20 March 2017

Headmasters ReflectionsHeadmaster's Reflections

A couple of weeks ago I attended one of my regular board meetings as a Director of the Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA), a funding lobby group based in Canberra. On this particular occasion the meeting was unique in that we met in Nyangatjatjara College, a remote Indigenous school in Yulara NT. My visit to this college, coupled with some further service work I did while on route through Alice Springs, reminded me of why it is so important for Scotch to remain committed to the education and graduation of Indigenous students from across the state and country.

Our Indigenous programme, which now includes some 32 students, was drawn into further focus this week at the sad passing of Mary Macha, a friend to Scotch College, who died last week at the age of 94. Mary made a contribution to our focus on Indigenous culture well before we set up our current formalized student programme.

Scotch had the privilege to know and benefit from an association with Mary Macha. A pioneer in the collection, understanding and protection of Aboriginal art and artifacts, Mary visited and researched Aboriginal art, ran a gallery in Perth, had a wide collection of her own, and advised museums and collectors. Even in the last year of her life she completed a book on Aboriginal illustrations. She respected and encouraged an understanding of Aboriginal culture and story and researched the background of all works of art she collected. Scotch benefited greatly from her knowledge and her gifts. Mary's first contact with Scotch was through her brother Tom Hill (OSC '37) who attended Scotch. Sadly, Tom died at Kokoda in World War II. Tom was a rower; very serendipitous given the Head of the River was run 3 days ago. No doubt he was watching and looking down on this year's Head of the River from above.

The first gift from Mary Macha was a large Papunya painting depicting the Year of the Child. This large and important work hung for many years in the front hall and would have been seen by many hundreds of boys. Perhaps the first time they had seen Aboriginal art.

In the 1980's Mary Macha and Julie Dickinson (wife of our 5th Headmaster William Dickinson), created an Artist in Residence scheme within the school. Groups of artists would be invited to Perth when their works, and work of their area, were being displayed at the Perth Aboriginal Art Gallery, which had been established by this visionary woman. Needing accommodation, room was made for these visitors in the boarding houses and, in return, the visiting artists demonstrated their art skills.

The first group, Alex and Augustine, came from the mission at Kalumburu, Alex had never been to a city and had never seen so many boys at once. They demonstrated spear making using bamboo from the headmaster's garden and glass spear tips from beer bottles. They then coached boys in spear throwing on the top oval.

The second pair Turkey and Kaapa, came from the Central Desert region. They were very impressed by the marching and assembly. They sat in the Junior School Courtyard and painted an intricate and beautiful Papunya. The skill with which they painted the tiny dots to build up the symbolic forms delighted boys and staff.

The third group were Bardi people from One Arm Point north of Broome. They brought with them a Bardi raft, an ancient form of fishing raft still used today. The intricate raft made of balsa wood in two pieces carefully locked together without recourse to nail or screw. They then proceeded to coach the boys on the swimming pool on the art of paddling. It must be the only time in history that a Bardi raft had been launched on a chlorinated swimming pool!

The last group to arrive were four artists from Oenpelli whose paintings were pictured on a set of postage stamps. While they did not paint while at school, they met and interacted with boys.

Recently Mary Macha donated a very valuable and beautiful collection of artifacts to the school, examples of hunting and gathering tools, which are on show in the front office. The collection the school holds is unique, and we are deeply honoured to own such wonderful examples of Aboriginal culture for all students to access. We are very grateful that Mary Macha should have chosen to expand our Indigenous collection and enrich our commitment to reconciliation through her passion, generosity and of course her legacy in the form of art.

In closing I would like to congratulate all boys, staff and parents associated with our boat shed. There is no doubt everyone put in an outstanding effort representing Scotch on the weekend. While finishing 4th overall in the Hamer Cup, only 6 points separated 2nd and 6th. Our first VIII finished a commendable 4th. As Headmaster, I was very proud of the way the boys represented our great College.

As we commence week 8 let us maintain our focus and energy as the term reaches its latter stages; a time when our resolve is challenged.

Have a great fortnight,

Dr A J O'Connell


Head of Junior SchoolTeaching and Learning

IB Diploma or WACE - How to choose

Scotch College is in the fortuitous position of being able to provide our students with the opportunity to complete the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme as part of their education in Year 11 and 12.

Both the Diploma Programme and the WACE provide students with a selection of challenging and rigorous courses aimed at preparing students for a range of options beyond life at school. The College will provide two separate evenings to provide parents with information on both options and we encourage our families to attend both events.

The best choice is an informed one.

IB Diploma Programme Snapshot

  • Globally 3,176 schools offer the Diploma Programme in 143 countries giving it a truly global presence in education
  • Engages students in a breadth of study in which the study of languages is mandatory
  • Internationally recognised by universities
  • There are currently 57 universities in Australia that recognise the IB, including all universities in Western Australia
  • Study the Theory of Knowledge course in which students reflect on the nature of knowledge and on how we claim to know
  • Complete an Extended Essay as part of the Diploma process
  • Educators develop curriculum globally and exams are marked internationally
  • More about process than content

Important changes to WA University entrance

An important change has occurred with both the University of Western Australia and Curtin University now accepting IB Diploma students without converting their IB score to an ATAR. This makes entry to courses easier for our IB students.

The College would encourage parents to attend the IB Parent Information evening on Wednesday 22 March at 6.30pm in the Dickinson Centre to learn more.

WACE Snapshot

  • Administered by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, which is based in Western Australia
  • Offers ATAR and General courses that cater for university Entrance and Vocational Pathways
  • A well recognised university entry credential
  • Opportunity to specialise considerably
  • Opportunity to discontinue a subject in Year 12
  • Within the WACE framework students can take the VET (Vocational Education and Training) pathway
  • Has reasonable currency internationally

The College would encourage parents to come to the WACE Parent Information Evening on Monday 27 March at 6.30pm in the Dickinson Centre to learn more.

Mr Peter Allen
Director of Teaching and Learning


From the Director of WellbeingWellbeing

From the Director of Wellbeing

Balance, Perspective and Momentary Forgetting

"Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower." [Albert Camus]

As an existentialist, Camus did not always have the most cheerful outlook on life. However, his words illustrate that there are different ways of looking at the world and taking joy from it. While many lament the end of summer and the approach of winter, Camus provides a fresh view, one seasoned with optimism. This is a perspective that balances the traditional view.

