsizing in their river crossing and waking up with messy hair. A big thank you to the Outdoor Education Staff and Homeroom Teachers, who spend time away from their own families so they can be with the boys on camp.

Mr Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School


7M Essential Agreements

From our very first day in Year 7 we have been abiding by a code of conduct. We developed 5 agreements on how we will treat each other and interact with the environment around us. You will see a picture of the poster we have in our classroom which we have turned into a contract that we have agreed to abide by every day. We have spent a lot of time discussing what each of the Essential Agreements mean and how we can demonstrate them, we even developed a class assembly item around them! Feel free to ask what the 5 Essential Agreements are and what they mean. Test our knowledge!

Ms Deborah Mullin

7M Class Teacher


Surfs Up in 6B

In Weeks 2 and 3 of this term boys in 6B were lucky enough to attend surf lessons as part of Scotch's Outdoor Education programme.

On arrival at Scarborough Beach, we were met by the school's experienced surf coaches who began the session by introducing the boys to their surfboards and sharing their expert knowledge of surfing conditions and beach safety, before accompanying the boys into the surf. As the boys' confidence grew in the water, they all experienced the thrill of riding waves and it was fantastic seeing the smiles on their faces. At the end of the session, the boys returned to school a little tired, salty, sandy, and rightfully proud of their efforts.

The surfing programme culminates in a three day surf camp in Lancelin in Spring Term, which will be a fantastic experience we are all looking forward to. The boys will develop their surfing skills further, along with participating in other activities such as fishing, jetty bombies, beach runs, surf art and treasure hunts around the town.

Ms Sophie Berry

6B Class Teacher


Community & Service Easter Appeal

Our annual Easter Appeal has begun! Students are asked to start bringing in an Easter Egg/Bunny to go into our Easter Hampers. Raffle tickets will be sold and all proceeds will go towards the Middle School World's Greatest Shave.


Headmaster's Commendations


Aaron Cuthbertson

Aaron has made a positive start to his time at Scotch College. His kind and generous spirit, along with his strong commitment to learning across the curriculum, has contributed to making our classroom and the Middle School a bright and vigorous place to be.


Tony Ghiselli

For displaying an outstanding work ethic in the classroom. Tony is committed to achieving his very best in everything he undertakes in Middle School. Tony is a wonderful role model to his fellow Year 6 students.


Dylan Field

Dylan treats school property and the belongings of others with care and respect. Dylan also tackles classroom assignments, tasks, and group work in an organised and enthusiastic manner.


Raffael Torre

Raff demonstrates the profile of a balanced and knowledgeable learner, pursuing excellence across many different areas of his life. He is a caring and valued member of our classroom, and has made an excellent start to his time at Scotch.


Sean Rimmer

For going above and beyond when it comes to helping peers in need. You have helped to make their time at Scotch a lot easier.


Student Achievements

Congratulations to Rhys Williams (7.8M) and Harry Williams (6.3T) who both competed at the State Minnow Sailing Championships over the long weekend. Rhys took out 2nd place and Harry 3rd place in the regatta. Well done!

Congratulations to Campbell McAullay (7.4A) who has been selected to represent City Beach Water Polo Club at the National Clubs' Championships in the U14 division on the Gold Coast in April.

Congratulations to Rupert Currie (8.7A) who has been selected to represent Western Australia in the 2015 State Triathlon Team at the National Schools Championships in Penrith NSW in April.

Congratulations to Raffael Torre (6.4B) who has been selected to represent Australia in the International Optimist Dinghy sailing class at the New Caledonia Championships in Noumea in October this year.


