21 March 2016

Headmasters ReflectionsHeadmaster's Reflections

We often speak to our students about the Old Scotch Collegians and what it will mean to them after they graduate from Scotch.

At last week's Senior School assembly we were privileged to share in a very special moment in the life of one of our OSCs. Dallas Hamilton OSC 33, turned 100 on the 13 March and was a special guest at our marching and assembly. Call it serendipity, but Dallas also rowed for our College in the 1932 Head of the River, so it was even more special that he was in attendance at the assembly where we wish our rowing team farewell as they embark on the final regatta for the year. The photo included in my article shows Dallas watching the rowing with his two brothers.

Dallas Hamilton

Celebrations such as Friday's assembly are rare and deserve our special attention. Not only was it an opportunity to share in an incredible milestone with Dallas, but it was an opportunity to demonstrate to our students the long-term connections that are maintained between our College and our past students.

On behalf of the whole community I would again like to congratulate Dallas on reaching his 100th birthday and wish both him and his family all the very best for the coming years.

Congratulations to all of the boys who represented the College in the Head of the River. These boys have spent many hours preparing to compete. I would also like to thank everyone who made the journey to Champion Lakes to show their support. I know how much your support was appreciated by the entire rowing club.

Much has happened already this term. Work has now commenced on the new Early Learning facility. Over the weekend we had a number of our boys from Years 5 - 10 participating in the 'Have Sum Fun' mathematics competition. Well done to the boys and their teachers for all of the work that took place in readiness to represent our school in this academic competition.

The most important things to maintain for all of our boys are consistent study habits, keeping active, eating well and getting plenty of sleep. A balance of these will ensure each boy performs to the best of their ability when things get busy especially towards the end of the term.

Request regarding the use of Bellevue Terrace, Saunders Street and Wright Avenue for drop-off and pick-up

Neighbours on Bellevue have notified us that two homes are being constructed. The flow of delivery vehicles and construction machinery is hampered particularly in the afternoon by parents waiting for boys. For the safety of our boys and the convenience of our neighbours we ask your assistance in seeking an alternative drop-off or pick-up point while construction is underway.

Saunders Street is narrow and an alternative drop-off and pick-up point like the Gooch Pavilion should be used.

Parents are reminded that the speed limit on Wright Avenue is 50kms and during morning drop-off and pick-up extra caution and slower transit through the area to the Gooch would be greatly appreciated for the safety of the boys and our neighbours trying to exit their driveways.

Have a great fortnight.

Dr A J O'Connell



All School Matters

Year 7 Scholarships for 2017

Applications are now open for Academic Scholarships for Year 7 in 2017. Scholarships are open to both current students and prospective students to Scotch College. The Scholarship examination will be held at the College on Saturday, 7 May 2016. If you currently have a son in Year 6 at Scotch College you are invited to register him via the Scotch College website Scholarship link www.scotch.wa.edu.au.

Please feel free to contact Di Moran, Manager of Admissions on 9383 6809 or djmoran@scotch.wa.edu.au if you have any questions.


Update Landcorp's Claremont on the Park on behalf of the Town of Claremont

There will be minor disruptions to traffic within the Claremont on the Park development area, to facilitate the energisation of the newly installed underground power, street lighting and traffic signals by Western Power starting later this month.

Works are scheduled to take place from Monday 21 March for approximately four days with Western Power energisation and asset removal works commencing on Tuesday 5 April and continuing for a short period thereafter. Traffic management measures will be in place during this period to ensure the safety of the vehicle and pedestrian access. This will signify the completion of works by Western Power to upgrade the power network and to complete the installation of underground power and street lighting on Shenton Road.

Residents most affected by the works include those located on Shenton Road and in Claremont Crescent, Claremont.

As road improvement works draw to a close, over the coming month's traffic signals will become 'live' at the intersection of Shenton Road and Davies Road to improve traffic flow. Line marking will also take place throughout the development area.

Finally there are sewer, utility service and asphalt re-sheeting works required within Davies Road. Water Corporation approvals are currently being sought and LandCorp expects these works to be completed in co-ordination with the Claremont Football Club redevelopment works.

More Information

To learn more about the Claremont on the Park development visit www.landcorp.com.au/claremontonthepark.

Jane Carter

Communications Coordinator

Town of Claremont


Community and Service

St Patrick's Fremantle

Homelessness as an issue is never far from home. This was clear following a visit to Fremantle to pave the way for a service activity as part of the Round Square Conference being hosted by Scotch in April. Staff in the St Patrick's Community Support Centre feed around 80 homeless people each day as well as cater for other personal needs, such as for medical services and emergency accommodation. The overwhelming incentive for staff is to move clients from a state of homelessness to one of permanent accommodation and stability.

While many of the homeless in Fremantle have mental and physical health issues that prevent them from working, some are hit by a sudden change in circumstance - a loss of job or breakdown in a marriage - and as a result find themselves without a place to call home - if only temporarily. The staff at St Patrick's work to alleviate the suffering of those in our society going through particularly hard times.

The 'Choir of Hard Knocks' performance at Scotch recently highlighted the need to provide all people with a means to contribute meaningfully to society. The choir represents a channel whereby members can regain dignity through the role they play in lifting up their audience through their collective voices. While it is important for society to support the less fortunate, it is imperative to provide those in dire circumstances a means to feel valued - often following a soul-destroying fall from grace. It is interesting that St Patrick's also has a choir and believes that this is a way of creating stability and sense of family - mentioned by Choir of Hard Knocks Artistic Director Jonathon Welch as a central role of the Melbourne choir.

Manna Industries

A group of Year 10 boys were provided with a unique experience of homelessness through the 'Tranby' service activity. The boys were able to purchase bottles of water and hand them out directly to homeless clients of Manna soup kitchen in a park in Northbridge.

manna industries

Balga SHS Students to Present at Round Square Conference

Delegates at the forthcoming Round Square Conference will be able to hear the personal stories of two refugee students attending the Intensive English Unit at Balga Senior High School. These students, from The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Iran, will be presenting with Akram Azami, Young Australian of the Year, 2013. Akram currently works with Year 10 students on Friday afternoons as part of the Service Learning Programme. Scotch boys have been going to Balga SHS for the past nine years to assist with conversation English language and assimilation activities. Akram Azami is from Afghanistan and came also to Australia as a refugee. He is now completing his third degree while working as a tutor in the Department of Medicine at UWA.

Disabled Surfers Association Storage Request

The Disabled Surfers Association of WA is seeking storage space to park their trailer containing all the equipment needed to run events at Leighton Beach during the summer months. This is a large enclosed trailer and would require an undercover space in an industrial-size shed. Please contact Bill Cordner if you can assist.

Mr Bill Cordner

Director of Community and Service


Parenting Ideas

To further support the Scotch community the College continues to subscribe to Parentingideas, a leading provider of parenting education resources to Australian schools. Scotch parents can access parenting advice on a wide range of topics and themes such as;

Life skills for children

Kids, school and learning

Social challenges and

Children and behaviour.