One of the great challenges facing our students - indeed, facing all of us - is to establish and maintain a balance in our lives. I think it is great for boys to try new activities, to better understand themselves and the world around them. Sometimes they find they are over-extended and need to pull back from one or two commitments. Finding and adjusting the balance enables us to keep getting the most out of our lives by regularly reflecting on what we are doing. The 'Work-Life Balance' is a misleading term. What might work for you may not be right for me. Some people may value something more than others and therefore dedicate more time to this. What works for you at one stage of your life may not be what you need at another.

To get a real sense of whether or not your life is in balance, requires perspective. Sometimes, this is difficult to achieve, and asking others for their perspective on things can help. A fresh perspective can provide a new way of seeing - as Camus does above. It can help us to see that things are neither as bad, nor as great, as we might think; it can help us to see that we have become a little lost; and we can be reminded of what is really important to us. Perspective is not that some things become unimportant, but rather that we can better gauge their relative significance in our lives.

In the past two weeks, there have been two activities which have offered some of our students a slightly different perspective on life. In Week 6, a group of Year 8 students and another group of Year 11 students took part in separate Laughter Yoga sessions with Zac Vinten. This is a conscious attempt to remind students of the power of laughter, combined with other mindfulness activities. I was pleased with the way the boys engaged with an activity which was, for many, outside of their comfort zone.

At the start of Week 7, we held the first of our Year 2-12 get-togethers. The boys were buddied up and headed off on a Treasure Hunt, with the 12s struggling to keep up with their wildly excited junior counterparts. This was followed by a breakfast burger. This was an opportunity for all of us to be reminded of the joy of seeing the world as a six-year old does, and to build connection with others - both critical factors in maintaining our wellbeing.

Each of these activities offered students the opportunity to rebalance, to take a new perspective and to momentarily forget the stresses in their lives. I look forward to us exploring more of these sorts of opportunities with our students and staff.


'Surviving Year 12 Toolkit' Breakfast

- There are still some places available for this interactive session and breakfast at Academy Café on Friday 24 March. Please have your son contact me if you think he would benefit from attending.

Tackling Exam Stress

- These sessions will run on Wednesdays after school in Week 9 and 10 of this term and Weeks 1 and 2 of next. Helen Heppingstone will teach participants mindfulness skills which will be of huge benefit to them in dealing with the upcoming exams, as well as other pressure points in their lives. It is aimed at Year 11 and 12 students and there are some places still available. Enquiries should be directed to Ms Cherie Fitzgibbon in the Residence (or email Cherie.Fitzgibbon@scotch.wa.edu.au).

Mr James Hindle
Director of Student & Staff Wellbeing


All School Matters

Temporary Boarding

Temporary Boarding is an opportunity for you to take advantage of our boarding facilities should you need to go away for a period of time, if you find it difficult to ask someone to look after your son/s while you are away and want to make sure that he continues to have a structured environment to complete his homework with access to people who can help him prepare for any upcoming assessments.

We have been trialling Temporary Boarding within our Residential Community over the past couple of years and found that our boys enjoy having new faces around the place. Siimilarly, the boys who have stayed with us have enjoyed experiencing life as a boarder.

Temporary Boarding is available to all current Scotch students in Years 7 to 12 and can be as short as 1 night or as long as you need. If you would like to enquire further about Temporary Boarding then please contact Michelle Grosse in The Residential Life Administration Office. For more news and information from Residential Life, please see our latest newsletter.

Mr Marcus Wilkinson
Director of Residential Life


Community and Service

Service in the Neighbourhood

For many years, Scotch boys in all three sub-schools have at various times assisted the Friends of Lake Claremont (FOLC) group to rejuvenate the lake environment. Right on our doorstep, it is an important resource for Scotch and the whole community in the surrounding area. The changes over the past decade or more have been profound and the FOLC group can rightly be proud of the work they have done to restore an ecosystem and provide a place of peace and solitude in the midst of a busy city. Aside from the restoration of habitat, the result of years of labour is a place of beauty and in itself restorative and rejuvenating to all who take the time to enjoy the surrounds.


Scotch boys and staff have for a long time been involved in planting and weeding - most notably as part of the Year 10 service learning programme. Boys and staff have also sat on the Friends of Lake Claremont Committee and the College has worked closely with the group to enhance the surrounds and ensure the survival of the endangered long-necked tortoise.

Lake Claremont is an important resource for Perth. Working in partnership with FOLC is a natural fit for Scotch College and our boys have an opportunity to contribute substantially to their local community. For more information on how you can volunteer, go to the FOLC website.

Combined Schools Equity Action Meeting

star logo

Each of the points of the star symbol to represents a Uniting Church school in Perth. The spiral represents the genesis of action and the growth of a connecting thread extending between the schools

As a Uniting Church school, our boys have an opportunity of being a part of a proposed Combined Project for Social Equity. Students from all the Uniting Church schools in Perth will select students to form a committee with the task of determining which social issue will be the focus of action across all the schools. The power of the Uniting Church school network is substantial and this initiative may lead to substantial assistance to a disadvantaged group.

The first meeting of the committee will be this week with the aim of rolling out an action plan soon after. Committee members will be from both Year 10 and Year 11 to ensure some continuity over time.

Senior Round Square International Conference

rsquare arms

The senior Round Square International Conference (RSIC) this year is being hosted by three schools in Cape Town, South Africa. As a Global member of Round Square, Scotch has an opportunity of sending five Year 11 boys as delegates to the conference. The conference is based on the Round Square IDEALS and will include presentations by eminent speakers, workshops and opportunities to see the Cape Town area. Boys attending will mix with student leaders from over 150 schools from around the world.

For more information, please go to the conference web page (Login: RSIC2017) Boys currently in Year 11 who are interested should complete an Application Form and return to Mrs Thomson by March 24 if you wish to be considered as a delegate for the conference.

Mr Bill Cordner
Director of Community and Service


Performing Arts

As we settle into this term it is clear that many boys have committed fully to their co-curricular commitments in music and drama. Often it is difficult to find a balance between students' academic work and the many opportunities on offer at Scotch College. Co-curricular activities in Music and Drama can often be categorised as a 'slow burn' with regular, weekly rehearsals culminating in performances, tours or the like that are often seen by students as being a long way off in the distance. At times, Performing Arts pursuits suffer from a lack of instant gratification which can be gained in other areas. Learning an instrument or gaining the skills to perform on stage can be a long and difficult process, however, the benefits from students maintaining their commitment to these longer term goals can be profound, and can often shape students' lives well after they leave school.