Important Dates in Middle School Summer Term

Mon 9 Mar

Year 7L and 7T depart for Moray Expedition

Year 7 Parent/Teacher Interviews commence (except 7L/7T)

Thu 12 Mar

JPSSA Bring a Family Member Afternoon

Year 7L & 7T return from Moray at 3.00pm

PSA Inter-School Swimming Carnival, HBF Stadium 5pm

Fri 13 Mar

MS Assembly

Sat 14 Mar

Parents Association Ball

Mon 16 Mar

Year 7W & 7A depart for Moray Expedition

Wed 18 Mar

Year 6 French Puppet Incursion

Mon 23 Mar

Year 7K and 7M depart for Moray Expedition

Thu 26 Mar

Year 7K & 7M return from Moray at 3.00pm

MS Production "Robin Hood"

Fri 27 Mar

MS Production "Robin Hood"

Sat 28 Mar

MS Production "Robin Hood"

Sun 29 Mar

Year 8 Bibbulmun Track departs

Mon 30 Mar

Year 7 Constable Care Incursion

Wed 1 Apr

Year 8 Bibbulmun Track returns

Thu 2 Apr

Summer Term Concludes 3.25pm

Boarder Parent/Teacher Interviews


Colours and Ties

One of the great features of Scotch College is the opportunity for boys to be involved in a number of broad areas of engagement that complement the curriculum. These areas are: Leadership, Community & Service, Academic Achievement, Arts & Culture and Sport. Water finds its own course, so to do boys as they get involved in and develop areas of passion and skill. Impressive achievement in one or more of these broad areas can result in a student being nominated for Colours, recognised by the presentation of a Colours tie. Whilst proudly worn by the boys at Assemblies, Colours really is the recognition of sustained effort, commitment, discipline and growth. Many boys will say it doesn't matter which Colours tie they get, as long as they get one. What is important to us as teachers and parents is that the objective of Colours remains the attitude and the skills and not the ornament itself.

This year with Middle School growing to its full cohort size in Year 7, it allows us for the first time to commence in an equitable fashion, the collecting and recording of student endeavour and data that will contribute towards earning Colours.

Representing the College at Inter-School events such as Swimming, Athletics, or Debating contributes toward Colours. Earning 30 points or more across 5 MYP subjects is recognised by an Academic Excellence certificate, Academic Excellence certificates in turn contribute toward Academic Colours. Playing 1st Sport for a set amount of games, accruing 400 points in Community Service hours contributes to Sport and Community Service Colours respectively. Colours are not easily earned and it is not until Years 11 and 12 that many boys will receive their Colours. However it is important to know that effort in Year 7 and Year 8, that discipline and persistence in Middle School, can lay the foundation for a boy to earn and march proudly at Assembly with his Colours tie on in Senior School.


From the Head of Senior SchoolSenior School

In addition to the busy schedule that forms a normal week at Scotch, we have witnessed a number of special highlights in the Senior School over the past couple of weeks that will no doubt remain with the boys for many years to come.

Great Scotch

This was the theme for this year's Year 12 ball. The theme was based on the movie the Great Gatsby set in the 1930s and the incredible décor, menu and entertainment certainly captured the era. Watching the boys and their partners arrive and make their way to the Dickinson Centre, I could not help feel I was peering into the future and seeing the boys and their partners as the adults they are to become in the years that lie ahead.

The Mothers' Auxiliary, under the leadership of Mrs Clair Stanley, worked tirelessly over many months to make the Ball a night to remember - and they certainly achieved their aim! The large number of parent volunteers, the attention to detail and generosity of parents both in time and donations was remarkable - thank you!

great scotch ball

1000 kilometres down the track and Keys House boys walk into Albany

Early on Sunday morning following the Ball, seventeen Year 12 Keys House boys boarded a bus and traveled to Peaceful Bay on the South Coast to walk the last 70 kilometres of their 1003km journey from Kalamunda to Albany along the Bibbulmun Track. Accompanied by Mr Frusher and Mr Keatch, the boys walked into Albany one week later welcomed by parents, staff from the boarding house and a sea of purple balloons and steamers. To have walked the full length of Bibbulmun Track speaks volumes about the boys' resilience, determination and willingness to accept challenge - qualities that will serve the boys well throughout life.

bib track

Jonathon Welch AM

To launch the first in a series of annual visits from prominent Australians across a diverse range of fields, the College has great pleasure in announcing an evening with Jonathon Welch. Jonathon is well known for his work in establishing The Choir of Hard Knocks that comprised homeless and disadvantaged singers from across Melbourne. This wonderful initiative became the subject of a five-part television series on the ABC. Jonathon went on to found the School of Hard Knocks in 2012 and Social Inclusion Week in 2009. He is an inspiring Australian whose work has been acknowledged with his appointment as a Member of the Order of Australia and the winner of the Australian Local Hero Award as part of the Australian of the Year Awards in 2009. Jonathon will spend the day working with boys in the Scotch music and community service programmes before a community presentation in the Dickinson Centre on the evening of Monday 30 March. Please refer to the flyer for details.

