4 February 2019

Headmasters ReflectionsHeadmaster's Reflections

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Summer Term 2019, marking yet another start to a school year. I have no doubt that if I surveyed students and staff they would say the break went way too quickly. However, judging from the number of smiling parents I saw on day one, the commencement of school could not have come quick enough! Either way I know how great it is to see all of the returning and new boys breathe life back into Scotch, which, as I have said many times before, is simply a series of buildings in Swanbourne without the boys and their families.

Much was accomplished in the Capital improvement space over the break, thanks especially to our Facilities and IT staff for a very concentrated effort. Major refurbishments were undertaken and have been completed in boarding, music and the chapel. The external construction of the Teaching and Learning building is progressing at a remarkable pace and well and truly on track for our handover timeline.

Also, as a result of the work of teachers and the administration and ancillary staff, Week One went extremely smoothly. Please ensure you continue to read all communication from the College.

I would also like to thank everyone in our residential community who made their way from all over WA and overseas to be here for the boarding orientation before school officially commenced. This proved to be a great success. Furthermore, thank you to our Scotch Parents' who did such a great job with the Welcome BBQ and respective festivities. Such events are the hallmark of our great community and every year we are fortunate to welcome many new families to our community. I sincerely hope all of our new families and staff have settled in and feel welcome.

In commencing this year, I would like to leave the boys with one very simple message based on the word effort, which for me is the essence of achieving "personal excellence", one of the things we promote at Scotch College.

We hear the term effort used in many statements such as 'He put a lot of effort into finishing the project on time', 'it wasn't easy, but it was worth the effort', 'We need to expend extra effort', and 'Our success is due to the combined efforts of many people'.

Quite often the word is used to affirm that a team or individual, while not successful did at least try. If you get an 'A' for effort you are given credit for working hard to do something, even though the result of the work was not successful. The secret is walking away from anything knowing that you couldn't have put in any more effort.

In the classroom effort is everything. We all know that everyone has varying gifts and abilities, most of which we had no control upon. The one thing we can control is our effort and commitment. What I ask of each boy is to work hard, expend extra effort and through this they can achieve their best, which is the very essence to achieving personal excellence. Our recent 2018 results reflect just how much effort the 2018 Year 12 cohort put in to achieve what they did. If you did not see a copy of the bulletin you can access one here.

Finally, no matter whether or not if you are a new or returning family please come up and say hello whether at school or outside in the community. I welcome seeing the boys and families out and about throughout the year.

Once again welcome back and have a great year.

Dr A J O'Connell


Head of Junior SchoolTeaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning 2018

Although we know that Year 12 is just the pointy end of a long journey, celebrating the success of our 2018 Leavers was certainly a highlight. We recognised both individual achievement and class performance as outlined in the Class of 2018 Bulletin. The analysis proved very rewarding as expectations of the year group were exceeded on a number of measures. The average score for a Diploma student reached an all-time high and the percentage of students with an ATAR over 90 continues to climb, as we strive to maximise boys' potential. Moving forward, teachers over the coming weeks will be examining performance and reviewing last year's strategies.  Furthermore, teachers consider new approaches to implement into classrooms so the Leavers of 2019 will benefit from our longitudinal studies. This process is significant to informing and updating teaching and learning delivered at the college; the strategies bring important incremental changes that we anticipate will enhance individual performance and classroom engagement. Essentially, the way our teachers understand and interpret data is an important process that we value at the College. In our experience, this is the difference between delivering great education and being a leader in our practice.

Throughout the College from K - 12, one of our strengths is the synergy we create between teacher and student who work together to achieve learning goals. Students, like teachers, also search for that small change that will value add as they embrace the challenges of each year. Perhaps it is a new approach to homework, asking questions in class or considering carefully how to implement the feedback given by their teacher.  It is with this growth mindset, by student and teacher alike, that builds a culture in which we can all thrive. The role of the teacher is to understand and help students drive personal improvement. The role of the student is full commitment towards achieving their academic potential. So, although Year 12 remains important, success is attained when the ground work has been built over many years.  Developing effective habits of learning allows boys to understand their strengths and create opportunities for growth. It is for this reason we have a K – 12 focus for Teaching and Learning.

Continuing priorities developed in consultation with the Deans of Teaching and Learning in each sub-school are:

  • Ongoing Feedback
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Differentiation

Throughout the coming Thistle articles I will explore the priorities in more detail. I look forward to sharing both insights and stories of your boys as they continue their Scotch College journey.

Mrs Cara Fugill
Director of Teaching and Learning


From the Director of WellbeingWellbeing

Lessons from Australian Heroes

A short time ago, the Australians of the Year were announced. Cave divers Richard Harris and Craig Challen were named as joint winners for their work in helping to rescue twelve young soccer players and their coach from a flooded cave in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

In speaking of their part in the rescue, both men were so humble, acknowledging how they were part of a much larger team, contributing what they could. They seem to be uncomfortable heroes. They also commented that they did not hold much hope at all of a successful rescue; and yet they persisted, working methodically with others despite almost impossible odds.

In accepting his award, Dr Harris said: "I want kids to find their inner explorer by taking a few risks and challenging themselves. I do fear for kids today who, living in a risk-averse society, will not learn to challenge themselves and to earn the grazed knees and stubbed toes that really are necessary to build resilience and confidence. I think a need for adventure resides in all of us. Young people need to be able to find their own boundaries and to test their own limits." He added that it was "…equally important to ask parents to relax a little and let [children] have a bit of rope to do that. Outdoor activities really do promote physical and mental wellbeing," he said.

Dr Challen said, "Everyone has a test coming in their lives and when it does you're either going to make the most of it or you're not – it's too late to start preparing for it then… We must all accept personal responsibility for our destiny and confronting the small challenges that appear every day and taking responsibility for your actions and their consequences is the only way you can possibly be ready for the life defining events. There is a temptation to take the easy route, to think that life will be better if we mold it to make it as comfortable as possible. But there is a real serious risk in doing this – the risk that we miss the opportunities that present themselves, missing the chance to lend a hand and help others, or risk never knowing our own strength and what we are capable of and that when we are faced with our test, or adversity confronts us, we crumble in a heap and give up."

At some point, we become embarrassed about making mistakes. And yet, this is the only way we learn and grow and become better. We want boys to go on, to learn from their mistakes and strive for something even harder the next time. Dealing with daily difficulties helps us to deal with bigger problems when they come along.

At those same awards, the parents of Amy "Dolly" Everett, who took her own life last year due to bullying at the age of just 14, were named Local Heroes. They spoke passionately of the need to raise awareness of the impact of bullying. "Speak, even if your voice shakes. Bullying has no place in anyone's life." This is a message we are working hard to promote at Scotch, through events such as RUOK? Week. We can deal with this problem only when it is brought to our attention. It is important for students to know that we are here for them and we are committed to making things better, however long it may take. If you are concerned about your son or other boys, we would be grateful if you would let us know.

