31 October 2016

Headmasters ReflectionsHeadmaster's Reflections

At this time of the year I am very fortunate to receive emails from families of Year 12 boys commenting on their son's teachers. Completing the formal years of schooling tends to provide an obvious reflection point for students and parents; reflections of celebration and sadness that the time has come to leave their college.

There is much written about what makes the difference between good and great schools. Some judgments about what constitutes a great school are made through very personal experiences at the time, others write in a more detailed and scientific way about the metrics which may point to a successful school.

However, there is no doubt that the quality of personal experiences for most students and families and the esprit de corps of a school is generated by the quality of the teaching staff. It is very simple great staff, teaching and non-teaching, make great schools. There is a saying from @Urban_Teacher:

'You don't build a top school, you build top teachers and then top teachers build top schools'

I came to Australia from the UK in 1970 as a 9-year-old and found myself going to a relatively small state school across the road from the cousins who sponsored my family's immigration to Perth. This year my first school in Australia, Como Primary, is celebrating its 100th year of operation. I heard that the school was having an open day to celebrate this major milestone. So I ended up spending three hours of a Saturday afternoon wandering around and reminiscing about the relatively small time I spent there.

To be perfectly honest I did not base my decision to return to Como on the fact that I had been exposed to amazing teaching facilities or grounds. My decision was solely on my fond recollections of being a student at Como; my memories were about fellow students and staff. I actually held very low expectations of seeing anyone who may have taught me back then. Like most young primary school students, at the time I thought that my teachers were all ancient then and how could they possibly still be around now - how wrong was I?

I was in the school hall and saw a person whom I thought looked like Mr Broadbent, the first teacher I had at Como; actually my first teacher in Australia. Having arrived in the September of 1970 I had him for the last part of the school year. Without missing a beat, he asked me "Weren't you one of the group that came from the flats?" He was of course spot on. My family and I spent two years in some Coode St flats which at the time tended to be popular with newly arrived immigrants. That one question from Mr Broadbent, followed by the ensuing interaction and sharing of stories about the school and where our paths had led us, vindicated why I had decided to return to visit my old school. My teacher remembered something about me. I am still trying to work out whether his reaction when he heard about what I was now doing represented joy, amazement or concern!

Thank goodness the current Como Primary School community chose to put on such a wonderful day of celebration which led to the likes of me being able to reinforce what I already know - teachers are so important in life's journey.

A couple of years ago Mrs O'Connell bought me a book entitled 'My Favourite Teacher'. In this book famous and not so famous Australians write about the teachers who changed their minds, changed who they could be, and changed their lives. Ticky Fullerton had this to say about one of her teachers:

'She was known to all of us as Eggy, whether you were in her class or not. No other teacher at school or university had any impact on me at all. Eggy changed my life'

As part of the feedback we received from the MMG surveys given to Year 5, 7 and 12 parents and students, it came as no surprise to me that the most important factor in choosing our school was the quality of the teaching.

While I know there are many things that go together to make Scotch a great school and community, it is timely that as 2016 is rapidly coming to a close, we remember just how important our teachers are to the development of our boys from Pre-Primary through to when they graduate as young men in Year 12.

I trust after reading this you may like to reflect on your favourite teacher. Maybe something worth sharing with your son(s)?

Please keep our Year 12 leavers in your thoughts and prayers as their final examinations start this week and continue through the end of next week.

Have a great fortnight

Dr Alec O'Connell



Head of Junior SchoolTeaching and Learning

Vocational Education and Training: Opening Doors

At Scotch College, we have enjoyed a long successful history of boys who have engaged in and found great value in our Vocational Education and Training Programme. This was on display for all to see at our March Out Assembly on 14 October.

As part of the VET programme coordinated by Mr Aaron Gale and supported by Mr Peter Frusher we had 22 boys receive their Certificate IV in Business from the Fremantle Education Centre (FEC) by completing units including developing teams and individuals and coordinate implementation of customer service strategies.

The boys spent one day per week at the FEC and maintained their other academic commitments whilst doing this Certificate IV. This qualifies them for minimum entry requirements into four of the five Western Australian Universities and provides a multitude of opportunities for the boys post-schooling.

We also saw boys receive Certificate II qualifications in the following areas:

  • Certificate II Sport and Recreation
  • Certificate II Process Plant Operation
  • Certificate II in Marine Operations
  • Certificate II in Business

Both the Certificate II in Sport and Recreation and the Certificate II in Business where offered at the College as part of timetabled classes for the first time in 2016.

A number of boys in Year 11 have just commenced a Certificate II in Music Production as part of our Music General course and we look forward to seeing how the boys progress in this programme.

Within Independence, Vol 41 No 2, October 2016, Mark Hands the CEO of two Australian Trade Colleges presents a view of VET programmes in schools, ' Any parent understands that all children are different and must consequently be treated differently with an appreciation for each child's unique talent, passion and capacity.'

With this in mind we shall continue to review and develop the VET offerings we have at the College to ensure we support all boys on their chosen pathway.

Mr Peter Allen

Director of Teaching and Learning


All School Matters

Community and Service

Round Square Klarifi Poster

The Round Square organisation has produced a Klarifi Poster to better illustrate the benefits of being a Round Square School. The work 'Klarifi' means to make an idea or concept clear, intelligible and free from ambiguity. Klarifi is a way of communicating complex ideas, propositions, messages or product portfolios by putting them into a graphical context that people can understand, relate to and interact with.

The poster produced by Round Square can be found here. By downloading the Aurasma App on to your mobile phone, and following the instructions on the poster, you can access a multi-media presentation about Round Square. The technology that created this poster is relatively new and opens up lots of possibilities for organisations needing to communicate with clients, as demonstrated by Round Square.