Dr Rob McEwan

Head of Senior School


Open Day

There will be no Senior School Assembly on Friday 13 March due to Scotch College Open Day.

Parking will be limited. Parents are reminded to consider neighbours when dropping boys at school.

Senior School boys are asked to wear their ties for Open Day.


Boys' Achievements

Ben Webster (Year 11, St Andrews) has been selected to represent WA in the State Pizzey Cup Tennis Team at the National Schools Championships in Hobart 2-10 May.

Rory O'Sullivan (Year 11, Ferguson) has been selected in the touring squad for the U17 Perth Gold Rugby Squad going to the Nationals in Queensland 8-15 March.

Connor O'Sullivan (Year 9, Ferguson) has been selected in the touring squad for the U15 Perth Gold Rugby Squad going to the Nationals in Queensland 8 - 15 March.



Inter-House Swimming - Champion Boys


1st Giancarlo Kain (Year 7)

2nd Julian Kyriakou (Year 7)

3rd Bailey Wright (Year 7)


1st Oscar Grant (Year 8)

2nd Charlie Castleden (Year 8)

3rd Jacob Jones (Year 8)


1st Alex Porter-Wilkinson (Year 9, Brisbane)

2nd Jackson Wright (Year 9, Ross)

3rd Joshua Kerrich (Year 8)


1st Christian Kyriakou (Year 10, Stuart)

2nd Riley Walker (Year 10, Shearer)

3rd Max Garbutt-Wilkins (Year 10, Ferguson)


1st Matthew Khowira (Year 11, Ferguson)

2nd Connor Smith (Year 11, Shearer)

3rd Martin Gallagher (Year 11, Anderson)


1st Alex Milligan (Year 12, Brisbane)

2nd Cameron Webster (Year 12, St Andrews)

3rd Angus Stewart (Year 12, Stuart)

Inter-School Swimming

The P.S.A. Inter-School Swimming Carnival is on Thursday, 12 March at HBF Stadium, with the first race to commence at 5.15 pm (last race around 8.45 pm). The team will be advised of further details and transport arrangements nearer the time.

Tickets for the P.S.A. Inter-School Swimming Carnival

Scotch has limited seating for adult and family spectators. Tickets are $15 each (to be charged to your school account) and are to be picked up and signed for at Reception (tickets will not be posted). Parents who wish to attend can register their names with Reception at the School on 9383 6800. Tickets will be available on a first come first serve basis. We would therefore urge parents to make contact with the School as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing parents and family there to support the team.


Parenting Ideas

To further support the Scotch community, the College continues to subscribe to Parentingideas, a leading provider of parenting education resources to Australian schools. Scotch parents can access parenting advice on a wide range of topics and themes such as;

Life skills for children

Kids, school and learning

Social challenges and

Children and behaviour.

follow the link to access the Parenting Ideas Magazine.


Also have a look at the attached article - The stress of teen success

Ms Shauna Lipscombe



Young Entrepreneurs @ Scotch

During Week 4 of Summer Term Year 10 Commerce students participated in Young Entrepreneurs Week (YEW). YEW involved students collaboratively developing a service business that could realistically be launched in the Australian market in the next 12 months. They developed an idea and made a pitch to a panel of external judges for funding. The start-up businesses were varied across the service industry: Match My Catch, Ink Trucks, Meal in a Minute, Speedy Seafood, Video Valentine, Cater2Me, and Scope Photography. YEW enabled students to work collaboratively and think creatively about future business possibilities and then consider issues such as staffing, obtaining premises, business plans, salaries and wages and future profits. Scotch students were imaginative, engaged and business focused and made a huge impression on our judges.