"Bullying is a learned behaviour, but so is kindness," Mr Everett said. "We can combat [bullying] and teach our children to be kind instead, and [show them] that bullying has no place in today's world." This, too, is an on-going focus for us – to impress upon our students the importance of treating people with kindness. This is the pathway to a better world.


With the start of the year, parents may find it helpful to visit the SchoolTV website, to which we subscribe. This is a great place for parents to find information relating to a variety of topics. Of particular relevance are "Surviving Year 12" and Transitions. 

Mr James Hindle
Director of Student and Staff Wellbeing


From the Director of Service and CitizenshipService and Citizenship

A cave diver on dry land is safe…

but that is not what cave divers are built for.

I apologise for bastardising a quote often repeated about ships and harbours, but I wanted to draw your attention to the message delivered by the 2019 Australians of the Year, Dr Richard Harris and Dr Craig Challen. These men are the cave divers who played integral parts in the recuse of the 'Wild Boars' in Thailand in 2018. In the countless media appearances the two men made around Australia Day, a common theme became apparent in their messaging and it is one that should be considered when educating young people.

Harris said that, "kids today who live in a risk-averse society will not learn to challenge themselves and to earn grazed knees and the stubbed toes that really are necessary to build resilience and confidence".

"Outdoor endeavours will build confidence, both physical and mental resilience which is what kids are maybe starting to lose a little bit." Harris went on. He acknowledged that an increased focus on reporting mental health concerns is a significant factor in the increased numbers diagnosed, but he also stated that he sees a link between being physically robust, confident and resilient, and being mentally fit.

"I am absolutely sure there is a link because I know from my own experience that when I have done some physical things in my caving and diving that have both frightened and challenged me, and when I find myself in a difficult position at work, which is usually more a mental challenge than a physical one, I often think back to myself: 'Well Harris, you got yourself out of that cave, or you did that 12-hour long dive in six-degree water, this is pretty straight forward compared to that.' "

Dr Challen, tagged in with Dr Harris (it is obvious they work well as a duo) and focused on parents and the need for them to allow their kids to live with some discomfort and recognise that, "everything won't be sweet in their lives".

In an interview on ABC's 730, Dr Challen made a pertinent point when considering whether the experience had changed his outlook on life. Dr Challen said, "I tend to not get to metaphysical about it, Leigh (Sales). I think, it is what it is." Great advice for us all!

These points about building physical fitness, taking risks, not over thinking things are all messages that the College seeks to uphold. Home.Scotch.wa.edu.au provides a wonderful overview of the opportunities available to your son and these include those offered as a part of our membership of Round Square and delivery of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

Please contact me if you would like further information and on anything you find in these pages.

Finally, while hoping not to sound too sage, I will include a quote that I think summarises the message of these two humble and heroic Australians.

'The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety.'

I encourage all boys to reach out and grab some of the opportunities on offer at the College and I encourage all their parents to let them do so!

Best wishes for a successful 2019 full of adventure.

Scotch and CNCC get Scorched

A group of Scotch cricketers took the CNCC All-Abilities team to the Scorchers final home game last night. The boys were excellent hosts and this continues their efforts in supporting the team on Friday afternoons at Creswell Park. They were particularly excited to see OSCs Matt Kelly (OSC 2012) and Nick Hobson (OSC 2011) playing so well and the half time show was spectacular too. A big thanks to Riley Waters (Year 11, Anderson), Alex Chew (Year 11, Brisbane), Harrison Gilchrist (Year 12, Keys), Benjamin Parker (Year 12, Keys), Benjamin Gale (Year 12, Ross), Fraser Goode (Year 12, Keys), Lincoln Allan (Year 12, Ross) and Conor Lenny (Year 12, Anderson) for their efforts.


Another big thanks to Shay Nasta (OSC 1997), General manager – Commercial, Marketing, & Communication at the WACA for helping out with tickets for the match.

Rotary Youth Exchange

I strongly encourage Scotch boys to apply for a Rotary Youth Exchange. A year away, getting outside one's comfort zone, is the ultimate compliment to your time at Scotch College and will provide memories and opportunities for life. Information sessions are outlined here.

Mr David Kyle
Director of Service and Citizenship


All School Matters

Year Group Contact Lists 2019

Year group contact lists will be sent out this term, please advise any contact or address changes by email to admissions@scotch.wa.edu.au by Monday 11 February so we can have the lists out as early as possible. For any new enrolments please make sure all paperwork has been completed and returned.


Year 7 Scholarships

Applications are now open for the Year 7 2020 Academic Scholarships at Scotch College. Scholarships are tenable until the end of Year 12, subject to satisfactory academic progress and commitment to the life of the School.

All applications, whether your son is a current student or a prospective student, are made online via the Scotch College website Scholarship link at www.scotch.wa.edu.au. Rural, Overseas and Inter-state applications close Monday 18 March 2019. Local applications close Monday 25 March 2019.

No late applications will be accepted after this date. The Scholarship examination will be held at the College on Saturday, 30 March 2019 for local students. Overseas and rural testing will be held at your son's school. More information will be sent to you once you register your son.

Please contact Mrs Di Moran, Registrar, on 9383 6809 or dianne.moran@scotch.wa.edu.au should you have any questions.


FlexiSchools Canteen Online Ordering

For information on the FlexiSchools system operating at the school canteen please go to https://home.scotch.wa.edu.au/services/canteen/


ILT Parent Workshop

Scotch College invites our parent community, in particular parents newly arrived in the College, to an ILT Parent Workshop on Wednesday 13 February from 6.00pm in Memorial Hall. Dr Nick Spadaccini (ILT Curriculum Integration Manager) will take this opportunity to discuss technology integration, the role of systems in our College, and how these will evolve moving into the future. In addition, we will review SEQTA Engage, how you access it, where various information can be found, and where you can track your child's journey in his studies.

Critical to our discussions will be your points of view and feedback. We hope you will be able to join us. Please register your intention to attend at: https://bookings.scotch.wa.edu.au/event/5115354

Dr Nick Spadaccini
ILT Curriculum Integration Manager


2019 Secondary Assistance Scheme

Families eligible for the Secondary Assistance Scheme (Years 7 – 12) will again be able to apply for this in 2018.  Applications forms are available from Mrs Anita Johnson in Accounts Department (email accounts@scotch.wa.edu.au) and close on Friday 12 April. Further information can be obtained from:

Schools Resourcing and Budgeting Directorate
Department of Education
151 Royal Street
Tel:  9264 4516
Email: student.allowances@education.wa.edu.au


Indonesian Classes at Scotch College

Scotch College, in partnership with the Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth (BBIP), offers evening Indonesian Beginner- Survival, Beginner 2A, Elementary 3A, and Conversation classes. Summer Term eight week courses commence on Tuesday 12 February from 6.30pm - 8.30pm and are available to students, staff and parents, as well as members of the wider community.

