31 July 2017

Headmasters ReflectionsHeadmaster's Reflections

On Friday night I sat watching the Sydney Swans Hawthorn AFL game and noted the Beyond Blue dance entertainment put on at half time. High energy, eye-catching dancing with performers in dazzling electric neon blue suits. Contrasting against the dark night sky they certainly caught my eye. The Beyond Blue dancers were there to draw attention to the help mechanisms and strategies that exist for the issues of anxiety, depression and suicide that have become increasingly prevalent in today's society. An interview with Dr Julie Gillard, Chair of the Beyond Blue organisation followed. During the interview I learned that three million Australians are struggling with anxiety or depression, 1:8 people nationally, of which six cases out of eight are male. Two pertinent comments Dr Gillard made were:

  • We recognise the symptoms of a broken bone and typically we go immediately to seek professional help and remedy.
  • Can we recognise the onset of anxiety and depression and if so do we act accordingly when we are suffering or hurt in this manner?

The reason the half time entertainment and interview struck a chord with me is that during the past week to our staff and within Middle and Senior School classes we have introduced and showcased organisations such as Beyond Blue and Head Space WA. Boys had guest speakers, engaged in group discussion, classroom activities and discovered resources and how to access pathways they can use either for themselves or their family and friends if anxiety or depression take hold. These organisations, their work, strategies and accessibility must become a greater part of our everyday dialogue within schools, businesses, community groups and families. Recognising symptoms of anxiety and depression in ourselves or around us is critical.

The simple statistics detailed above underscores the move the College took last year in creating a Director of Wellbeing position and appointing Mr James Hindle into this role. Along with Director of Wellbeing the College has School Psychologists in each sub-school and Chaplaincy shared across Junior and Middle and Senior School. All of these staff are pillars of strength, knowledge and support and have a wealth of information for boys, or families, to draw on. I would be most grateful if you were to support our conversations of last week, to at some point have your son clarify to you what he knows about recognising, and getting help for these issues. As Dr Gillard pointed out, when we break an arm we seek immediate medical help and the prognosis for recovery is excellent. We need to cultivate the same attitude and approach in our youth, particularly male, that when anxiety and depression emerge, we seek immediate help; as with professional medical help, the prognosis around anxiety and depression is excellent too.

Mr Richard Ledger
Acting Headmaster

beyond blue


Head of Junior SchoolTeaching and Learning

NAIDOC Week 2017 - A celebration of Community

During Week 2 of this term the College shall welcome NAIDOC week celebrations focusing on the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Currently at the College we have thirty eight Indigenous students from across Australia. Thirty four of these students reside in our residential community whilst four are day boys. More information about the Indigenous programme at the College can be found here.

Scotch College is committed to our Indigenous programme and has enjoyed a 96% WACE graduation rate, that has seen many boys go on to tertiary studies, employment, apprenticeships or other further training. Yet, far more than measurable outcomes, the interactions and positive relationships that our Indigenous students bring to the College and enrich our community are the cornerstone of our programme.

As part of our commitment through the Reconciliation Action Plan, Scotch staff participated in a Professional Development session on Monday 24 July where we considered how we can increase engagement with Indigenous education across all year levels in all curriculum.

As Cara Shipp (2013), suggested in her article focused on increasing education regarding Indigenous education in Australia, 'Improving relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians can only be achieved through reconciliation via education, and exposure to each others' perspectives. In most cases, everything we see around us in our classrooms and curriculum is the mainstream Anglo-Australian perspective.'

If you are interested in reading more about the article that our staff recently considered follow this link:

Shipp, C. (2013). Bringing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into the classroom: Why and how. Literacy Learning; the middle years, 21(3), 24-29.

Over the coming months the College will be revising our Reconciliation Action Plan and we look forward to sharing it with our community.

In the meantime, I strongly encourage you and your family to attend the Yira Yarkiny concert, bookings can be made by clicking on the banner below.

Thank you for trusting us to educate your sons.

yira banner

Mr Peter Allen
Director of Teaching and Learning


From the Director of WellbeingWellbeing

No Man is an Island

In 1624, John Donne wrote:

"No man is an island,
Entire of itself;
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main…"

These beautiful words are a simple yet powerful reminder to all of us that we are all connected. He makes the point that no-one exists in isolation and together we form something much larger and very special, even though we may not see this. His metaphor makes it clear that we cannot live alone; we depend on others to complete our lives and to make us whole. We need to be connected to a community, and this community helps to nourish us.

Donne finished his Meditation 17 with the lines:

"And therefore never send to know
For whom the bell tolls;
It tolls for thee."

He was writing in a time when life was simpler and most people lived in small villages where everybody knew everybody else. When someone in the village died, the local parish church bells would ring out to let everyone know that the community had suffered a loss. His point was that it did not matter who that person was, because everyone was affected. You did not need to ask their name, or what had happened, because you and your family would know them and be affected by their death.

Nearly four hundred years later, we should be glad to be reminded that we are all connected; that what each of us does affects those around us. We should see such connection as a wonderful gift. What happens to one person happens to the rest of us: when we share our joy with someone it is doubled; when we share sorrow, it is halved. As a community, we should be constantly aware of the need to look out for each other and to care for those around us, being willing to go beyond common courtesy to demonstrate compassion and to display kindness. We need to be gentle with ourselves; and we need to be gentle with others, because you can never know what is going on in their lives.

With the start of this term, we have taken the opportunity to speak to all our boys about the importance of maintaining good mental health - our own and others. I have included the attachments that we have sent to all boys and parents. You may have missed these but they offer a really good starting point for you to talk to your son about this crucial subject.

Knowing it is okay to ask for help; knowing it is okay to bring others in when we do not feel we can fix things on our own; and knowing that things can get better with time and the right help are critical things for our boys to understand. As we head towards recognising RUOK? Day later this term, I hope we can all remember - and have the courage to remind others - to keep an eye on those around us, have conversations where we check to see if they are travelling well, and encourage them to seek help if we think they need it.

In the lead-up to the Year 11 and 12 examinations, we will also be running the Tackling Exam Stress course with Helen Heppingstone, which was so well received by those who participated in Semester 1. More information will follow and I will be speaking to our senior students about being a part of these sessions. I strongly urge you to encourage your son to be involved. These are skills which will be practical well beyond school.

