6 February 2017

Headmasters ReflectionsHeadmaster's Reflections

Dear Community,

Welcome back to the start of the 2017 school year. It is always great to see our boys return and bring back the heart and soul to our College.

It is with great pleasure that I can inform the Scotch community of the appointment of the new Chair of the Scotch College Council, Mr Mark Paganin. Mark commenced his new role on 1 January 2017.

Mark and his wife Carissa have four sons, Benjamin and Luke (OSC'13), Daniel (Year 11) and Nic (Year 8) and have been part of the Scotch community since 2006. Mark has served on the Council of Scotch College since 2014.

Mark is a Partner of Australian law firm, Clayton Utz, and serves as a member on their National Board.

He is:

  • the Chairman of the University Club of the The University of Western Australia;
  • a member of the Council of the Hospital Benefit Fund (HBF);
  • a Senior Fellow, former WA Chairman and National Board member of the financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA).

He is an alumnus member of the:

  • University of Western Australia, having completed Law and Commence degrees;
  • Harvard Business School having completed an Executive Management Program;
  • Australian Government's Takeovers Panel.

I know Mark will continue to make a significant contribution to our community in his role as Chair of Council.

This time of the year marks a major time of renewal with the feeling of excitement for the challenges that lay ahead.

Without doubt one of the most exciting new developments for 2017 is the launch of our new parent body Scotch Parents. This group is the result of the coming together of the Scotch Auxiliary and the Parent Association. Their focus is to continue to develop and grow the level of parental community engagement at Scotch. I urge all parents no matter whether you are new or seasoned campaigners to find a way to engage with Scotch Parents whether through volunteering, support groups, class representatives or any of the many other touch points we have at Scotch.

The tone and benchmark for the start of the year was well and truly set by our Scotch Parents Welcome Back BBQ. This came off the back of the work put in across the whole weekend from our boarding staff in transitioning our boarders back after their break. I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to the committee and their dedicated team for delivering such a great welcome back function on Monday 30 January despite the rainy weather and last minute changes to logistics.

During last week I attended parent evenings where it was great to see so many returning and new faces. As Headmaster, one of the major things I ask from all of the community is that we ensure we look after our new families during these initial weeks. I can still remember my first week at Scotch and how welcoming the community was and just what this meant to my own family. Engagement makes a huge difference for all of us when we start at somewhere new. To our new families I urge you to meet your class and year representatives and get involved in your son's journey. Furthermore, become engaged with your Scotch Parents meetings and activities. I know we are all busy but the more you engage with the Scotch community, the more you will realise just how special Scotch can be.

As we start a new year it is worth reinforcing that most successful organisations are those that keep the channels of communication open and streamlined. The school management structure for each sub-school is identical in that there is a Head of School, Dean of Teaching and Learning and Deputy of Administration and Wellbeing. In Residential Life the structure is identical however, there is a Director of Residential Life instead of Head of School.

The first point of contact for all parents should be the person who can give you the quickest direct answer. In the first instance this is very often the classroom teacher or in Senior School the subject teacher. In essence, if you are unsure who to contact then call the administrative support staff at the respective sub-school and they will ensure your query is handled efficiently and effectively through getting the most relevant staff member to get back to you. In a world where we now over use email and SMS due to convenience, an in-person chat or question can in many cases result in a far better outcome as opposed to a string of reply-all emails.

In our duty of care to boys and families I request that if you have experienced a change in circumstances in the family or legal changes to custody and access orders please send updated copies of documents or alert my Personal Assistant Mrs Fern Purio via email on Fern.Purio@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Finally, if you are reading this message you have already made the correct start regarding College communication. The Thistle, in conjunction with any specific sub-school communications, is a critical part of our how our families keep abreast of what is happening. Over the course of a year it is extraordinary just how much occurs across our College. If in doubt just ask us for help.

On a personal note, if you are a new family and see me out and about either at the College or in the community, come up and say hello.

Have a great start to the term and I look forward to catching up with you throughout the course of the year.

Dr Alec J O'Connell


Head of Junior SchoolTeaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning 2017

A very Happy New Year to all of the Scotch College Community, I hope you had a wonderful break and enjoyed your time with your families over the Summer holiday.

In 2017, within Teaching and Learning at Scotch College, along with our continued delivery of academic programmes we have some very clear projects to deliver:

  • The International Baccalaureate Self Study
  • Approaches to Learning; a K-12 approach
  • The design of a Year 9 and 10 academic programme
  • Enacting recommendations from the Academic Support and Enrichment review
  • Development of design for upgrades to the Senior School Learning spaces

International Baccalaureate Self Study
As part of our position as an IB World School every five years the College undergoes a process entitled the self study. The self study is a process of reflection on how we deliver the Primary Years Programme in Years K-5, the Middle Years Programme in Years 6-8 and the Diploma Programme in Year 11 and 12. As part of this process we will be engaging the community to give us feedback on each element of the IB programmes offered at the College and we thank you in advance for your contributions.

Approaches to Learning
The approaches to learning are an essential set of skills for students to thrive at school and beyond. The approaches to learning come to us via the International Baccalaureate, yet are very much a representation of what represents a contemporary approach to Teaching and Learning. Essentially, the focus of our teachers will be to explicitly teach the skills along side content to ensure that our students develop a range of abilities to be able to process information and deliver both at school and beyond the College. The approaches to learning can be identified within this diagram:

teaching and learning

Year 9 and 10 Academic Programme
In 2016 the College made a strategic decision to implement the MYP in Years 6-8 only commencing in 2018. This decision allows the Senior School to develop a rich, rigorous and contemporary teaching and learning programme designed for the boys of the College as they prepare for their final years of schooling. In the Middle School it allows for us to continue to develop upon the strengths of the MYP and apply this in an exciting, inquiry driven teaching and learning programme. A steering committee has been established to consider the philosophy and pedagogy, curriculum delivery and elective structures that will make up the new Year 9 and 10 programme. As the content is finalised it will be released to parents and students.

Academic Support & Enrichment Review
In December 2016, the College received the final report from Professor Dianne Chambers from the University of Notre Dame which had reviewed the College's Academic Support and Enrichment programmes across K-12. This six-month review captured the perspective of many elements of our community including students, staff and parents. The review highlighted the fantastic work which occurs in these areas at the College and also outlined recommendations to further improve the provision of education for students that require academic support or those identified as benefiting from further enrichment. In 2017 we shall be working as a collective to enact many of the recommendations we received as part of this process.

Senior School Campus
Over the Summer, the College has seen much activity. In particular, the transformation of one of our classrooms into an industrial kitchen that will see the delivery of Food Design in the Senior School for the first time on campus. Additionally, as part of the College's Master Plan we have developed major plans to upgrade the Memorial Hall and to develop the design of the new Teaching and Learning building. We shall continue working with the College architect Taylor Robinson to ensure that our learning spaces offer our students an opportunity to learn in an environment backed by research as to what suits modern learning needs.

Throughout 2017, I encourage you to develop a strong relationship with your son's teacher and continue to offer them the wonderful support we have become accustomed to as we progress our partnership in educating your son.