Senior School Service Committee

The first meeting of the Senior School Community Service Committee took place recently under the leadership of School Vice Captain, Timothy Reynolds. The committee comprises of ten members - each Vice Captains of their Houses. The first meeting discussed some of the service opportunities and campaigns that are current for this term. These include:

  • Tim's Ride on Saturday 12 November
  • Poppy sales for Remembrance Day in the days prior to Friday 11 November.
  • The John Hughes Big Walk Sunday 13 November
  • The UnitingCare West Christmas Appeal
  • Rolling Street Swags for Homeless Connect Day, 9 November.

Each member of the committee will encourage boys to take part in these events and also help to develop distinct service projects with in their Houses. Most Houses in the Senior School have long-term partnerships with agencies and projects will be on-going.

Homelessness in Perth

I attended a function recently hosted by St Partick's, a major community service provider in Fremantle. The function, held at the Swan Yacht Club was to thank the many volunteers that have contributed to various programmes run at the Community Support Centre in Queen Victoria Street. Scotch College contributed to their service for the homeless by providing 70 Street Swags and donations of clothing, food and personal hygiene items, during the Round Square conference, hosted by Scotch in April.

Homelessness in Fremantle and Perth continues to be a major concern with the economic downturn creating more individuals and families in financial difficulty. The two agencies with homeless services that we deal with regularly - St Patricks and also Tranby Centre in East Perth, are seeing increased numbers of clients needing emergency housing. Many are turned away and have no alternative but to sleep rough. Last week I delivered 42 Street Swags, rolled by Scotch boys to Tranby. These provide a modicum of comfort to people sleeping on the streets and alleyways of the city.

Scotch boys will deliver more Street Swags to agencies involved with Homeless Connect Day on 9 November. This event, held in Russell Square in Northbridge for the homeless of Perth, presents in one place a multitude of professional services free of charge, as well as access to donated clothing and food. Scotch IB Diploma students will be involved in setting up marques and stalls on the day before and will assist to pack up at the conclusion of the event

A highlight of the St Patrick's function was a performance by the Starlight Hotel Choir, St Patrick's version of the 'Choir of Hard Knocks'.

starlight choir

Quiz Night for Neuroblastoma

The fundraiser is part of the boys' participation in the IB Diploma Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) programme. The CAS programme seeks to develop the boys' understanding of themselves, the world around them and their place in it. This event represents the major service project in their 18-month CAS journey, combining advocacy and fundraising to improve awareness and understanding around neuroblastoma.

Neuroblastoma is a life-threatening childhood cancer most commonly occurring between the ages of just zero to five years. In order to aid the support and research for those affected by this significant condition, a group of Year 12 IB students have organised a family quiz night to raise awareness of Neuroblastoma. All proceeds of this fundraiser will be going to Neuroblastoma Australia and the Bright Blue Foundation. Hosted in the Scotch College Dickinson Centre on Saturday 3 December, this event will feature catering for dinner with non-alcoholic drinks, a quiz night with advocating guest speakers between rounds and prizes for winning tables, as well as a silent auction with a wide variety of items.

Tables can be chosen during booking online, with tickets priced at $35 individually or at a 10% discount at $315 for full table of 10 tickets.

We hope to see you and your families there on the Saturday, the 3rd of December (Week 8) from 6.00pm onwards to help support the cause.

To book tickets, please visit www.scotch.wa.edu.au and click on Book a Scotch College Event

Mr Bill Cordner

Director of Community and Service


A Short History of Wellbeing at Scotch College

Scotch College has always had a commitment to developing the whole boy, with an emphasis on balancing academic study, co-curricular activities, outdoor education and community service. Our pastoral care system is the scaffolding which supports our young men as they grow.

We have had a Wellbeing Committee operating in the Senior School since 2011, which we designated "Year of Wellbeing". The aim of this group has been to promote student awareness of important issues related to wellbeing, such as sleep, healthy eating, RUOK? Day and technology use, to name but a few. Across the school, we address key issues, such as cyber-safety and on-line behaviour, through presentations and guest speakers for staff, students and parents. Furthermore, the Health and Physical Education courses have for many years delivered many important messages to our students regarding the key elements in living a healthy life.

In 2015, staff across Junior, Middle and Senior Schools conducted a review of our Pastoral Care system, mapping the social and emotional learning activities conducted at different year levels, as well as identifying gaps in our curriculum. This Pastoral Care Review Committee (PCRC) also drew up an outline of the wellbeing initiatives being run in the school.

In 2016, Professor Cross and Echo Research presented their review of the Pastoral Care system at Scotch, based largely around focus groups and interviews with staff, students and parents. The review found that Scotch College has "very high quality and well established pastoral care structures, policies and procedures". The findings of this research were presented to staff in June and a number of key recommendations developed from this. One of these, which was also a recommendation from the PCRC, was to establish a position of Director of Wellbeing.

I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to take on this role and I am very keen to explore ways we can improve the wellbeing of everyone connected to the school. In the next edition of the Thistle, I will outline some of the key general areas of responsibility in this role.

Mr James Hindle

Director of Student and Staff Wellbeing


August Calendar Change 2017

The mid-term break in Winter Term 2017 will take place from Friday 18 to Monday 21 August 2017.

This break was previously published as Friday 25 to Monday 28 August but was moved, in consultation with PLC, to align with other PSA and IGSSA boarding schools. Term dates on home.scotch have been updated. Please update your own calendar.


Uniform Shop

Holiday Opening Times

The Uniform Shop opening hours for the general school community during the holidays are as follows:

Summer Holiday Opening Hours (9.00am - 12.00pm and 1.00pm - 4.00pm)

  • Tuesday 24 January
  • Wednesday 25 January
  • Friday 27 January
  • Saturday 28 January
  • Monday 30 January

Normal trading hours resume on Tuesday, 31 January 2017:

  • Tuesdays 8.00am - 5.00pm
  • Thursdays 7.30am - 11.30am
  • Fridays 7.30am - 11.30am

Secondhand Exchange

The Uniform Shop accepts all current items of uniform for resale. All items should be clean. Blazers must be dry cleaned and in good condition. The old-style blazer will be donated to charity. A frayed cuff, worn elbows, very old crests, rips and tears on blazers make them unacceptable for resale. Items will be purchased from you outright as long as they are in good condition and the shop is not overstocked. Bathers, hats, socks and restricted sportswear are not accepted for resale, but will be donated to charity if handed in.