Mr James Hindle
Director of Student and Staff Wellbeing

Headspace - If your friend is not okay

Headspace - Tips for a healthy headspace

Youth Focus


From the Director of Community and ServiceCommunity and Service

The War on Waste

Many of you will have recently seen the ABC's three-part series titled, War on Waste. For those that did not, the series focused on various recycling programmes and some of the issues generated from the increasing amount of waste in Australia. It was pleasing to hear that many recycling programmes were pioneered in Australia and that the 'Keep Australia Beautiful' is largely seen as a success. Unfortunately, food is a major source of waste and in 2016 the value of this was put at $5.2 billion. This is particularly disappointing when we know that agencies who provide food for those in need overwhelmingly report that they do not have sufficient food to meet demand.

The College has just begun a new group which hopes to contribute to the war on waste, as well as ensuring we are assisting those that are hungry receive the food they need. The College is now working with Food Rescue, a UnitingCare West programme that is committed to rescuing fresh, nutritious food and distributing it safely to people in need. They collect fruit and vegetables from 50 supermarkets and also collect ready-made meals from cafes and food vans. Last year the group collected food that equated to 115,738 meals.

On Thursday afternoons, the group meets in the Senior School kitchen to make meals using the fruit and vegetables delivered by Food Rescue. Food Rescue will then pick up the meals on a Friday morning and deliver it to the agencies in need. From next Thursday, we will be cooking and packaging food that has been delivered to the College.

What can you do? There are three things which can be done to assist.

  1. Sign up to join the group by emailing Mrs Bloodworth or Mr Kyle. The group will meet between 3.30pm and 5.30pm on a Thursday afternoon. All boys are welcome.
  2. Donate food to supplement that delivered by Food Rescue. The types of food required include; canned vegetables and legumes, pasta, including lasagne sheets, other non-perishables such as muesli bars. Meat is an area of great need so if you know any opportunities to source discarded meat, please get in touch.
  3. Donate reusable containers, ideally large yoghurt buckets or similar, and large tin foil containers.

Any donations can be left outside the Senior School Commercial Kitchen located near the Claremont Crescent slipway. If you have perishable items, which would be greatly appreciated, please email Jane Toovey, jane.toovey@scotch.wa.edu.au, Marie Bloodworth, marie.bloodworth@scotch.wa.edu.au, or Karen Bridle, Karen.bridle@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Below is a picture with Food Rescue Manager, Julie Broad who came in and outlined the process for staff and boys.

food kitchen team

Karen Bridle, Julie Broad, Max Locke (Year 11, Ferguson), Marie Bloodworth, Jane Toovey

Callum Moffat (Year 10, Keys), Harry Sugars (Year 10, Alexander), Grayson Downes (Year 9, Brisbane), Daniel Falkiner (Year 9, Brisbane)

Serving in the Junior School

On Friday, the Junior School held its Captains and Class Representatives Commissioning Service. Mr Stewart spoke to the boys and families about service at the College and some of the areas in which boys in the Middle School and Senior School serve. Mr Stewart explained to the boys the importance of their positions and the honour in being in a position to serve their peers and the College. The boys then took an oath focused on the traditions and values of the College.

Congratulations to all the Junior School Captains for Semester 2, 2017.

Mr David Kyle
Director of Community and Service


All School Matters

Staff Movement

Winter 2017 - staff leave

Alec O'Connell



24 July 17 - 22 Sept 17

Renae Cirillo

Year 5 Teacher

Mat leave

3 July 17 - 20 July 18

Emma Cooper

Middle School Drama Teacher

Mat leave

3 July 17 - 20 July 18

Winter 2017 - returning from long service or maternity leave

Suzy Wydra

Music Teacher

Maternity leave

24 July 17

Debbie Lee

Maths | Head of Learning Analytics

Long service leave

24 July 17

Lawrence Felgate

Year 8 Teacher

Long service leave

24 July 17

Winter 2017 - temporary new staff

Niki Browne-Cooper

Drama Teacher - Middle School

24 July 2017

Iain Hamilton

Drum Instructor

24 July 2017

Fiona Alexander

Year 5 Teacher

24 July 2017

Akram Azimi

Scholar in Residence

26 May 2017

Anna Eriksson

Teacher Middle School (Year 7)

Winter Term

Rachel Budimlich

Drama Teacher - Senior School

Winter Term

Winter 2017 - internal changes

current role

new role


Richard Ledger

Head of Senior School

Acting Headmaster

Winter Term

Pina Giglia

Deputy Head of Senior School

Acting Head of Middle School

Winter Term

Andrew Arbuckle

Year 7 Teacher

Acting Deputy Head of Middle School

Winter Term

current role

additional role


Nicholas Guard

English Teacher

Head of Stuart House

24 July 2017


Performing Arts

Welcome back and congratulations to all members of the Pipes and Drums who toured to Nova Scotia during the holiday period. The boys were fantastic ambassadors for the school and enjoyed all of the experiences on offer. Special thanks to the staff who led the tour - Mr Craig Bailey, Mr Roy Hamilton and Mrs Denyse Houston.

The Music Department have a number of significant events over the next fortnight. On Friday 4 August, the Dickinson Centre will be transformed into a 1920's inspired 'Cotton Club'. All parents, friends and staff are encouraged to book their tables for the event which has become a highlight of the Scotch calendar. The night will feature performances from our Big Bands, Combos and Scotch Vox who will be supported by members of staff and some of Perth's best Jazz performances. In addition, we are proud to welcome back guest musicians the legendary Australian drummer and big band leader, Mr John Morrison and award-winning jazz vocalist, Ms Jacki Cooper again this year.

So book your tables and bring your dancing shoes to Jazz Night 2017. Doors open at 7.00pm for a 7:30pm start. Tickets are available here.

In the lead up to Jazz Night, our Senior and Middle School boys will have an opportunity to workshop their performances with John Morrison and Jacki Cooper.

This year's NAIDOC Concert will be held on Saturday 5 August. The night will feature performances by some of our Indigenous students, as well as items from a number of invited schools. The NAIDOC Concert promises to be a wonderful display of talent. Reserve your ticket here.

The Con Brio concert highlights our talented string players. All ensembles have been working diligently to prepare for this event and we look forward to your support.