Mr Peter Allen
Director of Teaching and Learning


All School Matters

Year Group Contact Lists 2017

Year group contact lists will be sent out this term, please advise any contact or address changes by email to admissions@scotch.wa.edu.au by Friday 17 February so we can have the lists out as early as possible. For any new enrolments please make sure all paperwork has been completed and returned.


Year 7 Scholarships for 2018

Applications are now open for Year 7 2018 Academic Scholarships for boys currently in Year 6 who are both current students and prospective students to Scotch College. Scholarships are tenable until the end of Year 12, subject to satisfactory academic progress and commitment to the life of the School.

All applications, whether your son is a current student or a prospective student, are made online via the Scotch College website Scholarship link found on our Home page at www.scotch.wa.edu.au . Applications close 24 April 2017. No late applications will be accepted after this date. The Scholarship examination will be held at the College on Saturday 6 May 2017.

Please contact Mrs Di Moran, Registrar, on 9383 6809 or dianne.moran@scotch.wa.edu.au should you have any queries.


Community and Service

Round Square International Exchanges

Global membership of Round Square has enabled Scotch to develop exchange partners with other Round Square schools within the network of schools. Boys in Year 8 can take part in two to three week reciprocal exchanges with boys from member schools throughout Australia. Year 10 boys can exchange with students from any of the global Round Square schools. These exchanges are typically six weeks in duration.

During the holidays a number of Year 10 boys headed overseas on exchange - to Gordonstoun School, Scotland, Birlklehof School, Germany, Rothesay Netherwood School, Canada and Fountain Valley School, Colorado, USA. This term we are hosting boys from these schools as well as Belgrano Day School, Argentina, Inter-community School, Switzerland and Herlufsholm School, Denmark.


Jock Sutherland (Year 10, Anderson) in New York


Ben Howie (Year 10, Ross) at Gordonstoun, Scotland

Round Square International Service Project - Nepal

During the break, two staff members and one student took part in an international service project in Nepal. Mr Ashley Keatch was the Leader of the expedition, having served as Deputy Leader of a similar project for Round Square in South Africa. Mr Scott Siekierka was Deputy Leader for the Nepal project. Milo Kathiravelu (Year 12, Anderson), recipient of the Scotch College - Wishaw Award for 2016, used the award to partly fund the trip to Nepal. We now have had three staff members take part in Global projects for the Round Square organisation (Mr David Kyle service as Leader in Nicaragua and Cambodia). This is wonderful service by our staff given the short time that the School has been a Global Member of the organisation.


Disabled Surfing Association Event

On the last Saturday of the summer holidays, the Disabled Surfers Association (DSA) held its first event for 2017. Ten boys and five staff members came down to Leighton Beach to assist as volunteers. Scotch boys and staff have been volunteering with DSA since 2005. It was a wonderful event that saw close to 50 disabled participants assisted to experience the beach environment - and to catch a wave or two.

disabled surfing

Mr Bill Cordner
Director of Community and Service


2017 Secondary Assistance Scheme

Families eligible for the Secondary Assistance Scheme (Years 7 - 12) will again be able to apply for this in 2017. Applications forms are available from Mrs Anita Johnson in Accounts Department (email accounts@scotch.wa.edu.au) and close on Friday 7 April. Further information can be obtained from:

Schools Resourcing and Budgeting Directorate
Department of Education
151 Royal Street

Tel: 9264 4516
Email: student.allowances@education.wa.edu.au


Indonesian Evening Classes at Scotch

Scotch College, in partnership with the Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth (BBIP), offers evening Indonesian Beginner- Survival, Beginner 2C, and Conversation classes. Summer Term eight week courses commence on Tuesday 7 February - 30 March 2017 from 6.30pm - 8.30pm and are available to students, staff and parents, as well as members of the wider community.

Beginner Classes (Survival and 2C) are designed for all ages to develop basic communication skills for the purpose of exchanging personal information and transactions. These classes are ideal for individuals travelling to Indonesia for work or holiday, who wish to understand more about the Indonesian language and culture.

Conversation Classes are designed for intermediate and advanced speakers who wish to develop their oral communication skills via simulated immersion of Indonesian. The aim of each lesson is to expand vocabulary of a topic and conclude with a task such as a role-play, group discussion, debate or interview. Conversation classes are recommended for speakers who are already proficient who wish to 'brush up' on their skills, as well as, Year 11 and 12 students who wish to further develop their listening and speaking in preparation for the ATAR and IB examinations.

All lessons are delivered by native speaker instructors from the Balai Bahasa and are held in the Kennedy Block on the Senior Campus. The cost of an eight week course is $191 and includes BBIP membership. Conversation classes are free to all current Scotch College students and staff.

To enrol in any of the Balai Bahasa classes please visit the Balai Bahasa website, click 'Course', and follow the links to the online registration. Enrollments for Term 1 are now open.

For more information about any of the courses please email enrolcourse@balaibahasaperth.org.

Mr Wilfred Liauw
Modern Languages Teacher


123 Soleil teaching French (immersion) at Scotch in 2017

In 2017, Scotch College is very pleased to continue a joint partnership hosting 123 Soleil (The French School of Perth) here on campus. We are one of three sites where they are offering after school classes for Primary School age native speakers.

Students follow the French Primary curriculum, here on Tuesdays in the Scotch College Middle School classrooms.

(Please note in the table below that CP1 is parallel to Year 1).

If you are interested please contact:

Isabelle Gault at the French School of Perth, 0438 651 567 - www.123soleil.com.au.

Classes offered in 2017 here at Scotch are:


Cours de francais


6 - 8 years old

4.00pm - 6.00pm


Cours de francais


10 - 12 years old

4.00pm - 6.00pm

Classes offered at their other sites are as follows:

South - Como


Cours de francais

Reading and Writing








6 - 7 years old

7 - 8 years old

8 - 10 years old

10 - 12 years old

12 - 14 year old

+ 15 years old

9.00am - 11.00am

9.00am - 11.00am

11.30am - 1.30pm

9.00am - 11.00am

11.30am - 1.30pm

11.30am - 1.30pm

North - Woodvale


Cours de francais


7 - 8 years old

4.00pm - 6.00pm

Mr Jonathan Rugg
Curriculum Leader: Languages


Uniform Shop

This is a reminder to parents that appointments with the Uniform Shop are not necessary during term time.

Year 12 blazers are selling fast. Please visit the Uniform Shop as soon as possible if you wish to purchase a blazer so as to avoid the disappointment of not being able to have the correct size.

Opening Hours


8.00am to 5.00pm


7.30am to 11.30am


7.30 am to 11.30am


Residential Life

Over the past weekend we welcomed a number of new families into the Scotch Residential Life Communities. Our new families come from many different areas that cover all parts of Western Australia, Bali, Jakarta and Scotland. We are certainly developing a diverse community and one that exposes our boys to many varying cultures and traditions.