I would encourage all boys to maintain their commitments to their Performing Arts pursuits. There will always be times when the workload can feel a little overwhelming, and it is at these times when communication is vital. All students and parents are welcome to contact staff at any time to discuss how best to achieve a healthy balance between all of your co-curricular commitments.

Congratulations to the Combined Scotch / PLC Symphony Orchestra (CSO) for their fantastic first performance for 2017 at the Rowing Assembly. The ensemble filled the stage and shows the depth of instrumental talent shared between the two schools.

Good luck to all boys and staff involved in the Middle School production of "Danny Champion of the World". This coming week will see all of the finishing touches added to the show before Opening Night. I look forward to the school community supporting this event by attending one of the three performances from Thursday 30 March to Saturday 1 April.

Thanks to all parents who continue to show their support of our Performing Arts programmes through their active involvement in our Friends' groups. If you would like to join either the Friends of Scotch Music (FOSM) or Pipes Band Parent Support Group, please let us know, or feel free to attend their next meeting.

Important dates for the Summer Term calendar are:

Week 8(B)

Tuesday 21 March

Commonwealth Day Youth Rally, Kings Park (8 A team pipers)

Kings Park

Saturday 25 March

Hawaiian Ride for Youth (1/2 band)

Kings Park

Week 9(A)

Sunday 26 March

PLC Proms Concert

Quarry Amphitheatre

Tuesday 28 March

MS Production Dress Rehearsal


Thursday 30 March

MS Production - Danny Champion of the World (7.00pm)


Friday 31 March

MS Production - Danny Champion of the World (7.00pm)


Saturday 1 April

MS Production - Danny Champion of the World (2.00pm)


Parents Ball - Year 12 Jazz Combo & Pipes and Drums (A team)

Playing Fields

Week 10(B)

Monday 3 April

Drama 12 ATAR Practical Exams


Tuesday 4 April

Drama 11 ATAR Practical Exams


Term Break

Saturday 15 - Saturday 22 April

NIDA Tour - Sydney (SS Drama Students)

Saturday 22 April

Fairbridge Festival - Scotch Youth Voices, Senior Vocal ensemble & selected MS Music Students

Fairbridge, Pinjarra

Tuesday 25 April

ANZAC Day (selected soloists)

6.30am Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

ANZAC Day Parade (Full Band)

Perth CBD

Contact Details

The Instrumental Programme is administered by the Senior School Music Department and all queries should be directed to the Music Administrators, Julia Robinson (Monday to Wednesdays) and Donna Ranauro (Thursday and Fridays) via phone 9383 6841 or email music@scotch.wa.edu.au

Alternately, please contact Mr Chris McMillan, Head of Performing Arts, via email Chris.McMillan@scotch.wa.edu.au or phone 9383 6842.

If you wish to become more involved in supporting the Music Department, please contact FOSM@scotch.wa.edu.au

Mr Chris McMillan
Head of Performing Arts


ELC and Junior School Information Sessions

Next week we will be hosting the first of our Information Sessions for 2017 at our newly opened Early Learning Centre and Junior School. This is a great opportunity to hear first hand how "Knowing the Boy" guides everything we do at Scotch College. If you know anyone who may be interested, please direct them to the Scotch College website for further details and to register.

Junior School Information Session: Tuesday 28 March, 9am - 10.30am
Junior School sees the foundations of learning being further developed - it is a time of discovery, growing independence and confidence building. Hear from our Head of Junior School and find out about how our teachers invest the time to fully understand the academic and emotional needs
of each boy.

Early Learning Centre Information Session: Wednesday 29 March, 9am - 10.30am
Based on the Reggio Emilia approach to learning our Early Learning Centre is purpose built for the way young boys in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary learn. Hear and see how we can fuel your son's love of learning from day one.

Register here or call Admissions on 9383 6810.


School Security

Dear Parents,

In recent times some parents have walked into the School to collect children without reporting first to Front Reception. As you can understand for the security of our students we cannot allow any adults to move around the school without appropriate identification. Even if you are wearing a name tag you still need to come to Front Reception to sign in. If you don't have your name tag you will be given a visitor's lanyard.

Please be aware that teachers have been told they must meet you in Front Reception if you have an appointment with them. You cannot go directly to a teacher's office or to Student Services before first signing in at Reception. This is also important should there be a fire or other emergency so that we know exactly who is on campus at any given time.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter as we are sure you understand the security of our students and visitors is our highest priority.


Year 7 Scholarships for 2018

Applications are now open for Year 7 2018 Academic Scholarships for boys currently in Year 6 who are both current and prospective students to Scotch College. Scholarships are tenable until the end of Year 12, subject to satisfactory academic progress and commitment to the life of the School.

All applications, whether your son is a current student or a prospective student, are made online via the Scotch College website Scholarship link found on our Home page at www.scotch.wa.edu.au. Applications close 24 April 2017. No late applications will be accepted after this date. The Scholarship examination will be held at the College on Saturday 6 May 2017.

Please contact Mrs Di Moran, Registrar, on 9383 6809 or dianne.moran@scotch.wa.edu.au should you have any queries.


Uniform Shop

Opening Hours for Winter Uniform Changeover

No appointments are necessary. The Uniform Shop will be open extra hours over and above the normal opening times, as follows.

Summer Term Extra Opening Hours

Wednesday 29 March

7.30am to 9.00am

Wednesday 5 April

7.30am to 9.00am

Holiday Opening Days

Friday 21 April

9.00am to 4.00pm (lunch: noon - 1.00pm)

Monday 24 April

9.00am to 4.00pm (lunch: noon - 1.00pm)

Autumn Term Extra Opening Hours

Wednesday 26 April

7.30am to 9.00am

Boys need to be in winter uniform on Wednesday 26 April (start of term).


Head of Junior SchoolJunior School

From the Head of Junior School

Leadership and Role Models

I actually think that the most efficacious way of making a difference is to lead by example, and doing random acts of kindness is setting a very good example of how to behave in the world. Misha Collins

Being a very young child, I recall meeting older teenagers. They seemed so much older that I, so big and so mature. Seeing them, perform, play a sport and simply spend time with me had an impact. They made me consider what I might be like when I grew up.