Beginner Classes (Survival and 2A) are designed for all ages to develop basic communication skills for the purpose of exchanging personal information and transactions. These classes are ideal for individuals travelling to Indonesia for work or holiday, who wish to understand more about the Indonesian language and culture.

Elementary 3A and Conversation Classes are designed for intermediate and advanced speakers who wish to develop their oral communication skills via simulated immersion of Indonesian. The aim of each lesson is to expand vocabulary of a topic and conclude with a task such as a role-play, group discussion, debate or interview. Conversation classes are recommended for speakers who are already proficient who wish to 'brush up' on their skills, as well as, Year 11 and 12 students who wish to further develop their listening and speaking in preparation for the ATAR and IB examinations.

All lessons are delivered by native speaker instructors from the Balai Bahasa and are held in the Kennedy Block on the Senior Campus. The cost of an eight-week course is $180. Conversation classes are free to all current Scotch College students and staff.

To enroll in any of the Balai Bahasa classes visit: http://www.balaibahasaperth.org, click 'Learn', and follow the links to the online registration. Enrollments for Summer Term opens now.

For more information about any of the courses please email enrolcourse@balaibahasaperth.org.


Mouthguard Information 2019

Another mouthguard season is fast approaching. We will be following the same routine as last year with a slight change for all Middle School boys. To make it easier, the hardcopy Galadent form will be distributed out to the boys in their Guided Literacy class. Please ensure that your son forwards this onto you.

All students in Senior School (non Boarders)are requested to look out for the clearly labelled container, outside the HEALTH CENTRE entrance, to collect their hardcopy Galadent form.


This year, Galadent now have a new online booking system that will require Parents/Guardians to go direct to Galadent's website www.galadent.com.au.  Once on their website, please click on the 'Mouthguard Booking' button and follow the prompts accordingly.  Appointments will run in five minute intervals on each day, as listed below.  Upon successfully booking an appointment a confirmation email will be sent.  If you prefer, you are also able to complete an online mouthguard form.  Just click on the 'Mouthguard Form' button and then on the 'Download Form' button and fill in your son's details.  Please print off the completed form and give it to your son to bring to his allocated appointment.

Galadent would like to extend this opportunity again to all parents who have other children with mouthguard requirements, to avail themselves of this service.  If you would like extra hardcopies of their form, they can be collected from Middle School Reception and outside the Health Centre entrance (in clearly labelled containers)


Mouthguard impressions will be taken in the HEALTH CENTRE on:

FRIDAY 22 FEBRUARY 2019                    3.30PM – 6.00PM


Mouthguard impressions will be taken in MacKELLAR HALL on the following dates:

FRIDAY 15 FEBRUARY 2019                   4.00PM – 6.00PM

SUNDAY 17 FEBRUARY 2019                  10.00AM – 2.00PM

SATURDAY 23 FEBRUARY 2019             10.00AM – 2.00PM

All payments will need to be made direct to Galadent as they will not be deducted from your school account, as in previous years.  On the Galadent form you will see a provision for you to either complete your credit card details, attach a cheque made payable to Galadent Dental or alternatively pay in cash (sealed in an envelope marking your son's details on the front).  Mouthguard impressions cannot be taken unless this payment option has been fully completed.

All students will be issued with an itemised Account/Receipt with the delivery of their mouthguard, this will enable you to claim your rebate through your private ancillary cover.  For those parents insured with HBF, Galadent are a HBF Members Plus provider and this will entitle you to a higher rebate.

Students will be notified of the collection dates and times as they are determined, thank you.


Uniform Shop

This is a reminder to parents that appointments with the Uniform Shop are not necessary during term time.

Buying Uniform Online

Uniform can be purchased online at the Flexischools website. All orders processed online can be picked up from the Uniform Shop after 10 am on the following Tuesday, Thursday or Friday (depending on when the order is placed). Orders can also be posted to you. If you are already using Flexischools for canteen orders, you will notice that uniforms are also available for purchase. If you need details on setting up Flexischools access, please email the uniform shop for further information: uniform@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Year 12 Blazers

Year 12 Blazers are selling fast. Please visit the Uniform Shop as soon as possible if you wish to purchase a blazer so as to avoid the disappointment of not being able to get the correct size.

Uniform Shop Opening Hours


8.00am to 5.00pm


7.30am to 11.30am


7.30 am to 11.30am


Performing Arts News

May I extend a large embracing welcome back to all of the Scotch community. Many students have been sharing their holiday stories with me; it's been brilliant to hear that some of our students did keep their practice habits reasonably regular over the break.

Although the students and some staff had holiday time, many were completely flat out with phase one of our 're-imagining the Performing Arts' project.

In this edition of the Thistle, I'll take the opportunity of outlining some of the changes to our Music Tuition programme for 2019.

We're committed to a model of continuous improvement. That's why, we're making some changes to our Music Tuition programme at Scotch. We're committed to ensuring each student is afforded the best opportunity for development of their musicianship skill. Here's a brief update for everyone.

Senior music renovation

All rooms on the first floor of the Senior Music building have undergone an extensive renovation and are being fitted out with high quality instruments and equipment. Two new spaces have been opened up for music tuition, including a dedicated percussion studio.

Junior School Music tuition facility

Five new music tuition rooms have been constructed to provide improved access for junior and middle school students and those residing in the Year 7, 8 and 9 boarding houses. All rooms will be fitted out with quality instruments and musical equipment.

Shared lessons

Shared or group lessons are now only available to students studying in either the compulsory Year Three Music (strings) programme, the compulsory Year Six Music (concert band) programme or to selected students new to Scotch in Year Seven. All other students will receive individual music lessons on a one-to-one basis with their music tutor.

Lesson length

Lesson lengths will be adjusted in accordance with level of study, in the best interests of student learning. Most lessons will now be 30 minutes in length, with some more advanced students taking 45 minutes lessons, whilst those studying at high levels taking 60 minute lessons.

Fees and charges

Lesson fees will now be charged based upon the number of scheduled lessons and length of lessons. 2019 charges (per lesson):

  • 30 minute lesson: $43.60
  • 45 minute lesson: $65.40
  • 60 minute lesson: $87.20

Music practice journal

Music practice journals will be moving online this year for Middle School and Senior School students. During Summer term, the Music and ILT staff will be rolling out an online Music practice journal via OneNote. Students in the Junior School will still be provided with a traditional paper based journal.

Parents or families with any questions or queries should direct these in the first instance to Music Administration, by telephoning 9383 6841.