Our traditional Orientation Weekend occurred earlier this week over Sunday and Monday. For the majority of this group, it was the second time that they were able to meet after being given the initial opportunity at the Residential Sleepover in October last year. The boys certainly appeared very comfortable and mixed well with each other. After dinner on the Sunday night, the Year 12 Residential Leaders entertained the crowd with a quiz night. Some very thought provoking, and challenging questions were asked and overall a good night was had by all. This year we had the boys for an extra day as the Middle School boys did not return to school until the Wednesday. We had grand plans to spend our last day before school went back at Adventure World, but, because of the rain and the threat of thunderstorms we discovered upon our arrival that they had shut their doors for the day. After some quick thinking, and ringing around, we managed to squeeze in a couple of games of Ten Pin Bowling and Laser Tag. Overall, the boys had a great day and felt ready for the term ahead. Click here to read the latest issue of the Residential Life Newsletter.

Mr Marcus Wilkinson
Director of Residential Life


Staff Movement

Spring 2016 - leaving/left staff

Rob McEwan

Head of Senior School

Anna Eriksson

Dean of Teaching & Learning - Middle School

Jo Fletcher

Mathematics Teacher - Senior School

Vicki Ward

Classroom Teacher - Middle School

Jenny Whitely

Head of Academic Support

Tracey Stillitano

Sport Teacher - Junior School

Fran Longhurst

Academic Support Teacher - Junior School

Merrie Cockerill

Multi-Lit Co-ordinator

Joanna Walden

Art Teacher - Middle School

Jayne Ricciardello

ELC Education Assistant

Sandra McCowan

Curriculum Leader, English

Katie Frampton

Food Design Teacher - Middle School

Daniela Jasper

Psychologist - Junior School

Stephen Dornan

Science/ILT Integration Teacher

Marilyn Horne

Library Technician

Summer 2017 - Permanent New Staff

Dean Shadgett

Head of Senior School

Rebecca Shiel

Curriculum Leader, English

Elizabeth Muddle

Head of Academic Support

Caitlin Collins

SOSE Teacher

Tyrone Giese

Mathematics Teacher - Senior School

Lauren Ellington

Classroom Teacher - Middle School

Stella Hodgson

Food Design Teacher- Middle School

Jenna Thornton

Psychologist - Junior School


Performing Arts

Welcome to the start of the school year! 2017 promises to be another year of wonderful opportunities for your son in the Performing Arts. In addition to our regular schedule of performances and events, we have some exciting new initiatives planned throughout the year.

To reflect the change in structure for the Performing Arts Faculty, this article will bring you all of the relevant news for Music, Pipes and Drums and Drama. So please read carefully to stay informed about upcoming rehearsals, performances, masterclasses, workshops, excursions etc.

I would like to recognise a number of boys for achievements that have occurred since the last issue of Thistle. Joseph Banks (Year 11, Anderson) completed his 6th Grade AMEB examination for saxophone and also successfully auditioned to be a member of the West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra (WAYJO). Nicholas Clarnette (Year 12, Alexander) and Archibald Hoddinott (Year 9, Cameron) participated in the Gondwana National Choral School, held at the University of New South Wales from 9 - 22 January.

The first opportunity for parents to be involved this year will be Monday 6 February at 7.00pm in Music Room 61 (next to Memorial Hall). All parents of music students are invited to attend the first Friends of Scotch Music (FOSM) meeting for 2017. This group of mums and dads offers much needed support to all Music Department events in the Junior, Middle and Senior schools, so it would be great to see more parents becoming involved with this group. Please come along to learn more about the events planned for music this year and enjoy the wine and cheese on offer.

Important dates for the Summer Term calendar are:

Week 2 (B)

Mon 6 Feb

Instrumental Lessons Commence

SS Production Auditions (4.00-6.00pm)

FOSM Meeting (7.00pm)

Room 61, Music Dept

Week 3 (A)

Wed 15 Feb

Drama Excursion - Year 11 & 12 (7.00pm)

Combined Symphony Orchestra (CSO) Rehearsal (3.30 -5.30pm)


Drama Excursion - Year 11 & 12 (6.30pm)

Week 4 (B)

Tues 21 Feb

Combined Symphony Orchestra (CSO) Rehearsal (7.00pm)


Drama Excursion - Year 11 & 12 (7.00pm)

Fri 24 Feb

Drama Excursion - Year 11 & 12 (7.30pm)

Week 5 (A)

Wed 1 Mar

Combined Symphony Orchestra (CSO) Rehearsal (7.00pm)


Thurs 2 Mar

Pipe Band Parents' Welcome Afternoon Tea

Senior Choir at Western Force

Tues 7 Mar

Combined Symphony Orchestra (CSO) Rehearsal (3.30pm -5.30pm)


Fri 10 Mar

Open Day

Week 7 (A)

Tues 14 Mar

Combined Symphony Orchestra (CSO) Rehearsal (7.00pm)


Wed 15 Mar

Drama Monologue Evening (6.00pm)

Week 8 (B)

Sun 19 Mar

PLC Proms Concert

Quarry Amphitheatre

Week 9 (A)

Tues 28 Mar

MS Production Dress Rehearsal


Thurs 30 Mar

MS Production - Danny Champion of the World (7.00pm)


Fri 31 Mar

MS Production - Danny Champion of the World (7.00pm)


Sat 1 Apr

MS Production - Danny Champion of the World (2.00pm)


Week 10 (B)

Mon 3 Apr

Drama 12 ATAR Practical Exams


Tues 4 Apr

Drama 11 ATAR Practical Exams


Term Break

Sat 15 - Sat 22 Apr

NIDA Tour - Sydney (SS Drama Students)

Fri 21 - Sun 23 Apr

Fairbridge Festival - MS Music Students

Contact Details

The Instrumental Programme is administered by the Senior School Music Department and all queries should be directed to the Music Administrators, Julia Robinson (Monday to Wednesdays) and Alana MacPherson (Thursday and Fridays) via phone 9383 6841 or email music@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Alternately, please contact Mr Chris McMillan, Head of Performing Arts, via email Chris.McMillan@scotch.wa.edu.au or phone 9383 6842.

If you wish to become more involved in supporting the Music Department, please contact FOSM@scotch.wa.edu.au

Mr Chris McMillan
Head of Performing Arts


FlexiSchools Canteen Online Ordering

For information on the FlexiSchools system operating at the school canteen please see attached.


Staff and Student Wellbeing

The rush to begin another term after a long rest should remind us of the natural rhythm of life; there are times when things are busy and there is a lot of activity, and there should be times of quietness and calm. In our modern world, such distinctions are becoming more blurred, as everything seems to be switched on all of the time. Such frantic activity after a period of rest can also make us quickly forget the promises we have made to ourselves about living better, and it makes it more challenging to remember the things that are important to us. Below are a few of the things which I believe to be important, and I thought I would share them in the hope that they strike a chord with you as well. They are reminders for me of how to sustain positive wellbeing, and I shared some of these with the teaching staff before the commencement of term. I intend to talk at different times to the boys about these. You may like to talk to your son about them as well:

We all have more control over our lives than we sometimes want to believe

Particularly when we get tired, we can feel overwhelmed and powerless. However, we actually have a fair degree of power to shape how and when we respond to circumstances. Doing just one small thing, changing just a tiny aspect of our lives, can be the beginning of recognising this.