Over the past several years, our Year 12 boys have played a special role in the development of our Year 2s. Their simple acts of kindness, of giving up their time to be with boys ten years their juniors, has had a profound impact on both sets of boys. The great thing is, the Year 12 boys do not have to do anything other than be themselves. Their maturity and genuine interested and care for the Year 2 boys is enough. They have become role models for our Year 2 boys and demonstrated, through their actions, what the Year 2's can aspire to be, that is good, kind young men.

The graduating Year 12 boys visited our Year 2 boys for an early morning treasure hunt and BBQ breakfast. They ran around the playing fields in search of clues, getting to know one another and forming bonds. This event was the first of several over the year that will bring these two groups of boys together and provide the young boys of the Junior School with the opportunity to meet young leaders in action. Boys who lead through their actions.

On Friday, Year 5 students attended the yLead, Lead with Heart, leadership conference. The yLead programme explores what it takes to be a respectful, courageous and positive leader in the community. Throughout the day, students explore the acronym HEART in a series of fun activities. HEART stands for:

Helpful - looking out for everyday actions that enrich the lives of others
Energetic - promoting and sharing positive energy
Active and Aware - becoming more away of personal strengths and how they can be used to take positive action as a leader
Resilient - the importance of having the courage to try new things, and learning to respond positively to challenging or difficult situations
Team player - the importance of working with others in an encouraging and supportive

Students explored the idea that leadership as more than a badge or title. The boys were encouraged to lead through courage, passion and integrity whilst serving others through their actions. They explored a range of activities that required them to work together, to use of their individual strengths, and to ultimately achieve success for the entire group. The boys had to understand the importance of being themselves, being truthful and trustworthy, being open to the opinions of others and being supportive and encouraging. They had a wonderful day, filled with activities that were exciting, engaging and will hopefully empower them to be positive leaders within the Scotch College and wider community.

Mr John Stewart
Head of Junior School



Leadership is influence and it can take many forms. Each year the Junior School provides a range of opportunities for boys to show their leadership skills and nominate for a leadership position.

In every class, we have class representatives who are elected by their peers and represent their class for a semester. They take on responsibilities such as collection of recess and lunch orders, and they get to work closely with Mr Norman to raise concerns or queries on behalf of their class. The class representatives also receive awards at assemblies on behalf of their class.

In Year 5, any boy wishing to nominate for House or Specialist Captain have the opportunity to do so each semester. The Specialist Captains are responsible for liaising with specialist subject teachers, reporting back to the community and often throughout the semester, host or be a part of organizing an event for the Junior School boys to participate in. These captains also meet weekly to work on their ideas, learn about processes and find out more about what it takes to become a good leader.

Similarly, the House Captains are responsible for leading their house into all sports carnival. They lead the war cries at assembly if their house is the winning house of the fortnightly award card tally and they participate in a range of inter-house competitions run within the school week.

The Junior School boys learn an array of things from public speaking, negotiating activities and ideas, establishing responsibilities, in addition to running and organising small events throughout the year. The leadership programme in the Junior School creates a lot of conversation amongst the boys and it is extremely gratifying to see their positive attitude and willingness to have a go and step up to the challenge of being a leader.

Miss Penny Hooper
Deputy Head of Junior School


Art News

Last week, the Year 3 and 4 boys visited the 'Sculptures by the Sea' Exhibition at Cottesloe Beach. The experience helped to develop their knowledge and aesthetic awareness of the art form of sculpture. This excursion related to the transdisciplinary theme 'Who we are'. Giving the boys a sense of personal wellbeing by experiencing this creative community art event. The day was spent exploring the many sculptures and the boys were given the opportunity to meet a contemporary exhibiting sculptor, completing a practical artist workshop. The students were both engaged and challenged, whilst learning new art skills. It was delightful to watch the boys observe, explore and enjoy the amazing array of different local, national and global sculptures.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many staff and parent helpers who assisted throughout the excursion, making this creative experience so very memorable.

Mrs Jane Roche
Junior Art Specialist


Year 4T News

The 4T boys have bounced into the school year with enthusiasm for new friends and new learning. Friendships were quickly re-established and strong routines adopted. Vibrant personalities with strong leadership potential and a zest for life fill our classroom and the dynamic is exciting and rigorous.

Our first Unit of Inquiry 'Who We Are', saw us investigate our overall wellbeing through the lens of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The boys engaged in a vast range of activities that allowed them to consider actions that supported optimum health. Physical activity was a given, but we gained a deeper appreciation for good nutrition, meditation, drawing, music to create a peaceful space, the positive effect of strong sleep routines and the calming nature of soft things like cuddling pets and snuggling toys. We are sensory creatures and should encourage natural and healthy practices that support this.

With blood and guts playing a part in our investigation, scientific experimentation took front and centre to support boys making deeper conceptual understandings of bigger physical issues. Jelly, marshmallows, jaffas and sprinkles made a deliciously gruesome cup of blood. And observing eggs soaked in vinegar left us quaking at the effect of food acid on the teeth. A parent guest speaker highlighted the role of the General Practitioner in maintaining good health, but some of the 'samples' (all fake), made us shudder and wonder just how our doctors do it. A unit in measurement also allowed us to explore our digestive systems and we actually measured the length of our entire guts.

Continuing the theme of the gruesome and grotesque, boys celebrated their love of language by dabbling in the realm of spook. Poetic phrases were written about body parts, and narratives were written to frighten and scare. Despite the dark and demonly landscape, each boy pursued the element of fear and suspense with rigor, creating a whole host of stories to frighten the life out of you. Oh, the power of words. Strangely, the only ones not scared were the lads themselves.

I could continue to wax lyrical about the wonders of our year's beginning, however, most important is that each and every boy in 4T is to be congratulated for the effort and effervescence they have brought to our classroom and our school. We can only look forward to celebrating and harnessing all this enthusiasm as we go forth.

Mrs Rebecca Turkich
Year 4 Teacher


Headmaster's Commendations

Congratulations to these boys for receiving a Headmaster's Commendation.