Important dates for the Winter Term calendar are:





Friday 4 August


Music Jazz Night

Dickinson Centre

Saturday 5 August


NAIDOC Concert

Dickinson Centre

Wednesday 9 August


Con Brio Concert

Dickinson Centre

Saturday 12 August


Pipe Band 70th Anniversary Sundowner

Sunday 13 August

All day

WA School's Jazz Festival

Hale School

Monday 14 August


FOSM Meeting

Senior School Music Department

Friday 25 August

9.00am - 12.00pm

Music Photo Day

MacKellar Hall

Saturday 26 August

All day

Aths Day

Monday 4 - Friday 8 September

Arts Week

Monday 4 September - Tuesday 5 September

All day

JS MS Music Festival & Music Camp

MacKellar Hall

Monday 4 September

7.00 - 9.00 pm

Combined Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal and Supper

Dickinson Centre

Friday 8 September


Senior Spring Concert

Dickinson Centre

Thursday 14 September


JS Music Strings Soiree

MacKellar Hall

Contact Details

The Instrumental Programme is administered by the Senior School Music Department and all queries should be directed to the Music Administrators, Julia Robinson (Monday to Wednesday) and Donna Ranauro (Thursday and Fridays) via phone 9383 6841 or email music@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Alternately, please contact Mr Chris McMillan, Head of Performing Arts, via email Chris.McMillan@scotch.wa.edu.au or phone 9383 6842.

If you wish to become more involved in supporting the Music Department, please contact FOSM@scotch.wa.edu.au

Mr Chris McMillan
Head of Performing Arts


Uniform Shop Opening Hours


8.00am - 5.00pm


7.30am - 11.30am


7.30am - 11.30am

The Uniform Shop will be closed for the Mid-Term break (Friday 18 August).


NAIDOC Concert

The Yira Yarkiny NAIDOC Concert will showcase Indigenous students performing in dance, music and song. This is a free event on Saturday 5 August in the Dickinson Centre from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. To reserve your ticket go to the Scotch College website and click on 'Book a Scotch College Event' icon.


Head of Junior SchoolJunior School

From the Head of Junior School


We hear the term 'merit' or 'meritorious' used in different contexts. It can conjure up images of gallant or honorable conduct that deserves recognition. It can be for a lifetime of achievements the are deserving of reward or praise. In Buddhism, they look at merit-making as bringing good and agreeable results that determine the quality of the next life and contribute to a person's growth towards enlightenment.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word "merit" as a noun means "the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward." As a verb, "to merit" means "to deserve or be worthy of something, especially reward, punishment, or attention,"

How do we help a boy in his journey towards wanting to conduct himself as a student, individual and person in a manner that deserves recognition of merit? Should it be a point system that gains recognition based on a cumulative score? Perhaps it should be confined to recognition of the good things one does whether that be short term or long term.

When we work towards teaching boys that hard work pays off we acknowledge their efforts as they achieve something new. We celebrate their failures, resilience and attempts as they finally master the new learning or task. We accept that for most, that journey is not quick or simple, in fact, we acknowledge that the harder the journey usually the better the lesson or skill is learned.

Should that be any different with merit? We choose to recognise meritorious conduct and effort for many different reasons. For some boys, it is for demonstrating a particular attribute over a long period of time. Their consistent and admirable approach is formally celebrated with a merit award and subtlety acknowledged in their daily interactions with teachers and peers. For these boys, we are saying well-done for what is easier for them to do on a consistent basis.

For others, demonstrating or learning the benefit of consistent or meritorious conduct or achievement is a longer journey. We try to teach them that their actions and efforts are worthy of note and celebration, sometimes even when it has not been demonstrated very often. This recognition can demonstrate to that boy that when they do well in their effort, conduct or their learning we will say well done and celebrate that achievement.

We aim to be fair and provide each boy with an opportunity to have something they have achieved or demonstrated celebrated and recognised by the school community at least once per year. We do not have an order to this system or a scoring system to determine when a boy will receive they reward. We base it solely on when the teacher has seen something that a boy has done that is of merit.

Helping our boys to see that good efforts as good people bring positive results is part of our effort to teach them to be boys of character with a strong self-understanding who will become valued members of the global community.

Mr John Stewart
Head of Junior School


Art News

The Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists is a prestigious annual art exhibition hosted July- August at Subiaco Library. The City of Subiaco received 1235 entries for the award. The panel of expert judges carefully selected the best fifty works across the five age categories to be displayed in the exhibition 10 July to 6 August 2017.

The following talented Scotch Junior School Artists were selected:

  • Hamish Byass, Year 3: Second Prize Middle Primary
  • Philip Pizimolas, Year 4: Highly Commended
  • Brenn Armstrong, Year 3: Exhibited
  • Maxwell Fine, Year 2: Exhibited

The award ceremony was held at Subiaco Library on Monday 17 July. Award patron and Academy Award Winner Shaun Tan presented prizes to the finalists on the night. Hamish Byass, Year 3 won 2nd prize in the category of Upper Primary. Shaun interviewed each of the finalists and made some very encouraging comments. Below is a copy of what Shaun had to say about some of our exhibiting Scotch Artists' work.

Fuzzy Bear by Hamish Byass
"Here is another great example of the simple rule of art: just try and capture the thingness of a thing. In this case, the fuzzy bearness of a bear, the way you feel the fur in your mind's hand more than your mind's eye, and you sense the artist also putting a hand to the paper in the same way. Almost petting the form into existence. This is not a resolved picture, and that keeps it alive. If you kept working on this, trying to nail the fuzziness or bearness of the fuzzy bear, I think you would lose both. Art is tricky that way, you have to hold everything like a bird in your hand, not too tight to crush it, not too loose or it will fly away. It has to sit there because it wants to."

Just Rooster by Philip Pizimolas
"Here is the roosterness of a rooster. Whether by accident or design, and both matter a lot in a drawing, the stark presence of the rooster is impossible to ignore, and the odd combination of poise and jerkiness that you notice in poultry. The claws stand out the most, the part we are either worried about or like."

Mr Rooster by Brenn Armstrong
"Again, a wonderful feeling of the rooster in a work that would not look at all out of place in any gallery. This is an artist to watch and encourage. I'm also impressed by the simple idea of cutting out a drawing and putting it on a brightly coloured background, that's a really good trick. Focuses rather than detracts from the fluid energy and character of the drawing itself."

Please click here to view exhibiting images.

I wish to take the opportunity to congratulate our wonderful young Scotch Artists. I thank you for sharing your gift of creativity and presenting your many talents to the broader community.

Mrs Jane Roche
Junior Art Specialist


French News

Bonjour everyone, I trust that les vacances passed well for you all. Wasn't it lovely to have a three-week break to discover places further afield? Before school broke up for the holidays, Scotch College had a number of our students competing in the Alliance Française Poetry Recital Competition. The Junior school enrolled both our Year 4 classes this year and we were very successful, securing 15 out of 20 finalist positions for Year 4. The final took place in Nedlands on Saturday, 17 June. I went along to meet with our boys and although I couldn't listen to them recite for the judges, it was wonderful to see them so enthused and eager to showcase their French skills. First, second and third places were awarded to each year group a few days later and we are thrilled to tell you that Jarrod Hutchinson won second place for the Year 4 age group. Along with our 14 other primary school finalists, as well as a collection of successful boys from the middle school, he did Scotch proud, displaying how our enthusiasm for French has grown throughout the school.