The most powerful of all things, hope is something we as staff seek to instill in our students. We hope - on a grand scale as well as in day-to-day matters. Without it, we cannot begin to make the world a better place.

Kindness and compassion are never wasted

These benefit both the giver and the recipient. They strengthen connectedness, both within school and outside it. Giving our time - to help someone, write a thank you note by hand, do something unexpected for another - is perhaps the most precious thing you can give.

Keep things in perspective

Things are often not as good or as bad, or as important, as they first seem to be. It is understandable that young people in particular struggle to see this, as they do not have the life experience by which to judge events. It is our job to help them to realise that setbacks can produce unintended and positive results, and that there are other paths to take when the one they are on seems blocked. And whilst school is important, there is much more to life than what happens in class.

Keep laughing

Laughter is a release; it can be defiance; it can be shared. It raises the spirit. It begins with a smile. And it is good for all of us.

Get out into nature more often

Watch the sun set, or rise. Get away from traffic and bitumen. Head in to Bold Park or King's Park, or walk along the beach or around Lake Claremont. We ignore the fact that human beings are animals, and we need to be connected to the natural world, even if there is not much of it left in built-up areas. It is important to remind ourselves of the wonder in the world.

For all of these, in all of these, I am reminded of a quote I saw during the holidays: "If not me, then who? If not now, then when?" If we want to make our lives and our world better, it can be done by starting with some small change in how we see ourselves and how we look at the world.

Mr James Hindle
Director of Student and Staff Wellbeing


Head of Junior SchoolJunior School

We Have Standards

Centuries ago, knights and kings carried banners they called standards, when they went into battle. These standards told anyone who saw it, where they came from, that they were not ashamed to be from there and what they believed in.

For us at Scotch College, we wear a very distinct uniform, and on each piece of that uniform we wear the school banner or the school 'standard'.

Here at Scotch, that banner, our standard, says something very important. It tells people that we believe in:

  • Integrity: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty
  • Service: acts of helpful activity; assistance and support; to do someone service
  • Stewardship: using talents, ability and resources in a responsible and honourable manner

When people see our students, our ambassadors, they tell people about our school every time they are seen in our school uniform whether that be on a bus, in a shop, at a sporting event. The boys do not even have to say anything. How they behave, how polite they are, how kind they are, tell people about the values of the school they attend.

On Friday 3 February, the Junior School commissioned our Semester 1 school leaders. Each school leader received a special badge and each badge has on it our school banner, our standard. This badge represents the trust their classmates and schoolmates have placed in them to lead them and the standards they are expected to uphold.

At our service Alex Hudson, our Junior School Captain for 2017, spoke to the school community about the pride he feels in being elected as captain and the importance he places on the position.

I am looking forward to the challenges and success of 2017, to watching our boys demonstrate the standards that make our School so special and watching them grow as Scotch boys.

Mr John Stewart
Head of Junior School


Primary Years Programme (PYP) Learner Profile

IB PYP Self Study

Welcome back everyone. Each fortnight I will be presenting information relating to the delivery of the PYP programme as well as any upcoming teaching and learning special events. This year is a particularly poignant year as we will be commencing our self-study year as part of the IB Evaluation process which for the first time will be occurring across all three sub-schools simultaneously.

During the self-study the School is expected:

  • To determine its own assessment of the implementation of the programme, according to the Programme standards and practices and programme requirements.
  • To identify major achievements during the period under review and to identify practices that need further development.
  • To consider that the self study will take place over at least 12 months because all those involved in the organization and implementation of the programme should contribute to this process: members of the governing body, administrators, teaching and non-teaching staff, students and parents. It involves looking at all aspects of school life that are affected by the programme.

An information session for parents new to Scotch College Junior School and the Primary Years Programme will be held on Tuesday 14 February from 8:45 am - 10:00 am in the Dining Room Annexe.

Mr Warwick Norman
Junior School Dean of Teaching & Learning


French News

Bonjour everyone,

Bienvenue - Welcome back from les vacances I hope that you had a wonderful time over the summer break. The boys are very exited to be back at school and I am delighted to see how many of them are eager to begin French again. I have been busy putting a collection of lovely French pictures in every room in the "French Corner". Next time you are in your son's classroom, why not take a look. The space will be used for stimulus pictures for discussion, presentation of student work and collections of vocabulary. Don't forget that you can encourage your son to play some vocabulary games on the Linguascope app for further French revision at home; the games are fun and engaging. Here's looking forward to lots of fun in our lessons and a wonderful year of French learning ahead. Merci. Au revoir.

Madame Vinton
French Specialist


Performing Arts News

What a wonderfully imaginative and fun start to the year we have had in Performing Arts. The Junior School boys and I have been re-evaluating all of the skills required to successfully participate in a Performing Arts lesson through a dynamic activity based on the story A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School by Davide Cali and Benjamin Chaude. In order to help us focus on this creative task, we began and ended the lesson with Elephant Breath to better enable us to tune in and focus. We also reminded ourselves of the importance of self-management skills, such as spatial awareness and time management. Over the next two weeks, the boys will be creating what I'm sure will be hilarious performances based on the aforementioned story. Perhaps your son might like to elaborate on his group's creation.

Miss Phebe Samson
Performing Arts Teacher


Year 5W News

This week we welcomed 7 new students to our class and we are looking forward to a great year ahead. The boys received their laptops on the first day, much to their excitement!

Our first unit will begin in Week 2 with the trans disciplinary theme of 'How We Organise Ourselves' with the central idea being - regulations and laws may affect the lives of citizens and government. Added to this, we have the first class assembly in Week 2, which we are frantically trying to put together.

We are looking forward to the Exhibition later in the year and our first official JPSSA sports commitments on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoons.

Mr Andrew Wells
Year 5 Teacher


Physical Education News

The students have returned enthusiastically and full of life to school and the Physical Education department is looking forward to working with your sons to deliver the best possible programme. We welcome Ms Rebecca Vincent to the team who has joined us to work with the boys from Kindergarten to Year 2 and I have no doubt she will provide all the boys under her care with excellent tutelage. The boys from Year 1 to 5 have begun their swimming lessons this term and we look forward to the Swimming Carnival that will be held on Wednesday 15 February at HBF Stadium. We look forward to working with your sons in Physical Education and providing them with the best possible instruction we can as we seek to improve their physical, social and emotional development.

Mr Scott Whiston
Head of Junior School Physical Education


Information Learning Technology

iPads and Laptops in the Junior School

There is great excitement in the Junior School as the new boys in Years 2 to 4 received their iPads and all our Year 5 boys received their MacBook Air laptops on their first day last week.

We are ensuring 21st Century learning for our students with our 1:1 device programme. Effective use of the iPads and laptops have:

  • Increased independent and self-initiated learning among students
  • Increased student motivation and active engagement in learning
  • Improved teachers' capacity to plan for and meet individual student needs
  • Led to an improvement in student learning outcomes
  • Extended students' learning beyond the classroom

The boys have amazing support structures to help them manage their devices. We have the 1Degree staff to assist the students and teachers directly when issues arise. 1Degree is situated in the new Middle School and Junior School Library and is open between 8:10 am and 4:00 pm.

