7 March 2017

Headmasters ReflectionsHeadmaster's Reflections

Welcome back from the mid-term break. I trust everyone took advantage to recharge their batteries over what was a magnificent few days to catch some sun or simply hide away in your favourite space or place.

As a College, our vision is to develop a learning community with an international standard of excellence including a mission to develop boys of character with a strong self-understanding, a passion for sustained learning and spiritual inquiry who will become valued members of the global community. It is imperative that we engage in relevant strategic global opportunities to ensure we continue to work towards achieving our stated goals and aspirations. In doing so we ensure that our vision and mission are lived each and every day and not simply seen as empty words on a page.

One of the key aspects to our College's international outreach is our role as a member of the Round Square. This alignment provides us with the opportunity to align and globally benchmark all that we do outside of the formal academic curriculum.

Our College has always had a great reputation for an expansive co-curricular programme. When we first looked into the Round Square organisation, it was immediately apparent that becoming a member would provide us with a formalised opportunity to provide global benchmarking for everything else we do outside of the classroom.

We believe that the Round Square's focus on IDEALS, standing for Internationalisation, Democracy, Environment, Activity, Leadership and Service, provides Scotch with a framework for our vast array of activities and programmes offered through our co-curricular programme. Furthermore, participation in Round Square would help us coordinate student exchange opportunities at Scotch. Since gaining Round Square regional status three years ago we have had over 40 students complete exchange programmes with schools from across the globe and within Australia. Furthermore, three of our staff members have participated in cross-school global service programmes. These two outcomes alone support our decision to become a Round Square School.

In essence, we believe that our vision and mission at Scotch closely aligns to the work of Round Square. Our membership opens up opportunities to enhance the educational journey of students, staff and families as a result of being part of the Round Square group of schools.

We are only three short years into our journey as a Round Square school. In 2017 we were granted World School status. This will further enhance our role and further embed the IDEALS of Round Square into our College. Should anyone wish to do their own research about Round Square they can do so by visiting www.roundsquare.org.

Much of our early success as a Round Square school is the direct result of the passion and commitment of our Director of Community and Service, Mr Bill Cordner. Bill will be taking up the position of Director of Boarding at the Sultan School of Oman and finishes at Scotch at the end of summer term. The process of finding his successor is in its final stages and I hope to make an announcement within the next couple of weeks.

Finally, I would like to congratulate our JPSSA students who represented the College at their Inter-School carnival on Thursday 2 March. Our boys did a fantastic job coming fourth and there was very little separating the top teams. In closing I would like to wish our PSA swimming squad all the very best for their carnival this Thursday 9 March.

Dr A J O'Connell


Head of Junior SchoolTeaching and Learning

Scotch College - Committed to Languages

The College's vision states: 'A learning community with an international standard of excellence.'

It is with this in mind that we are completely committed to delivering Languages across K-12 at the College. Within the School Curriculum and Standards Authorities minimum requirements for schools regarding teaching languages, the compulsory nature of the subject only exists for Years 3-8. The College offers French from K-12 and Indonesian from Year 6-12, with the option of taking Spanish in the IB Diploma Programme in Year 11 and 12 and indeed some IB Diploma students have taken courses in Mandarin and German as part of their studies.

The decision to have compulsory languages within our Curriculum from K-10 links to the College's vision in regard to international excellence. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that in 2011 81% of Australian families spoke only English at home, and coupled with this, less than 10% of students across State based education systems studied languages as an elective beyond Year 10. The prevalence of second language learning in Australia is not high.

In fact, in terms of the least multilingual countries, Australia ranks fourth lowest behind the USA, UK and Canada with only 12.5% of people who speak more than one language. This is in contrast to the global leaders of Israel (74.7%), Egypt (68%), Indonesia (57.3%) and Sweden (51%).

The monolingual mindset in Australia is a challenging one, with cultural and social attitudes adding to the low statistics in second language learning. In a report entitled Indo-Pacific; An Age of Uncertainty: Balancing Australia's relations with the US and Indonesia by Stephen Smith, he states:

'In the coming decades, Australia's biggest challenge is to maintain its prosperity as a developed economy and democracy. Emerging powers, such as Indonesia and India and their direct foreign investment will be essential to Australia's future prosperity.'

The ability for our students to engage across the globe in a language other than English will see them at a distinct advantage when it comes to expanding their opportunities, as well as interacting and learning about other cultures.

Cognitively, the benefits of language learning are also well researched. Studies at the University of Edinburgh found that second language learners have improved attention and mental alertness, another study by the Pennsylvania State University found that bilingual speakers can outperform monolinguals when working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Additionally, language learning requires students to be disciplined, have a curiosity, listen, be determined and be focused on self-development. It is for these reasons that we are, and shall continue to be, committed to providing language learning at the College as we prepare boys for life.

Mr Peter Allen
Director of Teaching and Learning


All School Matters

Scotch College Open Day 2017

The Headmaster, staff and students invite you to the Scotch College Open Day on Friday 10 March from 8.15am - 11.00am.

More details can be found on the Scotch website, click here.


Year 12 Bibbulmun Track 'End to Enders'

The final Year 12 Bibbulmun Track boys arrived in Albany on Saturday 4 March, piped in by Year 12 student Angus Campbell and were greeted by their families and friends. Representatives of the Bibbulmun Track Foundation presented each boy who has completed the track with their End to End certificates.

It was great to see such a big turnout from the Scotch College community to congratulate and celebrate with the Bib Track boys!

Click here to read the latest edition of the Residential Life newsletter.

Mr Marcus Wilkinson
Director of Residential Life


Community and Service

Disabled Surfing Event

The second Disabled Surfers Association (DSA) Event for the Summer was held at Leighton Beach recently. This was the 33rd DSA event attended by Scotch boys as volunteers. In near perfect conditions, around 60 disabled participants enjoyed the morning of fun in the surf, attended by teams of volunteers. Many local schools now support the event, along with adult volunteers. For Scotch boys, DSA events provide a genuine volunteer experience of immense value to the disabled community in Western Australia. With events also at Bunker Bay in the South West and in Geraldton, there are now opportunities for disabled in regional areas to use this great service.