Congratulations and felicitations to all of our competitors.

Madame Vinton
French Specialist


Year 5W News

In 5W, we have been studying the transdisciplinary theme of 'Where We Are in Place and Time'. We have been looking at how colonial settlement has had effects on social, political and economic development. Through this, we have looked at how exports, such as sandalwood, were overtaken by the gold rush period in Australia. We then used images from the National Archive to juxtaposition one against another, for example, looking at how one image might help explain how one person is feeling miserable on the goldfields. Furthermore, we have looked at how mining in colonial times has changed and we have used Venn diagrams to compare and contrast the 19th-century mining techniques to those of the 21st century. We will finish this unit off by writing a report on these techniques as well as a report from an Indigenous perspective through the colonisation period. Once we have finished, it will be on to our PYP Exhibition for 2017.

Mr Andrew Wells
Year 5 Teacher


Deputy Head of Junior School

Celebrations in Week Two

The Junior School boys have had a humungous second week of the term. We welcomed many new boys to the Junior School as well as celebrated and broadened our cultural awareness during Student Led Conference Week and NAIDOC Week. We were very fortunate to have many of the Scotch College's 38 Indigenous boys from the Middle School and Senior School visit classes from Kindergarten through to Year 5 to share their culture through a variety of activities; stories, art, face painting, dance and etchings. The Junior School boys thoroughly enjoyed the older students sharing and being a part of their learning for the week. Thank you to Mrs Felicity Byres, the Indigenous Student Program Coordinator and Student Support Teacher, for facilitating and guiding the older boys in planning and preparing for their session in the Junior School.

Paralleling the NAIDOC celebrations, every boy in the Junior School hosted a guest to join them for their Student Led Conference. Each boy had the opportunity to share with their parents, or special guest, snippets of their learning from a selection of Language B, Physical Education, Visual Art, Performing Art, Bush School and in-class activities. Thank you to all of the visitors for making the time to come into the school and participate in the learning of the boys, it was a very successful week. Well done and thank you to all the staff for their preparation and planning of the activities and hosting the parents for their Student Led Conference Sessions.

Miss Penny Hooper
Deputy Head of Junior School


From the Head of Middle SchoolMiddle School

From the Head of Middle School

Critical to the effectiveness of any goal setting process is creating a plan that supports goal realisation. In consultation with their teachers all Middle School boys spent time analysing and reflecting upon the details and comments in their Semester 1 report. Each boy now has the tools and skill set required to foster a habit of ownership and accountability for his own learning. The Student Led Conferences being held this week will provide a forum for your son to articulate and share his goals and action plan with you. Together with parent support and that of his Homeroom teacher your son will be able to hone in on the exact actions needed to accomplish his goals. I look forward to seeing you around the Middle School this week.

Our final Middle School Assembly last term was a perfect way to end a very busy semester. Debating, Slam Poetry recitals, Outdoor Education reflections, Visual Art displays and much more were highlighted throughout. It was a very impressive showcase of the many skills and talents being developed and fostered in our Middle School boys on a daily basis. Thank you to the staff who support and enhance these qualities in the boys. For an extended view of some of the work produced by our boys in Design subjects, please visit the Gallery (under the JS/MS Library) for the Middle School Design Showcase any time between 31 July and 4 August.

Mrs Pina Giglia
Acting Head of Middle School


Middle School Photo Day

Our Middle School Photo Day is tomorrow Tuesday 1 August. The recommended method of ordering your photos is online through Kapture's website as your payment is secure and can be easily verified at any time. Please visit www.kapture.com.au select "Buy Online" and enter the Scotch Middle School code: 39XVPD. Please disregard the website reference to the order envelope as these are not being used this year. To avoid a late fee please ensure you place your order before 6 August. Please check the website for charges.

Kapture offer a money back guarantee for any parent who is not fully satisfied with their photo package. Should you have any queries before or after Photo Day, please direct them to the Kapture office on 9240 1714 or email enquiries@kapture.com.au

On Photo Day Middle School boys are required to wear full winter uniform, including blazers (without jumper) for Year 8 boys and jumpers for Year 6 and 7 students.

Mr Andrew Arbuckle
Acting Deputy Head of Middle School


Lots of Learning in Modern Languages

French (Madame Perrot)

Bonjour! During Autumn Term, Year 6 students researched how housing in France differs from housing here in Australia; and were very excited to build their very own dream house and record a video of them presenting it in French. The boys did extremely well combining their imagination, design and French skills. Everyone enjoyed watching the videos and we also had a sneak peek at their houses as they brought them in class.

In Year 7 Phase 2, students researched a French city of their choice, collected data and information, and recorded a news report about it in English. I was amazed by the quality and seriousness that went into the research and planning; as well as the originality of news reports. We all enjoyed watching and learning about a variety of French cities.

I was very proud of all the 15 students who participated at the Alliance Française Poem Recitation competition on Saturday 17 June. We had many finalists across Year 6 and 7s, whether the boys were from English or French background. George Houvardas was awarded second place in the Year 6 competition; and Arnaud McVicker and Julien Montandon, in Year 6 and 7 respectively, won the background competition.

Merci et à bientôt.

Madame Emilie Perrot
French Teacher

French (Madame Pett)

Boys in Phase 1 French have been learning how to introduce themselves. They can give their name, age, date of birth, talk about their siblings and pets as well as describing where they live and giving detail about their houses. Phase 1 boys demonstrated their learning by drawing cartoons with fictional characters meeting each other for the first time. The boys have also been learning about French festivals and celebrations and particularly enjoyed learning about the Storming of the Bastille and the French Revolution.

Boys in Phase 2 spent Semester 1 developing their knowledge on differences between life in Australia and in France, in particular how schools differ. The boys can describe their daily routine and which lessons they have throughout the day at school, including expressing preferences of which lessons they prefer and why. They have learned how to: ask for products in shops; discuss different types of transport and describe family members and other people in greater detail.

Mrs Shaye Pett
French Teacher

Indonesian (Pak Suri)

What a great experience our students of Indonesian have had in Semester 1. Year 8 students learned about the topic of Idols. As part of their learning, they worked on a social media video which would be presented to the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. Watch this space because we may get an audience with him!

Year 7 students were busy developing a video project on various Indonesian leisure activities. They will also collaborated with Al- Izhar, our sister school in Indonesia. This video project will be used as Al-Izhar's English Language subject resource.