Tuesday 7 February will be a very exciting day for the Year 1 boys. Boys and parents will attend their iPad rollout session, detailing all of the important information about using and looking after their new devices.

We will run Parent Education Workshops (PEW's) throughout the year to help parents navigate the iPads and laptops as confidently as their son's do. We look forward to updating the community with the amazing ways the boys are using their iPads and laptops to enhance their learning.

Mrs Amanda Ritchie
ILT Integration Specialist


Important Dates to Remember





Tuesday 7 February

iPads Year 1 roll out

Dining Hall Annexe

8.00 - 8.45am

Thursday 9 February

JS Individual photo day

Dining Hall Annexe


JPSSA SC v Guildford Grammar

Scotch playing fields

1.15 - 3.00pm

Friday 10 February

Allwell Testing for Years 3, 4 and 5



JS Assembly featuring Year 5W

MacKellar Hall

2.20 - 3.05pm

Monday 13 February

Co-Curricular commences

Tuesday 14 February

Parent Engagement Workshop: Parents New to PYP

Dining Hall Annexe

8.45 - 10.15am

Wednesday 15 February

JS Inter-House Swimming Carnival
Years 3, 4 and 5 boys only

HBF Stadium

9.00am - 1.00pm

Thursday 16 February

Camp Australia Out of Hours School Care
(OHSC) Parent workshop

Dining Hall Annexe

8.30 - 9.30am


Hale School

1.15 - 3.00pm

Friday 17 February

Year 3 excursion to Rockingham Wild Encounters

Penguin Island

8.45am - 3.00pm


Junior School Resource Centre

It was a delight to welcome the boys back to school last week. There was so much enthusiasm and readiness to engage in new learning buzzing in the air.

Over the holiday break the Scotch/PLC Library Service has moved to a new Library Management system - Orbit. One of the key components of our specification was to find a system that was better suited to our younger boys. The predictive text in word searches and the ability to search by pictures are fabulous features. The location of the library catalogue has not changed and can be found here.

Wishing everyone a fabulous 2017.

Mrs Kathryn Salt
Junior School Teacher-Librarian


Art News

Happy New Year! I warmly welcome back familiar faces to the art studio and very much look forward to getting to know each of the new young artists.

Our initial creative focus will be upon the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Each artist will create an individual image to highlight the Year of the Rooster. We shall be observing the history and traditions of the rooster whilst aiming to capture character within our final artistic depictions. The boys will explore a range of differentiated materials and techniques, taking risks and learning to develop new ways to extend and present their ideas.

I am looking forward to sharing with you the various approaches to the theme and eagerly anticipate a diverse, exciting display alongside an abundance of vivid colour. Watch this space!

Mrs Jane Roche
Junior Art Specialist


From the Head of Middle SchoolMiddle School

Head of Middle School

Welcome back to the new school year. It was great to hear the noise and feel the excitement of the students in the corridors and as the classrooms came alive once more. Day one has a very unique, optimistic, clean slate type of feel to it. It was also very pleasing to see so many parents at our brief morning tea following the start of the day. For those who were there, rest easy, the owner of the shoes was found.

As I mentioned at the Scotch Parents' Morning Tea my address to the Middle School after lunch focussed on two themes: (i) Respect and (ii) Effort.

With regard to respect I highlighted 5 groups I wanted our boys to be particularly mindful of.

  • Family, particularly our parents.
  • Teachers, all teachers not just of the classes we enjoy the most.
  • Peers, all peers, again not just the friends we see the most of.
  • Resources, or what we have, possessions, infra structure and this includes the environment.
  • Girls.

The final aspect is reference to the special, unique role males have in our society. More than anything else, it is our honesty and how we treat girls and women that most significantly shapes our individual reputation as seen by others. I would be delighted if you were able to extend my short conversation with our boys on illustrations and examples of how we show respect to these five groups.

On the theme of Effort I referenced Muhammad Ali who was quoted as saying,

"I don't count my sit ups until it starts to hurt, because that is when it starts to count." My message being if you only give minimum effort, you cannot expect maximum reward. What you put in is generally what you get out.

208 new boys joined Middle School for the first time this week. Over the next few days I hope to get into every classroom and begin putting faces to names and learning about your son's story. Our MS Inter-House Swimming Carnival on Tuesday will also be a great day to see the energy, enthusiasm and effort of this years' students. At our Parent Information Evenings on Monday (Yr 7) Wednesday (Yr 6) and Thursday (Yr 8), I hope to meet many of you as well and strengthen the School parent relationship that underpins the really positive experience that lies in wait for your son this year.

Mr Richard Ledger
Head of Middle School


Important Dates in Middle School Summer Term

Mon 6 Feb

Year 7 Parent Information Evening, 6.30pm MacKellar Hall

Tue 7 Feb

MS Inter-House Swimming Carnival, 9.00am HBF Stadium

Wed 8 Feb

MS ID Photo Day

Year 6 Parent Information Evening, 6.30pm MacKellar Hall

Thu 9 Feb

Year 8 Parent Information Evening, 6.30pm MacKellar Hall

Fri 10 Feb

MS Assembly, 11.30am Dickinson Centre

Wed 15 Feb

Year 6-8 Academic Assessment Services New Enrolment Testing 8.30am, DC

Fri 17 Feb

Year 6 Constable Care Incursion - Screen Name

Mon 20 Feb

Year 6 & 7 PSTIs commence

Wed 22 Feb

Year 8 Kings Park Excursion, 8.30am - 1.00pm

Thu 23 Feb

Year 8 Kings Park Excursion, 8.30am - 1.00pm

PSA Quads Swim Meet, 6pm HBF Stadium

Fri 24 Feb

MS Assembly, 11.30am DC

Year 6 & 7 PSTIs conclude

Middle School Parent Sundowner 6pm - 8pm Gooch Pavilion

Tue 28 Feb

Year 7 Bully Busters Incursion, 8.45am

Year 8 Cyber Bullies Incursion, 11.30am

Thu 2 Mar

JPSSA Inter-School Swimming Carnival

Fri 3 Mar

Boarders Long Weekend (no classes)

Mon 6 Mar

Labour Day Public Holiday

Tue 7 Mar

Year 7.5G & 7.6M Moray Expedition departs

Wed 8 Mar

Year 8 Vaccinations Round 1

Thu 9 Mar

PSA Inter-School Swimming Carnival, 5.30pm HBF Stadium

Fri 10 Mar

Open Day, 8.00am - 11.00am

MS Assembly 11.30am DC

Year 7.5G & 7.6M Moray Expedition returns

Mon 13 Mar

Year 7.3GB & 7.4A Moray Expedition departs

Thu 16 Mar

Year 7.3GB & 7.4A Moray Expedition returns

Fri 17 Mar

Scotch Parents' Year 6 Parent Function (details tbc)

Mon 20 Mar

Year 7.1W, 7.2H & 7.7T Moray Expedition departs

Wed 22 Mar

Scotch Parents' Year 7 Parent Function (details tbc)

Thu 23 Mar

Year 7.1W, 7.2H & 7.7T Moray Expedition returns

Tue 28 Mar

All cast dress rehearsal for Year 6 & 7 Production

Thu 30 Mar

Year 6 & 7 Production, "Danny the Champion of the World" Opening Night 7pm Foundation Theatre

Fri 31 Mar

"Danny the Champion of the World" Performance, 7pm Foundation Theatre

Sat 1 Apr

"Danny the Champion of the World" Matinee, 2pm Foundation Theatre

Scotch Parents' Ball

Sun 2 Apr

Year 8 Bibbulmun Track departs (Residential students)

Wed 5 Apr

Year 8 Bibbulmun Track returns

Fri 7 Apr

MS Assembly, 11.30am DC

Summer Term concludes


Student Achievements

Congratulations to Hugh Fellows-Smith (7.6M) who has been selected to perform in the West Australian Opera's production of Tosca.