DSA photos

The next Disabled Surfing event will be held on Saturday 18 March.

World's Greatest Shave

greatest shave logo

Scotch Year 12 boys will have an opportunity once more to participate in the Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave to fundraise for leukaemia research. Last year, Scotch assisted PLC girls to raise over $90,000 - one of the highest amounts raised by a school in Australia. The event this year will take place at PLC on Thursday 6 April. Year 12 boys interested in participating will need to register on-line and parents will need to sign a permission form for their son to take part. Details of registration and the logistics around the event will be emailed to all Year 12 boys by Service Vice Captain, Tim Reynolds.

UnitingCare West & Schools

Project for Social Equity

At the 2016 Student Forum, 'Be the Change', a movement towards working as a combined Uniting Church (UC) School Network was commenced, with UnitingCare West (UCW) as the link. It was identified and discussed that by schools working together, we could achieve a greater outcome. During the Forum students developed a mission statement to guide our intentions:

The UC School Network encourages people to increase independence, reduce isolation and inspire change through education, service and advocacy to enable a better future for all.

The first meeting of the Project for Social Equity group will be held on March 22. Year 11 boys who are interested in participating in this combined schools group are asked to contact Mr Cordner.

'As our society has become information rich, it has become action poor. It has become poor in the necessity and possibility for struggle against the environment. As affluence has increased, the young person's environment has become impoverished for responsible and productive action, or any action that tests and develops him.'

Kurt Hahn, Founder of Round Square

Mr Bill Cordner
Director of Community Service


Bravery vs Courage

At Senior School assembly at the end of Week 1, I spoke to the students about the difference between bravery and courage.

I used an example of three Scotch drummers who played at Speech Night. It was an amazing performance, a piece they had played once before at a School Assembly and played perfectly. At Speech Night, one of the young men dropped one of his drumsticks. The complexity of the piece meant this was something they had anticipated, and so he simply took out a spare drumstick and continued on, without missing a beat.

I think that all three of those young men showed bravery when they first got up to play the piece for the first time at assembly. That piece of music had never been performed in public before, and to do that in front of your school and your peers is brave. But none of them really knew what to expect that day.

I think their courage was shown when they got up at Speech Night. They knew what it was going to be like; the pressure and the expectation, particularly having done it once without any mistakes. And I think that the young man who dropped his stick actually showed extra courage: the courage that is to be found in going on with what you set out to do when you'd rather walk off stage. When you know everyone is watching you to see if you make another mistake, and to come through that without putting another stick wrong, that to me takes courage.

There are different levels of bravery and courage. You don't have to be rushing in to a burning building and dragging people out to be displaying either. But this is the point: it is brave to rush into a burning building the first time, but it takes courage to rush back in when you have been in there once already. It is brave to start a task when you are not sure of the outcome; it takes courage to start again when you know how hard something is. Bravery is an instinct whereas courage is a considered choice. When you know the challenge facing you - and you go on with it - that takes courage. And it takes courage to carry on when things go wrong. Bravery is what you need to get going; courage is what it takes to keep going.

There are different types of courage: to stand up for what you know to be right; to be kind; to be creative; to express what we consider to be important in the world. Sometimes, it takes courage just to get up in the morning and face the day. It takes courage to express how we are feeling, and to admit our vulnerability. But when we show such courage, we are better people, and those around us are lifted by our actions. Without courage, little else is possible. Being courageous is a habit. I hope we can all be a little more courageous in order to make the world a better place.

Mr James Hindle
Director of Student and Staff Wellbeing


Uniform Shop

Buying Uniform Online

Uniform can be purchased online at the Flexischools website. All orders processed online can be picked up from the Uniform Shop on the following Tuesday afternoon, or can be posted to you. If you are already using Flexischools for canteen orders, you will notice that uniforms are also available for purchase. If you need details on setting up Flexischools access, please email the uniform shop for further information: uniform@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Uniform Shop - Opening Hours for Winter Uniform Changeover

No appointments are necessary. The Uniform Shop will be open extra hours over and above the normal opening times, as follows.

Summer Term Extra Opening Hours

Wednesday 29 March

7.30am to 9.00am

Wednesday 5 April

7.30am to 9.00am

Holiday Opening Days

Friday 21 April

9.00am to 4.00pm (lunch: noon - 1.00pm)

Monday 24 April

8.00am to 4.00pm (lunch: noon - 1.00pm)

Autumn Term Extra Opening Hours

Wednesday 26 April

7.30am to 9.00am

Boys need to be in winter uniform on Wednesday 26 April (start of term).


Performing Arts

It has been a busy two weeks for all music and drama students. All rehearsals are in full swing as we begin preparations for the first concerts and public engagements for this year. Can I please encourage all families to take note of the dates published below.

Our Middle and Senior School drama students are underway with rehearsals for their respective productions of Danny Champion of the World and Dunsinane. This week, Scotch College hosted the annual Year 11 Drama Day, an opportunity for Year 11 Drama students from across the state to enjoy workshops presented by some of Perth's best practitioners.

Our Pipes and Drums are entering a very busy performance period, whilst also preparing for their upcoming tour to Nova Scotia. We also have two exchange students, Robbie MacGregor (Year 10, Brisbane) and Benjamin Schonken (Year 10, Ross) who are visiting from the Gordonstoun School in Elgin, Scotland who will be performing with us on Open Day.

Two young music students have recently been recognised for their exceptional talents. Hugo Fellows-Smith (Year 7) is preparing for his role as a member of the chorus for West Australian Opera's production of Tosca. Lachlan Hyndes (Year 9, Ross) has recently been accepted into the West Australian Youth Orchestra's Collegium ensemble as a cellist.