Year 6 boys learned about traditional clothing. The students learned about the use of Sarong in Indonesia. The boys had fun dressing up and wearing "Peci".

Indonesian language classes are always full of fun. The "Congklak" tournaments remained popular with the boys! On top of this, the boys also had a chance to watch a cooking demonstration and try Ibu Suri's Nasi Kuning and Nasi Goreng, which are popular Indonesian dishes made with lots of fresh herbs.

Mrs Francesca Gabby Surijata
Indonesian Teacher


Student Achievements

Congratulations to Jurie Terblanche (7.6M) who has been selected to represent Western Australia in the 12s Bruce Cup Tennis Team, competing in Victoria later this year.

Congratulations to Charlie Duplock (7.3BG) who will be representing Western Australia at the National Karate Championships in Sydney in August.

Congratulations to the following Middle School boys who have achieved a Certificate of Academic Excellence for Semester 1, 2017:

Year 7

Year 8













Nelson HEGGE


Mitchell HYDE



Xavier DRY

Julius KAIN

Benjamin EDGAR

Jackson LOADER










Lochlan O'BRIEN


Fletcher O'CONNELL




Emanuel RADICI








Nicholas VAN WYK






James SHAW

Connor SMITH

William TAYLOR



Richard WALTON



UNSW Digital Technologies Competition Results

Year 6

Liam Jermy

High Distinction

Alexander Dore


Joshua Griffin


Lachlan Richardson


Year 7

Hugh Fellows-Smith

High Distinction

Year 8

Oliver Barrett


Samuel Bennett


Xavier Dry


Thomson Unsworth


Dylan Palmer


UNSW Science Competition Results

Year 6

Liam Jermy


Lachlan Richardson


Ross Whittome


Lucas Woolf


Year 7

Hugh Fellows-Smith


James Walker


Harry Jenour


Winton Messina


Year 8

Oliver Barrett

High Distinction

Hamish Cameron

High Distinction

Xavier Dry


Harry Frodsham


Jacob Lewis


Dylan Palmer


William Taylor


Raffael Torre


Thomson Unsworth



Important Dates in Middle School Winter Term

Tuesday 1 August

MS Photo Day

Thursday 3 August

Year 8 Ballroom Dancing, 3.45pm MLC

Friday 4 August

MS Assembly - Presentation of Certificates of Academic Excellence Sem 1, 11.30am DC

Tuesday 8 August

Year 7 Indonesian Excursion, 8.30am - 2.30pm Murdoch University

Thursday 10 August

Year 8 Ballroom Dancing, 3.45pm MLC

Year 8 Medieval Festival, 5.15pm MacKellar Hall

Thursday 17 August

Year 6 Science Fair, 10.30am - 11.30am

Year 8 Ballroom Dancing, 3.45pm MLC

Friday 18 August

Mid-Term Break (no classes)

Monday 21 August

Mid-Term Break (no classes)

Wednesday 23 August

Reporter Photo Day

Thursday 24 August

MS Inter-House Athletics Carnival

Year 8 Ballroom Dancing, 3.45pm MLC

Friday 25 August

Reporter Music Photo Day

Year 8 Ballroom Dancing Social, 5.30pm - 8.00pm at MLC

Tuesday 29 August

Year 8 Indonesian Dance Workshop

Wednesday 30 August

Year 8 Academic Assessment Testing, 8.30am - 12.30pm DC

Year 6 Indonesian Music Workshop

Year 6 Scotch & PLC Quiz Night, 6.30pm MacKellar Hall

Thursday 31 August

Year 7 Scotch & PLC Quiz Night, 6.30pm MacKellar Hall

Friday 1 September

MS Assembly, MacKellar Hall (internal)

Monday 4 September

MS/JS Music Camp (on campus)

Thursday 7 September

JPSSA Inter-School Athletics Carnival

Friday 8 September

PSA Inter-School Athletics Carnival

Monday 11 September

Year 8 Vaccinations Round 3

Friday 15 September

MS Assembly, TBC

Friday 22 September

MS Highland Games, 11.00am - 3.00pm Playing Fields

Winter Term Concludes


Year 8 Food Design

During the last week of Autumn term, the boys from the Year 8 Food Design classes held a Morning Tea for their invited guests. The boys planned, prepared and hosted the outdoor function which was held in the Middle School Quad area.

With market umbrellas in place and the urn on to boil, the boys proceeded to fill the food table with an assortment of delicious treats they had been preparing all term. The guests were suitably impressed with the cooking talents and the way in which the boys hosted the event. The ambiance was further enhanced with the lovely sunny weather and the amazing musical talents of the Scotch Youth Chamber Ensemble, performing throughout the event.

Well done boys! I hope you enjoyed showing off your new-found skills and talents in Food Design as much as the guests enjoyed the occasion.

Mrs Stella Hodgson
Food Design Teacher


From the Head of Senior SchoolSenior School

Welcome back to Winter Term

It has been a very busy break with approximately 230 boys from the Senior School involved in tours. From all reports the experiences on the History tour to Europe, the Pipe Band tour to Nova Scotia and New York, the Year 9 Canberra tour and the Diving and Karijini expeditions to the north-west have been amazing. Congratulations to all the boys who participated and for the manner in which they conducted themselves while away. It is these sorts of experiences that will stay with the boys for life. Also, a huge thank you to the 20 staff members who took on the great responsibility of supervising the boys 24/7 over their holidays.

At Scotch, we continue to work on developing a platform that allows parents to see into their son's learning journey. The SEQTA Suite is this platform and is constantly being renewed and updated with new functionality. Part of this process has been a renaming and rebranding exercise.

What has been referred to as Parent Connect is now called SEQTA Engage and Student Connect is now called SEQTA Learn. The ask.PLCScotch FAQ website is being updated to reflect the new names.

SEQTA has recently improved its functionality in notifying parents when results in assessments are released. Not only will you receive a notification by email when results are first released, but a reminder will be sent after three days to ensure you are being kept up to date on your son's performance. Please feel welcome to contact you son's teacher after the release of results to discuss any concerns with his progress.

SEQTA is also in the process of updating their mobile app to allow for access to SEQTA Engage via iPhone and Android devices using the Scotch login. We will keep you informed about the release date.

We have begun the term with a very timely reminder about looking after one's mental wellbeing and what it is to be a good friend when your mate is experiencing mental health issues. The following is taken from a resource distributed to the boys produced by Headspace.