Available in the Parenting Ideas Magazine; visit the following link:


Also have a look at the attached article - The many faces of independence

Ms Shauna Lipscombe

Senior School Psychologist


Music Department

"It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. Once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen" Muhammad Ali

Senior Scotch music students and staff attended a presentation by guest lecturer Mr Michael Griffin last Wednesday afternoon, which focussed on strategies for musical success. His two main messages to students were simple; motivation leads to work which leads to progress and excellence is a habit that you develop. Michael's approach to achieving excellence through practice was to chunk (practice small sections at a time), play it slow (to play it correctly) and play with repetition in order to automate the process. After his talk to senior musicians Michael Griffin went on to remind staff that in general boys tend to overestimate their ability to do something and underestimate the time it will take them to achieve excellence. Whilst staff and coaches will always encourage boys to follow the path to excellence at school, parents also play a key role in reinforcing these habits at home. The good news is you do not have to be a master musician to recognise if your son is doing the following: Are they chunking their practice at home or playing through whole pieces at a time? Are they playing slow enough to avoid mistakes? Are they playing accurately with repetition to reinforce Muhammad Ali's words as quoted above? Often a few well-chosen words at home can make the world of difference for how successful your son is in his pursuit of excellence.

Congratulations to the Scotch Youth Voices, Senior Vocal Ensemble and the Combined Scotch/PLC Vocal Ensemble who performed in concert with Dr Jonathon Welch and the 'Choir of Hard Knocks' last Thursday evening. This was an outstanding concert which provided musical excellence and great entertainment for all those who attended.

Important Dates:

Autumn Term

Week 2, Monday 2 May, FOSM meeting, 7.00pm Senior Music Department

Week 6, Tuesday 31 May, Vocal Showcase, 6.30pm Dickinson Centre

Week 7, Wednesday 8 June, Junior and Middle School Autumn Concert, 6.00pm Dickinson Centre

Week 9, Friday 24 June, Music Department Jazz Night, 7.30pm Dickinson Centre

Week 10, Wednesday 29 June, Con Brio Strings Concert, 6.30pm, Dickinson Centre

Contact Details

The Instrumental Programme is administered by the Senior School Music Department and all queries should be directed to the Music Administrator, Julia Robinson (9383 6841) music@scotch.wa.edu.au

Alternately, please contact Mr Tim Simpson, Acting Head of Music, via email TMSimpson@scotch.wa.edu.au or phone 9383 6824.

If you wish to become more involved in supporting the Music Department, please contact FOSM@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Mr Tim Simpson

Acting Head of Music



It is important for your boy to take responsibility for when and how he studies. To support your son's study and learning we have made SelfControl available for him to download from Self Service for his laptop. The SelfControl application enables your son to be self-regulating with respect to interruptions from his favourite applications and social media. When he wishes to focus on study for a lengthy period he can set SelfControl to suppress his notifications and avoid accessing sites for up to 24 hours. We have packaged 30 common sites in the blacklist, but he is free to add to the list as he wishes. If you would like further information please contact Dr Nick Spadaccini, ILT Curriculum Integration Manager (NSpadaccini@scotch.wa.ed.au).

Dr Nick Spadaccini

ILT Curriculum Integration Manager


Get Your Body Buzzing

Julie Meek presents 'Get Your Body Buzzing,' an interactive session that will answer your burning questions about food, nutrition and performance for your children, your family and yourself. The tips and strategies that this presentation explores could change your family's health and well-being instantly.


Uniform Shop

School Caps

There have been further delays with the school caps order. Unfortunately, the caps will not be delivered before end of term. Please come in next term to make your purchase. In the meantime, the shop is able to sell the school broad-brimmed sun hat as an alternative.

Buying Uniform Online

Uniform can be purchased online at the Flexischools website. All orders processed online can be picked up from the Uniform Shop on the following Tuesday afternoon, or can be posted to you. If you are already using Flexischools for canteen orders, you will notice that uniforms are also available for purchase. If you need details on setting up Flexischools access, please email the uniform shop for further information: uniform@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Opening Hours for Winter Uniform Changeover

No appointments are necessary. The Uniform Shop will be open extra hours over and above the normal opening times, as follows.

Summer Term Extra Opening Hours

Wednesday 30 March

7.30am to 9.00am

Wednesday 6 April

7.30am to 9.00am

Holiday Opening Days

Friday 22 April

9.00am to 4.00pm (lunch: noon - 1.00pm)

Tuesday 26 April

8.00am to 5.00pm

Boys need to be in winter uniform on Wednesday, 27 April (start of term).


Head of Junior SchoolJunior School

Head of Junior School

Let's Play

In the little bush behind my childhood home there stood a tree. It was the tallest tree in the bush, the perfect climbing tree. It had strong branches close to the ground to give the first important foothold and sturdy branches all the way to the top. From the top of the tree one could see the entire neighbourhood.

From when I began to go out to play with my friends, around the age of 3 or 4, the tree, that tree, was the challenge we all wanted to overcome. After many attempts, climbing up to a point and not feeling confident to go higher, only to try and get to the top another time. Eventually, perhaps years later, I made it to the top above the canopy of the bush and finally got to see where I lived from way up high. I remember the feeling of freedom and pride that I had finally done it.

This experience was one of many I gained because of the freedom I had to play as a child. Hours of play, further and further from home, away from adult supervision, provided me with many skills I needed as I grew up.

Childhood is different today. The freedom we had as children to play without our parents around is not the same today. Children and parents are busy with after school activities, technology attracts their attention, families are time poor, there are more cars on the road, parents have concerns about their children's safety. All contribute to less natural unstructured play opportunities for children.

Research demonstrates that the benefits of play for children are far reaching. It develops children's physical skills; fine motor, gross motor, balance and hand-eye coordination skills. Play is key in the development of the sensory system and body awareness and also contributes to increased physical activity levels and fitness.

Through play, a child's cognitive skills are enhanced. They naturally engage in problem solving, planning, sequencing in their play while developing their creativity, organisational and language skills.

Play allows for social and emotional skill development. The player will experience a range of emotions, explore different roles and extend their comfort zones. They will play in a naturally inclusive manner, learn to take turns, cooperate, negotiate, problem solve, persevere and become more resilient.

The overall well-being of the child will also improve. They will experience hope and optimism, become more creative and feel more self-efficacy in play, the classroom and other aspects of their life.

"We need to provide the conditions that allow children to push the boundaries of what is already known and easily accomplished so they can develop the competencies and skills they require for life."

Michael Follet - Founder of the Outdoor Play and Learning Program (UK)

We need to do our best to provide opportunities for unstructured play. In the busy lives of children and families, schools have an important role to play in offering play to children.