From the Head of Senior SchoolSenior School

From the Head of Senior School

Education is opportunity- This underappreciated statement is a truism. Scotch College has a fine tradition and reputation for providing the very best education for young men; providing them with opportunity to grow and develop, to challenge themselves and to be the best version of themselves.

I feel very fortunate to be in a position to make a contribution to the Scotch Community, ensuring this tradition and a broad range of opportunities continue. It is clear to me already that the School community thrives on these opportunities through active involvement, not only in the co-curricular programme, but in the plethora of activities supported by the students and their families. Contribution and connection, of course, being a huge contributing factor in developing happy and healthy members of a broader community.

It has been amazing to see the year start with events such as the Rowing Camp being held in Residential Life while training was taking place out at Champion Lakes, Armadale. Also, the three-day cricket match versing Aquinas at our own playing fields. Congratulations to Milo Kathiravelu (Year 12, Anderson) and Mr Ashley Keatch and Mr Scott Siekierka for their involvement in the Round Square International Service Expedition (RSIS) in Nepal; a wonderful experience I am sure. Congratulations also to Mr David Kyle, serving Round Square as an RSIS Deputy Leader in Nicaragua and Leader in Cambodia.

I would like to welcome the Year 9 students and their families to the Senior School. I look forward to beginning our journey in the Senior School together and hope we can share some wonderful experiences over the next four years. To the boys in Years 10 to 12, I look forward to meeting you and to watching you challenge yourself towards results commensurate with your abilities and aspirations. Remember, there is no such thing as I can't do it, just I can't do it yet! An open mindset, one which believes in growth and the value of hard work, will supply you with this opportunity.

Mr Dean Shadgett
Head of Senior School


2017 Senior Positions

Captain of School

Andrew Burvill


Co Vice-Captain of School Operations

Alistair Murray


Co Vice-Captain of School Service

Timothy Reynolds


Captain of Residential Life

Brynn Teakle


Head of Student Council

Mitchell Clarke

St Andrews


William Coad

Louis Miller




Sachio Ingrilli


Captains of House


Maximilian Grant


Lachlan Simpson


Carlin Feely


Cameron Riseley


Rigby Dowland


George Gibson


Timothy Oe

St Andrews

Callum Jacobsen


Griffin Mathias


Toby O'Keeffe

Pipe Band Key Positions 2017

Pipe Major

Ethan Cassidy


Pipe Sergeant

Christopher Watts



William Allen


Pipe Corporal

Lewis Weeda


Pipe Corporal

Alistair Murray


Pipe Corporal

Nathan Schaff


Pipe Corporal

Luke Henderson


Lance Corporal Piper

Ryan Hodgetts


Lance Corporal Piper

William Allen


Drum Major

David MacKinnon


Drum Sergeant (Snare)

Harrison Tesser


Drum Sergeant (Bass)

Jack Nalty


Drum Corporal (Snare)

Sachio Ingrilli


Drum Corporal (Snare)

James Schweizer


Drum Corporal (Snare)

Thomas Krantz


Drum Corporal (Bass)

Lucas Sheridan


Lance Corporal Drummer

Cooper Ehlers


Lance Corporal Drummer

Ryan Marley


Lance Corporal Drummer

Thomas Nicholls



School Photo Day

Senior School individual student photos are being taken on Tuesday 7 February with an opportunity for catch up photos on Thursday 9 February.

Photos will be available for parents to order online from Tuesday 7 February. Orders placed by Tuesday 14 March will be included in the main school delivery. Orders may be placed for the remainder of the current year, however, these will not be delivered to the school and a late order fee will apply.

To place orders please visit the Kapture Photography website www.kapture.com.au and use the school code S9YV7K.

Kapture Photography offers a money back guarantee for any parent who is not fully satisfied with their photo package. Please direct any queries directly to the Kapture office on 9240 1714 or email enquiries@kapture.com.au.


Senior School Inter-House Swimming Carnival 2017

The Senior School (Years 9 to 12) Inter-House Swimming Carnival will begin at 9.00am and finish at 1.00pm on Wednesday 8 February. There will be no classes in the afternoon. There will be no sport training for Year 9 to 12 in the afternoon unless instructed by coaches. Training in the morning is as normal.

Each individual boy can only swim in two individual events, one freestyle relay and one novelty relay, with the focus of this event on participation.

Boys are expected to wear Scotch bathers or blue PE shorts. They may also wear a Scotch rash vest if they wish. They will not be allowed to swim if they do not have the correct clothing.

There are no false starts with boys simply being disqualified at the end of the race should they break at the start.

Sunscreen for each House will be provided. Please encourage students to wear Scotch hats and to apply sunscreen before they arrive at HBF Stadium. There is limited shade for spectators so parents and friends attending the carnival should bring a hat and apply sunscreen and aim to stay hydrated. Parents are not permitted onto the pool deck.

Entry is from the McGillivray Oval side of HBF Stadium as with previous years and parents are required to pay an entrance fee of approximately $3.40.

Day boys are expected to make their own way to HBF Stadium. Buses will depart from the Middle School bus bay on Shenton Road at 8.15am for boys who have training before school and for all Residential Life Students.

Boys can go home at the conclusion of the carnival from HBF Stadium. Buses will transport any boys back to school if they cannot get home from the stadium and boys returning to school have the option to undertake private study in the BRC until 3.25pm, where they will be supervised for the afternoon.

Mr Richard Foster
Head of Sport



It will not be long before the winter sport season is upon us, or at least the commencement of training, and with this in mind it is time to again think of mouthguards. The College strongly recommends that all students wear mouthguards for both training and competition in all contact sports. A custom fitted mouthguard will not only protect teeth but has also been proven to reduce the incidence of oral soft tissue injury, jaw fracture, neck injuries and concussions. To assist with this a highly experienced dental prosthetist from Galadent with be attending the School to take dental impressions. For more information please see the attached letter and order form.


Senior School Production Auditions

Auditions for the Scotch College 2017 production of the play 'Dunsinane' are open to ALL Year 11 and 12 students.

Set in medieval Scotland and written in modern prose, Dunsinane is a gripping and epic story of one man's attempt to restore peace in a country ravaged by war.