If your friend is not okay…

Getting help for a friend can take a bit of time and effort but it is worth it. As a part of being a good and supportive friend, there are times when we will need to check in with our friends, to ensure that they are okay. Good help will assist your friend to deal with their problems and help them get on with life.

Some strategies to help -

  1. Listen and try not to judge or 'fix things' straight away.
  2. Let your friend know that they don't have to go through this on their own.
  3. Some people need 'time' or 'space' before they are willing to accept help.
  4. Suggest they read stories at headspace.org.au about other young people who have made it through difficult times.
  5. Be honest about why you are worried.
  6. Encourage them to try some self-help strategies.
  7. Don't be too forceful in encouraging self-help activities.
  8. Encourage them to talk to a trusted adult.
  9. Sometimes, self-help strategies and/or talking to family and friends is not enough and that's okay.
  10. Let them know about Headspace, Lifeline and Kids Helpline.

Please take a moment to discuss the above with your son and ask about the sessions run at the College. Please contact Mrs Shauna Lipscombe, College Psychologist, if you have any further questions or would like further resources or information regarding the organisations mentioned above.

Mr Dean Shadgett
Head of Senior School


Important Dates in Senior School Winter Term





Week 2B


Monday 31 July

Year 9 Moray Camp (Group 1) departs

Year 10 Personal Project Meetings

Tuesday 1 August

WADL Debating Octo Finals

Hale School

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Year 11 Biology Camp


Wednesday 2 August

Year 12 Reward Breakfast

UWA Club

7.10am - 8.30am

Year 11 Biology Camp


Friday 4 August

Senior School Marching and NAIDOC Assembly

Dickinson Centre

8.35am - 9.35am

Year 9 Moray Camp (Group 1) returns

PSA Sport - Scotch College v Christ Church Grammar School (please check fixtures on home.scotch)


1.30pm - various

PSA Cross Country Juniors All Schools Race

Wesley College

1.30pm - 4.00pm

Jazz Night

Dickinson Centre

7.30pm - 10.30pm

Saturday 5 August

PSA Sport - Scotch College v Christ Church Grammar School (please check fixtures on home.scotch)


8.30am - various

PSA Cross Country Seniors All Schools Race

Wesley School

8.30am - 11.30am

Yira Yarkiny Concert

Dickinson Centre

6.30pm - 8.30pm

Sunday 6 August

Year 11 Scotch College and PLC 50 Mile Walk Practice

Depart PLC

7.00am - 10.00am

Week 3A

Monday 7 August

Year 9 Moray Camp (Group 2) departs

Stanford Tour departs

Year 10 Personal Project Meetings

Tuesday 8 August

Year 11 WR Dickinson and PC Anderson Scholarship Interviews

Year 11 WR Dickinson and PC Anderson Scholarship Interviews

Scotch Parents' Meeting

Dining Room Annexe

7.00pm - 8.30pm

Wednesday 9 August

City Country Lunch


8.45am - 3.10pm

Year 11 Residential Life Excursion

Royal Perth Hospital

8.30am - 3.30pm

Year 9 Soccer Wind Up

MacKellar Hall

5.00pm - 6.00pm

Year 9 Football Wind Up

Gooch Pavilion

5.00pm - 6.00pm

Con Brio Strings Concert

Dickinson Centre

6.30pm - 8.00pm

Friday 11 August

Personal Project Submissions Due

Bunning Resource Centre (Library)

8.00am - 3.00pm

Senior School Marching and Assembly

Dickinson Centre

8.35am - 9.35am

PSA Sport - Trinity College v Scotch College (please check fixtures on home.scotch)


1.30pm - 4.00pm

PSA Cross Country - Juniors All Schools Race

Kings Park

1.30pm - 4.00pm

Year 9 Ten Pin Bowling Social with PLC

Off Campus

4.30pm - 6.30pm

Year 11 Parent Evening

Off Campus

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Saturday 12 August

PSA Sport - Trinity College v Scotch College (please check fixtures on home.scotch)


8.30am - 11.30am

PSA Cross Country - Seniors All Schools Ray Brown Race

Kings Park

8.30am - 11.30am

Year 9 Merchant of Venice Excursion

Off Campus

1.45pm - 5.00pm

Pipe Band Anniversary Sundowner

Dickinson Centre

5.00pm - 7.00pm

Sunday 13 August

Year 11 Scotch College and PLC 50 Mile Walk Practice

Departing Scotch College

7.00am - 12noon

WA Schools Jazz and Orchestra Festival

Hale School

Various performance times

Old Scotch Collegians' Festival of the Boot

Scotch College

1.00pm - 4.00pm

Week 4A

Monday 14 August

Year 9 Moray Camp (Group 3) departs

Friends of Scotch Music Meeting

Senior School Music Department

7.00pm - 8.30pm


Boys' Achievements

Prentice Shepherd (Year 11, Ross) received an 'Individual Oralist Award' at the National High School Mooting Competition held at Bond University earlier this year. The award is given in recognition of outstanding individual performance.

The National High School Mooting Competition is an event for Year 11 and 12 students to develop their advocacy skills in a competitive environment. Each year approximately 80 of Australia's most prominent schools participate in an intense competition held over a fortnight.

Students compete as teams, preparing for months in order to present legal submissions either as an appellant or respondent in a legal case. Students must draw on real case precedent, and engage in sophisticated legal reasoning. Teams are expected to present their 20 minute submission with little reference to notes, and without any script, and can be interrupted and questioned at any time by judges on finer points of legal precedent and reasoning.

Prentice's award is a recognition of his outstanding skills in legal advocacy and legal argument. He is to be congratulated on his award and his outstanding preparation for the competition.

Alistair Murray (Year 12, Brisbane) has been selected in the men's state hockey squad.

Sean Szalek (Year 11, Ross) won a gold medal in high jump with a height of 2.11m at the Commonwealth Youth Games.



Year 9 Certificates of Academic Excellence - Semester 1
















Benjamin (Ben)

















St Andrews



St Andrews




Giancarlo (Gianni)






























William (Will)












Matthew (Matt)






Alexander (Alex)

Van Wyk

















Christopher (Chris)




Ross Glendinning Visit

AFL Great Ross Glendinning (OSC 1973) kindly gave of his time to come along to 1sts training and work with the boys recently. Ross is a 1983 Brownlow Medallist and inaugural West Coast Eagles Captain. At trainign, he focused on working with the forwards and backs and spoke of his school days at Scotch College fondly.

Ross is pictured below with Timothy Walker (Year 12 Keys).


Learners Permits and Driver Licenses - Proof of Address Documentation

This documentation is available upon request from the Headmaster's office. Please send emails through to the Headmaster's Secretary on Leanne.McCoy@scotch.wa.edu.au. Please allow at least two working days for the document to be prepared.