Year 12 Blazers

Year 12 blazers are available for sale. Because of the unknown nature of the overall size of Year 12 boys and to avoid disappointment, it is recommended that you come in for sizing as soon as possible.


Music Department

On Tuesday 18 October, the Friends of Scotch Music (FOSM) held their AGM. On behalf of the College I would like to recognise the contribution made to this group from a number of parents of 2016 graduates. In particular, to the following Office Bearers:

President - Michelle Barrow

Vice President - Aurelie Blumann

Treasurer - Julian Mills

Secretary - Peta Scott-Morey

Friends of Scotch Music offers much needed support to all Music Department events in the Junior, Middle and Senior schools, so it would be great to see more parents becoming involved with this group.

Last week many of our Junior School boys enjoyed a performance by Fiddlesticks, as part of Musica Viva's Schools Programme. The guitar, violin and cello trio gave students a dynamic insight into a range of musical styles including tango, contemporary and familiar classics.

Rehearsals are underway for Presentation Day performances. Boys involved in the ensembles who have been selected to perform for these occasions will be sent further information regarding additional rehearsals. In addition, boys in the Junior and Middle schools are preparing for their Soiree concerts. Dates for the Violin, Cello and Piano events are listed below. Brass and Woodwind dates will be advised in the coming days.

All parents of students who are currently involved in Instrumental Music tuition, as well as new parents to the College should have received an email regarding re-enrolment into music for 2017. Any current Scotch families who would like to participate in the Music programme are encouraged to enrol your son via the Music Department website.

Important dates for the Spring Term calendar are:

Spring Term

Week 5, Thursday 10 November, Junior and Middle School End of Year Concert, 6.30pm Memorial Hall

Week 6, Tuesday 15 November, Violin Soiree, 4.00pm and 5.30pm MacKellar Hall

Week 6, Friday 18 November, Junior School Keyboard Soiree, 5.00pm MacKellar Hall

Week 7, Tuesday 22 November, Violin Soiree, MacKellar Hall

Contact Details

The Instrumental Programme is administered by the Senior School Music Department and all queries should be directed to the Music Administrators, Julia Robinson (Monday to Wednesdays) and Donna Ranauro (Thursday and Fridays) via phone 9383 6841 or email music@scotch.wa.edu.au

Alternately, please contact Mr Chris McMillan, Head of Performing Arts, via email Chris.McMillan@scotch.wa.edu.au or phone 9383 6842.

If you wish to become more involved in supporting the Music Department, please contact FOSM@scotch.wa.edu.au

Mr Chris McMillan

Head of Performing Arts


Head of Junior SchoolJunior School

Head of Junior School

Castles in the Sand

Buckets, shovels, watering cans, seashells, just a few tools one needs to design a world class sandcastle.

On Sunday 23 October, fathers and their children descended on Swanbourne Beach for the inaugural Junior School Fathering Project group event, the Sandcastle Building competition. Fathers and their children engaged in much conversation and discussion to design what they hoped would be the winning sandcastle. The boys assembled in their house groups, each building massive creations that were inspired by movies, television shows and plain old fashioned imagination. Moats were a common theme as well as century towers, draw bridges and many other adornments to make the castles as good as could be.

There could not have been a more wonderful opportunity to get together on the beach for a twilight sand building competition, picnic and BBQ. It was a wonderful way for fathers and children to engage together in a fun, non-competitive event. I had the difficult task of judging the competition. The winner of the overall results is somewhat irrelevant; the outcomes were very worth their while. Fathers got to spend some unencumbered free time with their children and with one another. The feeling of joy and collaboration was clear for all to see.

This event was led by Mr David Gray, father of two boys in our Junior School and a committee member of the Parents' Association, who brought the idea of launching a Fathering Project group in our school.

Being a parent is a difficult task. Not only do we have to manage the demands of our careers but we also need to find time to properly engage with our spouse and children. The Fathering Project was created to inspire and assist fathers and father figures to engage positively into the lives of their children. We know that effective fathers have a profound impact on their children thus it is of great importance to establish fathers and father figures who interact with their children as effectively as possible.

The Fathering Project works in partnership with The University of Western Australia. Their aim is to:

  • Help fathers realise how important they are in a child's life and give them advice on how to encourage their children
  • Encourage fathers to become proactive and get involved early with their children.
  • Help fathers and father figures to get connected in positive ways.
  • Reach fathers in their situations: schools, workplaces and community groups.
  • Utilise research-based evidence to encourage positive changes in fathers.
  • Highlight the strong casual link between good fathering and the reduced incidence of harmful behaviours such as suicide, self-harm and substance abuse.

In today's busy world, finding time to be a parent is always a challenge. We are pulled in different directions for our career and other responsibilities. Finding that quality time to be still and quiet and in tune with your family is not always easy. The efforts of the Fathering Project are to give some simple advice that is important to fathers and to provide opportunities for them to come together in stress free environments to engage with their children and other fathers in a positive way.

The presence of a good dad will impact the wellbeing of his children today and into the future. At the Fathering Project they work with fathers and fathering figures to become better dads. The event that took place on Sunday at Swanbourne Beach provided just those opportunities. A stress free environment and free time for fathers and children to be together so that they could engage in a fun manner with one another. This inaugural event was the first of many for the Fathering Project and I would encourage dads and their children to become involved and support their efforts.