fish cartoon seafood menu

Miss Tory Vidler

Commerce Teacher


External Language Provision to the Community at Scotch College

As autumn arrives, we are very happy to welcome two groups of adult Language learners to the school each week. The Balai Bahasa has been with us for some years, offering beginners up to advanced Indonesian language, and from 2015, the Goethe institute are offering a similar range for those who wish to learn or revive their German. Both groups operate in the Kennedy building classrooms on a Tuesday evening. Please contact either group to join us:



Mr Jonathan Rugg

Head of Languages



University Information

University of Western Australia

Year 12 Information Session

For Year 12 students and their parents, applying for university can be a daunting process.

UWA information sessions will provide advice on UWA courses, admission requirements and key dates for 2015. UWA Admissions staff will be available to answer any questions you may have following the presentation.

Tuesday 10 March, 6.00pm, Alexander Lecture Theatre, UWA Arts Building


University of Notre Dame

Parents are invited to attend Notre Dame's Parent Information Evening. Throughout the evening subject selection, course information, what to expect during the transition from high school to university, and how to apply to Notre Dame we will discuss.

For further information 94330533 or future@nd.edu.au

Date: Tuesday 10 March 2015

Time: 6:30pm

Venue: Malloy Courtyard, The University of Notre Dame Australia, 19 Mouat Street, Fremantle

Guest Speaker: Robyn Smith, Director, Curriculum, Assessment and Moderation, SCSA

The Australian National University

The Tuckwell Scholarship - applications are now open

Students who epitomise the Tuckwell Scholar ideal are encouraged to apply for the Tuckwell Scholarship for 2016.

Applications are now open and close at 3.00pm (AEDT) on 20 March 2015.

ANU is looking for applicants who may not have considered themselves scholarship material; perhaps because they have a genuine modesty that inhibits them from putting themselves forward or because they feel their background might be a barrier to success.

For full details, including more about the Scholarship, the application process, and selection criteria visit the Tuckwell website at tuckwell.anu.edu.au .

UK Universities & Colleges

UCAS is the organisation that processes all full-time applications to UK universities and colleges. It is there to support you - as well as your son or daughter - through every step of the application process. UCAS sends all applicants a monthly newsletter, full of useful information, reminders, advice and competitions. But did you know you can get information from UCAS too?

You can sign up to monthly parent newsletters quickly and simply online. They're completely FREE and contain timely information and advice about your son or daughter's journey to higher education and what you can do to support them.

For further information about the UCAS process, take a look at the advice for parents on www.ucas.com.

Australian Defence Force Information

The Australian Defence Force Academy will be conducting an information session at Defence Force Recruiting, Level 7, 66 St Georges Terrace, Perth on Tuesday 17 March 2015.

The Australian Defence Forces will be conducting a Careers Expo on Saturday 28 March 2015 from 9.00am - 4.00pm at the Leeuwin Barrack in East Fremantle.

Revision and Study Skill Courses

ATARGET April Revision and Study Skills Courses

Study Skills - Essay Writing - Subject Revision for all students in Year 10, 11 and 12 aiming to prepare students for Semester 1 examinations. Courses are available in the first and/or second week of the April school holidays.

Courses will be conducted at Christ Church Grammar School, Hale School and All Saints' College.

For further information on these programmes contact Dr Robert Hallam at ATARGET on 9486 1377 or admin@atarget.com.au. Registration forms are also available from Mr Frusher at Scotch.

GAP Year Opportunities 2016

Defence Force Gap Year 2016

The ADF Gap Year programme provides an opportunity for young Australians, who have finished Year 12 (or equivalent) and are aged between 17 and 24, to experience military training and lifestyle whilst gaining new skills and pay over their Gap Year.

Gap Year opportunities are available in the Navy, Army and Air Force.

The life skills and job training that you will acquire during your Gap Year experience will be valuable regardless of what career you ultimately undertake.

For more information go to www.defencejobs.gov.au/gapyear

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) is an award-winning international volunteer placement organisation based in the UK. They provide the world's most affordable, need-driven and supportive short-term volunteer programmes in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Their programmes start from just two weeks in duration right up to six months. You can join throughout the year as they have two start dates per month.