Those interested in auditioning will need to collect an Audition Package from the Drama Office and attend ONE of the following audition times in Week 3.

Monday 13 February or Wednesday 15 February 4.00pm - 6.00pm, Foundation Theatre.

Any queries are to be directed to Head of Drama, Ms Combes in the Drama Office or via email Sarah.Combes@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Ms Sarah Combes
Head of Drama


Year 9 Parent Information Evening

The Year 9 Parent Information Evening will be held on Tuesday 7 February. It is not necessary for students to attend. The evening will take place in the Dickinson Centre, commencing at 6.30pm and will include information to assist parents in planning for the year ahead.
Should you have any queries please contact Heidi Locke Heidi.Locke@scotch.wa.edu.au or 9383 6954.

2017 Parent Teacher Student Interviews

Information regarding booking Parent Teacher Student Interviews will be emailed home in the weeks prior to each event. Please note the dates below:

Day Boys

Wednesday 22 February - Year 11

Wednesday 8 March - Year 12

Monday 15 May - Year 10

Tuesday 20 June - Year 9


Friday 7 April


Year 11 and 12 Examinations

2017 Examination Dates for Years 11 and 12 are as follows:

Semester One:

Years 11 and 12 WACE and IB Diploma Semester 1 Examination Period - Monday 2 to Friday 13 May

Semester Two:

Year 11 WACE and IB Diploma Semester 2 Examination Period - Tuesday 13 September - Friday 23 September

Year 12 WACE and IB Diploma Mock Examination Period - Tuesday 27 September - Friday 7 October (holidays)

Year 12 WACE Examination - Monday 31 October - Wednesday 23 November

Year 12 IB Diploma Examinations - Wednesday 2 November - Tuesday 22 November

It is essential that all boys are present for these important examinations. Parents who may anticipate difficulties with these arrangements should contact Cara Fugill Cara.Fugill@scotch.wa.edu.au at your earliest convenience. Please refer to the Assessment Policies and Missed Assessment form available on the documents tab via Parent Connect on home.scotch.


Tackling Exam Stress: Year 10 - 12 Students

Learn techniques to manage the stress in the lead up to exams and to do your best on the day. These are techniques taught at universities including Harvard and used by successful business people and elite athletes.

In each session you will practise "mindfulness" - quietening your mind and learning to focus.

Places are limited so early application is encouraged.

The 3-week course will run on Wednesdays after school (3.45pm to 5.00pm) on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 29 March
  • Wednesday 5 April
  • Wednesday 26 April
  • Wednesday 3 May

Cost: $30

See Ms FitzGibbon in The Residence or email: Cherie.Fitzgibbon@scotch.wa.edu.au.


Year 10 Personal Project

The Year 10 students are now about a third of the way through their Personal Project journeys and the Supervisors are looking forward to seeing what progress has been made over the summer holidays. Whilst the Personal Project is an ongoing process, students should have completed their research, planning, product specifications and designs. Many will be fully involved in the creation of their product. It is important for all students to be actively working on both their products and their reports, and to be vigilant regarding dates provided on the website and by their Supervisors. Students must also document all stages of their process, including research, in their Process Journal.

Individual Personal Project meetings are scheduled for Weeks 2, 5 and 8 during Summer Term. Students should take note that due to school photos and the Swimming Carnival in Week 2, some supervisors will host their meetings on different days. Details of the meetings can be found on the Personal Project noticeboard outside the Senior Library and boys are encouraged to check this board for updates. These meetings are also listed on the Personal Project website on Thursday or Friday of the preceding week: https://my.scotch.wa.edu.au/year10/personalproject/meetings.

Students must also check their school email accounts regularly as this is the most efficient way for Supervisors to contact them. It is an expectation that the boys respond to all communications from their Supervisor, even if it's just to acknowledge receipt of the message.

This term, conferences will focus on guiding students through the report criteria and drafting the first three sections of their report. The Personal Project team wishes the boys the best of luck this term as their projects really start to take shape.

Ms Kate Flowers
Personal Project Coordinator


India Tour

Limited places are still available for Year 11 and 12 boys to participate in the Scotch College and St. Mary's Community Service India Tour this December. This outstanding experience is now in its 20th year. Please contact Bennet Andrews or Stuart Earnshaw for more information.


Friday Afternoon Arrangements for Year 10

Year 10 boys have compulsory Community Service activities on Friday afternoons. As there is not the usual 20 minute sessions for Chapel or House meetings on Fridays, as on other days of the week, the end of school on Friday is 3.05pm.


Communication Between School and Home

Absence from Senior School

To ensure that all boys are safely accounted for at all times we ask that parents adhere to the following procedure in the Senior School:

  • If your son is unable to attend school due to illness or injury please notify Student Services before 9.00am.
  • If your son will be late for school please notify Student Services before 9.00am. On arrival, your son must sign in at Student Services.
  • If your son needs to leave school during the day please notify Student Services. He must sign out at Student Services before leaving, and, if he returns before the end of the day, he must sign back in.
  • A respectful reminder not to collect your son from the classroom. You may meet your son at Student Services if you wish to come into the School.
  • If your son is not feeling well during the day he should go to the Health Centre where staff will contact you.

Student Services:

Phone - 9383 6928

Email - seniorschool@scotch.wa.edu.au

Location - opposite the entry to the Dickinson Centre

For leave from school for a period of one week or more for reasons other than illness or injury, a request must be made to the Head of Senior School by emailing his Personal Assistant, Heidi Locke Heidi.Locke@scotch.wa.edu.au

Please direct any queries regarding absence to Lynn Murray in Student Services 9383 6928.

Car Drivers and Registration

Boys in Year 12 wishing to drive to school are required to register with Mr Burt. Application forms are available from the Student Services office and are to be completed and signed by a parent.

SmartRider Cards - Senior School

Please direct any queries to Lynn Murray in Student Services 9383 6928 or seniorschool@scotch.wa.edu.au.


Important Dates for 2017

Summer Term

Tuesday 31 January - Friday 7 April

Mid-term break Friday 3 March - Monday 6 March

Autumn Term

Wednesday 26 April - Friday 30 June

Mid-term break Friday 2 June - Monday 5 June

Winter Term

Tuesday 25 July - Wednesday 20 September

Mid-term break Friday 18 August - Monday 21 August

Spring Term

Wednesday 11 October - Friday 8 December

Start/End Senior School Days

Monday - Thursday

8.35am - 3.25pm


8.35am - 3.05pm


Careers Information

Year 11 & 12 Subject Changes

By now all Year 11 and 12 students should have settled into the subjects that they are going to continue with for the remainder of the 2017 academic year with the final date for changes being Friday 10 February. This deadline is set so that students will have a realistic chance of catching up and successfully completing the new subject/s they have chosen. Subject changes after this time will only be made under exceptional circumstances in consultation with Mr Frusher and with approval from Mrs Fugill, Dean of Teaching & Learning. These changes will mainly be students who are changing to General courses or Year 12 students who are dropping a subject to pick up a study period - this can be done at any time of the year.