Thanks to all parents who continue to show their support of our Performing Arts programmes through their active involvement in our Friends' groups. If you would like to join either the Friends of Scotch Music (FOSM) or Pipes Band Parent Support Group, please let us know, or feel free to attend their next meeting.

Important dates for the Summer Term calendar are:

Week 6 (B)

Tuesday 7 March

Combined Symphony Orchestra (CSO) Rehearsal (7.00pm)


Friday 10 March

Open Day

Week 7 (A)

Monday 13 March

Drama Monologue Evening (6pm)

Foundation Theatre

Tuesday 14 March

Combined Symphony Orchestra (CSO) Rehearsal (7.00pm)


Friday 17 March

CSO Performance at Assembly

Week 8 (B)

Tuesday 21 March

Commonwealth Day Youth Rally, Kings Park (8 A team pipers)

Kings Park

Saturday 25 March

Hawaiian Ride for Youth (1/2 band)

Kings Park

Week 9 (A)

Sunday 26 March

PLC Proms Concert

Quarry Amphitheatre

Tuesday 28 March

MS Production Dress Rehearsal


Thursday 30 March

MS Production - Danny Champion of the World (7.00pm)


Friday 31 March

MS Production - Danny Champion of the World (7.00pm)


Saturday 1 April

MS Production - Danny Champion of the World (2.00pm)


Parents Ball - Year 12 Jazz Combo & Pipes and Drums (A team)

Playing Fields

Week 10 (B)

Monday 3 April

Drama 12 ATAR Practical Exams


Tuesday 4 April

Drama 11 ATAR Practical Exams


Term Break

Saturday 15 - Saturday 22 April

NIDA Tour - Sydney (SS Drama Students)

Friday 21 - Sunday 23 April

Fairbridge Festival - MS Music Students

Tuesday 25 April

ANZAC Day (selected soloists)

6:30am Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

ANZAC Day Parade (Full Band)

Perth CBD

Contact Details

The Instrumental Programme is administered by the Senior School Music Department and all queries should be directed to the Music Administrators, Julia Robinson (Monday to Wednesdays) and Alana MacPherson (Thursday and Fridays) via phone 9383 6841 or email music@scotch.wa.edu.au

Alternately, please contact Mr Chris McMillan, Head of Performing Arts, via email Chris.McMillan@scotch.wa.edu.au or phone 9383 6842.

If you wish to become more involved in supporting the Music Department, please contact FOSM@scotch.wa.edu.au

Mr Chris McMillan
Head of Performing Arts


Booragoon, Coogee, Karrinyup and PLC/Scotch Shuttle Bus Services

After five weeks of operating the new Booragoon, Coogee, Karrinyup and PLC/Scotch Shuttle bus services, both schools will shortly conduct a joint review of these operations. This review will also look at 2017 alterations to the Booragoon bus route.

Thank you to those families who have already provided comment, we now ask that all bus users email any further feedback, positive or negative, to PLCScotchBusService@scotch.wa.edu.au by Wednesday 8 March.


Year Group Contact Lists 2017

Due to the numerous updates received after the Contact Lists were released we will be re-issuing them very soon.

Please ensure any alterations required are emailed to kim.quinlivan@scotch.wa.edu.au by Wednesday 8 March as this will be the last update this year.


Head of Junior SchoolJunior School

Head of Junior School

Playing it safe or throwing caution to the wind?

'Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.' Mark Twain

As a child or young person, it is difficult to think about where you might be in 10 or 20 years' time. Our children might have a family, a good job or might even be living in a different country. The part of the quote I will be exploring in this article is 'So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.'

We are very good at concentrating on what keeps us safe and keeps us in a place where we are comfortable. A place where taking risks is a bit too much to contemplate at times. Risks are the things that make us feel uncomfortable, that take us out of our comfort zones. I am not talking about being reckless. Some things are there to protect and help us. Mark Twain is talking about risks that make us who we are.

We may avoid an opportunity because of a fear of failure. Many people who have been successful in a wide range of careers and pursuits have learned to overcome that fear and embrace what one can learn from failure.

Mark Twain also speaks about 'discover'. By stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something that you haven't ever done before, or something that might mean you fail, you will discover a lot about yourself. You may find that you have a talent for something, or that you really enjoy a new or different activity. You may discover that you have strengths you never imagined that you did.

Don't be afraid to fail. Don't ever be worried about lack of success. Most people who we think of as amazing successes, who have discovered something essential to life and will all have failed at some point. Thomas Edison and JK Rowling did not give up. They kept on and on, continually out of their comfort zones. If they had decided at the first hurdle not to continue because they weren't comfortable with taking risks and feeling as if they weren't getting anywhere, then the world of science and literature would have been poorer for it. By stepping out of their comfort zones, and not being afraid to take a risk, they discovered wonderful things about themselves and about humanity.

If we don't take risks and go beyond our comfort zones; if we don't cast off the 'bowlines', how will we ever know what we could have achieved? As Mark Twain's has said, think about how we, either today or in the future, can step out of our comfort zones, and discover more about ourselves and the world.

Mr John Stewart
Head of Junior School


Week 4 Summer Term - Excellence Awards

Congratulations to these boys for receiving an Excellence Award


Harry Alder


Lucas Kwan


Benjamin Sisson


Callum Kennedy


Hamish Byass


Henry Goyder


Fletcher Hector


Alex Fine


Alex Jermy


Jesse Scotford


Xavier Vanden Driesen


Lachy Teissier


Guy Teissier


Lachlan Flaherty


George Di Prinzio


Ryan Wang


Matthew Philpott


Year 3W News

It has been a dynamic start to Summer Term for the boys. We have taken advantage of the beautiful weather to get out of the school and explore exactly what it takes to belong to a community.