So if you're looking to travel on your vacation period, or even take a gap year to explore the world - you should consider volunteering abroad and doing something really special during your travels. They have a range of opportunities to suit people of all backgrounds and interests. Check out their website and start your adventure today - www.planmygapyear.org

You may want to view this video overview of their setup in Tanzania https://vimeo.com/112468937

Career Tips

  • Students looking for part-time work will require a resume`:

There are many web-based sites that will assist in the development of a resume suitable for seeking employment. Simply Google resume` and look for a style that suits you. Another good source is the Career Centre web page http://www.careercentre.dtwd.wa.gov.au/Pages/CareerCentre.aspx. Go to Tools & Resources then Resume Builder. Here you will find an easy to use template that can be filled out and then one of five different formats can be selected.

  • Confused about what to do after Year 12?

The UWA website offers descriptions of the many careers available to students. Simply go to www.studyat.uwa.edu.au and find future students - featured careers.

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation


Are you looking for a unique experience for your son or daughter that will challenge them, equip them with key life skills and give them the adventure of a lifetime? Then look no further than the Leeuwin Youth Explorer Voyage. The seven day programme aimed at 14-25 year olds is both exciting and rewarding, teaching participants all aspects of living and working aboard a traditional tall ship. They will experience steering and navigating the ship, setting sails in all weather conditions, sailing through the night beneath the Milky Way and seeing parts of West Australia's stunning coastline.

It's not just about learning to sail and meeting new friends though. They will also learn more about themselves, overcome challenges, conquer fears and become more tolerant towards others. The voyages aim to increase self-confidence and self-awareness as well as developing communication, teamwork and leadership skills which can be applied in all aspects of life.

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 can earn 5 WACE points towards their senior graduation and the voyage can count as the Adventurous Journey or Residential Project component of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Sail trainees may also be invited back as volunteer crew on future day sails and voyages, allowing them to keep in touch with their crewmates, further hone their skills and sail for free!

Voyages run from September until June, with spaces still available on the following upcoming voyages;

  • 12-18 March
  • 31 May - 8 June
  • 13 June - 19 June

The $1,980 voyage fare includes all food, accommodation, use of wet weather gear and safety training. Thanks to our generous community partners we are able to offer a variety of scholarships for applicants who need assistance raising the fare.

For more information, please contact our team on (08) 9430 4105 or email us at office@sailleeuwin.com.

Mr Peter Frusher

Careers Adviser


Important Dates - Summer Term Week 6





Monday 9 March

Week 6B

Monday 9 March

Parent Teacher Student Interviews for Cross-Campus Students


3.30pm - 7.30pm

Monday 9 March

Indonesian Tour Information Evening


7.00pm - 8.00pm

Monday 9 March

Combined Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal

Dickinson Centre

7.00pm - 8.30pm

Tuesday 10 March

Drama Day (Visiting Students' Workshops)

Senior School Campus

9.00am - 3.00pm

Tuesday 10 March

WADL Debating Round 1 (Week 1)

Christ Church Grammar School

6.30pm - 10.00pm

Wednesday 11 March

Year 12 Exploring Engineering Excursion


8.25am - 4.00pm

Wednesday 11 March

Year 12 Parent Teacher Student Interviews

Dickinson Centre

4.00pm - 8.00pm

Wednesday 11 March

WADL Debating Round 1 (Week 1)

Hale School

6.30pm - 10.00pm

Thursday 12 March

PSA Inter-School Swimming Carnival

HBF Stadium

5.00pm - 8.30pm

Friday 13 March

Open Day

Friday 13 March

Senior School Marching (No Assembly)