Personal Project Submissions

The Year 10 Personal Projects are due on Friday 11 August, 8.00am - 3.00pm in the Senior Library (except for those students attending the Stanford Tour who need to submit their projects to Miss Flowers in the Senior Library by Friday 4 August). Please note that the Senior Library will be closed all day on Friday 11 August for this purpose, so there will be no printing or binding services on that day. All printing and binding must be completed by Thursday 10 August.

All Year 10 students were sent an email on June 9 providing them with some final advice for maximising their results, which will appear in the Semester 2 reports.

Materials that need to be submitted are detailed on the Timeline webpage: https://my.scotch.wa.edu.au/year10/personalproject/timeline

As per the College's assessment policy, late submissions will not be accepted without a medical certificate. I look forward to seeing what the boys have achieved this year.

Miss Kate Flowers
Personal Project Co-ordinator


Canberra Tour - Australian Government Assistance for National Capital Excursion

Students from Scotch College have recently undertaken an educational tour of the national capital. While on this tour, they participated in a variety of educational programmes focused on Australia's history, culture, heritage and democracy.

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit their national Capital as part of the Civics and Citizenship education. To assist you in meeting the cost of the excursion, the Australian Government is contributing funding under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate (PACER) programme toward the travel expenses incurred. This contribution will be paid directly to the School upon completion of the excursion. Once this has been received by the School, it will be refunded to you and shown as a credit on your fees statement.

We would like to thank the Australian Government for their support of this programme.

The Canberra Tour was a rewarding experience for all students, with 126 boys and 12 teachers attending.


Careers Information

Year 12 Parents and Students

2017 WACE Examinations

The 2017 ATAR course written examinations will be held from Wednesday, 1 November to Tuesday, 21 November.

The 2017 ATAR course examination written and practical timetables can be accessed via the Authority website at http://senior-secondary.scsa.wa.edu.au/assessment/examinations/examination-timetables.

From Friday, 8 September 2017 candidates will be able to download a copy of their Personalised examination timetable from: https://wace.wa.edu.au.

University Applications

Students will be given the 2018 TISC Guide that will outline all the procedures and dates that are relevant to the application process and beyond. Mr Frusher will also be talking to the students as a group and explaining the TISC Guide, together with the application process. In August/September, Mr Frusher will be conducting one-on-one interviews with all Year 12 students to check each application and to offer advice prior to applications being sent on-line. If students complete their TISC application prior to meeting with Mr Frusher, they will still able to make changes if necessary. University applications across Australia will open in early August.

At this stage of the year all Year 12 students should have received a Prospectus from each of the WA Universities and a Year 12 WACE Information Handbook 2017 (on-line at Schools Curriculum & Standards Authority - www.scsa.wa.edu.au). Following on from the Scotch Careers Expo, students are encouraged to attend university and TAFE Open Days throughout the month of August.

For information on interstate and overseas universities check the relevant websites or contact Mr Frusher who will be able to assist.

TAFE applications will open in September.

As a parent, what can your son and you do together?

  • Discuss various courses in the prospectuses that may be of interest to your son
  • Gather more information by visiting university websites, or requesting further information from universities
  • Attend university Open Days that are advertised in each prospectus and in this newsletter
  • Be positive; don't panic (yet) and communicate with as many people as possible

University Open Days

Curtin University Sunday 6 August 10.00am - 4.00pm

Edith Cowan University (Mount Lawley campus including WAAPA) Sunday 13 August

Notre Dame University Sunday 20 August 10.00am - 4.00pm

University of Western Australia Sunday 13 August

UWA Engineering Early Offer Programme for 2018 Entry

The University of Western Australia will again make available the Early Offers programme into the Engineering Direct Pathway. Online applications will open on Monday 17 July, 2017. To be offered a place students need to provide a copy of their Year 12 mid-year report showing A or B grades for four ATAR subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Specialist and Mathematics Methods.

Applications and further information can be accessed here.

University of Melbourne - Ormond Residential College

If any Year 12 students are planning to travel to Melbourne for the University's Open Day on Sunday 20 August, Ormond College would like to chat with them about how they can get the most from their university experience. Doors will be open from 10.00am - 4.00pm and refreshments will be available all day.

Students will be leading one-on-one tours of the College to show future students what it is like to live and learn in this thriving, welcoming community. It is a great opportunity for them to ask questions about college, university, and Melbourne life.

This link, includes all relevant details including a map. Students can also access further information on financial assistance at extensive financial assistance program.

Bond University New Scholarship Opportunity

A new scholarship opportunity available to Year 12 students - the Riewoldt Family AFL Excellence Scholarship. As a proud partner of AFL Queensland, Bond University is offering two Riewoldt Family AFL Excellence Scholarships for students commencing university in January 2018.

Offered in partnership with the Riewoldt Family, these unique full tuition scholarships provide an opportunity for one male and one female to enhance their footballing career whilst also gaining a first class educational experience at Bond University. The scholarship offers 100% tuition remission for any single undergraduate degree or diploma programme, excluding the Bond Medical Programme. The scholarship also includes free accommodation for the first year should the scholar wish to live in a University residence.

Applications for this scholarship are currently open online via the Bond University Online Application Form and will close Friday, 1 September.

Monash University Information Evening - Perth

Students and their parents are invited to attend the Monash University Information Evening in Perth on Monday 21 August, 2017 from 6.30pm - 8.00pm at the Mercure Hotel (10 Irwin Street, Perth). Information will include: course offerings, entry requirements, scholarships and accommodation options.

Registration is essential and can be made here.

Police Recruit Info Session

Find out about a career as a Police Officer

Sessions will be held on 24 August and 21 September 4.30pm - 6.30pm

Bookings open 12.00pm 14 August - book quickly as places go fast.

Endeavour College of Natural Health Open Day

Saturday 7 October, 10am.

Royal Lifesaving Society WA

Students who may be looking for employment as a Swimming Instructor or a Pool Lifeguard can access the website below to gain the necessary qualifications.

For full course details please visit the AUSTSWIM website: http://www.austswim.com.au/Training/AUSTSWIMCourses/SwimmingandWaterSafety.aspx

TEE Consultants Intensive Revision Courses

See the attachment with this newsletter with information regarding these revision courses being offered in August/September.