Week 7 Summer Term - Headmaster's Commendations


Harrison Alder


Robbie Algie


Benjamin Bloch


Nicolas Fernandez Riveras


Eugene Cha


Dominic Van Niekerk


Hugo Atkins


Cohen Clover


Brenn Armstrong


Jack Mayo


Oscar Zucal


From the Head of Middle SchoolMiddle School

From the Head of Middle School

Dear Parents,

Last Assembly two Year 7 boys, Eli Blackburn and Harry Clark, spoke about their lives and living with Leukaemia. It is fair to say you could have heard a pin drop as the boys spoke about the pain and some of the side effects of their treatment. In an interview style conversation, the boys responded to a range of questions about Leukaemia, however the one question they were not able to answer was how do you get Leukaemia? Medical science is still not clear on this either and research into causes continues. Eli and Harry announced a Free Dress Day for Wednesday 29th March with all gold coin donations going to Leukaemia research via our World's Greatest Shave fundraiser. As a part of Free Dress boys are encouraged to wear a beanie or a hat all day, even in class.

On the topic of this focus on understanding others, the ABC is running a series of feature programs on Bullying this month with documentaries from Australia, USA and the UK. Whilst bullying can take many forms, outcomes fall into two main effect categories: physical hurt and emotional hurt. The latter is usually a more prolonged experience with the recipient often isolated, excluded and anxious second guessing at what type of torment or put down might come next. This type of bullying, exacerbated by the use of social media, is heart breaking for everyone with the most tragic of results more than possible. In the last decade in particular schools have been rethinking pastoral care approaches in light of how we communicate, you may have noted the rise in the use of the terms Wellbeing and Mindfulness in schools. This renewed focus recognizes the need for communities, and this includes schools, on how to remain or become healthier and more resilient both physically and mentally. Fundamental to mental health is the quality and the quantity of the relationships your son has, particularly with his peers. My request, my plea to you, is that if your son tells you he is lonely, fearful or anxious, finds it hard to make friends, please let us know. First and foremost we want your son to feel safe and happy at school. This state of mind underpins all future success.

Harmony Day
Tomorrow Australia celebrates Harmony Day. It is a day when we remind ourselves about the importance of inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. It is a day when we are mindful of everyone's wellbeing.

Boys Achievements
Congratulations to the following boys on some outstanding achievements recently:

  • Charlie Duplock (Year 7) won gold in the WA Karate League Senshinkan Open Teams Event.
  • Xavier Dry (Year 8) won bronze, silver and gold medals at the State Junior Surf Life Saving Championships in March Past, Beach Sprint, Beach Flags respectively.
  • Bradley Avery (Year 8) won bronze in the State Junior Life Saving Championships for March Past.

Mr Richard Ledger
Head of Middle School


Year 6/7 Drama Production - Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl

The Scotch College Drama Department is pleased to present Roald Dahl's classic tale of a young man who powered by imagination and courage!

Nine year old Danny lives happily in a gypsy caravan with his father but his world is turned upside-down when he learns that his father poaches pheasants from the estate of the nasty, greedy Victor Hazell. One night his father doesn't return from a poaching run and Danny fears the worst. Danny sets off on a courageous journey to find his father and with a little help from the village soon finds himself masterminding the most incredible and exciting plot ever attempted against Victor Hazell.

Tickets are on sale now via the Scotch College Website

Dates: Thursday 30 and Friday 31 March at 7pm, Saturday 1 April at 2pm.

Adults $15 Child $10

Mrs Emma Cooper
Drama Teacher


8.5A Visit to Kings Park

On February 23, boys in 8.5A participated in the Year 8 cross-curricular excursion to Kings Park. This provided the students with an array of unique opportunities to not only experience Kings Park from the perspective of different subjects (Humanities, English and Mathematics), but also apply skills they had learned in class to the excursion activities; furthermore, students were required to apply the knowledge gained from the excursion to their first Humanities assessment of the term.

It was great to see students of 8.5A working in teams to complete the orienteering and mathematics activities. They also demonstrated their field sketching skills, using the city skyline and Swan River as the main sketching subjects. Under the shade of the beautiful Kings Park trees, students wrote creative pieces of writing from the perspective of nature. This was a rich learning experience for the students of 8.5A and it was fun to take learning outdoors.

Mrs Sian Angel
8.5A Homeroom Teacher


7.1W Investigates How We Learn Best

This term in 7.1W iLearn we have been working on an Action Research Project. The focus for the unit is learning the skills of data research and analysis. Mrs Berry has asked us to collect data from Middle School boys at Scotch College about how they learn best. Being given this opportunity to have a voice about how we learn is exciting. We have come up with a range of questions to ask our fellow students. Questions like, does the learning environment have an impact on how you learn? Do we all have to learn the same content at the same time? Do you enjoy interclass activities? Why? We will be using a range of techniques to collect our data, like surveys, observations, questionnaires, interviews and focus groups. The data is then interpreted and analysed by the 7.1W boys and presented back to Mrs Berry in Week 10, with our recommendations. We have quite a lot of work to do before that, but we are excited by the challenge that we have been commissioned to do.

Below is a photo that was taken at the start of the project when we were getting to know each other and completing some challenging team building tasks. This one was building the highest spaghetti tower using only spaghetti and marshmallows. It was a sticky build!

Mrs Karen Woods
7.1W Homeroom Teacher


Headmaster's Commendations


Oscar Bird

Oscar has consistently displayed the 'caring' IB learner profile this term. He has taken a new student under his wing in 8R and helped him to settle into the busy daily routine in Middle School. Oscar's commitment to cricket is second to none - always willing to collect or put away stumps, offer others to bat before him in the nets, helping with checking boys during attendance. He is always willing to help others and the teacher. It has been a pleasure to have Oscar be part of this group, both in the Homeroom and cricket.


Daniel Cooper

Daniel has consistently shown enthusiasm, integrity and motivation to succeed across a range of subject areas. He is a friendly and supportive young man who is a pleasure to have in the classroom.


Cole McLarty

A new boy to Scotch College this year, Cole has settled into Year 8 quickly and has already displayed all of the IB Learner Profiles. In particular he has shown he is principled, knowledgeable and a caring individual who is an asset to the 8C Homeroom. Cole is developing into a great new member of the Scotch community.


Tom Turkich

Tom is a delightful young man who greets me daily in a polite and cheerful manner. I believe that he embodies many of the qualities of being an IB student, such as being caring, balanced, principled and open-minded. Tom has a maturity beyond his years, in addition to having the potential to be a strong leader.


Edward Graham

Edward has made an outstanding transition into the Scotch College Middle School and Boarding House. His motivated, positive and open-minded approach to these changes in his life demonstrates a highly resilient and courageous young man. Edward interacts courteously and kindly with peers and teachers alike and is establishing himself as fine Scotch Boy of whom the College can feel very proud.


Daniel Curtin

Daniel has had a flying start as a new student at Scotch College. His friendly and amicable personality has made a great impression on staff and students. Daniel has also jumped straight into the Middle School Drama Production and PSA Sport. He is engaged in classroom lessons and his inquiring mind has seen him ask some probing questions. It has also been wonderful to hear him ask questions about new things he is unfamiliar with. Daniel is a delight to have in Middle School and is a valuable member of our community.


Tom Gray

Tom is an inquisitive, organised and hard-working student who consistently demonstrates a high level of application to all his work. His start to the year has seen him demonstrate a natural desire to learn and passion for inquiry. Tom not only has the verbal skills to ask high level questions but also excels in the clarity of his written work, keeping detailed notes as well as organised files and note books. This is particularly impressive given that he has had unavoidable absences from school this term. He is a sociable and well-liked student who has been welcoming to new members of the school community. Tom demonstrates integrity and service in all his endeavours and is to be commended for his efforts.


Felix Japp

Felix is an open-minded and proactive student who is enjoying a positive start to his time in the Middle School. Being new to Scotch College he was quick to assert himself as a caring young man who is happy to serve others. Felix is often the first to volunteer to help and, to his credit is quick to ask for assistance when needed. He is a passionate sportsman who enjoys being a member of the Cricket B's. Felix's sustained efforts in maintaining a high level of personal organisation and integrity in his interactions with others are his strengths and he is to be commended for a fantastic start to his time in the Middle School.


Lachlan Richardson

Lachlan is a knowledgeable young man who has made an outstanding transition to Middle School. He exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom and shows initiative and looks for new ways to get involved. Lachlan takes responsibility for his own learning and is committed to doing his best. He is a conscientious and hard-working student who is exceeding expectations with the quality of his work. Lachlan can be proud of his efforts.


Important Dates in Middle School

Wednesday 22 March

Scotch Parents' Year 7 Parent Function The Boulevard Floreat, 7pm

Thursday 23 March

Year 7.1W, 7.2H & 7.7T Moray Expedition returns

Tuesday 28 March

All cast dress rehearsal for Year 6 & 7 Production

Wednesday 29 March

Free Dress Day, gold coin donation for Leukaemia research

Thursday 30 March

Year 6&7 Prod, "Danny the Champion of the World" Opening Night 7pm Foundation Theatre

Friday 31 March

"Danny the Champion of the World" Performance, 7pm Foundation Theatre

Saturday 1 April

"Danny the Champion of the World" Matinee, 2pm Foundation Theatre

Scotch Parents' Ball

Sunday 2 April

Year 8 Bibbulmun Track departs (Residential students)

Wednesday 5 April

Year 8 Bibbulmun Track returns

Friday 7 April

MS Assembly, 11.30am DC

Summer Term concludes


From the Head of Senior SchoolSenior School

From the Head of Senior School

Opportunities abound at Scotch College and it was with great interest that I shared part of the Year 9 Rottnest Camp with boys to see just what opportunities it did provide.

What I witnessed was over 200 boys and 20 staff working together in a series of well-constructed activities meant to educate and build relationships. The activities allowed students to learn about Rottnest's history and ecology, complete a series of team-building and survival exercises while enjoying the physical activity of riding and swimming around the beautiful island. The opportunity for the boys to come together at this early stage of the year and work together while developing a rapport with their House Head is undoubtedly a valuable exercise giving all who participated a shared experience from which to grow.

Thank you to our House Heads, Mr David Jones, Mr Mark Gale, Mr James Hindle, Mr Sean Mecham, Mr Matthew Jahn and Mr Howard Loosemore and the Outdoor education team for their wonderful work.

Another fantastic experience over the past week has been the Year 12 Reward Breakfast. The Breakfast brings together the top performing students in Year 12, based on their Semester 2 Year 11 results, and was held in the Dining Room on Thursday 9 March. The boys, staff and members of Council who attended were treated to a presentation by Dr Karl O'Callaghan, Commissioner of the Western Australian Police. Dr O'Callaghan gave us all some very salient advice on being true to yourself and your goals; acting with integrity, and being open to new experiences and making the most of opportunities which present themselves. He shared his accidental journey into the Police Service and his journey and challenges in changing the culture. He also shared his personal journey; his ongoing improvement through further education, learning a musical instrument at 44 years of age and most recently becoming a foster parent to two young boys.

Overall, a wonderful message to all those present.

Finally, congratulations to all those boys who represented the College at the PSA Inter-School Swimming last Thursday evening. One message I have heard clearly in my short time at Scotch College is the importance of personal excellence. Measuring ourselves against the improvement we make is the truest measure of success or growth. It was terrific to see the team post 90 personal bests at the final swim meet of the season. A great reward for the boys' hard work and the wonderful support of the coaching staff.

Congratulations to you all.

Mr Dean Shadgett
Head of Senior School


Important Dates in Senior School





Week 8B

Monday 20 March

Year 10 Personal Project Meetings


All week

WADL Debating Round 1 Week 2

Christ Church

6.30pm - 10.00pm

Tuesday 21 March

Year 9 Parent and House Head Dinner

Dining Room Annexe

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Wednesday 22 March

Senior School Production Rehearsal

Dickinson Centre

3.30pm - 6.00pm

Year 10 Diploma Parent Information Evening

Dickinson Centre

6.30pm - 8.30pm

Thursday 23 March

Year 10 Ferguson House Parents Dinner

Off Campus

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Friday 24 March

Senior School Marching and Assembly

Dickinson Centre

8.35am - 9.35am

PSA Sport - Trinity College v Scotch College (Please check fixtures on home.scotch)


2.00pm - various

Senior School Production Rehearsal

Dickinson Centre

4.00pm - 6.00pm

Saturday 25 March

PSA Sport - Trinity College v Scotch College (Please check fixtures on home.scotch)


8.30pm - various

WADL Debating Developmental Seminar

St Stephen's Duncraig

10.00am - 2.30pm

WADL Debating Developmental Seminar

Guildford Grammar School

12noon - 4.30pm

Sunday 26 March

WADL Debating Developmental Seminars

Shenton College

12noon - 4.30pm

Brisbane House Barbeque

Gooch Pavilion

5.00pm - 7.30pm

PLC Quarry Concert (warm ups from 5.00pm)

The Quarry Amphitheatre

6.00pm - 9.00pm

Week 9A

Monday 27 March

Senior School Inter-House Cross Country Carnival

Memorial Oval

1.45pm - 3.30pm

Year 10 WACE Parent Information Evening

Dickinson Centre

6.30pm - 7.30pm

Tuesday 28 March

Scotch Parents Meeting

Gooch Pavilion

9.00am - 10.30am

WADL Debating Round 2 Week 1

Shenton College

6.30pm - 10.00pm

Wednesday 29 March

Parent Support Group Breakfast

Dining Room Annexe

7.30am - 9.00am

Year 10 Allwell Testing

Dickinson Centre

8.30am - 12.30pm

Year 9 Da Vinci Decathlon

Wesley College

8.30am - 3.30pm

Mindfulness Meditation Course

Room 13.103

3.45pm - 5.00pm

Senior School Production Rehearsal

Dickinson Centre

3.30pm - 6.00pm

WADL Debating Round 2 Week 1

Hale School

6.30pm - 10.00pm

Thursday 30 March

Year 10 Da Vinci Decathlon

Wesley College

8.30am - 3.30pm

Friday 31 March

Senior School Marching and Assembly

Dickinson Centre

8.35am - 9.35am

PSA Sport - Winter Season Training for Year 9 boys


1.30pm - 3.15pm

Senior School Production Rehearsal

Dickinson Centre

4.00pm - 6.00pm

Year 9 and 10 Cadet Camp departs

Canteen roundabout


Saturday 1 April

PSA Sport - Scotch College Bye

Year 9 and 10 Cadet Camp returns

Canteen roundabout


Scotch Parents' Ball

Marquee on the playing fields

7.00pm - 12 midnight

Sunday 2 April

Anderson House Family Gathering

3.00pm - 5.00pm

Gooch Pavilion

Year 9 Bibbulmun Track Expedition departs

Week 10B

Monday 3 April

Year 12 ATAR Drama Practical Examinations

Cricket Dinner

Dining Room

6.30pm - 9.30pm


Procedure for Absences in the Senior School

Dear Parents,

To ensure that all boys are safely accounted for at all times we ask that you adhere to the following procedure in the Senior School:

  • If you son is unable to attend school due to illness or injury please notify Student Services before 9.00am.
  • If your son is away from school for longer than a week or more a medical certificate is required.
  • If your son is in Year 11 or Year 12 and misses an assessment for any reason a medical certificate is required for him to sit the assessment when he returns. If the school does not receive a medical certificate your son will be given zero for the assessment he missed.
  • If your son will be late for school please notify Student Services before 9.00am. On arrival, your son must sign in at Student Services.
  • If your son needs to leave school during the day please notify Student Services. He must sign out at Student Services before leaving, and, if he returns before the end of the day, he must sign back in.
  • A respectful reminder not to collect your son from the classroom. You may meet your son at Student Services if you wish to come into the school.
  • If your son is not feeling well during the day he should go to the Health Centre where staff will contact you.

Student Services:

Phone - 9383 6928

Email - seniorschool@scotch.wa.edu.au

Location - opposite the entry to the Dickinson Centre

For leave from school for a period of one week or more for reasons other than illness or injury, a request must be made to the Head of Senior School by emailing his Personal Assistant, Heidi Locke Heidi.Locke@scotch.wa.edu.au

Should you have any queries please contact Student Services.

Mrs Lynn Murray
Student Services Co-ordinator


Careers Information


University of Western Australia Scholarships

Applications for UWA Fogarty Foundation Scholarships for the 2018 cohort are now open and close on Sunday 30 April. These prestigious scholarships provide students with $10,000 per year to assist in tuition, accommodation and general living expenses while completing their undergraduate studies at UWA. Students will also participate in a tailored leadership programme throughout their time at university. To be eligible students require a minimum predicted ATAR of 99. School principals will be asked to provide UWA with the predicted ATARs for each student lodging an application. Short-listed applicants will be invited to attend an interview on Friday 14 or Monday 17 July.

University of Western Australia Year 12 Information Evening

Wednesday 22 March from 7.00pm-8.30pm

For many Year 12 students and their parents, applying for university can be a daunting process.

The University of WA offers free information sessions providing advice on UWA courses, admission requirements and key dates for 2017. Their Future Students team will be available to answer your questions after the presentation. Register online: http://www.studyat.uwa.edu.au/about/events#ui-id-2

Murdoch University

Is your child or are you the first in your family to consider studying at university?

Thursday 23 March

7.00pm - 8.30pm

Murdoch University

Perth Campus

Guest speaker Associate Professor Sarah O'Shea from the University of Wollongong, will tackle the common questions and concerns raised by 'first in family' students and their families, and provide insight into how these students can be supported and advised during their transition to university. Sarah will be joined by a panel which include Murdoch University's Director of Student Services and current students who are first in their family to attend university. The evening will also address what to expect and how to support your child in Year 12, including how to navigate the application process to university.

Light refreshments will be provided.

To register go to: www.experience.murdoch.edu.au.

University of Melbourne Interstate Student Info Day

Friday 21 April from 9:00am - 4:30pm

Interstate Year 12 students and their families are invited to this information day to find out about studying at the University of Melbourne, including the application process and accommodation options. Registrations should be made online. For further information, visit the link below:


University of Notre Dame: Medicine Information Session

Sunday 26 March from 10.45am at Drill Hall, The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle Campus.

Information about the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Pre-Medicine Certificate (PMC) will be discussed including the application and selection process, course structure, and important dates and deadlines.

For more information email future@nd.edu.au or call 08 9433 0533 http://www.nd.edu.au/events/2017/med-information-session

School Curriculum & Standards Authority

SCSA advises that the Year 12 Information Handbook is now available on-line at www.scsa.wa.edu.au. Information in this handbook is vital for all Year 12 students to read and understand.

Gap Year 2018

Defence Force Gap Year 2018

Details of all the Gap Year roles are available at defencejobs.gov.au/gapyear

Employment commences early 2018

Applicants must have completed Year 12 (or equivalent) and be aged between 18 and 24 years old as of 1 September 2018 (Navy), 31 May 2018 (Army) or 31 March 2018 (Air Force)

Gap Medics

International Medical Work Experience for School and Undergraduate Students. Students wanting to enter the healthcare field should consider Gap Medics. They offer one - eight weeks' work experience programmes in hospitals in destinations such as Tanzania, Thailand, Poland and Croatia.

For more information please visit: https://www.gapmedics.com/aus/

April Revision Courses

April ATAR Revision with Academic Task Force - six hour subject revision at Rossmoyne SHS, Churchlands SHS and Perth Modern School. Enrol now online at www.academictaskforce.com.au or call 9314 9500 or email learn@academictaskforce.com.au.

April ATAR Revision Courses with Academic Associates - 10 hour courses available at the University of Western Australia. Enrol online at www.academicassociates.com.au or call 9314 9500 or email info@academicassociates.com.au

See the attachment to this newsletter for further information

Career Exploration

Pre-Apprenticeship Course Finder

This site can help you find a pre-apprenticeship course in your area of interest. You can search by location.


Deakin Explore

This website produced by Deakin University allows prospective students to search for courses based on careers or search for careers based on courses. http://explore.deakin.edu.au

Graduate Careers Australia- Career Profiles

For Secondary School Students, Careers Advisors, Parents, Teachers and University Graduates - the website offers an insight into a range of careers in a multitude of different industries.


Mr Peter Frusher
Careers Adviser


Boys Achievements

Lachlan Mills (Year 10, Stuart) competed in the State Senior Surf Lifesaving championships and won the U15 Ironman and the U15 Board race as well as contributing to four Team Medals.

Conor Patton (Year 11, Ross) won the North Beach club round of the Lions Youth of the Year Speech and Leadership competition. He will now advance to the zone rounds in March.

Felix Jones (Year 11, Brisbane) won the speaking section and the overall competition for the Wanneroo Lions Club's round of the Lions Youth of the Year Speech and Leadership competition. He will now advance to the zone rounds in March.

Conor and Felix have now competed in the zone rounds. Conor was one of the top three competitiors in this round and advances to the district finals to be held on Sunday 26 March.

Jaxon Hayden (Year 9, Stuart) will compete in the U14 2km soft sand running at the Surf Life Saving Australian National Championships being held in Queensland 23 - 27 March 2017.

Sean Szalek (Year 11, Ross) competed in the WA State Athletic Championships and achieved a personal best High Jump of 2.13m qualifying for the Commonwealth Youth Games.

Last year Lewis Orr (Year 10, Ferguson) won the Roland Leach Poetry Prize for his poem "The Woodsman's Son", which was then put forward in national competitions. Lewis has been shortlisted with two other students in the Junior category of the Somerset National Poetry Prize, with winners to be announced this Friday.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh's International Awards have been achieved by the following boys:

Bronze Awards

Sam Anderson (Year 11, Ferguson)

Mitchell Anstiss (Year 10, Brisbane)

Thomas Menzies (Year 12, Keys)

Laine Mulvay (Year 11, St Andrews)

Kristian Stonier (Year 10, Brisbane)

Silver Award

Andrew Burvill (Year 12 Shearer)

Inter-School Swimming Carnival


Christ Church Grammar School



Hale School



Trinity College



Wesley College



Scotch College



Aquinas College



Guildford Grammar School



Support Groups

Scotch Parents

Still time to buy tickets for the Scotch Parents Biennial Ball "Fools Gold"

Just a reminder that there is still time to book a table or buy individual tickets to our biennial Scotch Parents Black Tie Ball "Fools Gold". What better way than to spend Saturday 1 April on the lawn in a marquee on the Scotch playing fields.

Date and Time: Saturday 1 April from 6.30pm - 12.00am with Pre-dinner drinks from 6.30pm
Theme: Fools Gold
Dress: Black Tie

To purchase your tickets please visit the Scotch website - www.scotch.wa.edu.au and click on the 'Book a Scotch Event' icon. Tickets are $250 per person. Please note that this is not a fundraising event and the ticket price has been set to cover costs only.

We are very excited about this event and we look forward to seeing you all for a spectacular experience. Ticket sales will close on Monday 27 March.

For any enquiries:
Ticketing - Donna Jackson - 0419 911 576
General - Ian Knobel - 0407 285 246

Next Scotch Parents Open Meeting
The next Scotch Parents meeting will be held on Tuesday 28 March at 9am, in the Gooch Pavilion. Please join us for tea and coffee from 8.30 am or attend the meeting at 9.00am.

Following the merger of the two parents groups our meetings are now held on Tuesdays with one morning meeting and one evening meeting per term.

We are also still looking for volunteers to help with the set-up and tear down of the Scotch Parents Ball. If you are able to help for an hour or two please let me know. We are looking for help at the following times:

  • Friday 31 March from 2.30pm
  • Saturday 1 April between 8.30 am and 2.00pm
  • Sunday 2 April from 9.00am.

We would love you to assist and encourage you to contact our volunteer coordinator Lucia Barrett via email luciabarrett@hotmail.com or mobile 0412850814

Upcoming Events

  • Year 9 Parent House Head Dinner - Dining Room Tuesday 21 March
  • Year 7 Parents Dinner - Off Campus Wednesday 22 March


Mr Ian Knobel and Ms Steph Debnam
Scotch Parents


Sporting Dinners

Water Polo Support Group
The Water Polo Dinner for 2017 will be held on Tuesday, 4 April in the Dining Room Annexe. Players from the 7, 8 and 9A's and Year 10 to 12, together with their parents are invited to attend. Tickets are $63.00 per head and are available by visiting the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au and clicking on the "Book a Scotch Event" icon.

Cricket Support Group
The Annual Cricket Dinner will be held on Monday, 3 April in the Dining Room. Players from Year 9 to 12 and parents of players in Year 11 and 12 are invited to attend. Tickets are $60.00 per person and are available by visiting the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au and clicking on the "Book a Scotch Event" icon.

Basketball Support Group
The 2017 Basketball Dinner and Awards Presentation will be held on Wednesday, 5 April 2017 in the Dining Room. Players and parents from all Basketball teams are warmly invited to attend the Dinner and presentation of the 2016/2017 Season awards. To purchase your tickets please visit the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au and click on the "Book a Scotch College Event" icon.

We hope to see you there!

Mr Peter Clarke
Basketball Support Group


Community Notices

The Western Australian Naturalists' Club

Professor Kingsley Dixon will be presenting at the Social Sciences Lecture Theatre, UWA, Wednesday 12 April. 'Living in a Biodiversity Hotspot' is an overview of work in botany in WA and an insight into some of the botanical wonders he has researched. More information is available at www.wanaturalists.org.au.