Play is self chosen and self-directed; players are always free to quit

Play is activity in which means are more valued than ends

Play is guided by mental rules

Play is non-literal, imaginative, marked off in some way from reality

Play involves an active, alert, but not stressed frame of mind

Peter Gray, Psychologist 2008

As a Junior School, we firmly believe that providing opportunities for the boys to engage in unstructured play is essential to their development as children and people. We have worked over the past several years to increase the quality and opportunity for our boys to play at break times. We are now looking at a new and engaging opportunity for our boys.

Loose Parts Play involves providing the boys with a range of materials for them to use to create their own play and engagements. They will create, use their imagination and develop the range of benefits listed above. The play they will engage in will be intrinsically motivating, freely chosen and personally directed.

The endless possibilities afforded by loose parts means that each child can play according to their stage of development, level of ability and range of interests. The boys are able to make their own 'just right' challenges to move from what is 'already known and easily accomplished' to the next stage.

We will create the conditions for play by providing loose parts materials such as sheets and pillow cases, electric cable reels, plastic guttering pieces, scales, hoses, tires, boxes (the list is long) and the boys will play. The research demonstrates that children engaged in loose parts play at school encounter fewer issues in the playground, are more creative in their play and in the classroom and are more willing to take risks in their learning.

We will be launching the Loose Parts Play with the boys in the Winter Term and I will be asking parents to donate what they have lying around at home or at work to the new initiative.

Play is fun for children, essential for their development and Loose Parts Play is coming to our playground soon.

Mr John Stewart

Head of Junior School


Important Dates to Remember





21-24 March

Parent Teacher Interviews


As per appointment

22 March

Easter Service - Year 1-5

Chapel SS


24 March

JPSSA Year 4 Cricket Carnival



24 March

JPSSA Yr 5 (SC vs HS)



25-28 March

Easter Break

29 March

Year 4 Morning Tea with Mr Stewart



30 March

Yr 2 & 12 Time Capsule Breakfast BBQ



30 March

PEW: Julie Meek (Dietitian)

MacKellar Hall


31 March

JPSSA Yr 5 (SC vs Guildford)



1 April

JS Assembly (Yr 5)

MacKellar Hall


4 April

Year 5 Morning Tea with Mr Stewart



4-6 April

Year 5 Camp


5 April

Yr 3-4 Chapel

Chapel SS


5 April

The Fathering Project

Dining Hall Annexe



JPSSA Family Day



8 April

Free Dress Day for Fire Relief

($2 donation)

8 April

Year 4-5 Incursion - Monty Pryor


8 April

JS Assembly (4T)

MacKellar Hall


8 April



Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Primary Years Programme: Inquiry learning

The transdisciplinary nature of the programme

The PYP acknowledges the importance of subject areas; language, mathematics, social studies, science, the arts (visual art, music, dance, drama), and personal, social and physical education. However, the PYP also recognises that educating students in a set of isolated subject areas, while necessary, is not sufficient. Of equal importance is the need to acquire skills in context, and to explore content that is relevant to students and transcends the boundaries of the traditional subjects.

"To be truly educated, a student must also make connections across the disciplines, discover ways to integrate the separate subjects, and ultimately relate what they learn to life" (Boyer 1995: 82).

The programme defines transdisciplinary themes that identify areas of shared human experience and have meaning for individuals from different cultures and ethnicities. These themes are part of the common ground that unifies the learning in all IB World Schools offering the PYP. They provide the opportunity to incorporate both local and global issues in the knowledge component of the PYP written curriculum - what we want students to know about.

There are six transdisciplinary themes:

Who we are

Where we are in place and time

How we express ourselves

How the world works

How we organize ourselves

Sharing the planet

Mr Warwick Norman

Junior School Dean of Teaching & Learning


Art News

Building a Wicked Web

The Pre Primary boys tapped into their creativity and skills, to plan and develop Dreamcatchers. They have made binoculars to find patterns in their environment, both outside and inside the classroom. All this linked learning led them to collaboratively build a massive spider web. It represented the woven part in the centre of the Dreamcatcher. They each used a ball of wool to wind and weave under and around and through objects on the paved area outside their classroom. It allowed them to explore space, make patterns, take risks and have fun. They were having so much fun, that it attracted the attention of all the other boys who passed by the area. All the boys wanted to join in, so during recess time, everyone was invited to " get trapped" in the web and explore the space. The Pre Primary boys loved seeing Mrs Philips trying to open the door that had been completely woven closed with wool and they enjoyed wrapping up Mr Stewart in wool, so that he would become trapped in the web. It was a really rich experience witnessing such spontaneity, pure joy and interaction from the boys. A special thanks to Mrs Riccadello for taking the photos and to the other teachers, parents and boys for getting involved.

Ms Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts


Performing Arts News

A little bit of science and mathematics has been happening in Year 2 Performing Arts classes. The boys have been discussing and experimenting with musical elements, including beat, rhythm, tone colour and pitch to compose and perform a variety of music. To really explore these elements the boys have been improvising and echoing, singing melodies and moving, and creating new ways to graphically notate scores. Here are some examples:

Miss Phebe Samson

Performing Arts Teacher


Friendly Schools and Families

Communicating effectively with your children

It is important to discuss bullying with your children on a regular basis. Regular communication with a person they trust and respect will help them form their own opinions and beliefs about bullying. Your children will also feel more comfortable telling you if they are being bullied.

Consider trying some of these ideas to improve the way you talk with your children about tricky issues.

Sit shoulder to shoulder or walk with your child as you talk

• Talking face to face can be quite confrontational, particularly for boys. Sitting or walking side by side will encourage both you and your child to talk freely.

Use open-ended questions

• It is easy to ask your child if they had a good day or if they would like toast for breakfast; however these questions only require a yes or no answer.

• Try asking questions such as "What did you do today?" or "What would you like for breakfast?" These types of questions encourage discussion between you and your child.

Talk with your children about what to do rather than what not to do

  • It is common for us to focus on negative behaviour, such as "don't step in that puddle" or "stop swinging on your chair".
  • Try telling your children what you would like them to do rather than what you don't want them to do.
  • You can do this by using positive statements such as "please step over the puddle" or "please put the chair legs on the floor".

Mr Warwick Norman

Friendly Schools and Families Coordinator


French News

Bonjour! Well, it has been a busy time for a few of us this week. Last Thursday afternoon I took five boys on an excursion to a sustainability seminar in Perth's northern suburbs. The Year 5's will be beginning their French Environment and Recycling unit in Week 8, so our Environment Captain Noah Lewis, along with fellow Year 5's and environmentalists, Levi Lawson, Marshall Grosse, James Cowan and Alex Jermy, journeyed to Pearsall Primary School. Here the boys learnt more about how schools can work with their local community to get sustainable and environmentally friendly practices up and running. The boys represented us well, talking to their tables about what they hoped to see happening at Scotch and listening to the successes and pitfalls encountered by other schools. We then came together again to work as a group to think of the weaknesses in our own recycling and sustainability programs and made notes on what we can do to improve them. The boys were very enthusiastic and will be able to share their new knowledge when the various captains next gather together. Bravo boys, and here's to a school that works hard at "le recyclage" and "l'environnement". Merci.

