29 August 2016

Headmasters ReflectionsHeadmaster's Reflections

Each year the week we celebrate Athletics at the College is always a special time. It is not just the spectacle of the boys giving their very best, but the level of engagement from staff, students, parents and families who make a conscious effort to get down to see their boys compete. The intra-house rivalry and the bond between students within their respective Houses is very special. I would personally like to thank and acknowledge the many staff and parents, who through their hard work and commitment, ensured we had another great week. It goes without saying that it is the level of commitment from the boys that makes our carnivals so special.

The reality for all of our students is that this term is disappearing very quickly. For our Year 12s it means they have a very limited amount of school-based instruction left before they commence preparing for their final exams. The role of family support in a boy's learning journey is so important across the whole school. At Scotch we believe parental engagement is a priority, not a challenge. Engagement does not just mean through the attendance at major events such as we have seen this week at the carnivals.

A report by the Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth for the Family-School and Community Partnerships Bureau by Dr Lance Emerson Josh Fear, Dr Stacey Fox Emma Sanders (p8), highlights that

"while research supports the notion that parental engagement may positively impact student academic attainment, there is an important distinction between involving parents in schooling and engaging parents in learning; it is the latter that has shown to have the greatest positive impact. While involving parents in school activities may have an important community and social function, the key to facilitating positive change in a child's academic attainment is the engagement of parents in learning outcomes in the home.

International research has shown that parental engagement (of various kinds) has a positive impact on many indicators of student achievement, including:

  • higher grades and test scores
  • enrolment in higher level programs and advanced classes
  • higher successful completion of classes
  • lower drop-out rates
  • higher graduation rates, and
  • a greater likelihood of commencing postsecondary education.

Beyond educational achievement, parental engagement is associated with various indicators of student development. These include:

  • more regular school attendance
  • better social skills
  • improved behaviour
  • better adaptation to school
  • increased social capital
  • a greater sense of personal competence and efficacy for learning
  • greater engagement in school work, and
  • a stronger belief in the importance of education."

It is important that we all remember that parent school engagement is what makes our community very special and it is something we should continue to celebrate and develop for the benefit of generations to come.

Have a great fortnight

Dr A J O'Connell



Head of Junior SchoolTeaching and Learning

Super 6s - Yearning to Learn

Do plants grow faster if they listen to music? Can 2D gaming improve your memory? What effect does coffee have on your teeth? Which type of music increases your heartbeat the most?

These questions, posed by our Year 6 students at the Middle School Science Fair last week, were a few examples of the four week long Science investigations that the boys had been completing with interest.

What impressed me the most as I conversed with the boys was their passion for Science and their genuine desire to tell me all about what they had learnt. I had one young man tell me, 'I loved doing this project because I just love magnets, it didn't feel like school work.' Upon asking him how he came to know so much about magnets and how he could drive a motor continuously with them, he informed me 'I just looked it up on the internet.'

This highlights the shift within education that is occurring, the focus on the student as a passive player in the classroom is disappearing; now students are actively seeking the answers to their own questions. So what then remains for the teacher?

The role of the teacher is to create the environment that stimulates the boys to want to learn, to push those who can go further and to support those who are finding it hard to start. The role is becoming less of stand and deliver content, to one that facilitates a discussion, asks an enticing question or guides an inquiry.

The boys were excellent at interacting and very reflective when considering their learning. One of the key approaches to learning in the IB Middle Years Programme is reflection. A boy's ability to identify strengths and weaknesses of personal learning strategies is an imperative skill that will assist him as he moves through his schooling and beyond, and the Year 6 boys demonstrated that this was already well developed.

Finally, the passion of the staff and the pleasure on their faces as they watched the boys discuss their learning was obvious and served as a reminder of how fortunate we are to have the teachers that we do at Scotch.

Mr Peter Allen

Director of Teaching and Learning


All School Matters

Scotch / PLC Bus Service are introducing a new daily bus service

Scotch College and PLC in 2017 will be starting a dedicated bus service in the southern coastal suburbs area commencing at Port Coogee Marina. The school bus will pick up students from Perth's southern coastal suburbs, Fremantle and immediately north of the Swan River, taking them to PLC and Scotch College, returning every afternoon.

To register your interest or for any further inquiries, please contact Admissions on 9383 6810 or email admissions@scotch.wa.edu.au.


Music Department

During the past fortnight music students of Scotch College performed in the Concert Band Showcase, WA Schools Guitar Festival and the IBDP Recital Night.

The Concert Band Showcase featured woodwind, brass and percussion students from the Middle School Concert Band and the Senior School Concert Band presenting a varied programme of concert band repertoire in the Dickinson Centre. The night was an exciting one for the Music Department as it debuted a new ensemble for 2016, the Scotch College Drumline. Under the direction of Mr James Chong percussion students have been preparing for one term and performed to a receptive audience on the night. When a Drumline joins a Concert Band to perform it is known in the US as a 'Pep Band'. To conclude the concert Scotch presented a first for schools in WA as the Drumline and Senior Concert Band joined forces to perform an arrangement of 'Brickhouse' with Scotch musicians Kyle Imlah (Year 10, Keys) - Guitar and Timothy Oe (Year 11, Ross) - Bass. This roof-raising finale created a sound, which from the audience's enthusiastic response, we will hear on many occasions into the future.