Chapel Oval/Dickinson Centre

8.35am - 8.55am

Friday 13 March

PSA Sport - Scotch College Bye

Saturday 14 March

PSA Sport - Scotch College Bye

Saturday 14 March

CCGS Rowing Regatta

Champion Lakes

8.30am - 12noon

Sunday 15 March

Ross House Swimathon

Scotch Pool

8.35am - 9.35am

Monday 16 March

Week 7A

Monday 16 March

Year 11 Parent Teacher Student Interviews

Dickinson Centre

4.00pm - 8.00pm

Tuesday 17 March

Year 11 ATAR Biology Water Based Excursion

WA Fisheries

8.25am - 3.25pm

Tuesday 17 March

WADL Debating Round 1 (Week 2)

Christ Church Grammar School

6.30pm - 10.00pm

Tuesday 17 March

Combined Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal

Dickinson Centre

7.00pm - 8.30pm

Thursday 19 March

Boat Club Dinner

Dining Room

6.30pm - 10.30pm

Friday 20 March

Senior School Marching and Assembly

Dickinson Centre

8.35am - 9.35am

Friday 20 March

PSA Sport - Scotch College v Guildford Grammar


1.30pm - various

Saturday 21 March

PSA Sport - Scotch College v Guildford Grammar


8.30am - various

Saturday 21 March

Head of the River

Champion Lakes

8.30am - 12noon


Support Groups

Parents' Association

Thank you

I would like to particularly thank Jenny Sinclair and Genevieve Cleary for organising the Muster, which again took place at Rouse Head. I would also like to thank the 60 dedicated parents and volunteers who came along to assist in allowing this event to take place.

We had 380 students attend and should be very proud of their conduct on the evening, which was completely trouble free.

Visiting Speakers Programme

The Parents' Association are proud to be supporting the Visiting Speakers Programme. As mentioned in the Head of Senior School section of The Thistle. 30 March will be the first in a series of visits from prominent visitors across a diverse range of fields. The College has great pleasure in announcing an evening with Jonathon Welch AM. Jonathon is well known for his work in establishing The Choir of Hard Knocks that comprised homeless and disadvantaged singers from across Melbourne. This wonderful initiative became the subject of a five-part television series on the ABC. Jonathon went on to found the School of Hard Knocks in 2012 and Social Inclusion Week in 2009. He is an inspiring Australian whose work has been acknowledged with his appointment as a Member of the Order of Australia and the winner of the Australian Local Hero Award as part of the Australian of the Year Awards in 2009. Jonathon will spend the day working with boys in the Scotch music and community service programmes before a community presentation in the Dickinson Centre on the evening of Monday 30 March. Please refer to the flyer for details.

Mr Gary Pyne

President Parents' Association


Scotch Auxiliary

The Mothers' Auxiliary has a new name, the Scotch Auxiliary.

The Scotch Auxiliary is a parent support group that provides hospitality and organisational support at various school functions throughout the year as well as fostering friendship and communication amongst the parent community.

All parents, both fathers and mothers, current and new families, are welcome to attend our meetings and offer their help and support.

Being an active member of the Scotch Auxiliary is a great way of keeping up to date with what is happening in the School and meeting parents. Many thanks to the parents who have volunteered to be Junior School, Middle School class and Senior School Year representatives for 2015. Our next meeting will be held on Monday 23 March at 9am in the Gooch Pavilion, please join us and bring a friend.

Middle School Parent Sundowner

On Thursday 23 February, the Middle School Parent Sundowner was held at the Gooch Pavilion. It was great to see a wonderful turnout of parents especially new families. Special thanks to Jemma Hector for organising a very relaxed and fun evening.

Year 12 Ball Photographs

Photographs from the Year 12 Ball can be ordered via the following website: www.blissstudio.com.au. Orders must be placed by Monday 16 March. Please refer to the Scotch College email sent on Friday 20 for the School code.

Thank you to Clair Stanley, (President 2013 & 2014) and Sonia Wee, Secretary (2013 & 2014) for your significant contribution to the Auxiliary over the past two years.

Scotch Auxiliary Committee 2015
President: Carissa Paganin (sons OSC '13, Years 9 & 6)
Vice-President: Lucy Capon (sons Years 9 & 5)
2nd Vice-President: Jan Friday (son Year 6)
Secretary: Lucinda Anderson (sons Years 11 & 9)
Treasurer: Janette Brenz-Verca (son Year 9)

We look forward to a fun and enjoyable year.