Madame Vinton

French Specialist


Physical Education News

The Scotch boys have been hard at work and play in Health and Physical Education over the past few weeks. The gymnastics programme is well and truly under way and this is a core component of the Physical Education element of school. Boys learn various skills in gymnastics and focus on strength, flexibility and discipline. The fundamental movement skills that are learnt are carried through into all aspects of the Physical Education programme and play an important role in all the winter and summer sports the boys participate in. Our swimming programme finished recently and the boys have worked hard at swim squad and in the pool during lessons. The Scotch swimming team took part in the JPSSA Inter-School Carnival last Thursday and all the boys gave their best in what was a very strong competition. Big congratulations to Will Howie who won his 50m Freestyle event at this carnival.

Mr Scott Whiston

Head of Junior School Physical Education


Junior School Resource Centre

Scotch College is committed to bringing unique learning opportunities to our boys and subscribes to digital books through OverDrive (http://plcscotch.lib.overdrive.com). This is a Pre-Primary to Year 12 shared service with PLC so there is a collection suitable not only for your sons but also you as parents.

The OverDrive collection is an extension of Scotch College's and Presbyterian Ladies College's physical library, only it's online with 24/7 access to audiobook and eBook downloads. It is convenient for students and parents to check out titles 24/7 anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the Internet. Once downloaded the book is stored on the device so Internet access is not required to read/listen to the book.

OverDrive can help students of all ages read more and improve comprehension. Struggling or reluctant readers, learning-challenged, second language learners, and gifted readers can all benefit from this service.

  • Enrich vocabulary and improve comprehension and pronunciation
  • Introduce students to books above their reading level
  • Teach critical listening
  • Help busy kids find time to read
  • Provide audio stories for families to enjoy together on long car journeys

In order for Scotch College to provide this service to your sons, in your son's next library lesson the IT staff will upload an app to your son's iPad and I will provide learning opportunities for the boys to learn how to use the technology.

Video tutorials for each aspect of this service can be found on the Scotch College Junior and Middle School Library homepage (http://library.scotch.wa.edu.au). If you require further information do not hesitate to contact the Scotch Library Services Team (library@scotch.wa.edu.au) or one of the library team in the JML library.

A reminder that the boys Easter creations are due for submission by Wednesday 23 March. As the Eggs-pert will be judging bright and early on Thursday, no late entries will be accepted.

Enjoy the Easter break with your precious sons.

Mrs Kathryn Salt

Junior School Teacher-Librarian


5W News

In 5W we have been studying the transdisciplinary theme of 'How We Organise Ourselves'. This has been able to provide the boys with the perfect start into the life of a Year 5 student. We have been looking at how productivity can be enhanced through effective teamwork. We have looked at the structure of organisations, worked together to solve murder mysteries, looked at helping our classmates using Classcraft, worked hard to produce a contraption that carried a tennis ball across the classroom and finally produced a balloon powered car with varying degrees of success. Finally, I feel the need to share with you a few of their reflections on the unit to finish off;

'Teamwork is not a thing that you can just make happen.' - Thomas Byass

'Teamwork is used in many more circumstances than I thought and how to make things efficient and easy to get the task done quickly and smoothly.' - Tom Gray

'I learnt that teamwork is very import and quite good for getting work done' - Harry Smith

The boys are looking forward to our next unit and the possibilities that are waiting for us.

Mr Andrew Wells

Year 5 Teacher


Headmaster's Commendations and Excellence Awards

Congratulations to these boys for receiving either a Headmaster's Commendation or an Excellence Award

Week 7 - Headmaster's Commendations


Billy Black


Lachlan Buzza


Charlie Burton


Tristan Gastevich


Andrew Katsambanis


Alexander Griffin


Fletcher Hector


Joshua Munro


Cooper Royle


Caden Hart


Thomas Magtengaard


Alexander Fine


Oliver Knuckey


Nicholas Lovegrove


Marc Ricciardello


Lachlan Cairns


Ben Flynn


Nathan Liu


Ari Coulson


Oliver Warden


Hayden Houghton


Oliver Lisewski

Week 7 - Excellence Awards


Billy Black


Hamish Byass


Charlie Warden


Kush Narula


Oliver Campbell


Richard Gamble


Dylan Burke


Caden Hart


Xavier Vanden Driesen


James Taskunas


Ryan Wang


Willem Campbell


Noah Rees-Turner


Lucas Woolf


Will Sadleir


James Cowan


Oliver Gray


From the Head of Middle SchoolMiddle School

Head of Middle School

We saw another impressive response to bushfires last week. With fires threatening Pinjarra, Dwellingup and Moray our Year 7 camp had to be abandoned at the 11th hour. Disappointment was acute on both the students and the teacher's faces. However, with only an hour's planning the whole Moray adventure was reconfigured and was run from Scotch with our boys camping around the oval and involved in canoeing, snorkelling and rock climbing activities here in Perth. It was an impressive display on two accounts: the staff who looked at the problem as an opportunity rather than a setback and the students who recognised the creativity and responsiveness of the staff and embraced their urban Outdoor Education experience with the same positive mindset. My thanks and congratulations to both the staff and the students for adapting to the situation so optimistically.

Congratulations also to Charlie Bevan, Xavier Dry, Ronald Fellows-Smith, Lachlan Hyndes, Charlie Radici, Declan Reilly, David Stulpner, David Winton and Mawson Barr-Willans on their performances at the PLC Quarry Amphitheatre Proms last Sunday, a beautiful venue was complimented by wonderful performances.

Congratulations to the staff and students who competed in the Fremantle Triathlon yesterday, a great effort!

We started this week, Holy Week, with foot washing and we conclude with Good Friday and our Easter break. It is an appropriate time as we gather with family to reflect on love and service. I wish you and your family a wonderful Easter celebration.

Mr Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School


Setting Goals in 8.5A

Being able to reflect and set goals is an important skill for all. Reflection allows you to examine the positives and negatives of a situation and consider changes and improvements for the future. Setting goals enables us to have something to focus on and work towards achieving. In 8.5A, we regularly reflect and set goals individually and as a class. This term we have been reflecting upon our learning environment and have set personal goals. Here are some thoughts from the 8.5A boys:

I want this class to be like…

"…an enjoyable and friendly environment."

"fun and happy."

"accepting and a nice place for group work."

I learn best when…

"we work together in groups."

"I am happy."

"when it is quiet."

My goal for this year is…

"to be more organised with homework and assignments."

"to make more friends."

"try hard in all of my subjects."

As a Homeroom group, we have also become more aware of how our actions affect others. We have recorded our random acts of kindness, which highlighted the generous and considerate students in 8.5A. Most recently the focus has been on the students thinking about how they can be a great man; a man who has integrity and who has respect for all, including women.