Using Penguin Island as a provocation, the boys observed many different animal groups and how they live together harmoniously. We saw dolphins, sea lions, osprey, stingray, pelicans and penguins, so we really were spoilt for choice.

On returning to school, it really helped us to focus on our school community and how everybody at Scotch College needs to respect similar rules and accept responsibilities. We didn't know that helping others could be so much fun but our trip to the ELC proved that sometimes it is better to give than to receive.

As a result of our Loose Parts Action initiative we have secured some extremely cute buddies in Kindy and Pre-Primary who have asked us back for a play soon. It all goes to show that accepting responsibility and working for each other helps to make our Scotch community so strong.

Mrs Alison Webster
Year 3 Teacher


Physical Education News

The Students have completed their swimming unit after 5 weeks of immersion in the pool. There has been plenty of improvement and big congratulations to all of the boys who have made a great effort to consolidate and work toward improving their strokes and technique.

The School competed at the Inter-School Swimming Carnival on Thursday 2 March and finished 4th overall. A special mention to all the boys in the Year 4 group who performed exceptionally well.

Over the coming weeks the boys are going to be completing their Gymnastics Unit. The instructors from Northern Districts Gymnastics Club will be helping out once again and the students will be focusing on their fundamental movement skills and concentrating on core strength, flexibility and discipline.

The Inter-House European Handball is in full swing at the moment and this years' competition looks to be incredibly close with a number of houses evenly matched and some great competitive games taking place at recess and lunchtime.

Mr Scott Whiston
Head of Junior School Physical Education


Primary Years Programme (PYP) Learner Profile

How can I make a difference in the world? Action in the PYP

The PYP emphasizes the development of five essential elements: knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action.

One of the focuses of a PYP is facilitating the development of a 'mind-set' for students to feel empowered to take meaningful action as a result of their learning. This action may be an extension of students' learning (continuing the inquiry outside of school) or it may have a wider social impact that looks different within each age range.

In the Junior School we strive to provide the boys with the opportunity and the power to choose to act; to decide on their actions; and to reflect on these actions in order to make a difference in and to the world around them.

Action is often not witnessed by the teachers as it frequently happens beyond the classroom. If you have any examples of your son taking action as a direct result of his experiences/learning at school we would love to hear from you.

"Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire strength in others." Plato

Mr Warwick Norman
Junior School Dean of Teaching & Learning


From the Head of Middle SchoolMiddle School

From the Head of Middle School

At our last Assembly we presented Certificates of Academic Excellence to 40 boys in Year 8 who had earned these awards based on their Semester 2 reports last year. Academic Excellence Awards recognise a broad and sustained approach to academic achievement by a student. The criteria for the award is quite simple. In the MYP, all eight end of semester subject levels are a mark out of 7. A Certificate of Academic Excellence Award is earned by a student who achieves an aggregate of 30+ marks across any five subject areas. Academic Excellence Awards continue into Year 9 and beyond and form a part of the Academic Honours qualification a student can receive in Senior School.

Certificates of Academic Excellence begin at Year 7. Our next presentation of Academic Excellence Awards will be early in Winter Term following the Semester 1 reports.

Most families have attended a Scotch Open Day, many more than one. This Friday is our annual Open Day and Year 8 students have a special role. As a part of their Leadership programme, Year 8 boys are prepared and then given the opportunity to promote their school. Pairs of boys escort a family around the College, showing off the facility but more importantly showing off themselves, their character, their empathy, their pride and different aspects of their Scotch story. Countless new families tell us the guided tour of the College by the student was the determining factor in sending their son to Scotch. How does this link to our Leadership programme? Beyond the physical leading of visitors around the College, our Year 8 leaders are helping others to make a decision, choose a course of action. This is an important concept in our leadership programme: a good leader helps others to take control.

For the next four weeks our Year 7 students and their Homeroom teachers will be heading down to our Outdoor Education Centre, 'Moray' near Dwellingup. They will come back tired and dirty, this includes the teachers, but having had a ball camping, canoeing, bush walking and climbing on the ropes courses. We learn a lot about ourselves, and each other down at Moray.

I look forward to seeing you at this week's Assembly where our guest speakers will be Harry Clark and Eli Blackburn, both in Year 7 and both with an important question to ask.

Mr Richard Ledger
Head of Middle School


6.3T Ready, Set, Go!

The year has started with a bang for the boys in 6.3T. The first unit of iLearn has the boys understanding the Scientific Method. This will continue to be of importance to them throughout the year, as they get ready for their Science Fair projects in Winter Term. The boys have clearly understood the variables that need to be followed when constructing a Scientific Investigation!

The boys have been looking at Identity and Poetry in English by constructing simile and metaphor poems about themselves. Many of the boys created a fine piece of descriptive and imaginative poetry that expressed their values. The Autobiography Writing unit is next, with the boys being exposed to many different novels including Anh Do, Bear Grylls, Roald Dahl and Matthew Pavlich.

The Middle School Swimming Carnival was a highlight for the boys in the first month of term, with many pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to swim 50m. A team of Year 6 boys headed to the JPSSA Inter-School carnival last week to compete against other JPPSA schools.

Mr Daniel Turco
6.3T Homeroom Teacher


Action Research in 7.6M

Young people see the world and their own issues differently than adults and the Action Research Projects being undertaken by the Year 7 students aims to give them a voice.

In Week 2, 7.6M undertook some team building challenges with 7.5G that involved building the highest tower out of spaghetti and then going on a Treasure Hunt around the College campus. Once completing these two fun activities the boys reflected on the key elements needed to make teamwork successful. The 10 Treasure Hunt clues were a segue into the Ten Steps to Research which will be a key feature of the iLearn programme this term.

Each Year 7 class will be commissioned by a business or organisation to collect data on a topic chosen by the commissioners. 7.6M are really excited to be working for Perth Glory FC. Once we return from camp the boys will meet with the Chief of Operations for the club to find out exactly what data research it is they want the boys of 7.6M to collect. To say the boys are excited about this is an understatement!