The school's Senior Guitar Ensemble performed at Carine SHS in the annual WA Schools' Guitar Festival. This ensemble is recognised for playing innovative arrangements and under the direction of Mr Robert Spence, they received an Excellent for their performance. The ensemble received an Excellent in each of the categories for tuning, balance, tone quality, rhythmic accuracy, dynamics, phrasing, presentation and ensemble by the festival adjudicators.

Last week the stage of the Dickinson Centre was transformed into the Schools newest café style performance venue as senior students performed solo repertoire in the IBDP Recital Night. Charles Barblett (Year 12, Stuart) - Trumpet, Angus Warman (Year 12, Brisbane) - Piano, Lachlan Mackenzie (Year 12, Anderson) - Baritone Saxophone and Harrison Nicholls (Year 12, Shearer) - Trombone, should all be congratulated for performing as soloists with some outstanding musicianship heard by the audience who attended this recital.

Important Dates:

Winter Term

Week 6, Monday 29 August - Tuesday 30 August, JS/MS Music Festival, JS and MS Music, MacKellar Hall

Week 6, Monday 29 August WAAPA Incursion, Senior Music Department, 3.45pm

Week 7, Monday 5 September, Combined Symphony Orchestra rehearsal and Supper, 7.00pm Dickinson Centre

Week 7, Friday 9 September, Senior Spring Concert, 6.00pm Dickinson Centre

Contact Details

The Instrumental Programme is administered by the Senior School Music Department and all queries should be directed to the Music Administrators, Julia Robinson (Monday to Wednesdays) and Donna Ranauro (Thursday and Fridays) via phone 9383 6841 or email music@scotch.wa.edu.au

Alternately, please contact Mr Tim Simpson, Acting Head of Music, via email TimSimpson@scotch.wa.edu.au or phone 9383 6824.

If you wish to become more involved in supporting the Music Department, please contact FOSM@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Mr Tim Simpson

Acting Head of Music


Community and Service

Overseas Service Trips

I recently attended a conference organised by the Australian Association for Religious Education, focusing on overseas service trips. A number of schools presented, including Scotch, with the emphasis on the impact that these trips have on the students, staff and the broader community. Within the Catholic sector, the majority of schools have strong links with overseas Catholic orders or faith-based mission projects. There is a strong focus on supporting established church partnerships in countries such as Timor-Leste and Cambodia. Scotch has three established overseas trips to communities in Cambodia, India and Tanzania. While there is perhaps less emphasis of church links, as a school of the Uniting Church, service to others less fortunate is a main driver.

There is little doubt that those students fortunate enough to go on a service trip often return home with an altered perception of the world and their place in that world. The impact can be profound, transformational even. The term 'western guilt' was mentioned at the conference as a possible outcome of such trips - guilt for having so much when others in the less developed (non-western world) have so little. There was consensus that this is not generally the feedback from our students. Overwhelmingly they return with a deep understanding of the opportunities they have been presented with to succeed in life and motivation to not squander these gifts.

I was able to report that during the last two expeditions to Tanzania, one of the most profound experiences our students had was sitting down with students their own age from secondary schools in Dar es Salaam to discuss questions concerning environmental issues, the role of the media and government, hopes for the future and other issues important to their home regions. I feel that it is important that our students on all overseas service trips have an opportunity to spend time in dialogue with students their own age and not just the young children who tend to be the focus of visits to schools and orphanages. When our students sit down and talk to similar aged students in less developed parts of the world they are quick to reflect on the advantages they have and imperative not to waste these advantages - rather to use them to raise the quality of life for others both at home and elsewhere in the world.

service photo

Overseas service trips are not in any way a 'pinnacle' of the service-learning programme. There is no hierarchy in providing service. However, while most boys have valuable exposure with local agencies, the overseas service trips provide another option, albeit one involving expedition preparation, international travel and cultural emersion.

Volunteering With Cricket Champs

cricket champs

Cricket Champs is a fantastic junior cricket programme fully endorsed by the Western Australian Cricket Association that caters for kids with various disabilities and special needs in local junior community cricket club environments. Over the past few years a number of senior Scotch students have volunteered with this organisation. If you would like more information about the programme - for participants or volunteers, please go to the Cricket Champs web site.

Round Square Global Recognition

Last week Scotch College was formally welcomed as a Global Member of the Round Square organisation. Our Global membership follows three years as a Regional member. This now means that Scotch is recognised as providing exceptional experiential learning opportunities for our students in the areas of Internationalism, Democracy, Environmental Awareness, Leadership and Service - the Round Square IDEALS. Apart from the recognition internationally, full membership opens up additional opportunities for our students to exchange, to join Round Square international service expedition and to attend the annual Round Square Global conferences.

round square schools

For more information visit the Round Square web site.

Mr Bill Cordner

Director of Community and Service


Rowing Information

Updated rowing information detailing competition, training sessions and camps can be found here.