Mr Peter Frusher
Careers Adviser


Host Family Opportunity

On 5 - 13 August, we will be hosting a visit from our sister school in Indonesia, Al-Izhar, a private school in Jakarta with whom Scotch has an ongoing relationship. We have visited their school during the study tours in 2013 and in 2015. They have always welcomed our students participating in the tour with open arms, as I am sure they will do during our next study tour next year. This year we are looking forward to returning the favour as their students visit Perth and Scotch College in particular.

We are putting out a call for Scotch parents who would be willing to host one of the seven boys from Al-Izhar. The visit will be a great opportunity for cultural exchange, as well as language exchange with native speakers. It will of course afford the Al-Izhar students an opportunity to immerse themselves in Australian culture. The visit will also allow Scotch students a very valuable chance for a first-hand encounter with Indonesian culture and, of course, a rare opportunity for your son to practise their Indonesian with a native speaker.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Wilfred Liauw via email wilfred.liauw@scotch.wa.edu.au


Support Groups

Scotch Parents

Scotch Parents Open Meeting 7.00pm Tuesday, 8 August

Our first Winter Term Scotch Parents meeting will be held in the Dining Room Annexe at 7.00pm Tuesday evening, 8 August. An Agenda will be distributed shortly, if you wish to be included on the mailing list please contact Lucia Barrett on luciabarrett@hotmail.com

Please come along for a school update from Kate Quinn and to hear about our upcoming events and funding programs.

We encourage parents across the school from Junior, Middle and Senior to come along and be part of the support group contributing to the wellbeing of your son.

City Country Lunch - Wednesday 9 August

Please join us for our annual City Country Lunch to be held this year in Northam on Wednesday 9 August, a wonderful day out in the countryside and a chance to meet some of our boarding parents in the surrounding area. We plan to leave the Gooch Pavilion at 8.45am and return by 3.10pm. You are welcome to join us on the School bus or car pool and drive privately. Please indicate your preference when booking.

Once in Northam we will have a chance to wander around the town centre, visit some art galleries before sharing a casual lunch together at Dukes Inn. The City Country Lunch is a highlight on the school calendar and has been well attended and enjoyed by parents for many years. We would love your company, so please join us!

To purchase tickets please visit the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au and click on the "Book a Scotch Event" icon. For catering purposes please RSVP by 12 noon on Wednesday, 2 August as unfortunately no late bookings can be accepted.

Upcoming Events

  • City Country Lunch - Wednesday 9 August - Northam
  • Year 11 Parent Evening - Friday 11 August - Home of Donna Jackson
  • Year 11 Coffee Morning - Tuesday 29 August - Edition Café after morning drop-off

Mr Ian Knobel and Ms Steph Debnam
Scotch Parents


Scotch Rugby Supporters

The First XV boys have been kept very busy with the commencement of Winter Term.

Scotch hosted a friendly game against Aranmore Catholic College on Monday 24 July. It was great to see so many boys and parents come along to support what was a pretty tough game for the boys.

Another friendly is planned against John XXIII College on Tuesday 1 August at Scotch 4pm. Come along to watch what I am sure will be a very entertaining game.

The remaining PSA games for the 2017 season are:

  • Scotch v Christchurch Friday 4 August - Saturday 5 August
  • Trinity v Scotch Friday 11 Aug - Saturday 12 August

Save the Date - End of Season Scotch Rugby Dinner Saturday, 26 August 2017

Preparations are well under way for our biggest event of the year, our end of season Rugby Dinner.

Tickets will be available shortly by visiting the the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au and clicking on the "Book a Scotch Event" icon. An email will be sent to all rugby parents once bookings are open.

Mr Ian Knobel
Scotch Rugby Support Group


Pipe Band 70th Anniversary

On Saturday, 12 August the Scotch College Pipe Band will be celebrating its 70th anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, family and friends are invited to attend an informal Sundowner to be held from 5.00pm to 7.00pm in the Dickinson Centre. Please join us for an enjoyable evening with canapes, drinks and entertainment performed by past and present Pipe Band members.

To purchase your tickets please visit the Scotch website - www.scotch.wa.edu.au and click on the 'Book a Scotch Event' icon. Tickets are $48 for adults and include a commemorative wine glass.

First photograph of the Pipe Band taken in 1948

The Scotch College Pipe Band was established in 1947 and paraded for the first time, with 8 pipers and 5 drummers, in 1948. From its inception the piping and drumming was of a very high standard under the tuition of Pipe Major Lewis MacLennan.

The Band has competed with distinction in numerous WA Pipe Band Association competitions over the years, and many of its members have had significant success in solo competitions, in both piping and drumming. The Pipe Band now under the leadership of Pipe Master, Craig Bailey has 82 members and undertakes many public and charity performances each year, enjoying well-earned respect and popularity within the wider community. Recently 30 members of the Scotch College Pipe Band performed in Canada at the Royal Nova Scotia Military Tattoo.

The Pipe Band will be running the annual Manure Drive on September 2 2017. A link for orders will be available shortly.

Mrs Margaret Shine
Pipe Band Parent Support Group


Community Notices

Mosman Park Youth Advisory Council

$1,000 Youth Encouragement Grants on offer

The Mosman Park Youth Advisory Council (MPYAC) are currently promoting their 2017 Youth Encouragement Grants. The grants are an exciting initiative offered by the MPYAC and are designed to assist young people to achieve their goals and participate in the local community.

Applicants between the ages of 13 and 24 inclusive who live or study in Mosman Park or actively participate in the Mosman Park community are encouraged to apply.

Not only for high achievers, these grants are aimed at assisting young people to reach their goals in the areas of:

  • Academic Study
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Music and the Arts
  • Community Service
  • Leadership

There are four $1000 grants available and successful applicants will become members of the Town's Youth Advisory Council and participate in a range of youth activities

Applications close on Friday 11 August 2017.

For further information about the Youth Encouragement Grants please visit www.mosmanpark.wa.gov.au or contact the Community Development Officer, Katie Fairhall on 9384 1633 or email kfairhall@mosmanpark.wa.gov.au


VacSwim October 2017

Enrol your children now in VacSwim swimming lessons during the October and December/January school holidays.

With swimming pools and beaches a part of the Western Australian lifestyle, ensuring your children can swim competently and safely is a must for all families.

Your children can join in the fun of learning to swim in lessons conducted at pools and open water venues across the State. VacSwim is for all children - from beginners through to advanced survival, rescue and resuscitation.

Your children can learn to swim for just:

  • $7.00 per child for a five day short programme
  • $13.00 per child for all other programmes.

It's even cheaper if you have three or more children:

  • $18.00 a family for a five day short programme
  • $35.00 a family for all other programmes.

To find out more about VacSwim and to enrol online please visit education.wa.edu.au/swimming