Miss Deborah Mullin
7.6M Homeroom Teacher


Excellence Awards

Congratulations to the following boys on receiving Excellence Awards:


Samuel Bennett

For a principled approach towards Science lessons.


Daniel Bower

For excellent progress in the Chemistry unit.


Oscar Bird

For displaying caring qualities in the Homeroom.


Remi Brossard

For excellent focus in Maths lessons.


Andreas Schultz

For reflective qualities displayed in the Homeroom and Science.


Hashem El Nadi

For always willing to help the teacher in the Homeroom.


Raffael Torre

For already showing brilliance in Chemistry, being organised and focused in class.


Pearson Chambel

For his excellent start to Year 8; including organisation, effort and support of his peers.


William Wolf

For his hard work and focus in Mathematics and excellence in mental arithmetic.


Saami Welsh

For his effort and focus in Mathematics and completing all homework tasks.


Nick Vriezen

For a well-balanced and caring start to the year.


Eli Blackburn

For commitment and effort to his work and managing all the extra commitments that he has this year!


Anton Headley

For an excellent attitude to class work and displaying active listening.


Ted Young

For an excellent start to Scotch and already displaying dedication and commitment to achieving his personal best.


Tane Hasler

For acting with integrity and for taking advice on board. Thank you.


Jack Williamson

For being a friend to all in 7.2H. Thank you.


Rowan Smith

For his outstanding effort to life at Scotch College Middle School. His commitment to learning and open-minded approach serves as a role model to others.


Aidan Flaherty

For the maturity and independence he has demonstrated since the first day of Year 7. Along with his principled and empathetic approach to school life, he is a pleasure to have in the class.


James Moffat-Clarke

For being a cooperative and caring student. Your willingness to help others is a fantastic attribute.


Leo Digby

For being an engaged, enthusiastic student who participates with respect. What a fantastic start to Year 7!


Thomas Simich

For his mentoring and pastoral care of Junior School boys during a photo shoot last week.


Banjo Harold

For his mentoring and pastoral care of Junior School boys during a photo shoot last week.


Mack Braddock

For showing the IB Learner Profile attribute of Balanced.


Robbie McAullay

For showing great enthusiasm in his classes.


Orson Bairstow

For his effort and application to all his work.


Tom Ruefli

For his lovely manners and hard-working attitude.


Hamish Meston

For writing a fantastic report on the Millau Bridge.


Luca Datodi

For writing a fantastic report on the Millau Bridge.


Gianluca Mastrocinque

For his intelligent contributions in iLearn.


Lachlan Parry

For his fantastic start to the new school year!


George Colley

For being a caring and open minded learner.


Zachary Mills

For being an organised and helpful member of the class.


Noah Lewis

For being a confident and well-mannered communicator.


Louis Wiese

For being well organised and having an excellent attitude to English.


Matthew Graham

For working well in Mathematics and completing all tasks efficiently and accurately.


Arnaud McVicker

For making an outstanding transition to Middle School.


Oliver Gray

For being a responsible, principled and reliable student.


Caelan Browne

For consistently demonstrating an enthusiastic approach towards his learning.


Finn Harland

For his diligent and organised approach in English.


Ethan Buckley

For his hard working attitude in English!


Fletcher McIntosh

For consistently producing neat and legible work in both iLearn and English. Well done!


Xander Dore

For his outstanding organisational skills and caring nature displayed to his peers. Well done!


Luca Green

For a great start to English.


Tobias Bath-Pinnick

For being an inquirer in Digital Design.


Patrick White

For being a risk-taker at the Swimming Carnival.


Alexis Panagodimos

For demonstrating excellent communication skills in Mathematics.


Important Dates in Middle School

Wednesday 8 March

Year 8 Vaccinations Round 1

Thursday 9 March

PSA Inter-School Swimming Carnival, 5.30pm HBF Stadium

Friday 10 March

Open Day, 8.00am - 11.00am

MS Assembly 11.30am DC

Year 7.5G & 7.6M Moray Expedition returns

Monday 13 March

Year 7.3GB & 7.4A Moray Expedition departs

Thursday 16 March

Year 7.3GB & 7.4A Moray Expedition returns

Friday 17 March

Scotch Parents' Year 6 Parent Function (details tbc)

Monday 20 March

Year 7.1W, 7.2H & 7.7T Moray Expedition departs

Wednesday 22 March

Scotch Parents' Year 7 Parent Function (details tbc)

Thursday 23 March

Year 7.1W, 7.2H & 7.7T Moray Expedition returns

Tuesday 28 March

All cast dress rehearsal for Year 6 & 7 Production

Thursday 30 March

Year 6&7 Prod, "Danny the Champion of the World" Opening Night 7pm Foundation Theatre

Friday 31 March

"Danny the Champion of the World" Performance, 7pm Foundation Theatre

Saturday 1 April

"Danny the Champion of the World" Matinee, 2pm Foundation Theatre

Scotch Parents' Ball

Sunday 2 April

Year 8 Bibbulmun Track departs (Residential students)

Wednesday 5 April

Year 8 Bibbulmun Track returns

Friday 7 April

MS Assembly, 11.30am DC

Summer Term concludes


From the Head of Senior SchoolSenior School

Head of Senior School

Schools often look to integrate a focus on aspirational personality traits into their programmes which can work alongside as a 'hang-on' programme. It has been very pleasing to see the integration of the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile and Attitudes into the programme at Scotch; looking to teach more than just content. Overtly stating skills to improve thinking, value effort and acknowledge attributes which contribute to a strong moral compass goes a long way to developing the 'whole' person.