Mr Grant Ford

Head of Rowing


Uniform Shop Opening Hours

Normal term opening hours apply until the shop closes at 11.30 am on Thursday, 22 September.

The Uniform Shop will be open during the holidays on Tuesday, 11 October only.

Normal opening hours will resume on Tuesday, 11 October:


8.00am - 5.00pm


7.30am - 11.30am


7.30am - 11.30am


Annual Scotch College Kawai Piano Sale

Each year Scotch College replaces its Kawai Pianos with the assistance of Kawai Australia and Snadens Pianos. These quality professional upright and grand pianos are then made available for sale to the public at substantial savings off the new retail price.

As a member of the Scotch College community you are invited to purchase these pianos before they go on sale to the public from Snadens Pianos NEDLANDS. This is a special opportunity to purchase a 12-month-old piano at heavily reduced prices with a new twelve-year manufacturer's warranty.

In addition to these pianos, Kawai will have new digital and acoustic pianos available for sale at this time, also to be sold with full warranty at heavily discounted prices.

Snadens Pianos will host this very special private sale event.

Date: Thursday 15th September 2016

Time: 4.00pm - 8.00pm

Address: Snadens Pianos, 161 Stirling Highway, Nedlands.

Free parking is available.

If you have any questions relating to the sale of these pianos, or are interested in a particular Kawai piano from the Music Department, please call Lionel on 0412 914 482 to register your interest. Following the private sale event for the Scotch community, the annual sale will be opened to the public Friday 16th and Saturday 17th September from 10am - 4pm.


Parenting Ideas

To further support the Scotch community, the College continues to subscribe to Parentingideas, a leading provider of parenting education resources to Australian schools. Scotch parents can access parenting advice on a wide range of topics and themes such as

Life skills for children

Kids, school and learning

Social challenges and

Children and behaviour.

To access the Parenting Ideas Magazine visit the following link:


You may also want to take a look at the attached article 'What Kids Learn From Fathers'.

Good luck with your parenting!

Ms Shauna Lipscombe



Head of Junior SchoolJunior School

Head of Junior School

Personal best: An achievement in a race, competition or event that is better than anything you have achieved before.

This is what all sports people strive for. To do that little bit better than they did before. It may be in the gym while you train on your own or in a league with your teammates. It may be in a competition where you try to score a few points higher than last time, or on the track or in the pool where you are looking to be that one hundredth of a second quicker. Whatever the situation, that small improvement can make all the difference and make all of the hard work worthwhile.

Over the past three weeks, we have been privileged to watch 11,544 sports men and women from 206 countries compete in 308 events. We witnessed amazing performances, world records and individual greatness. We also saw the agony of defeat, with some falling just short of the mark they had aimed for.

From all of the events, only 308 people could be presented with a gold medal. So what is in it for the rest? For some, it is the opportunity to compete at the Olympics, for most it was the chance to compete at the Olympics and achieve results better than they ever had before, a personal best on the world's greatest stage.

I observed the interviews with athlete after athlete and was impressed with the pleasure they took in taking part. They may not have made a final or had just squeezed in but the fact they had achieved a personal best was what made it all worthwhile.

We will always remember the achievements of the greats. Usain Bolt with his triple gold medal (again), Michael Phelps winning his 23rd gold medal, Kyle Chambers in the 100m freestyle or Mo Farah in the 10,000m and the 5,000m. But what of the 11,000 other athletes who did not win? They did do their best and for many they did better then they ever had before.

On Wednesday 24 August, we had 240 boys from the Junior School strive for personal best in our Inter-House Athletics Carnival. The event was blessed with wonderful weather and once again organised brilliantly by Mr Whiston. Our top class grounds staff beautifully prepared the grounds and the scene was set for excellence.

The boys came to compete in the spirit of fun and sportsmanship. For them it was clearly not the result that mattered but the joy of competing and doing their best. For our youngest competitors from Pre-Primary, having a go for the first time was enough as the pleasure of the event was its own reward. We saw some wonderful performances and some new records set.

What stood out was the sheer joy the boys exuded in running, jumping and throwing and the enjoyment they had in seeing their friends do well. Cheering for classmates or winners was not reserved to Houses. All were encouraged and efforts celebrated. Our Inter-House event was a day to say, we did our best and we had fun doing it.

Mr John Stewart

Head of Junior School


The Role of ICT in the PYP

Information and communications technology (ICT) in the PYP is about more than using hardware and software. Its purpose is to develop a combination of transferrable skills and understanding so that students can actively participate in a digitally connected world. Many students are confident users and explorers of ICT therefore teachers are encouraged to find out what students already know, and can do, so that they can teach appropriate knowledge and skills and develop students' understanding. ICT supports specific learning opportunities such as:

  • Investigating and carrying out a purposeful inquiry 

  • Creating and innovating 

  • Communicating and exchanging information with varied audiences using a range of media and formats 

  • Collaborating by actively participating in creating and sharing knowledge 

  • Organizing and understanding that ICT systems can be used in various ways 

  • Becoming responsible digital citizens who make informed and ethical choices, while acting with integrity and honesty

Mr Warwick Norman

Junior School Dean of Teaching & Learning


Art News

The Year 1 artists have been busy creating their very own robot artwork in preparation for Science Week. The initial design process involved selecting the body parts for their robot - beginning with the head, body style and arms. The boys imagined how their robots might move and how they could be useful.