Mrs Carissa Paganin
Scotch Auxiliary



"The Head of the River" will be held on Saturday 21st March, with racing starting at 9am. We are hoping a sea of maroon Scotch supporters will make their way to Champion Lakes to cheer our rowers' home. We will have 12 crews in Years 9 - 12 competing as we attempt to win the Hamer Cup for the second year running. All welcome.

Invitations for the Head of the River picnic will be sent shortly. Boarders will have a lunch supplied for them from the dining room, but all other rowers and family members will need to book if they would like lunch supplied, as per details on the invitation."

Mrs Jenny Sinclair
Mother of Captain of Boats


Pipe Band Parents Support Group (PBPSG)

The Scotch College community are welcome to see the full band perform at Open Day on Friday 13 March from 8.15am on the grass in front of the Chapel.

The next PBPSG meeting is Thursday March 19, 7.30pm in the Senior School Pipe Band Room (near the pool). All parents of boys playing pipes and drums are welcome to attend.

PLC Centenary Competition and Mini Fair

Sunday 5th April 9am - 5pm Scotch Playing Fields.

All welcome to come and support the Scotch College Pipe Band.

Latest news, upcoming events and calendar of events:

https://parentgroups.scotch.wa.edu.au - Parents - Parent Support- Pipe Band

Further information: PBPSG@scotch.wa.edu.au

Mrs Mandy Perrignon

PBPSG President


Water Polo

Sausage Sizzle - 4.30 pm Wednesday 25 March 2015

This year players in Years 7, 8 and 9 will have a sausage sizzle after training with coaches and the Year 12 Water Polo boys, speeches and awards will be given.

Please go to the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au and 'Book a Scotch Event' to book your son/s, the cost of $5 includes a sausage in a bun and drink.

Water Polo Dinner - Sunday 29 March 2015

Players in Years 10, 11 and 12 plus ALL boys in the 1st team are invited to attend the annual Water Polo Dinner along with their parents.

This is a lovely function for all boys and especially to send off the Year 12s, coaches will attend and speeches and awards will be given.

Please go to the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au and 'Book a Scotch Event' to book your tickets.

Any enquiries please call

Caro Stewart 0438006032

Water Polo Support Group



Basketball Bonanza and Welcome Evening for Scotch Basketball Parents and Boys:

Friday 13 March 2015.

On Friday 13 March the Basketball Supporters Group are having its 5th Basketball Bonanza and Welcome Evening for the Scotch basketball community. All basketball boys for year 8-12 are invited.

Proceedings commence at 3.30pm in the afternoon with the boys having a series of three on three games followed by the ever popular 3 point shootout and slam dunking displays! There will be a pizzas and soft drink for the boys. Cost will be $10 inclusive so please ensure your son(s) bring $10 on the day.

Parents and families are invited from 5.00pm to join the proceedings and please BYO drinks and a small plate of finger food to share. We hope to see you there at the Scotch Gym to welcome or reacquaint yourself with the Scotch basketball community.

If any current or especially new basketball parents who would like to be involved or help on the afternoon please call Karl Hombergen on 0432 373 305.

Basketball Dinner

Save the date: Wednesday 1 April 2015

The Basketball Support Group will be hosting their annual Basketball Dinner 6.30pm to 9.30pm and all basketball players and their parents are welcome to join us for an Americana themed dinner.

To purchase your tickets please go to the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au and click on the 'Book a Scotch Event' icon

Mr Karl Hombergen


Basketball Parent Support Group



The Cricket Support Group will be hosting the annual Cricket dinner Tuesday 31 March 6:30 - 9:30 pm in the Dining Hall Annexe.

All Year 9 to 12 cricketers and their families are encouraged to attend this night which celebrates our end of cricket season. Coaches' reports and awards will be given.

To purchase your ticket please go to the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au and click on the 'Book a Scotch Event' icon.

RSVP - Please purchase your tickets before midnight Thursday 26th March.

Enquiries: Heidi Hardisty paul.heidi@bigpond.com

Mr Paul Hardisty


Cricket Support Group