Recently, I discussed Integrity with the School at Friday morning Assembly. Integrity is, of course, one of the International Baccalaureate Attitudes. So why discuss integrity? I feel it is important to remind ourselves what it is to act with Integrity in an age that appears to give little credence to such a quality. Following one's moral and ethical convictions and doing the right thing, even when no one is watching you seems a little old-fashioned in some people's eyes. I would suggest it is more important than ever given the disconnection within our community and in light of the amount of time spent on faceless social media. So why live with integrity?

I posit that living with integrity is easier. Surely, it is easier than living a deceitful life. Making ethical decisions and remaining honest to who you are must be easier than trying to remember a series of lies or mistruths. It must be easier and less stressful than worrying about getting caught out by those lies and mistruths. Living with integrity brings you wholeness and peace; with a conscience that rests easy.

Living with integrity also builds trust. Others know that you are one who can be counted on, one who will do what you say and one who is given opportunity because he can be trusted with greater responsibility.

Finally, Integrity serves as a basis for value judgements. Making hard choices is easier when done with a clear conscience knowing you have made the 'right' decision, one which is not self-serving. You know you can look yourself in the mirror.

My suggestions to the boys are simple -

  1. Keep your promises - follow through with what you say you will do.
  2. Do not say something behind someone's back, or online, that you would not say to their face.
  3. Be the vault - keep confidences shared with you by your friends. The only exception being if they place your friend in harm and, in this case, seek assistance to ensure your mate stays safe.

I hope you will take the opportunity to discuss this topic with your son over the dinner table one evening and hear his thoughts on integrity and sharing aspects of integrity in your everyday life.

Mr Dean Shadgett
Head of Senior School


Tackling Exam Stress: Year 10 - 12 Students

Learn techniques to manage the stress in the lead up to exams and to do your best on the day. These are techniques taught at universities including Harvard and used by successful business people and elite athletes.

In each session you will practise "mindfulness" - quietening your mind and learning to focus.

Places are limited so early application is encouraged.

The 3-week course will run on Wednesdays after school (3.45pm to 5.00pm) on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 29 March
  • Wednesday 5 April
  • Wednesday 26 April
  • Wednesday 3 May

Cost: $30

See Ms FitzGibbon in The Residence or email: Cherie.Fitzgibbon@scotch.wa.edu.au.


Open Day

Open Day will take place on Friday 10 March.

Senior School Marching will take place at 8.35am as usual but there will be no Senior School Assembly.

Parking will be limited. Parents are reminded to consider neighbours when dropping boys at school.

Senior School boys are asked to wear their ties for Open Day.


Important Dates in Senior School





Week 6B

Tuesday 7 March

Year 11 PLC Parent Teacher Student Interviews


4.00pm - 7.00pm

Combined Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal

Dickinson Centre

7.00pm - 8.35pm

Wednesday 8 March

Engineering Careers Day


8.50am - 3.30pm

Year 12 Parent Teacher Student Interviews

Dickinson Centre

4.00pm - 8.00pm

Thursday 9 March

Year 12 Reward Breakfast (by invitation)

Dining Room Annexe

7.10am - 8.30am

Year 12 PLC Parent Teacher Student Interviews


4.00pm - 7.00pm

PSA Inter-School Swimming Carnival

HBF Stadium, Mt Claremont

5.30pm - 9.30pm

Friday 10 March

Open Day

8.00am - 12noon

Senior School Marching (no assembly)

Dickinson Centre

8.35am - 8.55am

PSA Sport - Wesley College v Scotch College

(Please check fixtures on home.scotch)


2.00pm - various

Saturday 11 March

PSA Sport - Wesley College v Scotch College

(Please check fixtures on home.scotch)


8.30pm - various

PSA Rowing - Hale School Regatta

Champion Lakes

8.30am - noon

Week 7A

Monday 13 March

Year 2 and 12 Treasure Hunt and Breakfast

Dining Room

7.15am - 8.30am

Year 12 Drama Monologues

Foundation Theatre

6.00pm - 7.30pm

Tuesday 14 March

Combined Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal

Dickinson Centre

7.00pm - 8.30pm

Wednesday 15 March

2017 Media Perspectives

Events Cinema, Innaloo

6.00pm - 8.30pm

Thursday 16 March

Goland Club Dinner

Dining Room

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Friday 17 March

Senior School Marching and Assembly

Dickinson Centre

8.35am - 9.35am

PSA Sport - Scotch College v Christ Church Grammar School

(Please check fixtures on home.scotch)


2.00pm - various

Saturday 18 March

PSA Sport - Scotch College v Christ Church Grammar School

(Please check fixtures on home.scotch)


8.30am - various

PSA Rowing - Head of the River

Champion Lakes

8.30am - 12noon

Monday 20 March

Personal Project Meetings commence

Year 11 Marine and Maritime (ATAR) Group 1 camp departs


Boys Achievements

Connor Enslin (Year 11, Stuart) has been selected in the School Sport Western Australia Pizzey Cup Tennis Team to compete at the national championships in Shepparton (VIC) 28 April - 7 May.

Felix Jones (Year 11, Brisbane) and Sidharth Bhargavan (Year 12, Shearer) have been selected for the 12 student State Debating squad. They will now participate in a month of rigorous training before the final 4 student team is selected to represent Western Australia in the National Schools Debating competition in Brisbane in May.

Conor Patton (Year 11, Ross) won the North Beach club round of the Lions Youth of the Year Speech and Leadership competition. He will now advance to the zone round in early March.


Inter-School Swimming

The P.S.A. Inter-School Swimming Carnival is on Thursday 9 March at HBF Stadium, with the first race to commence at 5.15pm (last race around 8.45 pm).

Scotch has limited seating for adult and family spectators. Tickets are $15 each (to be charged to your school account) and are to be collected and signed for at Reception (tickets will not be posted). Parents who wish to attend can register their names with Reception at the School on 9383 6800. Tickets will be available on a first come first serve basis. We would therefore urge parents to make contact with the School as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing parents and family there to support the team.