The final designs were drawn onto recycled card which formed the Collagraph printing plate. The various textured materials were carefully glued into place, creating a form of relief collage. Finally, the young artists printed their designs by experimenting with black and then blue printing ink. The risk taking process of Collagraph printmaking certainly revealed surprising results.

The boys were delighted with their final robot print and thoroughly enjoying each stage of the challenging process. The original Collagraph plate displayed demonstrates perfectly, the process of positive and negative relief printmaking.

Mrs Jane Roche

Junior Art Specialist


Performing Art News

The rehearsals for the Year 5 Exhibition musical 'Dream On', are now well under way and what fun we've been having. The boys have been doing an exceptional job, and I have been particularly impressed with how much effort the boys have been putting in at home, in order to get the most out of our Performing Arts lessons together. Most boys have been checking Edmodo regularly to remind themselves of our weekly 'small achievable goals', and have also been doing some independent research into their characters and how best to portray them. Keep up the impressive work boys, our big performance will be here before we know it.

Miss Phebe Samson

Performing Arts Teacher


Friendly Schools and Families


As part of our pastoral care program, Scotch College Junior School has been involved in a three-year longitudinal survey into 'Preventing Anxiety and Victimisation Through Education'. The purpose of the survey is to assist in the evaluation of our Friendly Schools Plus programme in reducing peer victimisation and anxiety in school. The survey is conducted by The Centre for Emotional Health and supported by Telethon Kids Institute; Discovery, Prevent, Cure.

This is our third and final year of the three-year survey and involves our Year 5 student volunteers (as well as Year 6 and Year 7 students in the Middle School) completing a questionnaire that focuses on anxiety and victimisation. Parents who approved their son's involvement in the programme are also encouraged to complete a parent survey, which will be sent home next week.

Mr Warwick Norman

Friendly Schools and Families Coordinator


French News

Bonjour everyone. In Week 2, Madame Vinton and Year 1G contributed to the School assembly with a song in French. The boys did a wonderful job singing in front of everyone in another language. So many people commented on how cute they were… and I have to agree - très mignons. For our item, we chose a song called 'Maman Je T'aime', which means 'Mummy I love You'. The song is about a picture drawn for our mothers, with a mouton (a sheep) and lots of fleurs et cœurs (flowers and hearts). In the weeks approaching the assembly, the boys practiced diligently and made accompanying paintings to hold during our performance, including the mouton made from cotton wool balls and lots of stuck on paper, fleurs et cœurs. They held them up as they sang so everyone could see their handiwork whilst listening to some beautiful French singing. Bravo 1G for a wonderful performance. I can't wait for our next French singing opportunity, the French Christmas Carol at the end of the year. Start practicing boys. Au revoir.

Madame Vinton

French Specialist


Physical Education News

The boys have been working hard at their athletics disciplines over the last two and a half weeks and it has paid off handsomely with some excellent performances during the Athletics Carnival on Wednesday 24 August. A beautiful winter's day afforded the boys the opportunity to really display their talents which they did with aplomb. All the boys from Pre-Primary to Year 5 participated and there were some excellent performances in Year 2 from Charlie Warden and in Year 3 from Oliver Knuckey, Rafferty McDonald and Jonathan Gattorna. There are some fine athletes in Years 4 and 5, and a host of these boys will be travelling to the WA Athletics Stadium to compete for the School in the Inter-School Athletics Carnival on Thursday 8 August. Big congratulations to Bruce House who won the Athletics Shield beating David into second place quite convincingly. The final positions were:

1. Bruce

2. David

3. Andrew

4. Robert

5. James

6. Gordon

Mr Scott Whiston

Head of Junior School Physical Education


Junior School Resource Centre

Last week we celebrated Book Week. On Tuesday, six Year 5 boys competed in the Readers' Challenge Cup against other PSA schools. The team from 5C; Mikhael Djauhari, Liam Jermy and Joshua Griffin finished 8th overall and the team from 5W; Arnaud McVicker, Thomas Byass and Joe Chegwidden finished 9th. Well done to these boys, as well as the two Year 4 reserves James Winch and Alex Hudson. On Thursday, all Junior School boys were invited to compete in a scavenger hunt in the Library during lunchtime, that was based on Book Week titles and the works of Roald Dahl. Friday was our annual Book Week parade and Staff Pantomime based on Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhyme, Cinderella - Cinderella has never looked so good. I would like to thank all the boys for getting into the spirit of the week.