Mr Scott Loveday
Head of Performing Arts


Staff Movement

Returning from Leave

David Jones

Year Coordinator – Year 9/10 Phys Ed Teacher

Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School

Karen Woods

Middle School Teacher

Gabrielle Kotai

Middle School Teacher

Sian Angel

Middle School Teacher

Jacquie Langley

2IC Mathematics, Mathematics Teacher

New Staff

Gary van Heerden


Lisa Palmer

Academic Support Teacher

Raquel Cumming

Pre Primary Teacher

Jacob Miolin

Outdoor Education Teacher

Reuben Edmonds

Science Teacher

Cate McKnight

Science Teacher

Sascha Gwynne

Food Technician - MS

Samantha Scott

Food Technology Teacher - MS

Terri Spartalis

Year 7 Teacher

Michelle Scarvaci

Academic Support Teacher - JS

Simona Carniello

French Teacher – ELC

Katrina Pollock

Music Teacher - ELC

Chelsea Endley

Education Assistant - ELC

Matthew Washbourne

Technical Support Officer

Nicole Spanbroek

Creative Arts Teacher

Narelle Pendlebury

Visual Arts Teacher

Kawanga Chiteta

Extended Care Supervisor

Tim Wilson

Design & Technology Technician

Caroline Elms

Personal Assistant to the Head of Academic Support & School Psychologists

Hayley Rogers

Education Assistant – SS (3 day per week)

Ashleigh Civiello

Education Assistant – SS (4 day per week)

Karyn Konigsdorfer

Art Technician

Ceinwen Roberts

Head of Swimming

Ryan Hunter

GAP Student

Stuart Judge

GAP Student

Liam Morkel

GAP Student

David Stone

GAP Student

Internal Changes

Peter Burt

Head of Senior School

Cara Fugill

Dean of Teaching & Learning and Director of Teaching & Learning

Gareth Williams

Deputy Head of Senior School

Celena Mecham

Acting Assistant to the Dean of Teaching & Learning

Darren Mumford

Acting House Head, Alexander

Kane Mitchell

Middle School Teacher

Scott Duncan

Acting House Head, Cameron

Jacquie Langley

2IC of Mathematics


Head of Junior SchoolJunior School

From the Head of Junior School 

Core Values

Integrity, Service, Stewardship. These are the core values of our college. These are the values we ask our boys to demonstrate.

Last Friday the Junior School commissioned the Semester 1 school leaders. We asked these boys to take an oath to uphold the values of the College and set an example to the other boys of the Junior School.

Over the course of the school year we will talk with the boys and develop lessons that will explore different aspects of the College's values. We will look at the importance of honesty and trying to do the right thing. We will provide them with opportunities to serve both the school and local community through the action component of our units of inquiry. We will teach them and work with and to look after one another and to help others outside of our school. Developing the boys' understanding of the College's values is a journey that begins the Junior school.

On Friday, we were fortunate to hear from our Junior School Captain for 2019, Charlie Warden. He delivered his first speech to the Junior School Community and spoke beautifully about the values we hold dear and asked the boys of our Junior school to work towards demonstrating these values.

"Good afternoon Dr O'Connell, Mr Stewart, teachers, parents and boys.

My name is Charlie Warden and I am honoured to be the Junior School Captain for 2019, and to be standing alongside our fantastic Junior School leaders for Semester 1. Congratulations to all the captains and class representatives on your leadership positions.

Leadership to me is about standing up for what you think is right, being a good role model and influencing others to do their best. We should all remember that you don't need to hold a formal position to be a leader.  I would encourage all Junior School boys to demonstrate leadership - in the classroom, on the sporting field and in the playground.    

On behalf of the Scotch Community I would like to welcome the new boys who have started this year.  We very much look forward to meeting you and continuing our Scotch journey together.

We are so lucky here, with all the fabulous teachers to inspire us and so many amazing opportunities – in the classroom, on the sporting field and in the arts.  I hope that you will enjoy your time at Scotch as much as I have.

To all the boys - I hope you've had a fantastic holiday with family and friends.  Now it is time to brush off the beach sand and embrace all of the fun learning opportunities that will come our way this year. 

I look forward to us all working together to make 2019 a brilliant year at Scotch Junior School.                                                            

Charlie Warden – Junior School Captain 2019

Mr John Stewart
Head of Junior School


Art News

The act of entering a competition requires a type of reflection that helps artists identify, establish, and unify their both their voice and artistic concept. I encourage all students to regularly enter competitions, so that they are able to experience viewing their work as a body and practice considering their art from an 'outside' global perspective. Entering competitions is a powerful way to gain confidence and to inspire yourself to continuously try and improve.

During Autumn Term 2018, I invited the Year 3 students to enter the AMOS art competition. The competition was open to all Australian students Preschool to Year 9.  To enter the competition, students were required to create an artwork using an art medium of choice that relates to the competition theme "Weather-Powered World", and to describe their artwork in less than 100 words about how they imagine weather powering anything in the real, or a fictitious, world, country, town or city. I am delighted to announce that Maxwell Fine (current Year 4) won first place for his age category Primary Years 3 to 6. Maxwell was extremely grateful to receive a $200 Dymocks gift card of which he enjoyed over the Christmas holidays. Congratulations to Maxwell, who is the first ever West Australian winner!


"My weather powered robot is a car and It is powered by wind and sun. It can fit two people inside it and it is very easy to drive it sucks in wind from the top and has a large solar panel to collect and store sun for electricity. It also has a wind blower for talking and that is powered by wind. It has two big wheels for driving and they are made of rubber so they don't pop. My car is changing the world because it is good for the environment and it does not burn any fuels. It is connected to other things like electric cars." By Maxwell Fine - Year 4

Mrs Jane Roche
Junior Art Specialist


Information Learning Technology

There was great excitement in the Junior School when the new boys starting in Years 2 to 5 received their iPads and iPad Pros the day before school commenced. Boys and parents attended their iPad rollout session, detailing all of the important information about using and taking care of their new devices, and how to be responsible digital citizens.

The Year 1 boys will get their chance to received their new iPads on Tuesday 6 February.

We are ensuring 21st Century learning for our students with our 1:1 device programme.

Effective use of the iPads have:

  • increased independent and self-initiated learning among students
  • increased student motivation and active engagement in learning
  • improved teachers' capacity to plan for and meet individual student needs
  • led to an improvement in student learning outcomes
  • extended students' learning beyond the classroom

There are many rich learning experiences occurring each day in the ELC and JS. While parents would love to be able to see them all, it is sometimes hard for the younger boys to articulate all they have done during that day.

The Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 classes will continue to use the Seesaw app to capture and share what is happening in their classrooms.  Seesaw allows teachers to provide an immediate and personalised window to share and communicate with their families.

Boys in Years 2 to 5 use their Showbie app to collect and upload their digital work and receive feedback from their teachers.

I encourage parents that the next time they enquire about what has been happening at school and hear the response 'Not much', ask your son to grab his iPad or open up Seesaw on your mobile device for a great way to discuss and help deepen the learning!