Scotch SCUBA Club

Sunday 19 February saw the SCUBA Club head out to Rottnest Island with Perth Dive Academy for our Summer Term dive. Conditions were perfect with very little swell and next to no wind. Our skipper took us straight around to the south-western side of the island near Wilsons Bay to a dive sight called '10m Spire'. There was a 9m band of silt from the recent floods that we slowly made our way through before the conditions cleared up and were fantastic. In one of the numerous caves and swim-throughs we were able to explore, we had a brief encounter with a Grey Nurse Shark and shortly after a giant Southern Eagle Ray.

After our first dive, we motored around to the very West End to Eagle Bay and pulled up amongst the reefs for lunch. Once again, the spread was fantastic with rolls, fried rice, nachos, carbonara, potato bake and plenty of additions. We were treated to a colony of New Zealand Fur Seals relaxing in the shallows. After such a lunch, we were all inclined to join the seals in a siesta in the sunshine.

Our second dive was once again at the West End and a dive site called 'Blue Caves', known obviously for the plethora of caves in the area. Blue Caves was not as deep and therefore was effected by the silt. The wildlife was not as abundant but the caves were pretty special. Once you were down a bit lower, the water cleared up and you could imagine how spectacular it would have been without the silt around. Starfish all over the walls, colourful soft corals waving in the swell but unfortunately, no more sharks. Better luck next time.

Stay tuned for further SCUBA Club opportunities including a shore dive at the Rockingham Dive Trail which includes six different shipwreck sites.

scuba 5-1 scuba 5-2

Boys involved:

Cameron Rea (Year 10, Anderson), Aren Leishman (Year 11, Ross), Cameron Ritchie (Year 11, Keys), Jack Carrington (Year 11, Keys), Samuel McConachy (Year 10, Shearer)

Mr Alistair Steele
Outdoor Education


Careers Information

University Information

Parent Information Evening

Parents, guardians and students in Year 10, 11 and 12 are invited to attend Notre Dame's Parent Information Evening to discuss subject selection, course information, the transition from high school to university, and how to apply to Notre Dame.

Wednesday 8 March, 6.00pm Refreshments, 6.30pm Presentation

Malloy Courtyard (ND2), 23 Mouat Street, Fremantle

Medicine Information Evening

Students interested in studying Medicine at Notre Dame are invited to attend a Medicine Information Session. Learn about the Doctor of Medicine, Pre-Medicine Certificate, the application process, and hear from current Medicine students about their experience.

Sunday 26 March, 10.45am start for an 11.00am presentation

Drill Hall (ND25), corner of Croke and Mouat Street, Fremantle

To register, visit www.nd.edu.au or contact the Prospective Students Office on 9433 0533

UWA Campus Tour

Monday, 6 March (Labour Day) 9.00am - 11.00am

This event will include a tour of the campus with a current UWA student, followed with morning tea where the Future Students Team will be on hand to answer any questions about studying at UWA.

Year 10 and 11 Course Information Evening

Wednesday, 22 March 5.30pm - 7.00pm

The Year 10 and 11 Course Information Evening will have an informative presentation for parents and students, specifically on UWA courses and admission requirements, advice on subject selection, fee information and the UWA student experience. All UWA faculties will be present so that families will also have the opportunity to speak directly to specific course advisers. Light refreshments are provided.

Year 12 Course Information Evening

Wednesday, 22 March 7.00pm - 8.30pm

The Year 12 Course Information Evening will have an informative presentation for parents and students, specifically on UWA courses and admission requirements, Direct Pathways into postgraduate degrees, our new Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree, fee information and the UWA student experience. All UWA faculties will be present so that families will also have the opportunity to speak directly to specific course advisers. Light refreshments are provided.

Bookings are essential, students can register here: www.studyat.uwa.edu.au/events.

University of Western Australia Scholarships

Applications for UWA Fogarty Foundation Scholarships for the 2018 cohort are now open and close on Sunday 30 April. These prestigious scholarships provide students with $10,000 per year to assist in tuition, accommodation and general living expenses while completing their undergraduate studies at UWA. Students will also participate in a tailored leadership programme throughout their time at university. To be eligible students require a minimum predicted ATAR of 99.

School principals will be asked to provide UWA with the predicted ATARs for each student lodging an application.

Short-listed applicants will be invited to attend an interview on Friday 14 or Monday 17 July.

Further information about applying can be found in our flyer and we kindly ask that you share this with your Year 12 students and encourage them to apply.

Murdoch University: Science Careers Evening

Wednesday 8 March from 6.00pm - 7.45pm at Murdoch University- South Street Campus, Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre.

Meet Murdoch University Academics and learn about undergraduate course opportunities and careers in science, from working with animals to protecting and managing the environment. Hear firsthand what to expect whilst studying your degree; learn about combining majors and degrees to maximise your employment opportunities and hear from industry professionals about trends in the sector.

For more information please email: engage@murdoch.edu.au

To register: http://www.experience.murdoch.edu.au/event/science-careers-evening-2/

Medicine, Dentistry & Podiatric Medicine 2017

Medicine is offered at UWA and Notre Dame as a graduate-entry study option only and dentistry and podiatric medicine is offered as a graduate-entry study at UWA. This means that there is no longer a requirement for students to sit the UMAT (Undergraduate Medical Admission Test) as following the completion of an undergraduate degree, students who are intending to complete postgraduate studies in either medicine, podiatric medicine or dentistry will be required to sit the GAMSAT (Graduate Medical School Admission Test).

However, UWA offers limited assured entry places to highly qualified school-leaving (Year 12) students when they commence at UWA. To secure one of these places, a student must sit the UMAT, attend the structured interview, achieve a 99+ ATAR and complete an undergraduate degree with a Grade Point Average of at least 5.5 (approx. 65%).