Mrs Kathryn Salt

Junior School Teacher-Librarian


Important Dates to Remember





29 August

JS/MS Music Rehearsal Camp



30 August

Year 1 - 2 Parent Morning Tea with

Mr Stewart

Dining Hall Annexe

8:30 - 10:00 am

JS/MS Music Rehearsal Camp



1 September

JPSSA Afternoon Activities


1:15 - 3:00 pm

2 September

Scotch Auxiliary and JS Fathers' Day Breakfast

Dining Hall

7:15 - 8:20 am

Forensic Science Workshop incursions

MacKellar Hall

9:00 - 1:00 pm

JS Assembly featuring Year 3R

MacKellar Hall

2:30 - 3:00 pm

5 September

Arts Week - Combined Symphony Orchestra

Dickinson Centre


7 September

Allwell Assessments - Year 4 and 5



Pre-Primary - Year 12 Inspirations and Visions Art Exhibition

The Gallery

6:00 - 7:30 pm

8 September

Allwell Assessments - Year 2 and 3



JPSSA Inter-School Athletics

*Year 5/6 boys attend to support their fellow competitors

WA Athletics Stadium

9:30 - 2:30 pm

9 September

Year 2 excursion to Gravity Discovery Centre


8:45 - 3:10 pm

Julie Meek incursions



JS Assembly

MacKellar Hall

2:30 - 3:00 pm


From the Head of Middle SchoolMiddle School

Head of Middle School

Thank you for joining us at our Inter-House Athletics Carnival last Thursday. We had a great day of racing, jumping and throwing in superb weather and in a perfect setting. The effort of the boys in their events and the camaraderie amongst the competitors was wonderful to see. It is a day when, without intending to, boys show us through their engagement and participation, just how grateful they are for the opportunity to be at this school. Having a huge parent presence always gives events such as the Athletics Carnival another level of excitement and anticipation and I know the boys get a thrill from having you there to acknowledge their effort regardless of result. Thank you to the Pipe Band Parent Group for providing the nourishment and sustenance for us all throughout the day.

This week Year 6 & 7 host their annual combined Scotch/PLC Quiz Nights in MacKellar Hall. The Quiz Nights mark the start of a sequence of combined social events that culminate in six years' time in the Year 12 Ball. In Year 8 boys are invited to a combined Games Evening with PLC, in Year 9 a combined Canberra Tour & Ski Trip is planned. In Year 10, following their Personal Project showcase, boys are invited to a combined River Cruise with MLC. In Year 11 Scotch Parents Association host the Year 11 Dance with the Year 12 Ball the following year. There is plenty to look forward to with these opportunities for our boys to showcase their character.

Next Friday we farewell Ibu Naomi Hermawan our Indonesian teacher who heads to the USA to study. Replacing Ibu Naomi is Ibu Francesca Gabby who will be joining us from Fremantle Christian College.

Mr Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School


There's Something Cooking in Food Design

We all undoubtedly agree that it has been a fast and exciting start to the semester. Both Year 6 & 7 boys alike have been working feverishly over their units of inquiry and have had wonderful and engaging experiences in the Food Design room. There has been plenty to get involved in over this rotation, with the Year 6 boys investigating healthy eating and designing their fruit crumble. The Year 7 boys are studying the Healthy Eating Pyramid and using this model to design a healthy hamburger for their friends.

The Year 8 boys are currently undertaking the investigation phase of their design challenge and are learning the finer skills of cooking eggs. The boys will eventually work towards creating a special healthy breakfast for their family.

The boys and I have had such a great time creating numerous food products and learning a great deal about Food Design, we are all looking forward to the term ahead.

Mrs Katie Frampton

Food Design Teacher


Year 7A: A Separation Challenge

This term the boys from 7A have been studying the topic of water. Preliminary work has focused on the themes of water as a limited yet essential resource, the molecular structure of water, mixtures, solutions and separation techniques.

To date, the boys have completed a range of activities including collaborative research related to how mixtures can be separated and practical experiments focusing on the effects of temperature on solubility and how to separate soluble and insoluble substances.

Currently, the boys have been given the challenge of separating 'a sample of biological evidence from a crime scene for the purposes of solving a crime'. Their goal is to separate a mixture of sand, iron filings, sawdust and salt into 4 separate substances (so that each sample is as pure as possible). Working in small groups, the boys need to design a method to separate the substances, then perform the procedure and finally, evaluate their level of success.

The strong emphasis on practical activities within this unit certainly help the boys to both understand and identify the applications of science in the real world.

Mr Andrew Arbuckle

7.4A Homeroom Teacher


Visiting Author to Middle School for Book Week 2016

On Wednesday 24 August we welcomed Western Australian author Norm Jorgensen who joined Middle School for a great visit for Book Week. Norm has written many books including Ashe of the Outback, Jack's Island, Flanders Field, The Last Viking, and his new book Smuggler's Curse.

All of Norm's work use exhaustive primary sourced research but he also has a great sense of humour and entertained the boys with stories of his childhood. Our students loved his simple childhood stories (which is a great reminder to us all that our simple, authentic lives make great fodder for creative writing).

Year 7 student Kye McCreery loved "how he told about his childhood" while Year 7 Isaac Howell "liked his enthusiasm while telling stories. I particularly liked his go-cart one!"

Norm stayed to meet students informally at recess and sign some autographs of personal copies of his many books. It was humbling to be reminded that Norm only receives $2.00 income from each book he publishes and $1.75 per book that a library has on their shelves.