It is great to see the students of 8.5A engage positively with our reflection topics and I look forward to seeing them develop further into great young men throughout the year.

Mrs Sian Angel

8.5A Homeroom Teacher


7.1K Make Memories at Moray

Year 7.1K travelled down to Moray with 7.2M in Week 6 this term for a memorable camping experience. The boys embraced all aspects of the Outdoor Education Programme but a favourite would have to be the raft building and canoeing. A game that was very popular was the see-saw, where boys stand at either end of the canoe and try to flip the other person into the water. This resulted in much laughter and some sneaky tactical movements employed by some boys. Raft building also saw the competitive spirit in force. Boys were asked to build a raft with given materials that was sea worthy, as well as fast. The scientists, with an interest in physics, were in their element. There was much talk about hydrodynamics, force, buoyancy and weight distribution. The winners, helping themselves to extra dessert! What a great experience Moray is for staff and boys!

Mrs Karen Woods

7.1K Homeroom Teacher


Excellence Awards


Jack Beazley

For his responsible approach to his Homework.


Marcus Young

For being a polite and helpful student.


David Winton

For approaching his work in a mature and consistent manner at all times.


Jaiden Hyde

For being a risk-taker and riding to school from North Beach.


Matthew Hayers

For sustaining a positive work ethic and contribution to the classroom environment.


Angus Hume

For sustaining a positive work ethic and contribution to the classroom environment.


Alex Chew

For sustaining a positive work ethic and contribution to the classroom environment.


Angus Walsh

For sustaining a positive work ethic and contribution to the classroom environment.


Alex Buckland

For sustaining a positive work ethic and contribution to the classroom environment.


James Rex

For sustaining a positive work ethic and contribution to the classroom environment.


Milan Narula

For demonstrating excellent speaking skills in the French assessment.


Will Hudson

For demonstrating excellent speaking skills in the French assessment.


Xavier Dry

For demonstrating excellent speaking skills in the French assessment.


Sam Gray

For good use of RAPS technique and consistent hard work in English.


Achille Aubault

For good focus and effort in English and improved written output.


Whole Class

For excellent focus and commitment in Art class. All members worked together to clean up perfectly.


Fraser Davis

For always setting a positive example for others. He aims high in all areas of school life.


Oliver Stewart

For his ongoing commitment towards reaching his personal best. He is a delight to have in the classroom.


MacKenzie Lewis

For his quiet yet industrious approach to all learning tasks. He can always be counted on to get the job done.


Sebastian Reynolds

For demonstrating excellent speaking skills in the French assessment.


Ben Jongejan

For demonstrating excellent speaking skills in the French assessment.


Nicholas Paganin

For demonstrating commitment towards learning and striving to consistently produce his personal best.


Joshua Woodward

For displaying persistence and a commitment to produce work of excellent quality.


Sam Lodge

For helping others to achieve.


Mack Knuckey

For helping others in many ways.


Sam Bennett

For helping others in many ways.


Jedd Simmons

For helping others in many ways.


Andrew Steel

For being kind to others.


Matthew Robson

For demonstrating excellent speaking skills in the French assessment.


Ben Chapman

For a strong work ethic and continually striving for excellence.


Alexander Melville

For a strong work ethic and continually striving for excellence.


Ben Edgar

For a strong work ethic and continually striving for excellence.


Harry Frodsham

For demonstrating excellent speaking skills in the French assessment.


Codi Cook

For leading and supporting your team in the cricket carnival.


Mack Young

For a positive attitude to his classwork and homework.


Kane Mackintosh

For great results in spelling and very neat work always.


James Wadcock

For a fantastic work ethic, particularly in Guided Literacy.


Anton Headley

For his hard-working approach to English.


Bevan Gardner

For showing impressive commitment and independence towards all learning areas.


Benjamin Waddell

For completing all Guided Literacy tasks with maximum effort.


Daniel Williams

For working with enthusiasm and independence in Mathematics.


Henry Vaughan

For completing all classroom tasks efficiently and accurately.


Mitchell Hyde

For the hard work he has displayed when learning how to use RAPS in English classes this week.


Rupert Arbuckle

For fabulous use of RAPS.


Thomas Ruefli

For consistent hard work in English.


Ollie Bridgwood

For the wonderful sportsmanship he displayed throughout the day at the Year 6 cricket carnival!


Lachlan Marley

For always displaying a high level of commitment to his studies. A fine role model in 6T!


Blair Shields

For catching up on missed work and improvement in effort and focus!


Student Achievements

Congratulations to Nicholas Verryn (8.6F) and Hugh Plowman (8.8M) who both made the U15s State Hockey Team.


Important Dates in Middle School Summer Term

Wed 23 Mar

Year 7 Scotch Aux/Parent Assoc Parent Function 7pm Steve's Hotel, Nedlands

Fri 25 Mar

Good Friday

Mon 28 Mar

Easter Monday

Tue 29 Mar

Year 7.3B & 7.4A Moray Expedition Departs

Thu 31 Mar

MS Production "Treasure Island" Opening Night 7pm Foundation Theatre

Fri 1 Apr

Year 7.3B & 7.4A Moray Expedition Returns 12pm

MS Production "Treasure Island" Performance 7pm Foundation Theatre

Sat 2 Apr

MS Production "Treasure Island" Matinee 2pm Foundation Theatre

Tue 5 Apr

Year 6 Incursion - Constable Care

Thu 7 Apr

JPSSA "Bring a Family Member" Afternoon 1pm

Fri 8 Apr

MS Assembly, 11.30am Dickinson Centre

Year 7/8 Residential Parent/Homeroom Teacher Interviews 3.30pm - 5.30pm MS Building

Summer Term Concludes 3.25pm


From the Head of Senior SchoolSenior School

From the Head of Senior School

Personal Bests

At the PSA Inter-School swimming championship held on Thursday 10 March, there were 76 personal best times achieved by Scotch swimmers. This is a remarkable effort and highlighted the determination and endeavour made by all of the boys who swam as part of the Scotch College team.

There are many lessons to be taken from the outstanding efforts of the boys. These include:

  1. Personal bests do not happen by accident. A personal best, regardless of the pursuit, is the culmination of hard work, attention to detail, expert coaching, sacrifice and a determined mindset. In the case of the Scotch College swim team and the Scotch rowers who competed in the Head of the River this past weekend, the large crowds cheering the boys on were only witnessing the final product. The years of training, most of it done early in the morning before many of us have left home for the day, occurred out of sight and out of mind.
  2. Personal bests promote improvement and development. Our previous best time, score or result serves as the goal making the goal both challenging and achievable - we have done it before but it will take our best effort to improve the result.
  3. Personal bests provide great reward. Some of our greatest rewards in life are experienced when we overcome a challenge that required a great deal of effort. Remember the sense of satisfaction, pride and relief you experienced when you achieved something that was challenging.
  4. Personal bests promote mastery rather than comparison with others. A focus on your own performance places you in control of your goal. If boys spend too much time looking sideways at their competition and not focusing on their own path in front of them, they may fall into a pothole that lies just ahead.
  5. Everyone can succeed when they aim to beat their personal best.