Mrs Amanda Ritchie
ILT Integration Specialist


From the Head of Middle SchoolMiddle School

From the Head of Middle School

The actions of our boys today are their habits of tomorrow

We welcomed 150 new boys across Year 6, 7 and 8 into the College and Middle School last week.  As I said in my welcome back address to many of the parents at our brief morning tea on Wednesday, and again later that day to our boys, I put the spotlight on the relationship between actions, habits and character.  I was hopeful of making the point that our repeated actions become habits and the sum of our habits forms our reputation.  My question to them was: "What sort of reputation do you want? As this will tell you what sort of actions you should be trying to turn into habits."

Four simple examples that may or may not have made it to the dinner table conversation last Wednesday I used to clarify my question were:

  • If you don't want to be seen as the time-wasting late guy, be on time to your classes, every day.
  • If you don't want to be seen as the disorganised guy, pack your bag and get your uniform laid out ready the night before school, every night.
  • If you don't want to be seen as the rude guy, thank your teachers, thank your parents, and compliment your mates, daily.
  • If you don't want to be seen as the stinky guy; wash your hair and wear deodorant, regularly.

The concept of actions becoming habits is a critical one for early adolescent boys and therefore us as Middle School teachers and parents.  Our goal for boys entering into Senior School and particularly into Year 11 & 12, is that their endeavours, inside and outside the classroom, are underpinned by good habits.  Habits that enhance effective and efficient learning and relationship building.  If I throw in four topics such as: being seen as a reader, respectful, fit  & healthy and diligent, I do not think your sons would have any trouble coming up with another four illustrations to highlight these characteristics.  It might be worth having this conversation at dinner sometime this week.  Tell them Mr Ledger asked you to.

Thank you for helping us have a very smooth start to the year.  I look forward to seeing you at the Parent Information Evenings this week. 

Mr Richard Ledger
Head of Middle School


The Double Whammy

Of the 150 new boys into Middle School this year, 20 of them have packed up their bedrooms, said goodbye to friends, brothers and sisters, favourite pets and left home to be a part of our Residential Life Community for the next 6 years.  Starting at a new school is always a daunting proposition but to leave home at 12 years of age and go to a new school is a double whammy entry into the unknown. Our Residential Life boys are equally spread throughout all of the classes in Year 7 & 8 and so your son will have the chance to meet some of our boarders and hear about life in the Boarding House and life outside of Perth. Across the fortnight and throughout the term the boys will be working on collaborative projects that help build friendships and knowledge of each other.  None more important for our Boarding boys. If your son would like to have a boarder over for an afternoon or some time on the weekend this is very easy to arrange by contacting our Year 7 & 8 House Master, Mr Scott Siekierka.


Mr Richard Ledger
Head of Middle School


Parent Information Evenings

This week we have our Parent Information Evenings.  These events are a chance for you to meet your son's Homeroom Teacher and understand some of the expectations we have of them this year.

  • Year 6:            Wednesday 6 February 6:30pm MacKellar Hall
  • Year 7:            Monday 4 February 6:30pm MacKellar Hall
  • Year 8:            Thursday 7 February 6:30pm MacKellar Hall

In Week 4 we then offer the opportunity for you to meet 1:1 with your son's Homeroom teacher and discuss how the year has commenced. Details on how to book this will follow soon.

Mr Richard Ledger
Head of Middle School


Student Achievements

Congratulations to Stewart Gifford (Year 8.1) who represented Fremantle Sailing Club during the holiday in the Teams Racing and Optimist National Championships in Hobart. Stewart and his team performed well in both events, and Stewart placed 49th of the Australian entrants in the Open Division and 3rd of the WA competitors.


Important Dates in Middle School Summer Term

Wednesday 6 February

ID Photo Day

Year 6 Parent Information Evening, 6.30pm MacKellar Hall

Thursday 7 February

Year 8 Parent Information Evening, 6.30pm MacKellar Hall

Friday 8 February

MS Assembly, 12.00pm DC

Thursday 14 February

Year 8 Community Project Launch for Students, DC

Monday 18 February

MS Parent/Teacher Pastoral Meetings Commence

Wednesday 20 February

Academic Assessment Testing for late enrolments/catch up 8.30am DC

Friday 22 February

MS Parent/Teacher Pastoral Meetings Conclude

MS Assembly, 12.00pm DC

Scotch Parents' Middle School Sundowner, 6.30pm

Tuesday 26 February

SEQTA Engage Parent Workshop, 3.30pm MS Library

SEQTA Engage Parent Workshop, 6.00pm MS Library

Wednesday 27 February

SEQTA Engage Parent Workshop, 9.00am MS Library

Friday 1 March

Mid-Term Break (no classes)

Monday 4 March

Labour Day (no classes)

Tuesday 5 March

MS Inter-House Philosothon (select students only)

Wednesday 6 March

Year 7 Vaccinations Round #1

Thursday 7 March

JPSSA Inter-School Swimming Carnival

Friday 8 March

College Open Day

MS Assembly, 12.00pm DC

Monday 11 March

Year 7.7 Moray Programme Departs

Thursday 14 March

Year 7.7 Moray Programme Returns

PSA Inter-School Swimming Carnival, 5.15pm HBF Stadium

Saturday 16 March

MS Music Scholarship Testing

Monday 18 March

Year 7.1/7.2 Moray Programme Departs

Thursday 21 March

Year 7.1/7.2 Moray Programme Returns

Friday 22 March

MS Assembly, 12.00pm DC

Year 7 Scotch Parents' Function (details tba)

Saturday 23 March

Head of the River

Monday 25 March

Year 7.3/7.4 Moray Programme Departs

Thursday 28 March

Year 7.3/7.4 Moray Programme Returns

Saturday 30 March

Year 7 2020 Scholarship Testing, 8.20am MS

Monday 1 April

Year 7.5/7.6 Moray Programme Departs

Tuesday 2 April

Year 6/7 Production "Worry Warts" All Day Dress Rehearsal, Foundation Theatre

Thursday 4 April

Year 7.5/7.6 Moray Programme Returns

Year 6/7 "Worry Warts" Production Opening Night, 7.00pm Foundation Theatre

Friday 5 April

MS Assembly, 12.00pm DC

Year 6/7 "Worry Warts" Production, 7.00pm Foundation Theatre

Saturday 6 April

Year 6/7 "Worry Warts" Production, 2.00pm Foundation Theatre

Sunday 7 April

Year 8 Bibbulmun Track Departs (Residential Life Students only)

Wednesday 10 April

Year 8 Bibbulmun Track Returns (Residential Life Students only)

Friday 12 April

Summer Term Concludes, 3.25pm


From the Head of Senior SchoolSenior School

From the Head of Senior School

As we return from our Summer break, it is a chance to look at the year ahead and think about what we would like to achieve as individuals and as a community. The boys will have an opportunity to look not just at their academic goals, but also in their lives beyond the classroom.

Lee Watanabe-Crockett, author and founder of the Global Digital Citizen Foundation and Wabisabi Learning, visited the College recently and challenged staff to improve 1% with each and every lesson we teach. We were encouraged to try different things and obviously, when doing this, at times there will be successes and, at other times, the outcome may not be as we had hoped. The challenge though is to always aim for improvement in whatever we are doing. This same '1% challenge' may be a practice our students could adopt. We encourage them to strive to give their best in their academic pursuits and also look at other goals they have in their co-curricular activities, which help bring balance to their lives and improve wellbeing. The importance of making small changes cannot be understated and when these improvements compound over time, the outcome can be a large impact upon the individual. Furthermore, small attainable goals allow for ongoing success, all the while working towards a bigger picture that may appear too difficult when viewed in isolation.

John Naber, an American swimmer, used this method in setting himself the goal of winning the 100m men's backstroke event at the 1976 Olympics. In 1972, he had a best time of 59.5 seconds and predicted he would need to swim 55.5 to win the event four years later at the Olympics. This would have been a huge task when looked at with just the end result in mind, but he broke it down to one second per year, then further still to about one-tenth of a second per month and then to one three-hundredths of a second per day. He obviously didn't measure this progress daily, but set out to attain certain bench marks along the way. John went on to win the Gold Medal in Montreal in a then world record time of 55.49 seconds.

I encourage our boys to set small attainable goals this year in their various pursuits as they work towards a larger goal. The ability to achieve success along the way is important and helps maintain motivation, energy and persistence. It also gives us the ability to deal with setbacks or unforeseen challenges. By working towards overcoming obstacles, we can build our resilience and improve our mental agility. These skills are important in our development and we continue to build upon them throughout our lives.

I wish everyone well for 2019 and look forward to the year ahead.

Mr Peter Burt
Head of Senior School


2019 Senior Student Leadership Positions

Captain of School

Harrison Gilchrist


Vice-Captain of School Operations

Blake Costello


Vice-Captain of School Service

Alexander van Hoek


Captain of Residential Life

Denzil Brooks



Head of Student Council

Benjamin Steinberg



Ed Hamersley



Will Chalmers



Captains of House:  

Vice Captain Alexander


Benjamin Ledger

Vice Captain Alexander


Patrick Devereux


Student Council Representative

Jack Adams

Vice Captain Anderson


Luke Smith

Vice Captain Anderson


Joshua (Josh) Kerrich


Student Council Representative

Edward (Ed) Hamersley

Vice Captain Brisbane


Kristian Stonier

Vice Captain Brisbane


Harrison (Harry) Unstead


Student Council Representative

Sebastian Barrett

Vice Captain Cameron


Lucas Ferri

Vice Captain Cameron


Oscar Harold


Student Council Representative

Thomas (Tom) Allan

Vice Captain Ferguson


Jack Mitchell

Vice Captain Ferguson


Oscar Moss


Student Council Representative

Jonah Benbow

Vice Captain Keys


Charles (Charlie) Wackett

Vice Captain Keys


Fraser Goode


Student Council Representative

William Coutts

Vice Captain Ross


Tyson Moody

Vice Captain Ross


Lincoln Allan


Student Council Representative

Hamish Watson

Vice Captain St Andrews


Lucas Triglavcanin

Vice Captain St Andrews


Joshua (Josh) Turibaka

St Andrews

Student Council Representative

William Chalmers

Vice Captain Shearer


Lachlan McGrath

Vice Captain Shearer


Harrison French


Student Council Representative

Matthew Moore

Vice Captain Stuart


Joshua Ziepe

Vice Captain Stuart


Charlton (Charlie) Thomas


Student Council Representative

Jock Mactier

Vice Captain Residential


Aidan Veitch

Vice Captain Residential


Liam McCreery



Pipe Band Key Positions 2019

Pipe Major

Alex Mallawarachchi


Pipe Sergeant

Callum Griffiths



Joshua Nicholson

St Andrews

Pipe Corporal

Harry Peden

St Andrews

Pipe Corporal

Gyles Davies


Pipe Corporal

Samuel Johnston

St Andrews

Pipe Corporal

Harry Sugars


Lance Corporal Piper

David Stulpner


Lance Corporal Piper

Jack Banfield


Lance Corporal Piper

William Coutts


Drum Major

Joshua Kerrich


Drum Sergeant (Snare)

Will Partridge


Drum Sergeant (Bass)

Thomas Allan


Drum Corporal (Snare)

William Chalmers

St Andrews

Drum Corporal (Snare)

Callum Moffat


Drum Corporal (Snare)

Charlie Castleden


Drum Corporal (Bass)

Conor Bartlett



Important Dates in Senior School Summer Term





Week 2B


Monday 4 February

Instrumental lessons and ensembles resume


Tuesday 5 February

Senior School Photo Day


Year 9 Parent Information Evening

Memorial Hall

6.30pm – 7.30pm

Wednesday 6 February

Senior School Inter-House Swimming Carnival

HBF Stadium

8.30am – 1.00pm


Afternoon sport training as per arrangements with coaches


Friday 8 February

Senior School Marching and Assembly

Dickinson Centre

8.30am – 9.45am


Senior School Photo Catch-Up Day


PSA Sport – Scotch College v Hale School (details via sport.scotch.wa.edu.au)


1.30pm – various


St Hilda's Swim Meet

St Hilda's

5.30pm – 8.15pm

Saturday 9 February

PSA Sport – Scotch College v Hale School (details via sport.scotch.wa.edu.au)


8.30am – various


PSA Rowing – Scotch College Regatta

Champion Lakes

8.30am – noon

Week 3A


Monday 11 February

Year 11 Outdoor Education (General) Camp departs


Tuesday 12 February

Auditions for PLC Musical

Dickinson Centre

3.45pm – 5.30pm

Wednesday 13 February

Year 11 Outdoor Education (General) Camp final day


Year 9 Laptop Changeover

Tech Department

As per appointment

Thursday 14 February

Year 9 Laptop Changeover

Tech Department

As per appointment


Year 12 Psychology Excursion

Notre Dame University

8.15am – 3.00pm


School Aged Swimming Championships

HBF Stadium

6.30pm – 8.30pm


Year 11 and 12 Drama Excursion – Lé Nôr

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

7.30pm – 9.30pm

Friday 15 February

Senior School Marching and Assembly

Dickinson Centre

8.30am – 9.45am


Chapel Re-dedication


8.30am – 9.45am


PSA Sport – Trinity College v Scotch College (details via sport.scotch.wa.edu.au)


1.30pm – various

Saturday 16 February

PSA Sport – Trinity College v Scotch College (details via sport.scotch.wa.edu.au)


8.30am – various


PSA Rowing – Hale School Regatta

Champion Lakes

8.30am – noon


Disabled Surfing

Leighton Beach

9.00am – 1.00pm


Year 12 Ball

Dickinson Centre

6.30pm – 11.30pm

Monday 18 February

INSTEP West Student Induction Day

Tradewinds Hotel, Fremantle

8.30am – 3.30pm


Back to School Information

Summer Uniform

School uniform is to be worn correctly by all day boys at School and when travelling to or from School. There are some special regulations for boarders.