For more information on Norm Jorgensen please visit http://www.normanjorgensen.com.au/books/index.html

Ms Marie Grech

Middle School Library


Important Dates in Middle School Winter Term

Mon 29 Aug

JS/MS Music Camp

Tue 30 Aug

JS/MS Music Camp

Wed 31 Aug

Year 8 Academic Assessment Services Testing, 8.30am Dickinson Centre

Year 6 Scotch/PLC Quiz Night, 6.30pm MacKellar Hall

Thu 1 Sep

Year 7 Scotch/PLC Quiz Night, 6.30pm MacKellar Hall

Fri 2 Sep

Year 7/8 Inter-School Athletics Team Send Off, SS Assembly 8.30am DC

MS Assembly, 11.30am DC

Mon 5 Sep

Year 8 Vaccinations Round #3

Wed 7 Sep

Year 7 Indonesian Excursion to the Zoo 8.30am - 12.30pm

Thu 8 Sep

JPSSA Inter-School Athletics Carnival

Fri 9 Sep

PSA Inter-School Athletics Carnival

Mon 19 Sep

Scotch Auxiliary Meeting, 9.00am Gooch Pavilion

Tue 20 Sep

MS Drama Club Presentation, 3.30pm Foundation Theatre

Fri 23 Sep

Highland Games

Winter Term Concludes


From the Head of Senior SchoolSenior School

At last week's assembly, Harrison Banfield (Year 12, Cameron) and Matthew Khowira (Year 12, Ferguson) shared some of the experiences and memories the boys had from the recent service tour to Tanzania during the July holiday break. To hear Matthew say, "Although they have so little to give, they were generous with their welcomes and their belongings. An example was when a boy named Ramah bought me a bag of peanuts with all the money he had on him. This was truly a memorable moment." I have no doubt there were a number of experiences that will have left an indelible impression on all of the boys on the tour.

The benefits and rewards experienced by those on the Tanzania service tour are not dependent on the location or distance travelled. Service does not require us to leave our own community or to wait until we are part of an organised group at a set time. We don't need to be invited. Service is something we can do daily. We can give daily through simple acts of kindness. We can give of our time, encouragement, support, knowledge, attention, or perhaps a gift or money if we wish, but importantly to give without expecting a reward. It is when we give not expecting anything in return that we often find the reward to be the greatest.

Following the assembly, the Senior School came together for the Inter-House Athletics carnival last Friday and Saturday. After spirited competition over two days the carnival concluded with a wonderful marching display from each of the Houses and the Pipe Band. It was remarkable to see the depth of talent in the Pipe Band programme as a band of 73 boys performed a marching display before a large and highly appreciative crowd of parents and local residents. We look forward to supporting the boys selected in the College's athletics team for the upcoming Quads and PSA Athletics Championship.

To all families in Year 12, please note due to the PSA Athletics and Year 11 examinations, this coming Friday, 2 September, is the last assembly that will involve all Year 12 boys marching to the Dickinson Centre. For many of the Year 12 boys, this will mark the culmination of five years of marching to the assembly. A special assembly (without marching) will be held on Wednesday 7 September from 8.35am to send off our Athletics Team before the PSA Athletics Championship on Friday 9 September.

Dr Rob McEwan

Head of Senior School


Boys' Achievements

Rory O'Sullivan (Year 12, Ferguson) has been selected in the RugbyWA Academy. The RugbyWA Academy provides promising players within the local competitions with intensive skill and strength and conditioning programmes, as well as player welfare workshops with the aim of preparing them for higher rugby honours and elite level competitions.

2016 ICAS International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (Science Competition)

The Competition is run annually in over 22 countries and is designed to independently evaluate student's skills, knowledge in core learning areas and provide insight in student's understanding of Science (general topics). From Scotch, 30 students elected to participate, with three High Distinction, seven Distinction, 15 Credit, four Merit and one Participation Certificate being awarded.

Chase Deitner (Year 12, Anderson) received a medal for being a top performer overall in the Competition.

High Distinction recipients :

Sebastian Barrett (Year 9, Brisbane)

Joshua O'Dea (Year 9, Cameron)

Chase Deitner (Year 12, Anderson)

Distinction recipients:

Thomas Hodge (Year 9, St Andrews)

James Jenour (Year 9, Brisbane)

Zach Jones (Year 12, Brisbane)

Shayan Saebi (Year 9, Ferguson)

Yuelin Shen (Year 11, Brisbane)

Prentice Shepherd (Year 10, Ross)

Riley Thomas (Year 10, Anderson)

Excellence in Workplace Awards

The following boys received Excellence in the Workplace Certificates for Semester 1, 2016.

Luke Gollan (Year 11, Keys)

Tremayne Green (Year 11, Keys)

Roko Radman (Year 11, Keys)

Jaimon Alone (Year 11, Keys)

Jacob Lane (Year 12, Keys)

Scholarship Announcements

PC Anderson Scholarship: Toby O'Keeffe (Year 11, Stuart)

WR Dickinson Scholarship: Lewis Weeda (Year 11, Shearer)


Language Experience

Senior boys studying a language are encouraged to spend time immersed in a host country of that language. This exposure is culturally beneficial as it allows students time to evolve their thinking (rather than translating) in the studied language. Oral responses become automatic which is invaluable.