Year 11 & 12 Classes

ATAR Master Classes at Christ Church Grammar

Various classes available Saturday afternoons and after school Mondays & Wednesdays

  • Teaching by ATAR specialist teachers
  • For students seeking higher achievement
  • Maximise school and exam results.

Enrol on-line at www.atarget.com.au or phoning 9486 1377

Gap Year Information

Letz Live Gap Programmes will be conducting an Information Evening at St Mary's Anglican Girls' School on Wednesday 8 February. There will be an in-depth presentation about the Gap Programmes they have to offer including eligibility, how to apply and the cost break-down.

Scotch currently gave two Gap students for 2017 who were sourced through this organisation.

To register, click here.

Mr Peter Frusher
Careers Adviser


IB Diploma Results 2016

The College is delighted with the 2016 IB Diploma results and congratulates all boys on their achievements. We are pleased that Drummond Orr earned a perfect score: 45 Diploma points and when one considers that 0.66% of students sitting the November examinations earns this score, it is a remarkable achievement. It is also pleasing to acknowledge that James Naylor-Pratt earned 44 points, Rory O'Sullivan earned 42 points and Jordan Campbell earned 41 points.

I use the verb, "earned" intentionally because these outstanding results are not solely attributable to intellectual ability; they are a result of hard work, commitment and resilience. This is the sixth Scotch cohort to sit Diploma examinations and, over the past six years, there have been many gifted students who have sat these examinations and achieved commendable results but under-performed because they failed to understand that success in the Diploma Programme requires consistent commitment to process work, attention to detail and the implementation of feedback provided by their teachers. The brightest haven't always been the most successful but the attentive and resilient have always excelled.

The College is especially proud of the many students from the 2016 cohort who achieved better than expected results. Though they did not score 40+ points, many were on the cusp and earned 4 to 5 points more than was predicted. The College Mission Statement points out that we as a community value "excellence regardless of ability; we value personal achievement and an international standard of excellence". We are very proud of all students' results.

Scotch boys performed well in all subjects but it was especially pleasing to note the level of excellence in the Film Higher Level course. Under Ms Mecham's tutelage, boys excelled once again and scored well above the World Average with the highest score a Grade 7 and the lowest a Grade 5.

Scotch offers its students the finest teachers and I encourage all boys to embrace this opportunity and broaden their skill-set. We live in a world that, increasingly, seeks out the expertise of those who are multi-skilled and creative.

Mr Michael Scaife
IB Diploma Coordinator


Boys' Achievements

Marcello Torre (Year 10, Cameron) was selected for the Warren Jones International Youth Match Racing Regatta (sailing). It is the second year he has been invited to crew.

Hamish Sheridan (Ross, 2016 Leaver) and Fraser Dudfield (Alexander, 2016 Leaver) both had their Media Production and Analysis Short Films selected for 2017 Media Perspectives. This night showcases the top work made by students in 2016 and screens at Event Cinemas in Innaloo and in the South West.

Riley Walker (Year 12, Shearer) was selected in the Surf Life Saving WA State Team and travelled to Queensland and Sydney for two weeks in the holidays. The WA team placed 3rd overall in the interstate competition at Alex Headland. Riley placed 1st in the U17 Ski at Maroochydore and 4th in the U17 Ski at Manly.


Summer Uniform

Ties - Summer Term
Boys in Senior School need not wear ties to school during Summer Term except on Friday for Marching and Assemblies.

House Braid
So that each boy may be identified by his House when ties are not being worn, boys wear appropriately coloured braid on the pocket of Summer uniform shirts. Strips of braid in House colours are available from the Uniform Shop. The braid should be stitched along the top edge of the pocket.


Important Dates for 2017

Year 12 Ball

Saturday 18 February

Open Day

Friday 10 March

March Out

Friday 13 October

Senior School Speech Night

Friday 8 December


Support Groups

Pipe Band Parent Support Group (PBPSG)

Welcome back Pipe Band Parents. On behalf of the 2017 PBPSG Committee we would like to thank the outgoing committee (Yvette Henderson, Allyson Schaff, Raymond Weeda, Fleur Cassidy, Linley Watts, Tania Dillon-Ingrilli and Claire Howie) for their incredible commitment last year. The Drum Room renovation with 100 new lockers, amongst others is greatly appreciated.

Monthly PBSG Meetings

All parents of boys playing pipes or drums, in Middle School and Senior School are welcome to attend.

Come along and find out the latest Scotch College Pipe Band news and help support the Pipe Band.

The first meeting for 2017 will be held on Thursday 16 February at 7.30 pm in the Senior School Pipe Band Room (near the swimming pool roundabout) for further information please email PBPSG@scotch.wa.edu.au

Year 9 Pipe Band Parents Afternoon Tea

Thursday 2 March, 1.30 pm, Dining Room Annexe

Craig Bailey, Pipe Band Master will speak about pipe/drum lessons and the Pipe Band.

Mrs Margaret Shine
PBPSG President


Scotch Parents

Scotch Parents Family Welcome BBQ - 30 January 2017
A very successful Family Welcome BBQ was held in MacKellar Hall on the evening of Monday 30 January to welcome back current and new families to the new school year. The weather didn't dampen the evening (no pun intended)…… Our team of volunteers led by Melissa Harkins and Scotch Catering served over 1500 sausages with salad and refreshments. Feedback was very positive.

Middle School Morning Tea
Steph Debnam and I welcomed the Middle School parents at a morning tea on behalf of Scotch Parents. It was a chance to introduce ourselves and to seek parent interest in being a class reps for the year. A Middle School Sundowner will be held shortly and a notice will go out this week.

Upcoming Events

  • Middle School Sundowner - Gooch Pavilion, Friday 24 February 6:00pm
  • Scotch Parents Inaugural meeting - Dining Room Annexe, Tuesday 21 February 7:00pm
  • Year 6 Parent Evening - Off campus, Friday 17 March
  • Year 9 Parent House Head Dinner - Dining Room, Tuesday 21 March

2017 Scotch Parents Biennial Ball - Saturday 1 April 2017
The theme for the Ball is "Fools Gold" in a marquee on the Scotch grounds. Save the date and plan a table. Ticket price set at $250 per person.
This event is a not-for-profit event and a great opportunity to socialise with other Scotch parents, dancing the night away under a balmy starlit night.

Mr Ian Knobel and Ms Steph Debnam
Scotch Parents


Community Notices

Courses to Strengthen Relationships

Relationships Australia offers a number of courses to strengthen relationships ranging from one night seminars to eight week courses. A broad selection of programmes and topics are offered that reflect the complexity of 21st century life; eg

  • A Parenting Tune-Up For Fathers
  • Fathering After Separation
  • Dads Raising Teenage Boys
  • Building Stronger Families
  • Kids And Today's Technology
  • Parent-Teen Connection
  • Tuning Into Teens
  • Successful Single Families
  • Making Step-Families Work
  • Mums Raising Teenage Boys
  • Change And Loss - A Life's Journey
  • Emotional Intelligence

For more information visit http://www.relationshipswa.org.au/courses-and-seminars/Building-Relationships.aspx or phone 6164 0233.