When ties are worn the collar button must be done up. Shirts need to be tucked in properly. All clothing must be marked with the boy's name. Name tapes may be ordered through the Uniform Shop.

Hair should be neat, tidy, clean and brushed. It must be an even cut over the head with a minimum length Number 3. Hair should not fall over the collar, eyes or ears and is to be the natural colour (no added colours or dyes). If product, hair ties or head bands are required to keep hair from falling across the ears or face, the hair is too long. Boys must be clean-shaven.

No jewellery, other than a wrist watch or medic alert bracelet, is to be worn.

No tattoos of any kind are permitted.

Summer uniform must be worn in Summer Term and Spring Term. Winter uniform must be worn in Autumn Term and Winter Term. Boys who have earned a Colours or Honours tie may wear this tie instead of a House tie on Fridays. All boys will need to possess both a School tie and a House tie which are both obtained only from the Uniform Shop.

Boys who have Physical Education in Period 6 may wear their sport uniform home at the end of the school day.

Occasionally the School will have a Free Dress Day when boys will be permitted to wear casual clothing. This is usually run as a fund-raising exercise. On these days, clothing must be clean and neat without offensive wording, closed in shoes must be worn and the rules on jewellery remain unchanged.

House Braid

So that each boy may be identified by his House when ties are not being worn, boys wear appropriately coloured braid on the pocket of Summer uniform shirts. Strips of braid in House colours are available from the Uniform Shop. The braid should be stitched along the top edge of the pocket.

Senior School Photo Day

Senior School individual student photos will be taken on Tuesday 5 February 2019 with an opportunity for catch up photos on Friday 8 February 2019.

Parents may order photos online from Tuesday 5 February 2019. Orders placed by Tuesday 12 March 2019 will be delivered to the school and distributed via House Heads. Orders may be placed for the remainder of the current year, however, these will not be delivered to the school and a late order fee will apply.

To place orders please visit the Kapture Photography website www.kapture.com.au and use the school code HR8A9R. Please note, this page is for Senior School photo orders only. Parents are asked not to place orders for boys in Junior or Middle School.

Your son will be given a barcode when he has his photo taken. It will include his student number which is required (in lieu of the order envelope mentioned on the website) when ordering photos. When asked for 'Room, Class, Form', please select your son's House.

Kapture Photography offers a money back guarantee for any parent who is not fully satisfied with their photo package. Please direct any queries directly to the Kapture office on 9240 1714 or email enquiries@kapture.com.au.

Please ensure that personal presentation, including uniform, haircut and shaving, is addressed prior to the Photo Day. Boys are required to wear their House tie for their photo.


Boys' Achievements

Marcello Torre (Year 12, Cameron) and Raffael Torre (Year 10, Cameron) are currently sailing in the Warren Jones International match racing regatta. Over the break, the boys competed at Nationals with Marcello placing second and Raphael placing third.

Declan Cook (Year 10, Brisbane) competed as a member of UWA West Coast Swimming Club at the Swimming WA Long Course Championships held at HBF Stadium. Declan achieved a fifth place in the boys 14-year-old 200 metre breaststroke and was a member of the 14-year-old boys 4x50m Freestyle and 4x50m Medley gold medal relay teams. Declan was also selected as a member of the Western Suns Youth Development Surf Lifesaving Squad. The squad competed at the Youth Pathway Cup on 24 January at Newport Beach, New South Wales and the Manly and Freshwater carnivals on 26 and 27 January 2019.


Senior School Inter-House Swimming Carnival 2019

The Senior School (Years 9 to 12) Inter-House Swimming Carnival will begin at 9.00am and finish at 1.00pm on Wednesday 6 February. There will be no classes in the afternoon. There will be no sport training for Years 9 to 12 in the afternoon unless instructed by coaches. Training in the morning is as normal.

Each individual boy can only swim in two individual events, one freestyle relay and one novelty relay, with the focus of this event on fun and participation.

Boys are expected to wear Scotch bathers or blue PE shorts. They may also wear a Scotch rash vest if they wish. They will not be allowed to swim if they do not have the correct clothing.

There are no false starts with boys simply being disqualified at the end of the race should they break at the start.

Sunscreen for each House will be provided. Please encourage students to wear Scotch hats and to apply sunscreen before they arrive at HBF Stadium. There is limited shade for spectators so parents and friends attending the carnival should bring a hat, apply sunscreen and stay hydrated. Parents are not permitted onto the pool deck.

Entry is via the main entrance at HBF Stadium for parents and are required to pay an entrance fee of approximately $3.60. Students will enter via the McGilivray Oval entrance.

Day boys are expected to make their own way to HBF Stadium.

Buses will depart from the middle school bus bay on Shenton Road at 8.15am for boys who have training before school and for all boarders.

Boys can go home at the conclusion of the carnival from HBF Stadium. Buses will transport any boys back to school who are not able to get home from the stadium. Boys returning to school have the option to undertake private study in the BRC until 3.25pm, where they will be supervised for the afternoon.

Please direct any queries to your son's House Head.

Mr Richard Foster
Head of Sport


Year 9 Parent Information Evening

The Year 9 Parent Information Evening will be held on Tuesday 5 February 2019. It is not necessary for students to attend. The evening will take place in Memorial Hall, commencing at 6.30pm and will include information to assist parents in planning for the year ahead. Should you have any queries please contact Heidi Locke via Heidi.Locke@scotch.wa.edu.au or 9383 6954.

2019 Parent Teacher Student Interviews

Information regarding booking Parent Teacher Student Interviews will be emailed home in the weeks prior to each event. Please direct queries to Academic Services AcademicServices@scotch.wa.edu.au Please note the dates below:

Day Boys

Wednesday 20 February – Year 11

Wednesday 6 March – Year 12

Tuesday 26 March – Year 9

Wednesday 1 May – Year 10


Friday 12 April

Examination Dates

Year 11 and 12 examination dates are available via https://home.scotch.wa.edu.au/

It is essential that all boys are present for these important examinations. Parents who may anticipate difficulties with these arrangements should contact Celena Mecham, Assistant Dean of Teaching and Learning Celena.Mecham@scotch.wa.edu.au at your earliest convenience. Please refer to the Assessment Policies and Missed Assessment form available on the documents tab via Parent Connect on home.scotch.

Friday Afternoon Arrangements for Year 10

Year 10 boys have compulsory Community Service activities on Friday afternoons. As there is not the usual 20 minute sessions for Chapel or House meetings on Fridays, as on other days of the week, the end of school on Friday is 3.15pm.

Driving to School

Boys in Year 12 wishing to drive to school may park at the Gooch Pavilion (there is no student parking on campus). We do not recommend the following:

  • That boys transport other students to school events
  • That boys ride a motor bike or scooter to school
  • That boys drive to examinations in case of distractions

Boys may not go to their cars during the school day. This includes breaks.

Important Dates for 2019

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

Term Dates – please refer to https://home.scotch.wa.edu.au/

Start/End Senior School Days

Monday – Thursday

8.30am – 3.25pm


8.30am – 3.15pm

Senior School Attendance and Absence Information

To ensure that all boys are safely accounted for at all times we ask that you adhere to the Senior School procedures as attached.

SmartRider Cards - Senior School

Please direct any queries to Lynn Murray in Student Services 9383 6928.


Careers Information

Year 11/12 Subject Changes

By now all Year 11 and 12 students should have settled into the subjects that they are going to continue with for the remainder of the 2019 academic year with the final date for changes being Friday 8 February. This deadline is set so that students will have a realistic chance of catching up and successfully completing the new subject/s they have chosen. Subject changes after this time will only be made under exceptional circumstances in consultation with Mr Frusher and with approval from Mrs Mecham, Assistant Dean Teaching & Learning. These changes will mainly be students who are changing to General courses or Year 12 students who are dropping a subject to pick up a study period. The latter can be done at any time of the year.

Master Classes 2019

ATARGET is offering small group seminars for Year 10, 11 and 12 students in Chemistry, Human Biology, English, Literature, Maths Applications, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Physics, Psychology and Geography throughout Term 1.

Venue: Christchurch Grammar School

For further information and/or registration visit: www.atarget.com.au or email admin@atarget.com.au or phone 94861337 or 0488102907

Defence Forces Recruiting

Australian Defence for Academy (ADFA) and Royal Military College Duntroon (RMC) intakes for 2019.

Given that the recruitment process for these avenues of entry into the ADF can take up to 12 months, it is recommended that interested students visit the centre and start their application in the first quarter of 2019.  

For further information about ADFA please have a look at the following link https://www.defencejobs.gov.au/students-and-education/australian-defence-force-academy/what-is-adfa?ci=0. I have also attached some information about ADFA and the ADFA Education Award.

The Royal Military College Duntroon prepares cadets and other selected candidates for careers in the Army by promoting leadership and integrity, by inspiring high ideals and the pursuit of excellence, and by inculcating a sense of duty, loyalty and service to the nation. https://www.army.gov.au/taxonomy/term/132

If any students are interest in more information, www.Defencejobs.gov.au is the best place to start and they can also book the first stage process ('Your Opportunities Unlimited (YOU)' Session) via this site. They can also contact 13 19 01 or visit Defence Force Recruiting located at Level 7, 66 St Georges Terrace, Perth.

Considering Medicine?

A new information section has been added to Study Medicine - Frequently Asked Questions and the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

This free resource provides detailed information to questions such as: How do I increase my chances of getting into medical school? What is Plan B if I don't get into Medicine?

You can find the new FAQ and the AMA section of Study Medicine at www.studymedicine.com.au/ama/

Lattitude Global Volunteers 2020

There's no time like now. Priority deadline for the most popular placements is March 8, 2019. Students should apply early to secure an interview and sort their gap year before the crowd. Overseas volunteer opportunities range from 6 weeks to 12 months.

Volunteer Placements involve being immersed in one culture and finding out what it's like to live like a local! Go overseas from 3 to 12 months volunteering as a teacher, outdoor activities instructor, schools assistant, community worker or medical assistant.



Breaking bad study habits

Start the new school year off right with these great tips for staying focused while studying.

Check them out – http://learningfundamentals.com.au/blog/breaking-bad-study-habits-16-effective-habits-for-success/

Mr Peter Frusher
Careers Adviser


Support Groups

Scotch Parents

Thank you to all of the new families (and returning families) who attended the Welcome BBQ on Tuesday 29 January.  It was a great start to the school year and a wonderful opportunity to meet many new families. Our team of volunteers cooked over 1,000 sausages and kept everyone refreshed and happy – thank you volunteers for your help. It was wonderful to hear some great words of encouragement to the new boys from Scotch's 2019 Captain of School, Harry Gilchrist.

Another big turnout of Middle School parents at morning tea on the first day of school. It was a good opportunity to outline the many activities and initiatives that Scotch Parents are involved in.

I look forward to meeting many of you throughout the year and would encourage you to visit the Scotch Parents tab under 'Parent Support Groups' on the home.scotch website.  We will keep this updated with events, meeting dates and minutes and funding initiatives.

Upcoming Events

  • Scotch Parents inaugural meeting – Dining Room Annexe Tuesday 12 Feb at 7.00pm  with guest speaker Mr James Hindle, Director of Wellbeing at Scotch College
  • Year 12 Ball – Saturday 16 February
  • Middle School Sundowner – Gooch Pavilion Friday 22 Feb at 6.30pm
  • Year 9 Parent & House Heads Dinner – Dining Room Monday 11 March at 6.30pm

Assistance from Year 9 Parents

We are in urgent need of one of two volunteers to be the Scotch Parents Representatives for Year 9.  If you and a friend would like to be involved please email scotchparents@scotch.wa.edu.au as soon as possible.

Year 12 Parents – Save the Date  

  • Wednesday 27 February - Year 12 Parents Cocktail Evening
  • Thursday 14 March - Year 12 Parents coffee morning

Full details of these events will be provided by email shortly.

2019 Scotch Parents Biennial Ball – Saturday 30 March

Always a fantastic night…the theme for the Parents Ball this year is "Speakeasy" styled around the 1930's. It will be held this year in the Dickinson Centre in a more informal setting with pre-ball drinks served on the top lawn. Please save the date – tickets will go on sale on 1 March. The Ball is a not-for-profit event and a great opportunity to meet and socialise with other parents.

Ms Sara Hector
Scotch Parents


From the President of the OSCFrom the President of the OSC

Old Scotch Collegians

Old Scotch Collegians look forward to welcoming back past students from the Class of 2009 at their ten year reunion on Friday 15 March. Past students from this cohort (even if they left Scotch prior to 2009) are able to register here.

Other upcoming events include the OSC Annual General Meeting & Sundowner on Tuesday 19 March and the Goland Club Reunion Dinner on Thursday 21 March.

A more complete list of our 2019 can be found on the Upcoming Events page of the alumni website. Following from the results of the 2018 alumni survey, our focus in 2019 will be on providing more career networking and professional development events and initiatives, including an OSC mentoring programme. Further details will be released shortly.

We look forward with engaging with the alumni of Scotch College in 2019!

Mr Michael Silbert
President, Old Scotch Collegians