The importance of quality over quantity in terms of time is quite clear. Being able to find the time to spend valuable moments with our children or fully engage with them is such a worthwhile and wonderful experience, something that I am sure we would all like to do more of. The Fathering Project is there to assist fathers by giving us strategies to become the best kind of fathers we can be. For more information regarding the Fathering Project, please visit the website: http://thefatheringproject.org

Mr John Stewart

Head of Junior School


PYP Exhibition

The PYP Exhibition represents a significant event in the life of a PYP school and student. The boys were immersed in a 10-week collaboratively constructed unit of inquiry. This event is the culmination of the 5-year journey undertaken by the students and is a celebration of not only what they learn but also how they learn in an inquiry-modelled approach. Students are involved in all of the essential elements of the PYP and share them with the whole school community in an exhibition presentation.

The PYP Exhibition has a number of key purposes:

  • For students to engage in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry
  • To provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate independence and responsibility for their own learning
  • For students to synthesize and apply their learning of previous years and to reflect upon their journey through the PYP
  • To demonstrate how students can take action as a result of their learning
  • To unite the students, teachers, parents and other members of the school community in a collaborative experience that incorporates the essential elements of the PYP

This year the boys' inquiries will be guided by the transdisciplinary theme of 'Who we are' with the central idea: "Beliefs, values, culture, health and the environment have an impact on who we are as individuals.'

The Exhibition will take place on Wednesday 2 November. This is an exciting time for all and we look forward to seeing you there.

Mr Warwick Norman

Junior School Dean of Teaching & Learning


Junior School Resource Centre

Over the past few weeks the library has been busy assisting our Year 5 boys with their exhibition research. Many boys have emailed library@scotch with their topic and specific resources have been purchased to support their chosen line of inquiry as well as supporting the boys in identifying quality on-line resources at the appropriate level.

Many of the boys questions are complex and I am super proud of their diligence and commitment to their research. They have all exceeded expectations in this area and will be moving into Middle School well prepared for researching lines of inquiry in the MYP program.

Mrs Kathryn Salt

Junior School Teacher-Librarian


Physical Education News

The students have returned to school with great enthusiasm and vigour as they begin their final term of schooling for the year. Our Year 4 students have been hard at work on their basketball skills and they are enthusiastic about the Basketball Carnival they will be competing in at the WA Basketball Centre. All of the year groups have been enjoying their swimming this term, as they learn to swim and familiarise themselves with the water after a cold winter. This is an integral part of our programme, as water safety and competence in the water is an important aspect of living in Perth. Our Year 5 students continue to enjoy their JPSSA Sport programme and they have displayed a great attitude to competition. The Year 3 boys are working on their European Handball skills, as this is an Inter-House sport they will be able to compete in, in Term 1 of 2017.

Mr Scott Whiston

Head of Junior School Physical Education


French and Art News

The Year 3's have been looking at the French artist Claude Monet in great detail as part of a combined Art and French unit this semester. In both lessons, we examined his biographical details, learning about where he was born and how he progressed with his art education. In French, we examined four paintings in detail - two landscape paintings and two with people in them. The boys have been revising their colour vocabulary and can now identify the colours in each painting in French. After a collection of spoken activities, the boys are now confident enough to progress onto explaining which of the four focus paintings is their favourite and will be able to explain in French how the feel of the picture appeals to them. In Art, the boys began by discussing the impressionist style in 'Bridge over a Pond of Waterlilies'. They then each created a mixed media watercolour. Firstly, the boys used tape to mark out the bridge and then layered their watercolor paints. Through experimental risk-taking, they applied a delicate salt technique, creating unexpected textures. In their following session, the boys worked over a black and white master copy, applying water soluble oil pastels to imitate the rich seasonal colours of Haystacks and End of Summer. The results were outstanding, displaying a variety of inspired outcomes.

Madame Vinton
French Specialist

Jane Roche
Junior Art Specialist


Friendly Schools and Families


Recently our Junior School ILT Integration Specialist (Mrs Ritchie) organised for ySafe to visit the school in order to educate students, staff and parents about cyber safety. Below I have demonstrated a checklist ySafe created to help parents improve on cyber safety in the home. They suggested parents reword these statements as questions to ask their children or as part of an agreement the child would sign should they be requesting to use/own a mobile phone.


  • Answer the phone if my family calls

  • Text or call back right away if it's missed

  • Turn my phone off where required (e.g. school)

  • Let you know if I see anything that makes me feel uncomfortable
  • Ask for permission to purchase apps or for in­app purchases

  • Keep my phone safe, in good condition and covered

  • Give it back if requested

  • Let you know the passwords / PINs


  • Message or post anything I wouldn't say in front of you

  • Take or share inappropriate pictures of me or anyone else
  • Use it during sleeping hours (other than in an emergency)
  • Use my phone at the dinner table