Students who are intending to study medicine or dentistry at an interstate university (except University of Melbourne) are still required to sit the UMAT to gain entry into undergraduate medicine or dentistry.

UMAT applications closing date: Friday 2 June 2017

UMAT date: Wednesday 26 July 2017

For more information please see umat@acer.edu.au or contact Mr Frusher at Scotch.

Mr Frusher will be meeting with all interested Year 12 students following the mid-term break.

2017 ANU Tuckwell Scholarship Roadshow

Students and their parents are invited to the 2017 ANU Tuckwell Scholarship Roadshow in Perth to hear about Australia's most transformational undergraduate scholarship - the Tuckwell Scholarship. James Naylor-Pratt 2016 Leaver was one of the proud recipients of this scholarship last year.

Come along to this event to learn about:

  • Eligibility requirements for the Tuckwell Scholarship
  • How to apply (Applications for the Tuckwell Scholarship will open on 6 March 2017)
  • The benefits and opportunities
  • Life as a Tuckwell Scholar
  • Learn about what makes ANU a truly unique place to live and study
  • Other scholarship opportunities at ANU to offset the cost of university.
  • Tuesday 7 March, 5.30-7.30pm, Novotel, 221 Adelaide Terrace, Perth
  • Register here

UK Universities and Colleges

UCAS is the organisation that processes all full-time applications to UK universities and colleges. It is there to support you - as well as your son or daughter - through every step of the application process. UCAS sends all applicants a monthly newsletter, full of useful information, reminders, advice and competitions. But did you know you can access information from UCAS too?

You can sign up to monthly parent newsletters quickly and simply online. They're completely FREE and contain timely information and advice about your son or daughter's journey to higher education and what you can do to support them.

For further information about the UCAS process, take a look at the advice for parents on www.ucas.com.

Applying to the Australian Defence Force Academy

It is advised that students wishing to study at ADFA apply in Year 11 as it is a competitive selection process which may take up to 12 months to complete.

Gaining entry to ADFA is a dual process which requires students to apply directly to the Australian Defence Force while also applying concurrently to UNSW ADFA through UAC.

An offer to study at ADFA is conditional to meeting the academic requirements of UNSW as well as the mental and physical requirements of the Australian Defence Force.

To find out more about the selection process visit: http://www.defencejobs.gov.au/education/adfa/how-to-apply/

Career Tips

Students looking for part-time work will require a resume`:

There are many web-based sites that will assist in the development of a resume suitable for seeking employment. Simply Google resume` and look for a style that suits you. Another good source is the Career Centre web page http://www.careercentre.dtwd.wa.gov.au/Pages/CareerCentre.aspx. Go to Tools & Resources then Resume Builder. Here you will find an easy to use template that can be filled out and then one of five different formats can be selected.

Confused about what to do after Year 12?

The UWA website offers descriptions of the many careers available to students. Simply go to www.studyat.uwa.edu.au and find future students - featured careers.

Mr Peter Frusher

Careers Adviser


Support Groups

Scotch Parents

Scotch Parents Biennial Ball 'Fools Gold'
Scotch Parents Sub-Committee have great pleasure in inviting all parents to the Biennial Ball to be held on Saturday 1 April. It is an event not to be missed and tickets can be purchased by visiting the Scotch College website and clicking on the 'Book a Scotch Event' icon.

Upcoming Events

  • Year 6 Parent evening - Friday 17 March at Steves from 6:30pm
  • Year 9 Parent House Head Dinner - Tuesday 21 March
  • Year 7 Parent Evening - Wednesday 22 March from 7.00pm, more details to follow
  • Year 12 Coffee Morning - Friday 17 March from 9:30am at 19 McNeil Street, Peppermint Grove

Mr Ian Knobel and Ms Steph Debnam
Scotch Parents


Community Notices

The Royal Western Australian Historical Society Inc - Secondhand Book Sale

The Royal Western Australian Historical Society Inc will hold its annual secondhand book sale on Saturday 1 April and Sunday 2 April 2017, 8.30am - 5.30pm in the car park on Broadway and Clark streets. Books are donated by members and friends and the funds raised go directly towards the preservation of the Library and Museum collections and general running of the Society.

Western Land - a journey of discovery and rediscovery. This new exhibition celebrates the landing of Dirk Hartog at Shark Bay and Dutch exploration of Western Australia. It also marks the 90th birthday of the Society so why not book your tour today!


Safeguarding Protective Behaviours Parent Workshop

Loreto Nedlands in partnership with Holy Rosary Parish Nedlands are hosting a Safeguarding Protective Behaviours Parent Workshop presented by Andrea Musulin, Safeguarding Project Coordinator, on Wednesday 15 March. Details about this event are attached here.


April Revision Program

The April Revision Program aims to prepare students for Naplan and First Semester Exams, as well as revision consolidation. The course is suitable for all students in Year 7-12.

Courses will be conducted in the April school holidays at:

Christ Church Grammar School (first week) and Hale School (second week)

For further information contact Dr. Robert Hallam at Master Mind Australia on 9486 1377 or visit www.mastermindaustralia.com.au


North Cott Splash 'n' Dash

Join the first annual North Cott Splash 'n' Dash on Saturday 1 April at North Cottesloe Beach!

Click here to download the flyer for more information.


Perth Symphony Orchestra presents - An Irish Night: Strings, Stout and Storytelling

'An Irish Night: Strings, Stout and Storytelling' is a feast of incredible music from Bartok to Dvorak, Enya to Riverdance, that brings to life the stories and history of the Irish in Australia in the week of St Patrick's Day.

Performed by some of WA's leading classical and traditional Irish musicians, the concert includes an Irish-inspired menu and a glass of wine, with Guinness available for purchase. A unique evening that will be both moving and memorable, for all the right reasons.
Tickets via www.perthsymphony.com. Wednesday 15th March, from 6.30pm, Fremantle Town Hall.