While personal bests are often associated with sport, they apply equally to non-sporting fields, for example, achieving a higher grade on an assessment piece or examination, expending greater effort on a current assignment than on any previous assignment or performing a piece of music better than you have ever done before.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to an opportunity that exists for the community to support a very important cause. The Matipwili village in Tanzania is a community that Scotch College boys and staff have been supporting over a number of years, most notably with the construction of a trade centre for the young people of the village. On Friday, 1 April, Scotch College is co-hosting an African Beach Party that raises important funds for the Matipwili community. I encourage parents to support this event. Details can be found elsewhere in this newsletter.

Dr Rob McEwan

Head of Senior School


Tackling Exam Stress: Year 10-12 Students

Nerves ever get in the way of you enjoying life or doing your best?

Learn techniques to manage the stress in the lead up to exams and to do your best on the day. These are techniques taught at top universities like Harvard and used by successful business people and elite athletes.

In each session you will practise "mindfulness" - quietening your mind and learning to focus. You will learn how to relax quickly.

Places are limited so get in quickly.

The 3-week course will run on Wednesdays after school (3.45pm to 5.00pm)

30 March, 6 April, 27 April

Cost: $30

See Ms FitzGibbon in The Residence or Email: cafitzgibbon@scotch.wa.edu.au


Senior School Important Dates





Week 8B

Monday 21 March

Year 11 Marine and Maritime Science Camp Group 1 away

Year 10 Personal Project Meetings


All week

Indonesian Study Tour Meeting

Room 9.207

7.00pm - 8.00pm

Inter-House Cross Country Carnival

Memorial Oval

1.45pm - 3.00pm

Tuesday 22 March

Year 11 Marine and Maritime Science Camp Group 2 away

WADL Debating Round 1 Week 2

Christ Church

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Wednesday 23 March

Year 11 Marine and Maritime Science Camp Group 2 away

Parent Support Group Breakfast

Dining Room Annexe

7.30am - 9.00am

WADL Debating Round 1 Week 2

Hale School

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Friday 25 March

Good Friday

Sunday 27 March

Easter Sunday

Week 9A

Monday 28 March

Easter Monday

Wednesday 30 March

Year 10 Allwell Placement Testing

Dickinson Centre

8.30am - 12.30pm

Friday 1 April

Senior School Marching and Assembly

Dickinson Centre

8.35am - 9.35am

PSA Sport - Guildford Grammar School v Scotch College (Please check fixtures on home.scotch)


2.00pm - various

Saturday 2 April

PSA Sport - Guildford Grammar School v Scotch College (Please check fixtures on home.scotch)


8.30pm - various

WADL Debating Training and Development

Shenton College

11.30am - 4.30pm

Water Polo Dinner

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Sunday 3 April

Year 9 Bibbulmun Track Expedition departs

WADL Debating Training and Development

St Stephen's, Duncraig

11.30am - 4.30pm

Anderson House Barbeque

Kings Park

12noon - 3.00pm

Week 10B

Monday 4 April

Year 11 Marine and Maritime Science Reef Platform Analysis

Cottesloe Reef

6.45am - 9.20am

Cricket Dinner

Dining Room

6.30pm - 9.30pm


Boys' Achievements

Jack Jagger (Year 9, Keys) has been selected in the WA State Triathlon team to compete in Hervey Bay, Qld 18 - 21 April.

Hugh Edwards (Year 10, St Andrews) has been selected in the Western Australian U15 Junior Gold Rugby Team to play in the 2016 National Junior Gold Cup in Queensland, 6 - 13 March.

Joshua Quartermaine (Year 10, Alexander) came 3rd in the Australian Open Wakeboarding Championship recently on the Sunshine Coast.

Charles Mills (Year 12, Stuart) won the Public Speaking Award of the Lions Youth of the Year Competition for the Nedlands/Claremont Lions Club.

André Avila (Year 12, Stuart) is a HL Film student in the IB programme. He has been building a portfolio of film work over the last few years that include weddings, artist videos, Perth bands and more. During January school holidays André was commissioned by Club Med International through their Australian Public Relations company to fly to Valmorel in the French Alps to produce a short film that communicates a luxury, premiere skiing/snowboarding alpine experience. Not only did André's video obtain a fantastic response by his client, his film is now published on the largest luxury lifestyle website in the world.

André is now further commissioned to produce a film for the Kingdom of Bhutan, being one of the very few professionals from Australia to be hosted by the Bhutan government tourism authority, taking his passion for filmmaking to the world.

Here is a link to his film: http://www.justluxe.com/travel/spa/feature-1962815.php

Excellence in the Workplace Certificates:

Braden Retallack (Year 12, Keys)

Todd Retallack (Year 12, Keys)

Round Square Committee:

Kynan Brooks

Year 9


Gyles Davies

Year 9


Lewis Miller

Year 9


Liam Newport

Year 9


Lewis Orr

Year 9


Charlie Thomas

Year 9


O'Neil Chon

Year 12


Leon Hsi

Year 12


Connor Matla

Year 12


Leslie Zhu

Year 12



Inter-School Swimming Carnival

The Quads Swimming was held in preparation for the Inter-School Swimming Carnival on Thursday 10 March. The results are outlined below with Scotch finishing fourth. There were three new school records set on the night:

New Scotch School Records set at the Quads were

U/13 50m Backstroke

Old record: 36.79s

New record:

35.37s Nicolas Le Page (Year 7, James)

U/14 50m Backstroke

Old record: 34.20s

New record:

34.06s Bailey Wright (Year 8, Gordon)

U/16 50m Butterfly

Old record: 29.15s

New record:

28.90s Alexander Porter-Wilkinson (Year 10, Brisbane)


Procedure for Absences in the Senior School

Dear Parents

To ensure that all boys are safely accounted for at all times we ask that you adhere to the following procedure in the Senior School:

If you son is unable to attend school due to illness or injury please notify Student Services before 9.00am.

If your son will be late for school please notify Student Services before 9.00am. On arrival, your son must sign in at Student Services.

If your son needs to leave school during the day please notify Student Services. He must sign out at Student Services before leaving, and, if he returns before the end of the day, he must sign back in.

A respectful reminder not to collect your son from the classroom. You may meet your son at Student Services if you wish to come into the school.

If your son is not feeling well during the day he should go to the Health Centre where staff will contact you.

Student Services:

Phone - 9383 6928

Email - seniorschool@scotch.wa.edu.au

Location - opposite the entry to the Dickinson Centre

For leave from school for a period of one week or more for reasons other than illness or injury, a request must be made to the Head of Senior School by emailing his Personal Assistant, Heidi Locke HDLocke@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Should you have any queries please contact me in Student Services.

Mrs Lynn Murray

Student Services Co-ordinator


Scotch SCUBA Club

Sunday 13 March saw six members of the Scotch College SCUBA Club head out to Rottnest Island for its second trip. After an 8.00am meeting time at the docks, followed by a bumpy and rocky 45 min boat ride (definitely a few sea sick people, staff included), we arrived at our first dive site, eager to get off the rocking boat and into the water. Our first dive lasted about 40min and went down to a depth of 13m. Visibility was not fantastic but we were still able to find some swim throughs, see a stingaree (small stingray) and watch as a school of male wrasse feasted on something that was obviously delicious. And that got us all thinking about our BBQ lunch on board the boat. Time to surface!

The second dive was located around the northern side of the island, known as Sweet Spot, named by a Canadian tourist who came diving many years ago and related to others his new "sweet spot" to go diving. Visibility was very similar, ranging from 7-10m. We were on the edge of the sanctuary zone but unfortunately, not even that helped us to see much marine life. It did give us however, an opportunity to pull out an underwater 'gridiron'. The boys all gathered, the 'call' was made and the games began. Some boys were better at 'throwing' the gridiron at 14m below sea level than others but was an enjoyable and different experience when diving.

Overall, another great day diving. The weather improved as the day went on and the trip back to Fremantle was smooth and enjoyable. I am always proud and happy to take the Scotch boys out. They all chip in and help out when they can and are a pleasure to share the experience with. Lets hope the word spreads and we can get a few more boys involved.


Michael Hawkins (Year 10, Ferguson), Harry Foley (Year 10, St Andrews), Nicholas Klug (Year 11, Keys), Thomas Reymert (Year 11, Brisbane), Cameron Rea (Year 9, Anderson) and Rory McSweeney (Year 11, Shearer)

Mr Alistair Steele

Outdoor Education


Careers Information

Schools Curriculum & Standards Authority Notices

Non School-Candidates 2016

Non-school candidates are typically Year 12 students who wish to sit a language examination through interstate language examination where the course is not offered at Scotch College (eg Italian, German, Indonesian Background Speaker …) or a Year 12 student who is undertaking the French background language examination where the course is not offered at Scotch College.

Applications forms for Non-School Candidates are available from Mr Frusher at Scotch. Applications close on Wednesday 6 April, 2016.

2016 WACE Year 12 Examinations

In certain circumstances, the School Curriculum and Standards Authority offers special examination arrangements to candidates in their final WACE examinations. Students who feel they may qualify in 2016 and have not begun the process of applying to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) should contact Ms Fitzgibbon, PA to Residence, CAFitzgibbon@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Applications to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority close on 17 May 2016, and eligible students will be provided with further information from the Academic Support Team over the next few weeks.

Students who sustain an injury or illness that will or could impact upon their written or practical WACE examinations should also contact Ms Fugill as soon as the injury or illness becomes apparent. There are also provisions for students who become ill during their WACE examinations and all students should familiarize themselves with the process of applying for sickness/misadventure provisions before they begin their WACE examinations.

Further details regarding accommodations and illness provisions can be found at http://www.scsa.wa.edu.au/internet/Senior_Secondary/WACE_Examinations/Special_Provisions


UWA Fogarty Foundation Scholarships for 2017

Important changes have been made to the application and awarding process for the UWA Fogarty Foundation Scholarships for 2017.

In response to feedback from schools, students and parents in 2015, please be advised that the UWA Fogarty Foundation has made important changes to the application and awarding process for the UWA Fogarty Foundation Scholarships for 2017, as follows:

Applications open 14 March and close on 27 May, 2016. Applicants are required to:

  • demonstrate up to four extra-curricular activities or achievements in two or more of the categories of Leadership, Community involvement, Sport and/or the Arts, and submit documentary evidence to support their claims.
  • rate their own achievements using the matrix in the Advice to Applicants document provided on the University's Scholarships website as a guide.
  • submit a signed School Principal's Endorsement Form (also available via the University's Scholarships website) verifying their predicted ATAR.

A shortlist of 20 applicants will be selected for interview on July 11 or July 12. The interviews will determine which ten students are offered a UWA Fogarty Foundation Scholarship; the remaining ten applicants will be offered a prestigious UWA Winthrop Scholarship.

Due to the earlier application period, Year 11 results must be used to calculate the predicted ATAR. All scholarships will therefore be awarded conditionally, based upon students achieving the ATAR as advised in their letter of offer.

Important notes:

  • Students will be required to meet a minimum predicted ATAR of 99.
  • All regional students shortlisted for a UWA Fogarty Foundation Scholarship will be eligible to be offered a 50% reduced fee accommodation scholarship at St Catherine's College, providing they have not already entered into an agreement with another college.
  • All Year 12 students who nominate a UWA course as their first preference in the main round of TISC offers and achieve a minimum ATAR of 99.90, will automatically be awarded a UWA Winthrop Scholarship.

Mr Frusher will be meeting with prospective applicants next week to distribute further information.

University of Western Australia: Parent Information Evenings

Senior school students and their parents are invited to this information evening where UWA staff will provide details and advice on UWA courses and more. The Future Students Team will also be on hand to answer questions.

Year 12: Monday 21 March, 6.30pm at Westfarmers Lecture Theatre, UWA Business School http://www.studyat.uwa.edu.au/about/events/year-12-students/yr12-info.

Year 10/11: Tuesday 22 March, 6.00pm at Westfarmers Lecture Theatre, UWA Business School http://www.studyat.uwa.edu.au/about/events/year-10-students/yr10-info.

Tuckwell Scholarship

The Tuckwell Scholarship programme offers undergraduate scholarships designed to help recipients make an impact on their community and the world through unique educational opportunities and personal experiences. Stage 1 applications are now open and close at 3.00pm (AEDT) on 30 March 2016. http://tuckwell.anu.edu.au/applying/

Police Entry Information Session

Thursday 28 April, 4:30pm at WA Police Academy, Joondalup

Session includes a presentation from police recruiting about entry pathways followed by an opportunity to speak informally with presenters. Registration is essential.

Tel: (08) 9301 9607 or Email: Police.recruiting@police.wa.gov.au.


Gap Year Opportunities 2017

Canada 2016/17 Ski Instructor Internships - EA Ski and Snowboard Training

EA Ski and Snowboard Training provides ski instructor courses and snowboard instructor courses at the World's top Resorts. They are currently offering a special offer for interested Australians for internships in Canada.

Find out more by visiting the website: http://www.easkiandsnowboard.com/australian-special-offer/

Gap Medics

Students wanting to enter the healthcare field should consider taking a gap year with Gap Medics. They offer work experience programs in hospitals in destinations such as Tanzania, Thailand, Poland and Croatia.


Defence Force Gap Year 2017

Details of all the Gap Year roles are available at defencejobs.gov.au/gapyear

Employment commences early 2017

Applicants must have completed Year 12 and be aged between 18 and 24 as of 1 April 2017 (Navy), 31 May 2017 (Army), or 7 April 2017 (Air Force).

Career Exploration

Graduate Careers Australia - Career Profiles

For Secondary School Students, Careers Advisors, Parents, Teachers and University Graduates - the website offers an insight into a range of careers in a multitude of different industries.


Hobsons Course Finder: Year 12 Survival Tips


Revision Courses

April ATAR Revision with Academic Task Force - 10 hour or 6 hour subject revision at Rossmoyne SHS, Churchlands SHS and Perth Modern School. Enrol now online at www.academictaskforce.com.au or call 9314 9500 or email learn@academictaskforce.com.au.

April ATAR Revision Courses with Academic Associates - 10 hour courses available at the University of Western Australia and the University of Notre Dame. Enrol online at www.academicassociates.com.au or call 9314 9500 or email info@academicassociates.com.au

Mr Peter Frusher

Careers Adviser


Support Groups

Parents' Association

Funding Approvals

At the last PA meeting the Committee approved the purchase of 10 timing clocks for the Chess Club.

We were treated to a very professional presentation by two boys representing the Club, who articulated a strong justification for the funding. They also provided us with an overview of their upcoming competitions and we wish them well.

We will be encouraging the Senior School Leadership Group to submit a funding proposal over the next few months. This is in line with the water fountain project developed by last year's Year 12 Group. We encourage the boys to think "outside the square" to leave a legacy that all boys can enjoy.

Upcoming Parent Functions

The Scotch Parents Association in conjunction with the Scotch Auxiliary manages a number of Parent functions throughout the year. These Year Group functions are annual events and a great opportunity to meet other parents in your boys year group(s)

Wednesday 23 March - Year 7 Parent Evening - Steve's Hotel

Thurssay 9 June - Year 8 Parent Evening - The Middle School Gallery (details to be confirmed)

A very successful Year 9 House Head Dinner was recently held, as was the Year 6 parent Evening at the Boulevard Hotel on Friday night.

The Fathering Project

The Scotch Parents Association is supporting the development of an initiative called the Fathering Project initially to be rolled out in the Junior School. PA Committee member David Grey introduced this to the initial meeting of the new 2016 Class reps late February and has now confirmed the meeting launch date:

DATE: Tuesday 5 April 2016

TIME: 7.00pm

VENUE: Dining Hall Annexe, Scotch College

RSVP: (by 29 March): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7CZJ6YV

The Scotch Parents Association has agreed to help with the catering for the event.

Until the next Thistle…


Ian Knobel

President, Parents Association


Scotch Auxiliary

This morning we had our second meeting for the year. Thank you to all the parents who attended. Your support is much appreciated.

2016 Committee:

Secretary: Lucia Barrett (sons Year 7 & 9)

Treasurer: Janette Brenz-Verca (son Year 10)

Second Vice President: Donna Jackson (sons Year 5, 8 & 10)

Vice President: Stephanie Debnam (sons Year 5, OSC 2015)

President: Carissa Paganin (sons Year 7, 10, OSC 2013)

We look forward to supporting the boys, parents and staff.


Year 7 Parent Evening - Wednesday 23 March *Combined function with Parents' Association

For more details on this event and to purchase tickets please visit the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au and click on the "Book a Scotch Event" icon.

Year 10 Parent Sundowner - Thursday 31 March, The Pavilion, Cottesloe Beach Hotel from 6:30pm. Cash bar and food. Please wear your name badge.


Monday 9 May, Gooch Pavilion.

Parents please join us from 8.30am. Tea and coffee provided.

Meeting commences at 9am.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter.

Carissa Paganin



RSVPs for Events!

Please note that the advertised closing dates for all functions at Scotch College will be final. Catering are not able to accommodate additional meals at seated events with only minimal notice. If you could please arrange to purchase your tickets for these events prior to the closing date it would be appreciated.


Pipe Band Scottish Banquet - Save the Date

The bi-annual event will be held on Saturday 28 May.

Put the date in your dairy for what will be a wonderful, festive and entertaining evening. More details to follow.

Yvette Henderson

PBPSG President


End of Season Dinners

Water PoloDinner - Saturday 2 April 2016

Cricket Dinner - Monday 4 April 2016

Basketball Dinner - Wednesday 6 April 2016

Please purchase your tickets for these Dinners as soon as possible by visiting the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au and clicking on the "Book a Scotch Event" icon


Year 11 Coffee Morning

A coffee morning for Year 11 parents will be held after assembly (9.30am) on Friday 1 April at The Blue Duck.

Please contact Jenni Aldous, 0419 940 880, jen.fred@westnet.com.au with any queries.


Community Notices

WA Children's Theatre

Cast places for WA Children's Theatre's latest school holiday production are now open!

Like all WA Children's Theatre school holiday programmes, Bling it on! will empower young people with positive life-skills.

Boys and girls aged 6 to 14 years are invited to be a part of Bling it on!, a unique production that teaches young people the four powerful concepts of being good with money: Being positive, managing money, how to save, and how to give.

The school holiday programme will from Monday 11 to Friday 15 April 2016 or Monday 18 to Friday 22 April 2016.

Participating children will attend the programme at Lords Recreation Centre, Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.00pm. The programme will be held in fun, social and relaxed environment and in addition to rehearsing the play, children will learn how to earn and manage their pocket money.

Children will also be encouraged to speak to Mum or Dad about how to earn pocket money and receive instructions on how to construct their own boxes/jars so they can start to manage their money as they earn it. The programme will conclude with a performance for family and friends on Friday evening at 7.00 pm at Subiaco Arts Centre. The show is light-hearted and has plenty of toe-tapping songs for the audience to enjoy. Places are strictly limited and early registrations are encouraged; please go to www.wachildrensthreatre.com.au for more info our call Louise Towler on 041 073 1820.


ECU Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma

The ECU Freeway Bike Hike will be held on Sunday 3 April with hikes to suit different skill, age and fitness levels, including a Trike Hike for under 12 year olds. Please see the link below for further details:


To register - https://register.freewaybikehike.com.au/

The first 100 entries will receive a 15% - discount code Scotch15.


Youth Forum at the Telethon Kids Institute

There is a youth forum at Telethon Kids Institute this Wednesday,he 23rd March 2016. There is still time to register for further information see the attached flyer


ConICA Concussion Study (UWA)

Has your child recently had a concussion? We are seeking children aged 6-17 to participate in a study on the effects of concussion. We are also recruiting children of the same age without a previous concussion. The study will evaluate a range of concussion symptoms and thinking skills such as memory, learning, attention, and problem solving. The project will also look into the effects of multiple concussions, gender differences, and family influences to determine if these have an impact on recovery. Parents of both injured and non-injured children will receive a detailed report following the assessments. Please contact the Robin Winkler Clinic on 64882644 or Alex Springall to be involved in this project or if you would like more information.

Mr Alex Springall Phone No. 0422052117 Email. alex.springall@research.uwa.edu.au