  • Change or disable settings applied by you

  • Remove apps installed by you

Mr Warwick Norman

Friendly Schools and Families Coordinator


Excellence Awards

Week 2 Spring Term


Xavier Lewis


Waite Cswaykus


Brodie Gillett


Charlie Burton


Jacob Timmcke


Thomas Houliston


Erik van de Veire


Julian Argyle


Oliver Campbell


Alex Jermy


Blake Pearce


Stewart Graves


Jonathan Filopoulos


Kevin Li


Austin Prendiville


Angus King


Daniel Kerfoot


Matthew Graham


Thomas Corrie


Joe Chegwidden


Important Dates to Remember





1 November

Chapel Yr 3-5

SS Chapel


2 November

Year 5 PYP Exhibition Presentation

MacKellar Hall

1.45 - 3.15 pm

2 November

Inter-School Spelling Bee for select boys

Guildford Grammar

4.00 - 6.30 pm

PYP Exhibition


3 November

JPSSA Scotch - Bye

4 November

PYP Exhibition


7 November

JS Captains Speeches Practice

MacKellar Hall

11.00-3.00 pm

Chapel Yr 1 - 2

SS Chapel

2.35 pm

8 November

Parent Engagement Workshop

Dining Hall Annexe

8.45-10.00 am

9 November

ELC Orientation Morning

MacKellar Hall

8.20-11.15 am

JS Captains Speeches

MacKellar Hall

2.00-3.00 pm

10 November

Cricket Match Yr 5/6

Scotch Playing Fields

All day

JPSSA Christchurch vs Scotch


1.30-3.00 pm

JS/MS End of Year Concert

Memorial Hall

6.30 pm

11 November

Remembrance Day Service

Chapel Lawn

10.50-11.05 am

Mr Stewart's Assembly

MacKellar Hall

2.30 pm

JS Keyboard Soiree

MS Music Room

5.00 pm


From the Head of Middle SchoolMiddle School

Head of Middle School

Dear Parents

Our Year 6 students had a blast in Lancelin over the last two weeks on their Outdoor Education Surf Camp. Watching the boys contend with broken waves, small rips and long shore currents, it was easy to see why we run this camp and the depth of knowledge about water safety the boys get from the experience. There are some fabulous photographs up in the Gallery of boys on waves, boys falling off waves and jumping off the jetty. The common theme is they all have beaming smiles. My sincere thanks to the Outdoor Education team, in particular Ms Bacon, Mr Nelson and Mr Templar, who have spent the last two weeks away from home looking after our Year 6 surfers.

Our next few Assemblies are in Memorial Hall, as the Year 12s commence their final examinations in the Dickinson Centre over the next three weeks. I look forward to seeing you this Friday, following the return of our Year 8 boys from the next leg of their Bibbulmun Track adventure.

Mr Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School


Surf's Up in Lancelin

The 6C class recently spent three sensational days in Lancelin with the Outdoor Education team. During their stay, the students built on their understanding of beach safety and surf awareness, while developing their confidence in a marine environment.

Some of the highlights included taking part in Surfing lessons each day, camping out in tents with their buddies, working as a cohesive team in 'The Amazing Race' and catching a variety of fish off the Lancelin Jetty. Throughout their stay, the boys also gained a real insight into the history surrounding Lancelin and the characteristics of the area and the surrounding ecosystems.

It was a fun-filled, action-packed few days, which would not have been possible without the expertise and guidance of Mr Steele, Miss Bacon and Mr Templar. All students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to develop their practical skills and be challenged in a dynamic learning environment.

Mr Michael Campbell

6C Homeroom Teacher


Mining Muffins

This little activity with great educational value was part of our unit on Earth Sciences, where we examined mining techniques and looked at the two most commonly used techniques: underground mining and open-cut mining, each technique having its advantages and disadvantages.

The students worked in pairs, with one using the open-cut technique and the other, underground mining. After some local mining activity and discussion, we discovered that each technique had its benefits. In our experiment, open-cut mining generally proved to be more effective, as we obtained more chocolate chips/minerals, whilst underground mining seemed to do less damage to the muffin/environment.

In reality, the boys decided it did not matter which technique was the better option as long as you get to eat the muffin after it has been mined. The photos below show Ethan using the Open-cut mining method, while Dylan experimented with the Underground mining method.

7W love Earth Sciences!

Mining Muffins image 2

Vicki Ward

7W Homeroom Teacher


Excellence Awards

8.6F Ricardo Holder For continued focus and effort in Mathematics

8.4C Archie Frazer For excellence in Science

8.4C David Stulpner For excellence in Science

8.3O Burke Carrington For his hard work in Mathematics

8.3O Nicholas Gower For his excellence in Science

8.3O Archie Hoddinott For being a curious inquirer

8.3O Max Jones For showing a strong commitment to improving his grades across multiple subject areas

8.3O William Steinberg For showing exceptional reflective skills

8.3O Alex Van Wyk For demonstrating an exceptional work ethic and drive to succeed

8.3O Alex Van Wyk For excellence in Science

7.8H Alex Hill For being a risk-taker

7.8H William Oxlade For being an excellent communicator

7.7G Hunter Bergersen For a pleasing improvement in the quality of his work in iLearn

7.7G Benjamin Edgar For an outstanding result in his iLearn Water Inquiry

7.7G Thomas Westcott For an outstanding result in his iLearn Water Inquiry

7.7G Harry Hansom For an outstanding result in his iLearn Water Inquiry

7.6T Alex Fowler For working well in iLearn and Mathematics

7.6T Declan Cook For asking questions and doing his personal best

7.6T Selby Jones For his desire to improve in Mathematics

7.6T Matthew Robson For his willingness to help out staff and students

7.4A Dylan Palmer For his outstanding efforts to improve his approach to English, resulting in a beautifully written and perceptive literary essay

7.3B Jasper Blunt For his outstanding efforts to improve his approach to English, resulting in a beautifully written and perceptive literary essay

7.3B Joseph Harris For his ongoing commitment and dedication to his studies of iLearn, particularly Science where the standard of his investigations has been outstanding

7.3B Cody Price For his amazing efforts on his literary essay which earned him outstanding results

7.2M Macsen Friday For always trying to give his best in class

7.2M Will Hannaford For really stepping up his academic effort

7.2M Brock Helton For always working well in class

7.1K Ned Gaffey For showing dedication and persistence to improve his work through classroom focus and concentration

7.1K William Hudson For demonstrating the Learner Profile of a reflective thinker and persisted with his English essay to achieve an outstanding result

7.1K Conan Stebbing For persevering with his thematic English essay and maintaining concentration and effort across a number of lessons to achieve a great result

6.4B Hamish Meston For his consistently positive approach to learning and striving for his personal best in all tasks

6.4B Blair Shields For being a caring learner and contributing to the supportive nature of our classroom

6.3T Cooper Stanley For expressing his ideas confidently and creatively in English.

6.3T Seamus Walton For being a cooperative and well-mannered member of the class who shows compassion to those around him.

6.1S Lachie Bateman For an open-minded approach to camp

6.1S Nagarjun Kokkerchedu For being a risk-taker and making the most of the activities on camp

6.1S James Wadcock For his proactive and caring attitude demonstrated on camp


Australian Mathematics Competition

Congratulations to our Middle School students, William and Daniel, who were awarded prizes in the recent Australian Mathematics Competition:

William Steinberg - Year 8 Prize

Daniel Wiese - Year 8 Prize


Important Dates in Middle School Spring Term

Mon 31 Oct

Year 7.3B Sailing Programme

Ride 2 School Day

Tue 1 Nov

Year 7.3B Sailing Programme

Ride 2 School Day

Wed 2 Nov

Year 7.4A Sailing Programme

Thu 3 Nov

Year 7.4A Sailing Programme

Year 6 Allwell Testing, 8.30am - 12.30pm in MS

Year 8 Bibbulmun Track Returns (Residential students only)

Storylines Literature Festival 8.30am

Fri 4 Nov

MS Assembly, 11.30am Memorial Hall

Mon 7 Nov

Year 7.5W Sailing Programme

Tue 8 Nov

Year 7.5W Sailing Programme

Wed 9 Nov

Year 7.6T Sailing Programme

Thu 10 Nov

Year 7.6T Sailing Programme

MS/JS End of Year Music Concert 6.30pm Memorial Hall

Fri 11 Nov

Remembrance Day

Mon 14 Nov

Year 7.7G Sailing Programme

Tue 15 Nov

Year 7.7G Sailing Programme

Cello Soiree 4pm (Session 1) MS Music Room

Cello Soiree 5.30pm (Session 2) MS Music Room

Wed 16 Nov

Year 7.8H Sailing Programme

Year 8.1T Snorkelling Programme

Thu 17 Nov

Year 7.8H Sailing Programme

Year 8.2R Snorkelling Programme

Fri 18 Nov

MS Assembly, 11.30am Memorial Hall

Piano Recital 5pm MS Music Room

Mon 21 Nov

Year 7 Bibbulmun Track departs (Residential students only)

Year 8.3O Snorkelling Programme

Tue 22 Nov

Year 8.4C Snorkelling Programme

Year 7 Bibbulmun Track returns (Residential students only)

Violin Soiree 4pm MS Music Room

Wed 23 Nov

Year 8.5A Snorkelling Programme

Thu 24 Nov

Year 8.6F Snorkelling Programme

Mon 28 Nov

MS Orientation Day for Years 6 & 7 2017

SS Transition Day for Year 9 2017

Year 7 Excursion 9am - 3.15pm Adventure World

Tue 29 Nov

Year 8.7B Snorkelling Programme

Wed 30 Nov

Year 8.8M Snorkelling Programme

Fri 2 Dec

Final MS Assembly and Learner Profile Awards 11.00am DC

Thu 8 Dec

Year 8 Breakfast, 7.30am MS Quad

MS Speech Night 6.30pm DC

Spring Term concludes


From the Head of Senior SchoolSenior School

Old Yet Ever New

This is the theme set by our new Year 12 leaders. Captain of School, Andrew Burvill addressed the Senior School at last week's assembly, where he described the qualities that epitomise a Scotch boy.

Andrew cleverly filled a vase (representing a Scotch boy) with different marbles representing the qualities of respect (all of the marbles), pride (only a few marbles as too much pride can be destructive), ambition (accept challenge and strive to do your best), humour (to keep pride in check but know where to draw the line), a little bit of Mr Hindle ("everyone needs a bit of Hindle in their lives"). These qualities together with the unique qualities of each individual act as the building blocks of a Scotch boy.

Andrew's speech was inspiring and has set the tone for what promises to be a wonderful year of strong leadership from our new Year 12 boys. For those unable to attend last week's assembly, I encourage you take seven minutes to watch Andrew's speech and encourage your own son to reflect on his own personal qualities and ambitions together with the values of our great College so that he may also build on the traditions of the past as he forges his own path into the future.

Andrew Burvill's (Captain of School) address to the Senior School assembly:


Dr Rob McEwan

Head of Senior School


Senior School Important Dates





Week 4B

Monday 31 October

WACE final examinations commence

Dickinson Centre

(New) Year 12 Human Biology excursion

Harry Perkins Institute

8.30am - 3.25pm

(New) Year 11 Poetry in Action Incursion

Dickinson Centre

11.35am - 12.35pm

Wednesday 2 November

IB Diploma final examinations commence

Dickinson Centre and classrooms

Thursday 3 November

(New) Year 11 Marine and Maritime (General) Sailing Course

Freshwater Bay

8.30am - 3.25pm

(New) Year 10 Bibbulmun Track final day

Friday 4 November

Marching only (No assembly)

Cadet Abseiling Camp departs

Boya Quarry

Departs 1.30pm

Cameron House Fundraiser for Bravehearts

Memorial Oval

4.00pm - 7.00pm

PSA Sport - Scotch College Bye

Saturday 5 November

PSA Sport - Scotch College Bye

PSA Rowing - Guildford Grammar School Time Trials

Guildford Grammar School

8.30am - 11.30am

Cadet Abseiling Camp returns

Returns lunchtime

Sunday 6 November

(New) Years 11 and 12 Bibbulmun Track departs

Week 5A

Tuesday 8 November

Parents' Association AGM

Dining Room Annexe

7.00pm - 9.00pm

Wednesday 9 November

Year 11 Marine (ATAR) Excursion

Boat Shed

7.45am - 5.30pm

Thursday 10 November

Year 11 Marine (ATAR) Excursion

Boat Shed

8.00am - 3.00pm

Friday 11 November

Remembrance Day

Marching only (No assembly)

(New) Year 11 and 12 Bibbulmun Track Expedition returns

PSA Sport - Christ Church Grammar School v Scotch College (please refer to home.scotch for fixtures)


2.00pm - various

Saturday 12 November

PSA Sport - Christ Church Grammar School v Scotch College (please refer to home.scotch for fixtures)


8.30am - various

Tim's Ride

Harvey Field

4.00pm - 6.00pm


Boys Achievements

Lewis Orr (Year 10, Ferguson) was awarded first place in the Year 8 - 10 category and overall winner of the Roland Leach Poetry Prize.

Year 10 Academic Excellence - Semester 2, 2016



Matthia Au


Luke Beeson


Joshua Bird


Jordan Bowling


Adam Brenz-Verca


Harrison Burt


Frans Buys


Liam Corrigan


Nicholas Crump


Joshua Dyson


Coby Edmondstone


Bailey Flecker

St Andrews

Harry Foley

St Andrews

Darcy Frazer


Auxence Gide


Rafe Harrison-Murray


Ryan Hodgetts


Joshua Hook


Felix Jones


Maximilian Kailis


Justin Kalugin

St Andrews

Jack Knobel


Lewis Martin


Campbell McCracken


George Mitchell


Brent Morton


Laine Mulvay

St Andrews

Matthew Murphy


Connor O'Sullivan


Daniel Paganin


Conor Patton


Arthur Payne

St Andrews

Alexander Porter-Wilkinson


Nicholas Price


Christopher Ramsden


Lachlan Richards


Prentice Shepherd


Kieran Shine


Benjamin Skelton


Stewart Wallace


Falk Wiegmann


William Wiese


2016 Royal Australian Chemistry Institute: Australian National Chemistry Quiz

In July 2016, 106 Scotch College boys participated in the Australian National Chemistry Quiz. Collectively, the boys received one High Distinction Excellence, 18 High Distinctions, 29 Distinctions and 23 Credit awards.

High Distinction Excellence (Award of Excellence for outstanding performance, top 1% of Australia)

Bailey van der Zanden (Year 11, Ferguson)

High Distinction (The top 10% of students in the state)




Max Vaughan



Alex van Hoek



Riley Thomas



Prentice Shepherd



Nicholas Clarnette



Sam Joyner



Thomas Miller



Andrew Singh



Yuelin Shen



Tom Krantz



Andrew Burvill



Kartik Khanna



Raghav Khanna



Griffin Mathias



Lewis Weeda



William Allen



Congratulations to all participants.

Leadership roles:


Captain of Boats :

David MacKinnon (Ross)

Vice-Captain of Boats:

Noah Fry (Anderson)


March Out Parking Incident

Following March Out on Friday 14 October, one of our parents returned to their car that was parked in the Year 10 to 12 Boarding House car park and noticed that it had been damaged by another vehicle. No name or information was left in regards to who may have caused the damage and we are now asking for anybody who may have seen/heard something to please contact Marcus.Wilkinson@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Mr Marcus Wilkinson

Director of Residential Life


Careers Information

University Information

Notre Dame University

Notre Dame University is still accepting applications for Semester 1, 2017. Applications can be made directly to the university and do not incur an application or late fee. Please contact the Prospective Students Office on 9433 0533 to make an appointment for a campus tour, to receive course and application advice or to be sent an application pack. Application forms are also available from Mr Frusher at Scotch.

Notre Dame also offers alternative entry programmes to undergraduate studies at Notre Dame. These courses are available to students who did not reach the minimum entrance score for university in their ATAR and also to students who completed Year 12 but did not undertake ATAR subjects.

Foundation Year

A one-year bridging course that builds the confidence and skills required to successfully undertake university study.

Notre Dame Tertiary Enabling Programme

A full-time, thirteen week (one semester) alternative entry programme that is available each semester. For further information contact Notre Dame University.

Notre Dame ATAR Advice Day

Tuesday 3 January, 9.00am - 5.00pm

Admissions Office, cnr Mouat and High Streets, Fremantle

Course Advisors and Admissions Officers will be available to discuss applications, alternative pathways, and courses with your Year 12 students and their families once they receive their ATAR results.

Curtin University

Curtin University is offering a UniReady Enabling Programme in 2017. This course is designed for students who wish to enter Humanities or Business degrees at Curtin and did not get the required ATAR or did not do WACE examinations. The programme is one semester full time or two semesters part-time and is also available online. Applications for Semester One are now open and can be accessed via the Curtin website.

TISC Information

YEAR 12 Results Online

All 2016 WACE students with at least one scaled score will be able to access their TISC Universities Admission Advice Letter information (including scaled scores and ATAR) via the TISC website at www.tisc.edu.au. Results will be available from Wednesday 28 December 2016.

Changing Preferences

Once they have applied, students may change preferences as many times as they wish, subject to closing dates, without incurring any extra charge. However, it is advisable for them to wait until their university admission information is available from Wednesday 28 December 2016 before making changes.

2017 Overseas Forum Opportunity Year 11 Students

The IE University in Spain is inviting motivated, open-minded Year 11 students who are socially aware, want their voices heard and are comfortable around those from different cultural backgrounds to apply to attend the Junior Advisory Board conference from 18-22 April, 2017 in Madrid and Segovia, Spain. All flights, food and accommodation will be covered by IE University. Daniel Bloch (2014 Leaver) represented Scotch in 2013 and found the experience very rewarding. Interested students should contact Mr Frusher at Scotch for further information and contact details for Daniel Bloch.

C.A.S. HAWKER Scholarship

Applications for C.A.S. Hawker Scholarships open on Monday, 5 December 2016 and will close on Friday, 6 January 2017. This generous scholarship is valued at up to $45,000 over three years. Selection is largely based on personal qualities and demonstrated leadership as well as academic ability. Undergraduate and post-graduate Hawker Scholars are able to attend a range of Australian educational institutions. Further information about the C.A.S. Hawker Scholarship and an application form are available at www.hawkerscholarship.org.

Free Coding 101 Workshop - Saturday 19 November 2016

A FREE one day Web Development workshop in Perth CBD.

RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/coding-101-free-web-dev-workshop-in-perth-19-nov-tickets-28749760307

Some of the coolest and rewarding careers and start-ups out there are all in web development and programming.

So join in for a hands-on, face-to-face and step-by-step tutorial on coding essentials, with you working toward building your own page at the end of the day

Remember to bring your laptop!




Saturday, 19 November 2016


10.00am to 2.00pm (AWST)


Spacecubed - Ground Floor, 45 St. Georges Terrace, Perth, WA 6000 (map)

Topics include:

  • HTML Basics
  • CSS Basics
  • Cool JavaScript and PHP
  • Career and Start-up Tips
  • Pizza will be provided for lunch!

TAFE & Apprenticeships

Hofmann Engineering Apprenticeships

2017 apprenticeships - Machining & Mechanical Fitting

Applications Close 4 November 2016

Hofmann Engineering Pty Ltd, 3 Alice Street, Bassendean 6054



Vantage Automotive

For over 10 years, Vantage Automotive has helped thousands of young job seekers find a rewarding career in the Automotive Industry. They are an exclusive service provider to many of Australia's leading automotive brands, placing enthusiastic new Apprentices in their dealerships, then providing the resources and training necessary to complete their qualifications.

Apply now for 2017 apprenticeships:


Career Search

5 Steps to Become a Commercial Pilot


A grifood Careers & Rural Skills Australia

This website provides information to students, parents, career advisers and teachers about the agricultural and horticulture industries in Australia. Students interested in pursuing a career in these industries should visit this website. http://agrifoodcareers.com.au

M ining, Oil and Gas Jobs - Year 10 Career Planning Guide

Outlines the career options for students considering entering the mining, oil and gas industries.

The guide provides information about the careers that are trade based as well as those that require tertiary qualifications.

A list of Australian Universities and Mining Schools is also displayed. Students can learn a lot about the industry just by navigating their way through the site.


Mr Peter Frusher

Careers Adviser


Support Groups

Parents' Association

Hi Parents,

Notice of the Scotch Parents Association Annual General Meeting

The Scotch College Parents Association is pleased to invite all Scotch Parents to the AGM to be held as follows:

DATE: Tuesday 8 November 2016

VENUE: Dining Room Annexe

TIME: 7.00pm

We will be voting to merge with the Scotch Auxiliary and form a joint interim Committee during the transition phase. We invite all interested parents to come along for an update on the proposals.

Light refreshments will be served.

Scotch Parents Biennial Ball - 1 April 2017

The theme for the next Ball will be "Fools Gold" with a black and gold focus, to be held in a marquee on the school grounds. Please save the date and plan a table.

Dads@Scotch - The Fathering Project - Next event

After a very successful sandcastle building competition on Swanbourne Beach two weekends ago, Dads@Scotch would like to invite all Junior School dads to the:

Beach Club at the Cottesloe Hotel for a sundowner from 5.30pm on Thursday 10 November

All Junior School dads are welcome to drop in for a quick drink after work and/or stay on for a meal.

Please contact Simon Taskunas, David Gray and Sean Jermy http://scotchdadssundowner.rsvpify.com

Mr Ian Knobel


Parents Association


Scotch Auxiliary

We are pleased to inform the College community that at our AGM last Monday the Scotch Auxiliary unanimously supported our merger with the Parents' Association to form 'Scotch Parents'. Thank you to all the parents who attended and supported this significant change, one which we are confident will enhance our school community. We will now await the upcoming Parents' Association AGM to formalise this process. It is planned that an interim Committee will be formed from both support groups until our inaugural 'Scotch Parents' AGM next year.

It has been another busy and enjoyable year for the Scotch Auxiliary, supporting 26 events for our boys and parents. Our sincere appreciation to all the parents who have volunteered and lent a helping hand. We couldn't do it without you and we hope you had fun!

The Year 12 Parents Thank You Morning Tea was held immediately after our AGM, to show our appreciation and thank the many parents who have helped over their years at the College. While some parents will be leaving our College, we look forward to continuing these friendships.

We also thanked and farewelled Dr. Rob McEwan for his outstanding leadership and contribution to our Senior School and College over the past four years. He leaves our College stronger. We wish Rob all the best at The Hutchins School and look forward to hearing of his family's endeavors in Tasmania.


Junior School:

Junior School Christmas Lunch - Wednesday 30 November, Dining Room.

Middle School:

Year 8 Breakfast - Thursday 8 December, MS Quad.

Senior School:

Valedictory Dinner 2016 - Friday 25 November, Dickinson Centre.

Details will follow shortly.

Mrs Carissa Paganin



Pipe Band Parents Support Group

AGM Thursday 24 November 2016, 7.30pm

In preparation for our upcoming AGM, we are calling for formal nominations for the 2017 Pipe Band Parent Support Group Committee positions, from new Year 11 parents.

The positions are as follows:




Fundraising x 3

There is also a vacancy for a Middle School Representative.

Thank you to everyone who has informally registered interest. I now ask you and anyone else who is interested in taking a role, to email PBPSG@scotch.wa.edu.au, to formally nominate.

Nominations close on Friday 18 November 2016.

Upcoming Performance

The Western Australia Police Pipe Band Jubilee will be held on Friday 2 December 2016 at UWA.

Representatives from both the Scotch College Pipe Band and PLC Pipes and Drums will be performing on the night.

Tickets are available via ticketsWA.com, or Ticketmaster

Mrs Yvette Henderson

President PBPSG


Rugby Parents Support Group

The Rugby Support Group AGM will be held at 6:00pm Monday, 7 November in the Middle School Staff Room. All rugby parents are welcome to attend.

Mrs Gill Youngleson