Future opportunities include:

Year 11/12 tour to Spain - July 2017

Year 9 tour to France - September 2017

Scotch boys are encouraged to host French students from La Reunion each December and visit in July. There is also the possibility of a similar exchange to Angers, France. Please contact Jonathan Rugg, Head of Languages Jonathan.Rugg@scotch.wa.edu.au for further details regarding student exchanges and an application form.

Mr Jonathan Rugg

Curriculum Leader - Modern Languages


Careers Information

Year 12 Information

2016 WACE Examination Timetables

WACE practical and written examination timetables are available on the School Curriculum & Standards Authority website. http://www.scsa.wa.edu.au.

All Year 12 students will be issued with personal timetables in the near future. Please keep these in a safe place as they have to be taken to each examination as proof of identity. As winter uniform need to be worn to exams, the blazer pocket is an ideal safe place and this ensures that the timetable is taken to each examination.

Academic Task Force

Academic Task Force are offering Year 12 ATAR Exam Boost Seminars. For more information and registration details see here.

University Information

UWA Design Studio

The Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Visual Arts Design Studio is over four days in the January school holidays, 16 - 19 January, for students entering Years 10, 11, or 12 at UWA Nedlands Campus.


UWA Uway Alternative Entry

You can apply for alternative entry to an undergraduate degree course through UWay if your academic achievements have been adversely affected by certain disadvantages.


Notre Dame University

Admissions Information & Expo Evening including alternative entry - Tuesday 6 September

5.30pm Expo | 6.15pm Presentation

The evening starts with a full courses expo at 5.30pm where prospective students can meet academic staff and gather the most up-to-date course information. The presentation will commence at 6:15pm and will outline the Notre Dame application process, alternative entry pathways and feature a Notre Dame student panel which will provide first hand insight into what it is like to study and be part of the Notre Dame community.

Register here: notredame.edu.au

Venue: The University of Notre Dame Australia, Foley Hall (ND1), 19 Mouat Street, Fremantle

For further information: 08 9433 0533 or email future@nd.edu.au.

Applications due Friday 30 September.

Apprenticeship Information

CET Open Day

11.00am - 2.00pm, 3 September at the Joondalup and Jandakot campuses.

Find out more about studying an electrical apprenticeship at CET. Electrical Group Training (EGT), the largest employer of electrical apprentices in the country, will be in attendance to speak with students about potential employment opportunities, as well as representatives from The Apprenticeship Community and Milwaukee Tools. https://www.cet.asn.au/openday

What it's really like to do an apprenticeship?

Find out exactly what is involved from real people who've recently completed apprenticeships. From cabinet making to business administration, approximately 50 videos featuring Australian apprenticeship ambassadors feature on YouTube.



Pre-Apprenticeships Course Finder

The pre-apprenticeships course finder helps you to search for courses which can teach you skills that can lead to an apprenticeship or traineeship. You can search by where you live, the industry you are interested in and whether the course offers work experience.


Career Information

Careers in Sport

This website is for anyone interested in a career in sport and fitness. There is information about recommended qualifications and pathways, along with a list of available positions and courses.


Become a Psychologist Pathway

The Australian Psychological Society has outlined the pathways to become a registered Psychologist. In short it takes a minimum of six years in education and training broken into undergraduate study, postgraduate study, internship and a registrar programme.


Careers in Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is an exciting branch of medical radiations that uses radioactive materials in the form of radiopharmaceuticals to generate images that are used to diagnose diseases and in the form of radioisotopes to treat disease or relieve pain.


Gap Year Opportunities

EA Ski and Snowboard Training

Now recruiting for instructor internship positions starting in November 2016 and 2017 including positions at our newest resort in Japan - Rusutsu.


Mr Peter Frusher

Careers Adviser


Senior School Important Dates





Week 6B

Monday 29 August

Year 9 Moray Camp (Group 4) departs

Year 11 Study Tips and Tricks

Foundation Theatre

3.30pm - 5.00pm

Tanzania Celebration and Reflection Evening

Hazel Day Drama Centre, PLC

7.00pm - 8.30pm

Tuesday 30 August

Year 12 Food Science Technology Excursion


8.30am - 3.30pm

Pipe Band Year 12 Dining Out Evening

Dining Room Annexe

6.30pm - 8.30pm

WADL Debating Grand Final (including presentation of Pennants at approx 8.25pm)

UWA Club

6.15pm - 11.00pm

Wednesday 31 August

Tackling Exam Stress

Foundation Theatre

3.45pm - 5.00pm

AHISA Debating Round 4

Perth College

7.15pm - 10.30pm

Thursday 1 September

Debating Dinner

Off Campus

6.30pm - 8.30pm

Friday 2 September

Senior School Marching and Assembly

Dickinson Centre

8.35am - 9.35am

Year 9 Moray Camp (Group 4) returns

Quads Athletics Carnival

Ern Clark Athletics Centre, Coker Park, Cannington

1.30pm - 6.00pm

Week 7A

Arts Week

Monday 5 September

Year 11 Drama Performances

Foundation Theatre

6.00pm - 7.00pm

Combined Symphony Orchestra and Supper

Dickinson Centre

7.00pm - 9.00pm

Tuesday 6 September

Year 12 Original Solo Drama Performances

Foundation Theatre

6.00pm - 8.00pm

Parents' Association Open Meeting

Dining Room Annexe

6.00pm - 8.00pm

Wednesday 7 September

Senior School Assembly (No Marching)

Dickinson Centre

8.35am - 9.35am

Tackling Exam Stress

Foundation Theatre

3.45pm - 5.00pm

Inspirations and Visions Art Exhibition

The Gallery

6.00pm - 7.30pm

AHISA Debating Round 5

Perth College

6.30pm - 10.00pm

Thursday 8 September


Media Awards Night

Dickinson Centre

6.00pm - 8.30pm

Friday 9 September

Senior School Marching (No Assembly)

Dickinson Centre

8.30am - 8.50am

PSA Inter-School Athletics Carnival

WA Athletics Stadium

8.30am - 2.00pm

Senior Spring Concert

Dickinson Centre

6.00pm - 8.30pm

Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September

BP Debating Competition Preliminary Rounds

Week 8B

Monday 12 September

Year 11 WACE and Diploma Study Day

Tuesday 13 September

Year 11 WACE and Diploma Examination Period commences


Support Groups

A Joint Statement from the Scotch Parents Association (PA) and the Scotch Auxiliary (SA)

A very positive joint meeting was held with the PA and SA Committee's facilitated by Dr O'Connell and independent facilitator John Beech on the evening of Tuesday 16 August. The meeting was organised to discuss the potential of merging the two support groups to create one representative body across Scotch College. This fits very well with the future School Strategic Plan, recognising the important contribution that Scotch College parents make supporting our sons, staff and parents across all sections of the School community. A number of constructive points were made and further discussions on potential structures and roles will occur over the next few months.

As has occurred over the past two years, joint parent year functions will continue to take place. We also propose to form a joint Biennial Ball Sub-Committee very soon to coordinate the 2017 Parents Ball. If you would like to get involved please email either Ian Knobel or Carissa Paganin with your contact details.



Parents Association

A reminder about our next PA meeting which is an open meeting for all Scotch Parents


Tuesday 6 September - 7.30pm


Scotch Dining Room Annex

We welcome you to come along and hear about the latest school updates and see how our committee combined with the Scotch Auxiliary will work.

Year 10 Celebration Reception for the boys Personal Project

The Scotch College Parents Association and the Scotch Auxiliary invites all Year 10 Parents to a function at Barrack Street Jetty to celebrate the end of the boys' Personal Project journey. To ensure parents also have a chance to celebrate this important milestone, we invite you to spend a pleasant evening overlooking the Swan River and Elizabeth Quay whilst enjoying finger food, drinks and excellent company. The Bells Function Centre is also located at the Barrack Street Jetty and the evening has been scheduled to finish at 10.15pm, allowing parents to collect their sons from the jetty when the cruise ends at 10.30pm.


Friday 16 September 2016


Bells Function Centre - Barrack Street Jetty - Pier 3


8.15 pm - 10.15 pm


Smart Casual

Price per person:

$50 - Tickets include 2 hours of finger food and refreshments


By purchasing tickets via "Book a Scotch College Event" on the Scotch webpage


Melissa Harkins at herbh@iinet.net.au or 0401 671 849

2016 Student Council Funding Project

After a very professional presentation by the Year 12 Student Council the Parents Association are very pleased to confirm approval for a four bubbler water fountain for the School Gymnasium at a cost of up to $7,000. This will be installed during next term.

Mr Ian Knobel

President, Parents Association


Scotch Auxiliary

Please refer to the joint statement from the Parents' Association and Scotch Auxiliary for an update on the potential merger of our two parent support groups.


Junior School Fathers' Day Breakfast - Friday 2 September

Year 10 Mothers' Sleepover at Moray - Saturday 10 September

Year 10 Parents' Celebration Reception - Friday 16 September

For more details on these events and to purchase tickets please visit the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au and click on the "Book a Scotch Event" icon.


Monday 19 September, Gooch Pavilion.

Doors open 8.30am, tea and coffee provided.

Meeting commences at 9am. All welcome.

Mrs Carissa Paganin



Pipe Band Manure Drive

Spring is in the Air!

Time to get your garden in shape. Order by Monday, September 12th for delivery on Saturday, September 17th.

Download the Flyer

Orders can be placed via the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au click on the 'Book a Scotch College Event' icon.


Rugby Parents Support Group

Congratulations to the First XV for winning the Redmond Cup and to all the Scotch Rugby teams for strong performances throughout the season. The Rugby Parents Support Group AGM will be held on Monday 24 October at 6.00pm in the Scotch Middle School staff room.

Ms Gill Youngleson


Community Notices

The Premier's ANZAC Student Tour 2017

The Premier's ANZAC Student Tour is a state-wide competition open to all Western Australian students currently enrolled in Years 8 to 11. Entries close on Thursday 8 September 2016, with the winner announced in the lead up to Remembrance Day. Please follow the link for further details: